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How a father-daughter sexual incident turns to long-lasting love
The Love of Father and Daughter

Cindy had passed away from leukemia, and Ava, our nineteen year old and I were left. After a few months the calls and cards quieted down. I had an eight to five job, and Ava took it on herself to cook dinner for both of us, while going to junior college. She did a good job. It became a routine except on Wednesdays and Fridays, when she took off early with boyfriend Rick whom she had met at JC. Ava was a good looking girl by any standard, and I figured that Rick was making out with her, but Rick was polite and I never heard a word about him from Ava.

It was a Tuesday and I thought I should give my kid a day off, so as soon as I came home I asked her where she would like me to take her for dinner. She didn't need any time to think. Dino's for pizza. That was okay with me, and that's where we went.

At dinner she wasn't her usual self. Normally I heard the whole routine about school, more about which student was going out with which student than her school work. It was clear she was thinking about an issue, but I didn't ask. I waited.

Sure enough it came out. She asked me, "Dad, what do you think of Rick?" There it was. She didn't want to know what I thought of Rick. She wanted to tell me something about him. You learn to read minds when you are a father.

I said, "He looks like a nice guy. He is always respectful to me. I haven't heard you complain about him." I stifled the urge to ask what she thought of Rick. I figured more was coming.

More was coming. "He is respectful to you." Her voice trailed off. "I'm not sure how respectful he is to me." The way her eyes looked away, I knew there was more.

"Honey, just tell me what the story is, okay? I'm not here to jump on you or Rick. What's going on?"

She looked like a balloon that had been punctured and deflated. "Oh, Dad, I don't know how to say this...." And she drifted off. And she perked up. "I'm done with him."

It was okay with me if he had acted disrespectfully and she decided to dump him. Sounded like Ava. She didn't let other kids crap on her. But one look at her face and chills began running down my back. I just shut up.

"Did you know that he made out with me once?"

Translation: they had been having sex regularly. Those chills in my back turned to tingles. "No honey, I didn't know." I kept my face stiff as a board. I needed to get the whole story.

"He wants to go further."

If she was telling me this much, no question about it, she had been having regular sex. I just shut up. It was clear that if I didn't interrupt she'd spill the whole story.

"He wants me to go on the pill."

There, I had an opinion, and I thought I had better tell her. "Hon, going on the pill really needs to be a decision between you and the doc. Those pills have side effects. You would have to find the best one for you. Not a good idea to start them early." I gave no indication that by that time I was getting pretty angry at Rick. I always let her do what she wanted to do, gave her the facts, and didn't interfere. She did not use drugs while some of her friends did. Now she had told me she was having sex with Rick. Worse things could happen, like pregnancy.

"That's what I thought, Dad. Rick is tired of condoms, so he'd just like me to take the pill so he can squirt all over my insides. To hell with him. I don't want it. He gets all the fun."

Wrong answer, Ava. You don't want it because sooner or later, even on the pill, you'll get pregnant. One slip and you've got a catastrophe. What did she mean by "he gets all the fun"?

"He always cums and I never cum. Sure, it feels good to have his dick going in and out, but he's the one who always gets to cum."

So that's what she meant by "he gets all the fun"! What had my kid been doing behind my back? I thanked my lucky stars that I never jumped on her for telling me something I didn't want to hear. She always trusted me to listen without coming down on her. But I nearly blew it this time.

"It feels good to have his dick going in and out?"

"Yeah. Why can't he slow it up till I can catch up and cum too?" I thought I would fall through the seat.

"Well, hon, some guys are inconsiderate." If Rick were there at that moment I might have taken out half his teeth.

Ava switched to my bench and curled up against me. "Oh, Dad, you understand so much. He's using me."

We didn't have much interest in pizza by that time, so we took half of it home. By that time I had cooled down. My kid Ava had given me a lot of reason to respect her. She had made sure Rick wore his condom. No glove, no love. Where did she learn that one? No question about it she was through letting him to stick it in. That's what really calmed me down.

Well, the next day we'd be starting on a new contract at work, so I turned in early. I had fallen asleep, but was awakened by Ava coming into the room. "Dad, you awake?"

I wiped the cobwebs out of my eyes and turned toward her. "What's up, hon?"

"First mom, and now grandma's going to die, isn't she, Dad."

"Yes, sweetheart, she's in an advanced stage. Her cancer has spread all over."

"Damn. I used to love her cookies when she visited."

"She's 85 hon. She's lived a useful life."

"Sometimes I wish I had a brother so we could have a fight and I could beat the shit out of him."

I laughed. That was comical. "Sorry hon, no brother."

"You had yourself cut so mom couldn't have any more babies, didn't you."

"Yes. Her doc said if she had one more pregnancy she could easily die. Who ever thought she'd come down with leukemia? She died anyhow." It really felt good to have Ava there, or I might have started crying.

