Fuck Me Uncle Don
Incest was nothing new to me, and pleasant memories began coming back as I slid my fat cock in and out of my sixteen year-old niece, Dawn.

Her mother, Macy, was always ready to fuck, when we were growing up on our family farm in southern Kansas. Macy was eighteen months younger than me, and lost her virginity to our cousin when she was just eight.

The three of us had watched dogs and goats breed one weekend, so it was only natural to try it ourselves. Bob and I fucked several goats, while Macy helped hold them still. It wasn’t long before she was the object of our attentions. Bob had already screwed one of his neighbors in town, so he took on the responsibility of teaching us what to do.

Although he was twelve, his dick was short, and as slim as his thumb. By the time we had finger-fucked Macy several times, a little spit on his pecker was all it took to slide it in her little pussy. Neither of them knew when her cherry popped. He had already cum in one of the goats, but spewed some more into her hairless slit.
When he pulled away, I fell onto her belly and sank my shaft in quickly, before she could change her mind. I was nearly ten and had played with my dick a lot, but I had never cum…until then. I was able to slide my hands under Macy’s bare ass and jerk her upwards, as I emptied my balls for the first time. God it was wonderful.

There was no stopping us after that. We fucked every chance we got, wherever we were. Eventually, we had fucked in every room of our old two story house, the garage, the storage shed, on the tractor seat, and countless other places. Our favorite place was in the back seat of the old Dodge, while Dad was driving and Mom was sleeping. Macy had her first orgasm at the age of nine. I was ecstatic that it was with my dick in her, not Bob’s.

Over the next ten years, we tried every animal on the farm, too. Rusty, our big collie, got in trouble several times when he tried to mount Mom, while she was bending over in the garden. She never knew we had trained him to fuck Macy on command. The slim bench in the barn was an excellent place for Macy to lie on her back while I led Duke, our billy goat, over her body and rubbed his dick until he shot it out, and into her. Macy always had to grab it before it went all the way in, because it was much too long. She loved the feel of Duke’s cum, blasting its’ way and filling her insides
Now that I recall all the shit we did, is it possible that all that activity may have been a factor with the cervical cancer that took Macy’s life seven months ago?
About four months ago, just before her sixteenth birthday, Macy’s oldest daughter began being on the receiving end of my own deep thrusts. At 12:30 one night, my bladder convinced me to get out of bed and go to the bathroom. That’s when I heard the familiar sounds of pleasurable sex coming from the other end of the house. Slipping down the hallway, I recognized the one noise as the sound of balls, slapping against ass, and Dawn’s quiet moans of pleasure.

The night light was enough to see that Dawn’s younger brother, Ted, had her legs up on his shoulders and was pounding her pussy for all he was worth. As he busted his load, Dawn whispered loudly, “Dammit, Ted, not yet…you never wait for me. I wanna cum, too. Now I’ll have to play with myself ‘til I do.”

I slipped back down the hall and around a corner, and watched as Ted got right off his mount, went to the bathroom, pissed, then crawled into his own bed. Within seconds, his snoring was mixed with mewling noises, which were coming from Dawn. She was masturbating when I peeked into her room, again.

My own cock was so hard, it was about to burst the skin. I eased back to my room and jacked off, thinking about what I’d just witnessed.
Dawn (almost 16), Ted (14) and Kay(12) had come to live with me when Macy died. Their dad, at least HE thought he was their dad, had been killed in the first Gulf War. Macy fucked many men when Ted (sr) was stationed abroad over the years. In fact, there was a distinct possibility that any one of them could be my own child.
When the kids first moved in, both girls spent many nights in my bed, grasping for the security they needed from the only adult relative left in their young lives. Many tears were shed. Many hours of sleep were missed. As they eventually got used to their situation, they slept more soundly.

The presence of three kids caused changes to my own life habits. As a single, two time divorcee, I operated my computer repair business from my four bedroom home. The garage was where my tools and equipment were located, and I was completely comfortable being nude most of the time. With mirror tint on the small garage door windows, I could see any customers arriving, and usually had plenty of time to slip into a pair of shorts, with a short robe over my torso.

At thirty two, I exercised on my bench press and ran five miles, twice a day. A few of my women customers occasionally turned loose of some pussy, or a good blow job, to pay a repair bill. Even so, most of my relief had come from my right hand or one of my toys.
Once the girls started sleeping better, I would jack a load right in my own bed, with them lying there. It was common for me to rub their back or belly, so I never had a problem moving my hands around on their lithe bodies, while I pumped cum onto the corner of my sheet. Eventually, however, they became comfortable enough to move into their own rooms, and I missed the closeness.
About thirty minutes after discovering Ted was fucking Dawn, my cock started getting hard again. I decided to try it……I first made sure that all the kids were sleeping good. Then I eased into Dawn’s room. When I pulled her sheet back, she looked good enough to eat, lying there in her bikini panties and nothing else. So I thought, “Why not? Ted probably doesn’t know anything about eating pussy, so I’m going to give this hot little bitch a treat she won’t ever forget”.

