I return home from Vietnam. I give one girl my blessing as I give the other my heart. But how dod I tell her that I am to return to Vietnam in 90 days.
Swinging in the Neighborhood Chapter 7 Ninety Days and Counting

In my last chapter, I had just returned home after spending a little over two years fighting in the jungles of Vietnam. I had gotten myself lost in that damn war, I had enlisted only because I wanted to get revenge on my mom and at the girl who I thought was my girlfriend. Thinking back on it now as I write this. I believe that I went over there to fix my broken heart. In reality, that damn war and that damn jungle had only made me heartless. It would be better for you to read “Swinging in the Neighborhood Chapter 6 on My Way to Hell” to catch up with where this chapter picks up from.

I had frozen standing there by the bench swing as Terri and Carrie stood there with their arms out stretched in front of them. They wanted me to come to them just like in my vision when I was in trouble over in Vietnam. When I had saw the two of them posed like that my mind snapped me right back into the deep dark jungles of Vietnam.

I was no longer at home I was back in total darkness with only the sounds and smells of that god dam jungle. In my mind, I was laying face down sucking deeply at the jungle floor. I could hear footsteps coming toward me; the footsteps I heard were deafening to me not the silent type you would hear in the jungle. They filled my head as I stood there it sounded like 1000 men marching as it echoed in my mind.

If not for that car backfiring and snapping me out of it, I do not know what would have happened next. The worst fear that I had was that it would kick in my survival mode. What if it had, I thought? I told the girls to take a seat on the repaired swing. Surely, I would not have caused them any harm or would have I. That thought was in my mind as I just stood there again.

“JOHN, hello wake up,” Carrie said looking at me then to Terri.

“You were going to tell us something,” Terri said looking up at me from the swing.

“It’s just good to see the two of you again,” I replied in a broken voice as my emotions almost got the best of me.

Terri and Carrie both hopped off the swing throwing their arms around me. They were soon kissing me and each other just like we always had done. I felt something I had not felt in two years. I felt at peace with myself and I had this throbbing in my pants. The girls told me that they had missed me so much and they were happy that I was OK and safe.

Carrie brushed her hand down to my cock as she said, “I see you’re happy to see us as well,” as she gave my cock a quick grab.

Terri looked down to where Carrie had her hand. I was waiting for her either to remove it or at least for her to say something. Terri just smiled at Carrie then to me.

“John, why didn’t you ever write us back?” Terri asked me as she wrapped her arm through mine.

“I only just got your letters when I left over there,” I replied looking to the ground.

“Dam the mail is slow over there,” Carrie said with a little laugh.

“No girls I…,” I paused then I said, “I just could not bring myself to read any of your letters,” as I looked from one to the other.

“WHY JOHN?” they both asked me in unison.

I just stood there looking at them trying to come up with a good answer. Thank god Brenda; Terri’s mom yelled to them that dinner was ready. Terri and Carrie each grabbed one of my hands and they started to walk toward the house. They both came to an abrupt stop when I did not move with them.

“Come on John you can have dinner with us,” Terri said to me.

“I thought I would eat with my folks as I only just got home,” I replied to her.

“FINE, be like that,” Terri said as she dropped my hand and walked away.

That left Carrie standing there still holding onto my hand. Carrie told me not to pay her much attention as it was that time of the month again. She left go of my hand as she wrapped both her hands around my neck pulling me down to her face.

Carrie kissed me deeply and passionately as we swapped tongues. To taste her sweet lips again on my lips instead of my own sweat from being in the jungle was the best feeling I had since I was home. I broke our kiss as I stared down into those lovely blue eyes.

“Carrie, I am so sorry,” I said and I was going to say more.

However Carrie placed her finger onto my mouth telling me to be quiet as she replied, “We will talk later it is Saturday and if you like I will let you take me out tonight,” as she smiled before kissing once more.

I watched that lovely ass shake as she walked away. I stood there thinking about the letters she had written to me. Carrie had confessed just how much she loved me in her letters. However, I was to busy trying to get Terri to love me to notice just how Carrie felt toward me.

I remembered something Carrie had told me once. She had told me that I should tell Terri my true feelings. However, I never did out of fear of losing her. Carrie had also told me that if I did not tell her I would lose her. Carrie had been right about that I thought as I picked up my dress jacket and cap.

I had been thinking about Carrie a lot as I drove home especially after having read her letters to me. I had my mind made up that if given the chance I wanted to be with her. Carrie had always seemed to understand me better than Terri ever did. I just hoped that she was still interested in me.

I walked into the house to find my mom setting the table for supper. My mom told me that she was just going to yell for me, as supper was ready. Mom smiled at me as she told me how nice it was to have me safe at home again.

