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hey guys i know my last story was a bit of a flop :) so im going to try and start a new fantasy series of stories,and ill try to put in more sex. but i also want you all to know that i will not stop putting in context and story, its not just a sex fest. anyway as you have probably figured out english is not my first language so you will have to excuse any poor grammer and or spelling mistakes.

I awoke slowly...peacefully as the sunlight bathed the head of my bed from the unshuttered windows.As my Brain struggled to piece together the world around me, my eyes began to slowly adjust to the bright light of the morning. One by one my senses awoke to the sights smells and feeling of a brand new morning.I slowly realised that my arm was still wrapped around my wife, her smooth soft breasts pressed against my forearm, i could tell she was awake as her nipples were hard and pressing into my arm and her breathing was fast and shallow, naturally being a man I seized the oppertunity and leant over and kissed her soft warm neck,
"well" she said "i think somebody's awake" i grinned as a continued my assault on her neck, whilst my hands began to massage her breasts and pinch her now rock hard nipples. She began to moan as the rapidly hardening shaft of my dick pressed into her ass,and I began to move my attention lower down her body, kissing first her breasts and then her stomach, i buried my face between her legs slowly kissing her sopping wet pussy lips and flicking her now pebble sized clit with my tounge, she began to writhe and moan under the sheets on the bed, I had been with my wife for 2 years now and knew when she was close to a climax, and belive me it was coming faster than a charging warhorse, Suddenly it hit me...a flood of her warm vaginal juices streamed out of her spasming cunt,she then proceeded to scream violently as i lapped up the remaining juices, sending her into multiple miniature oragasms, as she came down from her orgasmic high i pulled of the sheets and angled my rigid member at the dripping opening of her pussy, I rammed it home in one stroke, causing her to arch her back in a fantastic mix of pain and pleasure...I began to piston in and out of her at a phenominal rate, bringing her orgasm back around for annother pass, but all good things must come to an end, and we climaxed together in an amazing explosion of passion and lust. by this point she was screaming so much i had to plug her mouth with my own, to prevent the neighbours hearing our.....activities, our tounges played softly and delicately darting and flicking as she moaned into my mouth.

I collapsed beside her again and felt myself slide out of her with a wet "plop" sound, our breathing was fast and wildly erratic as we regained some form of sentient thought, "well" she said again with a huskey voice "that certainly was a nice way to wake up" I chuckled to myself and turned out of bed, I felt an initial dizzieness as i put pressure on my feet, but this soon passed and i stood up and went to the window to look out over the street where my neighbours and freinds were ambling around. my expectations about the day came crashing down as i realised that it had rained very heavily and the breif sunlight was just a break in the clouds.
"Oh fantastic" I muttered sarcastically my deep voice carrying further than i intended. "good mood didn't last long then" she rebuked me "Looks like rain" I continued as if i hadn't heard her "and im on guard duty today"
and this meant standing at the top of the gate in full armour, in the pouring rain and only going indoors to open the crude wooden gate for traders.

Okay well it's probably time i told you all about myself,my name is Jaim Theobad and i live and work as a guard in the lovely village of Narrat, now Narrat was a small coastal settlement that was positioned on a cliff top with a rough wooden stairway to a cove where ships docked and flogged their wares. The gate which i would be spending my day guarding was one of two, the one that overlooked the wooden stairs was wooden with stone foundations, and leaked awefully in rain, the town itself was small and had only 400 inhabitants not including 50 soldiers,that owned a large complex in the east side of the town still encompassed by the walls,i was a member of the civilian maintained garrison of 30 men that lived throughout the city with their families. I had been married to my lovely wife Cassandra for nearly 2 years and loved her for several more still, she was rather short but this if anything added to her figure, her breasts were proportionally large for her height and this was one of my favourite features of her physique,her long pitch black hair cascades gracefully down over her shoulders hiding her breasts if she stands up straight. We were childhood sweethearts and i married her when i was 15 and she was 14 paying her father a dowry of 100 denars (most of which she had stolen from her father to help me i said we were in love) It was at that time i joined the militia and started to develop my physique, I was your typical tall strong...and dare i say it handsome man, my hair was dark brown short cut and sat well on my head, I wasn't by and means skinny.. in fact i was rather well built but that was mostly muscle, which came in usefull in my line of work once in two years, when we had to put down a group of bandits that was making hell in the west. I had a "rather" large penis apparently (or so my wife said but i hoped to god she had no point of referance) it was 7 inches long when hard and 1 and a half wide. Anyway back to the narrative.