The next thing that popped out of Ava's mouth floored me. "Daddy, could you be Rick for one night? Just one night?

"What are you talking about?"

"Could you just stick it in? You don't have to wear a baggie. I could feel it rubbing against me inside. I never felt a dick rubbing against me inside."

"Ava, I'm your father!"

"Exactly. I know you won't hurt me. But Rick, he's out for himself. He could get me pregnant." She lay down on the bed and put her head on my chest. "I know you won't hurt me because you love me." That was absolutely true. I loved my kid.

"Ava, I'm your father. Loving you doesn't mean I can have sex with you."

"Why not? You can't give me kids and you don't have germs, so you won't give me any diseases. You'll just tickle my insides."

"Tickle my insides." I instinctively grabbed my kid and gave her a hug. "There's more to it than just tickling your insides."

"So show me." The logic of her argument suddenly got through to me. It was logical. Except for creating children and transmitting diseases, why shouldn't fathers have sex with their kids if both wanted it?

While I was mulling this over, she said, "Your dick is bigger than Rick's."

"How do you know that?"

"Remember when I saw you coming out of the shower?"

By this time I was actually figuring out the logic of our having sex. Frankly, lying on top of me, she was turning me on.

"It would never work—"

"No one will ever know. I'll never talk about this to anyone. Nobody's goddam business. It's illegal. They could throw you in jail."

That sealed it. By this time my kid was giving me a giant hard-on. More than that, she was sounding logical. "Oh shit. I'm going to hell in a handbasket." I gently pulled her nightie up over her head. She wasn't even wearing panties. Even in the dark, that kid looked good.

"Ooh! It's cold out here." She quickly squirmed under the covers, next to me. "Dad, you have to take your pj's off." They came off, and so did my jockey shorts. And there we were, lying next to each other nude, hugging.

And then her lips met mine. It was clear that Rick had showed her a few things about kissing. I threw away the daddy-kid convention and just treated her like a hot chick, which by now she was. My arms gently went around her back and her arms reciprocated. Her tongue sought the inside of my mouth. For a moment my inhibitions came back and then I thought, to hell with it, and I had fun rubbing her gums with my tongue.

So Rick never gave her a chance to have an orgasm. That was changing, tonight. A few minutes of back and leg rubs pushed our chests and genitals together. She liked the back rub. I began leaking.

Then I lay her on her back and began kissing her face gently. And then her neck. She soaked it up like a wet sponge.

And then her nipples. Suddenly they became erect. And then a hand began rubbing her belly in circles. Her breathing quickened and she began sighing. That hand slid down to her thighs and began caressing them up and down on the inside, occasionally stroking her vagina. It became wet. A finger slipped inside slowly and gently. She became wetter. Two fingers. By that time she was panting. They began slowly moving in and out while my thumb gently moved over her clitoris in circles, all while I was suckling on a breast. She began to push her vagina up and down against my hand as her breathing quickened further. Then I curled my middle finger so it would hit her G-spot, and that did it. Her back arched and she convulsed all over, screaming, "Aaaaaah!" as her entire body went into spasms.

And when the jerking quieted down I gently lay down over her and kissed her face, her lips, her mouth. By this time she was able to talk. "Oh, Daddy, I love you. I never felt anything like that before." I turned over on my back and pulled her so she was lying on top of me. She hugged me for all it was worth, and she felt like my kid again. I rubbed her back and buttocks as she had the last remnants of her orgasm. Then we lay still for a few moments.

One of her hands stole down to my penis, which suddenly stiffened up. She arched her buttocks up, slipped my penis inside her, and spreading her legs wide apart, suddenly came down. I was completely inside her. This was pure heaven.

Without warning she began kissing me all over my face and neck while her hands started rubbing me all over, my sides, my arms, my legs, my buttocks, as she pushed up and down with her pelvis. Her tongue suddenly drilled into my mouth, seeking my throat. My little kid had turned into a courtesan. The jangling effect of all this at once brought on an immediate orgasm. I jammed my penis in as deep as I could and began squirting and squirting and squirting, all this augmented by her finding some new part of me to rub. Finally, I began quieting down. Two fingers sought my anus, and suddenly they were inside, pulling in and out. That brought on another orgasm with my first barely finished. I tightened up on those two fingers while shoving my penis in as far as I could. The thought crossed my mind, Cindy never felt this good.

When we finally lay next to each other, side by side, Ava said, "Daddy, that squirting inside me, I felt every one of them. It was super. I can't believe you feel that good." We kissed. We hugged. We intertwined tongues. No part of either one of us was off limits. She said, "Could we sleep with your dick inside me?" That was a wonderful idea. That is exactly what we did. When I woke up in the middle of the night, she was sleeping soundly, my penis still inside her. Too tempting. I slowly rubbed in and out, becoming hard, and then squirted more inside that luscious vagina. I had to go to the bathroom to pee and when I came back she was still sleeping sound as a rock. Very carefully, I re-inserted my penis, and soon after fell asleep.