“Were having your favorite’s cheeseburgers and homemade French fries,” Mom said smiling at me.

I kissed her on the cheek as I replied, “Thanks mom you’re the greatest.”

After dinner I got up to help her with the dishes however, she said, “You go sit with your father I will get these,” kissing me on my cheek.

I walked into the living room and my dad handed me a cigar as he said, “I been saving these for when you returned home.”

Dad had the news was on and they were telling and showing that dam war over there, my dad looked at me as he said; “Well at least you do not have to return to that shit hole again.”

“Dad, I signed up for another tour I leave in 90 days,” I replied as I took a big draw from the cigar.

“Why son?” my dad asked me shaking his head.

I sat there taking another long draw on that cigar when dad added, “Never mind son I am sure you have your reasons.” “Let’s keep that from your mom right now,” “She needs not worry until she has too,” he added as he looked at me seriously.

I shook my head yes, I got up from the chair as I told him I was going to sit on the front steps for a while. I sat down and I thought about what my dad had asked me why. I had just spent two long lonely years in that dam jungle and a day never went by that I did not wish I were back at home. My thoughts went to Carrie. How do I tell her that I am going away again? Will she understand or better yet do I understand?

I was sitting there thinking of a reason when I heard Terri ask, “John, are you going out with us tonight?”

I just sat there not realizing Terri was even standing there. I was searching my mind for the reason for my returning to Vietnam. I had heard her question however; it was as if my mind placed it on the back burner. I just sat there looking blankly into space.

Terri placed her hand on my shoulder shaking me as she said, “John, I am talking to you.” “John is everything alright?” Terri then asked.

My mind allowed me to answer her, as I replied, “Yeah, I am OK just a little tired that’s all.”

John, I think it is time that we talk,” Terri said as she reached for my hand. “Come let’s go around back to the swing,” she added as she pulled me from the steps.

I told Terri there was no reason for us to talk as we walked. I told her that as long as she was happy with Paul that she had my blessing. I told her that at least with Paul we could still have a little fun, which brought a smile to her face. I sat Terri down onto the bench swing.

I sat down on the swing looking up into the clear night sky counting the stars. Terri asked me what I was looking at. I told her the stars it had been a while that I had seen so many. I told her that the stars looked as lovely to me as she ever did as I looked into her face.

“Why John, why haven’t you seen the stars?” Terri asked as we gently rocked on the swing.

I used my hand to tilt Terri’s head up toward the night sky. I told her to gaze upon the many stars in the heaven of night. Terri was peering into the night sky as I covered her eyes with my hand.

“Now listen to the sounds of the night,” I said to her with my hand still over her eyes. “That is what my nights were like no light, no stars, only the sounds of the jungle at night,” I added before I removed my hand from her eyes.

Terri turned to me and she asked, “Did you get lonely at night?”

“Always each and every night,” I replied as I ran my hand against her face.

A tear started to run from Terri’s eye. I caught it on my fingertip as I thought how precious that tear would be if only it was for me. I knew Terri cried not for me but for herself. I know because I cried too my first lonely night out in the jungles of Vietnam. Maybe on that second and third night as well until I realized the tears that I cry were for me not for Terri, Carrie, or anyone else on this earth.

“I am sorry John, I am sorry,” Terri said as her tears started to flow. “I am to blame for you being lonely,” as she started to sob wildly.

I wrapped my arms around Terri as I replied, “Hush, Hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you,” as I rubbed at her back.

Terri pulled away as she wiped at her tears asking, “What did you say?”

I gave a little smile as I once again took her into my arms as I replied, “Hush, Hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you.”

“Yeah what was that,” Terri asked once again pulling away from me.

I took a hold of Terri’s hand as I told her. I used to tell myself that deep in the jungle at night when I was alone. I used to think of you girls being tightly in my arms as you whispered, “Hush, Hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you.” I told Terri when I would think of that I was never alone.

“John, what is it like over there,” Terri asked holding my hand.

“You don’t even want to know,” I replied as I stroked at her hair.

“You’re not going around killing women and babies are you?” Terri asked in the most serious look and tone.

“NO and where did you get a crazy notion like that from,” I yelled at her.

“Well Paul said…” Terri got out before I jumped from the swing.

“Paul, what the hell would he know, he is not over there,” I screamed at her. “In fact where the hell is that fat fucking bastard?” I asked angrily standing over Terri.

“Paul is at a protest meeting; he will be home when it is over,” Terri replied as calmly as could be.

“A PROTEST MEETING,” I yelled as I moved toward Terri. “JUST FUCKING GREAT,” I added as I stood over Terri as she cowered on the swing.