I walked to the bath room and washed with a cloth and wrinsed the dried cum of my legs and out of my matted pubic hair, I turned round to Cassanddra still naked and glistening with sweat, her long hair covering her hair in a way that almost made me hard again just from looking at her, she grinned like a little vixen, she knew how hard she was starting to make me."Oy, now stop it" I replied to her provocations"I have to get on, as much as i hate to pass up this"i said gesturing to her body and emphasising her breasts"but i really have to get ready" at this point she stuck out her bottom lip and put on a pouty look that drove me up the wall,I began to move slowly towards her.."noo...i have to go..Im sorry"
"I know, im just teasing, but ill see you when you get home okay?" she said this with an alluring note at the end that made me want to make love to her again right then
"I love you, ill see you later" I said as i put on my soft leather undershirt and pants having wandered out of the bathroom.

I left the house in full scale armour carrying my helmet under my arm, and began the long walk to the south gate, I bought a small loaf of bread and an apple from a merchant on route as was my ritual when i was on guard duty, then it started to rain. "hurrah" i murmered to myself and put on my helmet and started to eat the apple while protecting the bread from the downpour. As i reached the gate i heard "JAIM!!!" called out from above the gate "oh Crap" i thought to myself. the voice belonged to a colleige of mine who was also in the militia, we had met on a patrol and he just didn't ever shut up. he talked for 4 hours straght about all kinds of myself I was more of a strong silent type of guy unless i was in a group of people i was comfortable with...and that was certainly not Alaron. While im sure he is a nice guy and all, i just don't like him that much.Oh well I have to be freindly "Alaron...good to see you freind"
"Oh my goodnes, are you on guard duty too?..this will be great but it looks like rain I hope my roof doesnt leak i still need to repair the ceiling above my bed and i cant afford to buy a new one because lets face it our pay is terrible right hows your wife...Casandra wasn't it? Megans great and so is little Josie.. she's 4 now i cant wait for her birthday i bought her a great present.." This went on for several hours before i excused myself for a piss. "uhh 2 hours down (judging by the sky) 6 to go" i went back up to a deluge of words none of which sinking past my verbal defences. I sat down and drew my sword and began to sharpen and hone the blade,every now and then muttering a "yeah" or "Sure" in responce to one of his many questions. annother hour passed and i must have dosed off.

When i awoke it was to the sounds of screaming and the crackling of flames. "Holy shit" I exclaimed as i caught sight of Alaron with an arrow through his temple and a pool of blood around my feet. "Oh dear god"
i grabbed my helmet and sword and looked out over the cove, where 13 large ships were docked, "Raiders" i knew that we were screwed 13 Raider ships 50 men each and only a garrison of 80 men "Cassandra! OH FUCK!" i sprinted down the stairs to be met by 3 armed raiders sitting on a pile of barrels, they stood up and grinned at me with gold or black teeth, i hefted my blade and swung madly at the first raider with astonishing speed that shocked the first raider so much that he stood frozen as my sword cleaved into his body, wrenching the blade clear i swung again and took the next man in the neck, half decapitating him.With a maniacal scream i shoulder charged the third to the ground and stamping on his face until he stopped moving, I barely broke my stride as i sprinted back to the house to see a smoking wreck.... Greif took me then and i screamed like a child struck for the first time.........

to be continied

okay so leave a comment if you dislike say why..... would love to hear feedback see you next time
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