I woke up in the morning to the smell of coffee. Ava was in the kitchen cutting up oranges and getting ready to scramble eggs. Toasted bagels were on a plate and the butter was on the table. Ava said, "Breakfast ready in five. You look like such a cute mess with your hair running every which way. Hey, Dad, did you feel me moving while you were asleep?"

"No hon. Too sound asleep." I didn't mention my secret little extra cum while she was asleep.

"I woke up and had to go to the bathroom, and when I came back you were still sleeping like a log, so I was careful, and I put you back in me. Then I started rubbing you in and out and you got hard, but you didn't wake up. So I took my time and I came again, and you still were asleep." Then I told her what I had done while she was asleep.

"Dad, sit down." I did. She pulled my fly apart, slipped her panties to one side, and pulled my penis out. Sitting down on me she pulled and yanked till she had it inside her again. That did it. I got hard again. Then my little Ava started moving up and down. The stimulation was too much. When I started quivering she jammed herself down and I was completely inside her, and came again, squirting my juices into that luscious vagina. She let me get every last drop out, jamming down against me. Then I got a tight hug and her lips met mine and we stayed there for a minute or two just enjoying each other.

Finally she got off my lap and bent down, and sucked all the moisture from my penis, and put it back inside my shorts. "You owe me one, Dad." Then she finished making breakfast and we ate.

It was Wednesday, but she was done with Rick. When I came home from work, there she was, using the previous night's pizza as part of a veggie dinner. It tasted pretty good. At supper she told me she refused to see Rick any more. I helped her wash dishes. I sat down to watch the evening news on TV, only this time I had a guest. Ava put her head in my lap and fell asleep. Later in the night, we showered together, and without much talk she soaped me and I soaped her. It felt more like man and wife than father and daughter. And when we went to bed, I saw that Ava had changed she sheets and pillowcases.

"Ava, I don't want you getting used to being a second wife to your old man. You need to meet guys your age."

"I will, Dad, but I'm so damn happy being your bitch and maid and cook I just want to do this for a while."

And so, we essentially became man and wife. She was a great wife, and I never left her wanting for orgasms in bed. She wanted to be my barber and I let her cut my hair. We went to the movies together, and we would sit in the back row of a dark movie theater, reaching over to kiss and make each other cum. Sometimes she got on the floor in the movie and suckled my penis, making me cum in her mouth. She swallowed it all. Once a week we visited relatives or made sure we invited relatives over. And when we were alone we let our feelings hang out. We were in love with each other, and nothing each one could do for the other was good enough. We always wanted to please or pleasure each other. I forgot what it was like to have a wife my age. My kid was half my age and I would be blabbing I love you's like a guy her age. Once in a while we would talk about moving to Europe and marrying and getting her pregnant by artificial insemination and bringing up the kid together.

The worst thing about Ava was that we didn't find anything to argue about. She liked the way I thought, the kinds of things I liked to buy, my food preferences, my clothing, my looks. And I thought she was gorgeous, and anything she bought to wear was okay for me. I liked the way she arranged her bedroom, although she used it only for studying. When she had her periods we stopped sex till they were over, but we never stopped hugging and holding and kissing. I would gently rub her belly when her periods were painful.

We moved out of state when I got a better job, and people accepted her as my young wife, not realizing that the same name meant she was my daughter. We went on trips together, one of them to Europe and another to China.

Sexually we did everything. Doggie style. Missionary style. In her vagina. In each other's mouths. In her buttocks with fingers in her vagina. Under water in a pool. Behind a thick clump of bushes in a park. We liked fooling around with the other's body, pulling skin, massaging, combing hair. The bathtub was very big. Once we had sex on the floor of the bathtub with the shower going while she defecated. It was an experiment. I didn't like it. Once in a long while she would sit on my lap on the toilet while I urinated inside her. We never did anything without hugs and kisses. All that disappeared when we were with family friends or relatives, where we were prim and proper.

Neither one of us wanted anyone else. We took ballroom dance classes together, and would go to dances together. Gradually, my insistence that she date others died down, and her worry that I would not meet a suitable woman died down. We were father and daughter but we may as well have been man and wife. We took tai chi together. We got into nutrition together. Qigong exercises. We never got tired of sex. That is what brought us together this way, and our love for it never waned. We slowed up, but when we needed comforting we would lie side by side and I would stick my penis in her vagina, and we would hug and kiss. Somehow that always made things better.

Would you believe that I am 103 now? My sweetie is 85, but to me she looks like 20. She will always look like 20 to me.

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