Carrie came out of nowhere and she grabbed my arm as she said, “Come on John lets go for a drive.”

When her hand touched me, I realized I was right in Terri’s face. Terri was backing up from me with the look of terror on her face. I had never seen anyone looking as frighten as Terri looked. Not even a greenhorn kid during his first day in Vietnam. Carrie started to pull me away and I turned back toward Terri to see her still cowering and shaking on the swing’s bench.

“Terri, I am sorry if I frighten you,” I said as Carrie pulled me away from her.

Carrie hurried me to her car where she told me to get in. Carrie pulled out of the driveway and on to the road. I sat there looking out the passenger window. I was thinking what a monster I have become. I sat there wondering was it just me or had that dam war turned me into some monster. I shook my head as I looked out the window. I was not sure how long Carrie had been driving or how far from home, we were, as I had gotten lost in my thoughts once more.

I looked to Carrie as I said, “Maybe you have better take the monster back home.”

“You’re no monster, John.” “You’re just upset that’s all,” Carrie replied smiling at me. “I don’t blame you one bit for yelling at her,” she added smiling at me.

“I should have never come home,” I replied as I stared back out the window.

Carrie pulled up somewhere stopping the car as she turned to me and said, “Then you would never have gotten to see this,” smiling at me as she got out of the car.

“See what?” I asked as I got out too.

“That out there,” Carrie pointed with her finger.

I turned to where she was pointing. She had taken me to the lake where my uncle had a cottage. I stood there as the sounds of gentle waves crashing along the shoreline filled my ears. I looked onto the water; the moon seemed to be floating just above the water line. Overhead in that heavenly night sky were more stars shining than I have ever seen in my life. I turned to Carrie with my mouth hanging open looking at her then I looked back over the water.

“I come here often when I feel troubled or ill at heart,” Carrie said to me standing there looking out over the water.

I stood there looking at her as the gentle cool night breeze blew her long blonde hair around her. She looked so beautiful to me standing there with the wind blowing her hair. Carrie stood there with her arms clinched in front of her from the chill in the air. I walked over to her wrapping her in my arms. Carrie laid her head into my chest, as we stood there wrapped in each other’s arms listening to the gentle waves and watching the moon as it danced above the waters of the lake.

“Hey this is that spot we went fishing that day we skipped school,” I said to Carrie as I cuddled her tighter.

“I know it is our spot, I come here a lot because I always felt you near when I was here and you were over there so far away,” Carrie replied sorrowfully as she looked up to me.

I lowered my face to hers. Carrie’s eyes went closed as my lips touched hers. I kissed her deep and with passion. The sounds of the gentle waves splashing as our tongues slipped into each other’s mouths. Our lips stayed touching for what seemed like hours before I broke our kiss.

I slowly removed my lips from those sweet tasting lips of hers. Her eyes came back open as I ran the back of my hand along the side of her lovely face. I looked deep into Carrie’s eyes as the shine of the moon filled her eyes. Not only did they sparkle; they also seemed to twinkle to the sounds of the gentle waves rolling against the shoreline. I stood there taking in all the nights sounds as I gazed into her lovely blue eyes. I saw myself in her eyes as a feeling filled my entire body.

I felt at peace, for the first time since I had left Vietnam I felt finally that I was at home. I felt something else I had not felt for a very long time. My own heart beating again as we just held each other looking out over the lake. Suddenly not far from us, a big fish jumped from the water making a big splash as it fell back into the water.

I smiled as I said, “Dam and me without a pole,” as I smiled at Carrie.

Carrie pulled my face down to hers giving me a quick kiss then she said, “I brought my pole with me,” as I felt her hand rubbing at my cock. “Let’s get back into the car,” She added taking me by my hand.

I stopped her as I said, “OK but stand right there for just a second,” as I stepped back from her a ways.

I had the moon, the lake and Carrie all framed into my line of sight. I stood there just staring at her as the nights sounds filled my ears. Carrie looked lovelier than anything I had ever seen. Her silhouette against the moon and the night stars around her as the sounds of the waves filled my ears. I stood there taking a long hard look before I went back to her taking her hand into mine.

As we walked to the car Carrie asked, “What was that all about?”

I stopped as I ran my hand through her long blonde hair as I replied, “That view of you, the moon, the night sky and the water will be my happy spot my mind will always take me to when ever I feel troubled or ill at heart or lonely,” as I smiled at her.

Carrie smiled at me as she said, “It is good that you are home,” as she rubbed her hand against my face.

We slipped into the front seat of her car. We were necking under that moon in the sky. I rather felt like a teenager again as our lips touched. Our kiss was deep and long with much passion. I was taking pleasure in pressing my lips against her. The taste of her sweet lips on mine overwhelmed me as she slipped her tongue into my mouth.

Carrie broke our kiss as she lifted my sweatshirt over my head. She ran those dainty little hands across my chest. Carrie pressed her lips to mine as her hand ran to the side of my chest. Carrie broke our kiss instantly as her hand touched a long deep scar at my side.

“John, what is that?” Carrie asked drawing back from me.

“Just a little reminder to look before I step,” I replied as I pulled her face back to mine.

Her kisses were intoxicating to me as I felt my head spinning as I pawed at those lovely big tits through her sweater. I slipped my hands down to the bottom of her sweater lifting it as we kissed. Our lips separated only for a second as I pulled her sweater over her head. My hands slipped right into her bra as I felt those melons of hers. I was like a kid getting his first piece of ass.

Carrie gave a little laugh as she pulled back a little as she asked, “John, just how long has it been since you had sex?”

“You mean with a woman?” I replied with a smile.

“Yes with a woman,” Carrie said showing the loveliest smile.

“Let me see over two years,” I replied as I thought to my self; god it had been that long.

Carrie smiled again as she said, “Well lets take care of that right now,” as she pushed me against the inside car door.

Carrie slowly kissed and licked her way down my chest to my sweat pants. My cock was throbbing wildly as she slipped her thumbs into the waistband of my sweat pants as well as my underwear. Carrie pulled them down tucking them under my balls.

My cock was standing tall and throbbing as I felt her take it into her hand. She pumped on it twice before she slipped it into her mouth. Carrie slowly and skillfully started to suck at just my cock head. Carrie would use her tongue on the head of my cock without taking it from her mouth. She rolled her tongue through my pee hole as I felt my balls start to churn.

Carrie started to run her mouth up and down my cock. My hands went to her head as my head pressed against the car window. Carrie worked more of my cock into her mouth each time she went down on it. She soon had all of my cock buried in her mouth. Carrie sucked at my cock as she brought her mouth back up to just the head of my dick. Carrie worked her lovely mouth up and down the entire length of my cock. It had been so long since I had gotten a blowjob. Carrie was driving me crazy with her mouth. You would have thought this was the first time I had ever gotten my dick sucked.

“AHhh Carrie,” I moaned out as she sucked at my cock.

I was toying with that long blonde hair of hers as she started to bob faster up and down onto my cock. Her mouth felt wonderful on my cock as she slid her mouth up and down on it. I felt my balls start to roll in my sack as she went faster and started sucking harder at my cock.

“I am going to cum, Carrie,” I yelled as my eyes went shut.

Carrie just kept on sucking at my cock as my head pressed tighter against the car’s window. My cock gave a big twitch then it throbbed as I started to pump cum into her mouth. Carrie pulled her mouth up so just the head of my cock was still in her mouth. She wrapped her dainty hand around my cock jacking on it as she sucked at just the head of my cock. My cock throbbed again in her mouth.

“AHHhhhhh Fuck,” I yelled as my cock pumped cum into her mouth.

She never removed her mouth from my cock until she had sucked the very last drop from my cock. Carrie kissed at my cock as it started to go down. She kissed her way back up my chest to my face. I wrapped my arms around her as our lips met. We shared a long deep passionate kiss.

Carrie broke our kiss as she looked at me and asked, “Feel better now,” giving me a smile.

I kissed her lovely plump lips before I replied, “NO, there is something I should have told you a long time ago.”

I took her face into my hands as I stared into those lovely blue eyes of hers. I paused just staring deeply into her lovely blue eyes. My mind did not have to search for any of the words I wanted to say.

“Carrie, I love you,” I said as I took her back into my arms.

As I held her tight Carrie replied, “John, I love you too.”

Carrie and I kissed deeply and with passion there in the front seat of her car. I tried to slip my hand down into her pants but she stopped me telling me to save it for when we returned home. Carrie slipped her sweater back on as I pulled my sweat pants back over my cock and balls. I slipped my sweatshirt back over my head. When I had it, back on I saw Carrie just staring at me. I asked her if something was wrong.

“Did you mean what you just told me John?” Carrie asked. “I mean if it was just in the heat of passion I understand,” She added as she gazed into my eyes.

“I may have been stupid for never telling another just how I felt,” I replied taking her hand. “However I am not letting you slip away without telling you my true feelings,” I added as I kissed at her hand.

“What about Terri?” Carrie asked.

“Terri who,” I replied as I looked at her smiling.

Carrie looked at me as a tear rolled down her cheek as she said, “John could you…” I stopped her by pressing my finger to her lips.

“I know you want me to tell you again.” I said as I smiled. “I love you Carrie,” I added as I caught that tear rolling down her cheek on my fingertip.

Carrie’s tear rolled onto the tip on my finger. I held it up to the moonlight looking at it. I showed it to Carrie holding it up for her to see. I told her just how precious that sweet tear of hers was to me.

I brought my fingertip to my mouth where I licked the tear from my finger as I said, “I take your sweet tear from you; for I know you cried it not for yourself but for me.”

Carrie threw her arms around me as I wrapped mine around her. We kissed each other many times as our lips pressed together. Carrie broke our kisses as she brought her head to above my shoulder by my ear.

“John, I always hoped to hear those words from you and please believe me when I tell you, I will only ever love you,” Carrie whispered into my ear.

Carrie had me drive us back home from the lake that night. She told me she was just too excited and was afraid she would wreck the car. Carrie scooted over and she placed her arm through mine then leaned her head into my forearm as I drove us home. I pulled into the driveway to see an old VW van painted all different colors.

I parked behind it as Carrie said, “I see Paul is here,” as she looked to me.

“Good just the man I wanted to see,” I replied as I jumped out of the car.

Carrie jumped out her side and she ran up to me grabbing me by the arm as she said, “John, stop and think,” “Please for me,” as she smiled at me.

I rubbed my hand at the side of her face telling her for her I would do anything. I told Carrie I had to go get something and that she should go on in. I told her I would be over in a few minutes. I gave her a deep passionate kiss before I left her slip from my arms. I watched that lovely plump hot ass of hers as she shook it with each step she took.

I went back over to my home and into my room. I searched in my bag until I found the letter that the girls had written me together. I stuffed it into the pocket of my sweatpants as I went back over to Terri’s house. I knocked on the door. Brenda, Terri’s mom answered it.

“John, look at the man you have turned into,” “Come on in it is so nice to have .you home,” Brenda, said taking a hold of my hand.

She no sooner had me inside the door than her arms went around me and she pressed her lips to mine. I just naturally wrapped my arms around her as I kissed her back deeply. I left my hand slip down to her butt where I gave it a quick squeeze of my hand.

Brenda broke our kiss as she said, “Now that is how you welcome a true man home,” as she looked to her daughter and Paul before she walked out of the living room.

I looked to Paul after she had said it. He never moved or replied he just sat there with his arm around Terri. I also noticed that fat boy was still fat as ever or with long hair on his head. I walked over to Paul as he stood up extending his hand. I pushed his hand out of the way, as I gave him a hug.

“Long time no see buddy, how you been,” I said as I released him from my hug.

I turned to Terri and I reached down taking her hand into mine as I said, “Terri please for give me for how I acted back at the swing, I am sorry if I frightened you I did not mean too.”

I turned to Carrie who was sitting on the love seat. I walked over to her picking her up off the loveseat and into my arms. I kissed her deeply and passionately as we, both swapped tongue. I broke our kiss as I spun around with her still in my arm falling into the loveseat with her on my lap.

I looked over to Terri and Paul. Terri was sitting there with her mouth hanging open while Paul stood there with his open. Brenda came back in carrying three bottles of beer. She handed one to me, one to Carrie before she sat down on the arm of the love seat with Carrie and I.

“Where’s ours?” Terri asked.

“You know the way to the refrigerator,” Brenda replied looking right at Paul, I rather took that as a fat remark.

Paul told Terri he would go get them one. Brenda sat there telling me how good it was to have me back home. She told me she could not believe just how handsome and sexy I had become.

“You’re going to be quite the catch for some lucky girl,” Brenda said as she rubbed her hand on my face.

I smiled at Carrie before I turned to Brenda as I replied, “My girlfriend here has already scooped me up with her net and she has my heart hook, line and sinker,” as I held up Carrie’s hand wrapped in mine before I gave her a quick kiss.

“I am so happy to hear that,” Brenda said as she gave Carrie a rather long kiss then a longer one to me. “You kids have fun I will leave you alone for the rest of the night,” Brenda added as she walked out of the living room.

I whispered into Carrie’s ear that I think that was the first time I ever seen her with clothes on instead of just a robe. Carrie whispered back she started wearing clothes when Paul moved in. We both turned to Terri and Paul.

“So where did you two take off too?” Terri asked.

“To a place I will always remember,” I replied looking at Carrie smiling.

Paul finally spoke up as he said, “John, listen when I told Terri about our troops killing women and babies I did not mean you.”

I told Paul yeah I had heard different humors in Vietnam about shit like that. I told him I had never seen any thing close to that when I was there. I told them all that when I was out in the jungle I tried not to have any contact with the villagers. That way it kept them out of trouble as well as me.

I told them about one village; that I used as a waypoint to find my way back to base. An old farmer got himself stuck in the mud one day and I helped him out. Even in the fact that I could barely understand him and he could not understand me at all. He wanted me to come with him as he kept saying, “You fix,” to me as he patted me on my back.

I reluctantly went back into his small village with him. All I saw were old women, old men, kids and a few young babies. The farmer took me over to an old broken down cart. The wheel had broken off it. He told me, “You fix,” as he pointed to the cart. I fixed the cart for him and then I went on my way.

The next time I happened to be by his village I saw that he used the cart and an ox to bring his rice from the rice patties. Any other time I had seen the old women carrying it on their backs. I would see him from time to time however; I never let him know I was there. I thought it best for all of us as with no young men or young women in the village. The Viet Cong had been there before and they may return.

I told them all that everyone has a horror story to tell about Vietnam.

“So what is your story John,” Terri asked from the sofa.

I looked to Carrie as I replied, “Get me high first,” giving her a smile.

“Got you covered buddy,” Paul yelled out as he threw a big bag of weed onto the coffee table.

The four of us sat around smoking three or four joints and drinking beer. Paul even loosed up after the first joint I think he was afraid I was going to kick his ass or something. I told him hey if he wanted to protest the war fine with me. I told him it was his right to do so. I also told him no matter what he would say or do. I would keep fighting so he had that right.

After I had told Paul that Carrie squeezed my hand as she kissed me on my lips before she whispered into my ear, “Thank you John for everything I love you.”

I kissed her back before I replied, “I love you Carrie,” loud enough that everyone heard me.

Terri just looked at me before she asked, “So what is your story?”

I reached into my pocket and I pulled out the letter that Terri and Carrie had written to me. I handed it to Carrie and I told her to read it aloud. Carrie read it telling us all how they had the same dream. In their dream, they had seen me standing in fire near the lake and that they were calling for me to come to them. I saw that both of the girls had to wipe tears from their eyes.

“You wrote that Terri?” Paul asked looking at Terri.

“Just shut up and listen,” Terri replied to him, which he did.

I told them all about what my duties were over in Vietnam. My job as I always referred to it as. I told them about spending days and nights in the jungle alone or with two other brave men. I told them about that dark rainy night when a firefight broke out in that dam damp, smelly, dark jungle. I took a big drink from my beer as I told them about dropping to the jungle floor when it fell silent as the firefight ended.

I bowed my head when I told them about losing two close friends Jack and Jason that night in the jungles of Vietnam. Carrie even wiped away the few tears that rolled down my face. I told them how the Viet Cong were all around me, as I lie motionless on the wet jungle floor. I told them how I closed my eyes thinking of happier times. I told them about how I thought of the fun I enjoyed with Terri and Carrie at the lake.

I told them about having had enough of being pinned to the floor of that stinking fucking jungle. I explained to them the plan I had hatched about standing up throwing my hand grenade and letting my M16 do some talking. I finished my bottle of beer before I went on.

They were sitting at the edge of their seats with their eyes fixed on me as their mouths hung open. I told them about closing my eyes to say a quick prayer. I told them how I had just finished my prayer and with my eyes still closed. I heard a voice in my head. I told them it was Terri’s voice in my head

“Lie still John,” I told them Terri’s voice had told me.

I turned to Carrie who had a death grip on my hand. I told her how her voice filled my head as I lie there. “Don’t move John,” I told Carrie she had told me.

I told them how a vision of Terri and Carrie standing by the lake filled my head. I told them how the girls had their arms out stretched in front of themselves motioning me to come to them. I told them about walking over to the girls in my vision wrapping my arms around them both.

I told them how I heard them both say “Lay with us John,” followed by “We are here John and we will never leave you.”

I told them how I had thought I had died and went to heaven. I told them about hearing a loud clap of thunder and opening my eyes. I told them I could not see and better yet, I no longer heard any Viet Cong around me as I lay on the jungle floor. I told them how I make it back to base camp. I also told the girls I had never saw that letter until just the other night. I told the girls my heart was broken when I went to Vietnam and while in Vietnam, I became heartless. I told them the reason that I never wrote back was that I had never read any of their letters until on my way home. The girls were sobbing loudly as we all just sat there.

“Dam buddy now that is one spooky fucking story,” Paul yelled out. “I bet you sure are glad to be home and never have to go through that again,” Paul added.

I looked at him as I replied, “I guess my story is not over yet as I will be returning to that dam jungle in 89 days now,” as I looked to the clock on the nearby wall.

Terri busted up into tears as she ran from the living room. Carrie wrapped me in her arms as I wrapped mine around her. Carrie was crying loudly onto my shoulder as I looked to Paul. I saw him wiping away his own tears.

“Hey buddy I think you better go tend to your girl like I am mine,” I said as I gave him a cold long stare.

Paul jumped from the sofa and he was gone in a flash. I rather laughed to myself as I thought my uncle was right that fat boy could move when he wanted too. I pulled Carrie tighter into me as I stroked at the back of her long blonde hair.

“Hush, Hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you,” I whispered into Carrie’s ear as I held her dearly in my arms. “Go to your happy spot where the moon dances on the water as the stars shine bright because you won’t have to look far to see that I am beside you in my own happy spot as well as in your heart,” I added rocking her gently in my arms.

“John, I love you,” Carrie said as she lifted her head from my shoulder.

“I love you too,” I replied as I wiped her precious tears from her face.

We sat there on that love seat Carrie still in my lap. I was holding her in my arms with her arms wrapped around my neck as she laid her head against my shoulder. I would kiss at her forehead from time to time neither of us saying a word.

“John, I won’t ask you why you have to return over there,” Carrie said as she paused. Carrie looked into my face as she added, “I will only tell you that I will wait for your safe return,” before she kissed me deeply on my lips.

I broke our kiss smiling as I asked, “So just where is your bedroom?”

“Down the hallway second door on the right,” Carrie replied as she stood up from my lap.

I scooped her up into my arms as she laughed. I carried her down the hallway to the second door on the right. I carried her to the bed where I dropped her watching those big tits bounce. I turned back to the door closing it as I turned around. Carrie was already taking her clothes off as I began removing mine.

I stood there in the nude at the foot of her bed. Carrie lies there on her bed nude as well. I feasted my eyes on those lovely big tits. Carrie saw me eying them up as well. She placed one of her hands under one raising it up to her mouth. Carrie licked at her nipple making it hard with her tongue as I watched from the foot of her bed.

My eyes drifted down her body as Carrie spread apart those lovely legs of hers. My eyes fell to those lovely big pussy lips sitting at the side of her pussy. Her pussy was still hairless as the day I had met her. I stood there with my cock throbbing and my mouth drooling.

I dove between those lovely legs as I buried my face into her hairless pussy. My tongue licked at her pussy lips before I sucked one then the other into my mouth. I used my mouth to pull at her meaty lips. Carrie’s hand went to my head pulling my face into her hot hairless pussy.

“Eat me John,” “Make me your late night snack,” Carrie said as she pressed my head into her pussy.

I ran my tongue up into her pussy licking at it deeply with my tongue. I poked and probed deep in her pussy with my tongue as she started to squirm and moan on the bed. I moved my thumb up to her swollen clit rubbing it around in circles on it.

“AHHhhh JOHN,” Carrie screamed out loudly.

I used my tongue like a miniature dick taking it in and out of her pussy. I rubbed harder at her clit as I did. No pussy in my life tasted better to me than Carrie’s did that night. I felt her thighs start to shake around my head as I rubbed at her clit and drove my tongue in and out of her pussy.

“JOHN ahhh John,” Carrie yelled out.

Carrie started to shake on the bed as her orgasm came over her. I dug my thumb harder into her clit. I went back to lapping at her pussy with my tongue. Carrie rose a bit off the bed as she moaned as her pussy squirted her juices all over my face.

I just buried my face into her pussy licking wildly. The spray from her pussy was a gusher as she flopped around in the bed. I removed my thumb from her clit replacing it with my mouth. I sucked at her aroused clit as I slipped two fingers up into her wet pussy.

“AHHH Shit John,” Carrie moaned out loudly.

My fingers went instantly to that rough spot in her pussy. I rubbed slowly at it. I was soon digging my fingers into her g spot as she squirmed on the bed. Carrie moaned again as many multi-orgasms came over her. Her pussy squirted again then she lost control as she started to pee freely into my face.

I removed my fingers as I buried my face into her peeing hairless pussy. I moved my face up and down her pussy as her pee splashed out at me. Carrie’s pee slowed to but a tinkle. I removed my wet face from between her legs. Carrie was looking at me as I closed her legs together. I grabbed her by her two legs flipping her over onto her stomach.

I smacked her on her ass as I said, “And now for dessert.”

I licked my way up the back of one of her lovely legs. I used my tongue in little circles on the backside of her thigh. I kissed at her butt cheeks when my tongue had gotten to her ass. I took my hands placing them on her butt cheeks.

As I pulled her butt cheeks apart, I told her that I had never tasted a lovelier asshole than hers. Carrie’s brown eye winked at me as I had her cheeks apart. I started to run my tongue around it then I licked at her asshole.

“Ahhhhh John,” Carrie moaned out.

I stabbed my tongue at her asshole making it open up. I shove my tongue up into her asshole leaving it buried up there for a few seconds. I then started to run my tongue in and out of her asshole. I had only gotten to run it in and out a few times when Carrie squirmed away from me. As I crawled up to her, she spun around back onto her back.

Carrie parted her legs as she held them up into the air as she spread them she yelled, “Fuck me John, and Fuck me hard.”

I got between her legs, which I grabbed. I placed them up onto my shoulders. I took my hard cock into my hand and I rubbed it at her pussy. I teased her with it for a few minutes. I stopped everything as my cock just laid against her quivering pussy.

I looked down at her as I said, “I hope you don’t mind I don’t have a rubber,” as I smiled at her.

Carrie smiled back at me as she replied, “Fuck me John, and give me all of your seed.”

I did just as Carrie wanted. I fucked her deep and hard. Carrie lie under me moaning and telling me how good my cock felt in her as I just kept pounding my cock into her pussy. I was slamming my cock fast deep and hard into her wet tight little pussy. I watched those lovely big tits rolling in circles as I pounded my cock into her pussy. Carrie told me that she was going to orgasm again just as I buried my cock deep into her pussy.

My cock throbbed and jerked as it blew cum deep into her pussy. I left her legs slip from my shoulders as I lowered my face to hers. I kissed her deep and passionately as my cock throbbed spitting the last drop of cum into her wet filled pussy.

I rolled off her sweating and breathing hard as I said, “Now that sure beats a night alone in the jungle,” as I pulled her next to me.

Carrie rose up a bit as she stroked at my face with her hand. Carrie was staring down into my face. I could see the look in her eyes as I stared back at her. Carrie started to say something however; I pressed my finger to those luscious lips of hers. Maybe she and I had a special bond as well because I knew what she was going to say and what she wanted.

“Carrie I love you,” I said to her.

A smile came to her face as she replied, “I have always loved you and I always will,” as her lips went to mine.

We were laying there in bed with me holding her. The door to her bedroom opened. We both looked to see Terri standing there looking at us. Terri had a rather sad look on her face as she walked slowly over to the foot of the bed. Carrie looked to me giving me a smile before she turned to Terri.

“I will share him with you,” “But just remember you had your chance and now his heart belongs to me,” Carrie said to Terri. Carrie then turned to me as she asked, “John, do you care if Terri joins us?”

I smiled at Carrie as I replied, “If that is what you want.”

“Thanks you guys,” Terri said as she slipped her robe off as she climbed up in bed with us.

The three of us lay in bed for the longest time. I was in the middle between the girls. They ran their hands up over my chest as they rose up looking at each other. The girls kissed over my chest. Carrie told Terri she had missed her kisses. Terri told her she had missed hers as well. I felt Terri’s hand slip down the side of my chest. Her hand felt the scar down there.

Terri turned quickly to me as she asked, “JOHN, What is that?”

I started to say something but Carrie pressed her fingertip to my lips as she replied to Terri, “Just something to remind him to look where he is stepping.” Carrie looked back at me as she added, “And he better remember that,” before she kissed me deeply and passionately.

The three of us went to kissing each other as we always had when we were together. The girls did each other for my enjoyment as I watched. The girls took turns fucking me dam near to death before I shot cum all over both of them. The girls fell asleep in my arms before I closed my eyes myself.

I do not know how long I was asleep before I heard the girl both screaming at me, “JOHN wake up, John wake up your screaming for help.”

I shot up in the bed waking up from an unknown hellish nightmare. I was covered in sweat and as I took a deep breathe I smelled that god dam jungle of Vietnam. I knew I must have been in a nightmare about that place.

Carrie took me into her arms as she said, “Hush, Hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you,” Carrie rocked me as she added, “Go to our happy spot as you know I will always be there waiting for you.”

I closed my eyes as I heard the gentle waves splashing against the shoreline. My head filled with the vision of the moon dancing once again on the water. I looked up into the night sky however, there were too many stars for me to count. As I looked out over the water, Carrie appeared in front of me her long blonde hair blowing in the night’s gentle breeze smiling at me as I smiled back at her.

I lie back into the bed as the girls cuddled up to me. I was soon back to sleep. As I slept, my mind only saw Carrie standing at the shoreline with the moon behind her, the stars above her. The gentle lapping of the water against the shoreline filled my ears.

Carrie rubbed her hand at my face as she said, “John, I love you.”

That will end this chapter. There is more to come in my next chapter in which I will be returning to Vietnam and as god is my witness; I swear I never want to return to any dam smelly jungle; ever again. Thanks for everyone that have left me know that they are enjoying this so far.

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