The scissors made short work of both sides of the elastic, baring Dawn’s cunt. The sparse blonde hair gave the appearance of a bald mound. Being naked already, I slowly spread her legs until I could position my face between them. She must have sneaked out of her room after pleasuring herself, and cleaned up. All I could smell was a clean, sweet pussy, so I turned off the night light and dipped in.

My tongue found the young pussy easily. I was able to work up a little saliva and spat it onto the top of Dawn’s clitoral hood. My tongue and fingers began licking, probing and lightly sucking until her clit was between my top lip and tongue. At first, her slight movements were involuntary. When her hands went to the back of my head, I knew she had awakened and was enjoying the new experience.

“Oh, Ted”! The words were barely loud enough to hear. It made me smile and work my fingers around until I was able to curl the tips onto her g-spot. Each time she felt the pressure, she drove her hips upward, forcing her cunt lips into my sucking mouth. Within a couple of minutes, she was pounding my face with pussy as she felt her orgasm arriving.

“Oh God!...Oh God…Oh damn, Ted…I’m gonna cum…uhhh…uhhh…oh…oh…I’m gonna cuuuummm! AHHHHHHHH!! AHHHHHHH!! OHHHHHH…DAMMMMMMMN!!”

I reached my left hand up to her mouth to muffle her sound, which became louder with each utterance. I eased my ministrations until her breathing had become regular, but was still eating some fine, delicious pussy. Her juices had given me the taste I love from a young cunt.

As Dawn began joining the action again, I moved my left hand to my cock. By the time I was rock hard, she was on her way to her second orgasm, still thinking her little brother was giving her the most sexual pleasure she’d ever experienced.

It was time…

During Dawn’s second ‘Oh God’, I quickly moved up and slid my cock to her tight slit…
Between her pussy juice and my own saliva, there was plenty of lubrication to help as I pushed inside. I detected a slight wince and a big gasp when she felt my bigger dick stretch her vaginal walls. Her young hands grasped my thighs, and slim fingers kneaded my leg muscles each time I thrust into her
A minute or so after I entered Dawn, she opened her eyes. Even in the dark, she realized it wasn’t her little brother fucking her this time. When she saw me, she gasped, “UNCLE D..mfffff…!” My hand cut off the sound coming from her mouth. At the same time, I buried my cock as deep as I could and held still for a few seconds. I laid my torso against hers, pressing her small tits flat, and kissed her forehead.

After telling her, “Shhh”, I began very slight movements inside her cunt. When her body began to respond, her hands went from my thighs to my ass cheeks.

“This sweet little bitch is mine now.” I thought. I knew I’d never have a problem fucking this young, tight pussy. I moved my hand from her mouth and kissed her forehead again. As small as Dawn is, it would be hard for me to bend enough to kiss her lips, while my cock was seated as deep as it was.
As I started pumping harder, she jerked my ass harder, trying to get as much dick as possible in her tunnel. Since I had jacked off a little earlier, I wasn’t quite ready to cum, yet.

But Dawn was….

As her fourth orgasm hit, I felt my nuts begin to tighten. Sure enough, when my own cum began to blast away, I couldn’t remember when I had ever pumped as long, or as much.
“Oh my God, Uncle Don,” she began to whisper.
I put my hand, lightly, over her mouth again, “Shhh, Slip into the bathroom and get cleaned up. Then get your pajamas and come to my room.”

Five minutes later, Dawn crawled under my sheet wearing her baby dolls. She cuddled up to me and asked, “Uncle Don? What did you do to me? I almost had a heart attack when I realized it was you, screwing me. I don’t know what to do. Was I okay? Is it okay that we did it? Tell me what’s going on, Uncle Don.”
“When did Ted start fucking you?”

“A few days after mom died, he told me that I’d have to take her place. Ted took dad’s place screwing her after dad was killed. Mom told him it was his duty to fill in. Then when she died, it was my job to fill in for her. He does it different than you, though. He just sticks it in me, squirts his stuff, then goes to his bed and sleeps. Gosh, you just about drove me crazy with your…it was your tongue, wasn’t it?”

“At first it was my tongue. Then I shoved my cock as deep as I could. You almost drove me crazy with your tight cunt, too. I’ve fucked many girls and women, sugar, but I’ve never had a fuck as good as the one I got tonight. And it’s not gonna stop, either. You and me, we’re gonna fuck each other’s asses off, Dawn. We’re gonna have to get you on birth control, though, and we all have some discussion to go over.”

She slipped out of bed, removed her thin p.j.’s, and crawled back in beside me. She threw her leg over my re-hardening dick and said, “Mom put Kay and I on the pill more than a year ago. I think Kay ran out, but she hasn’t been screwed, yet, anyway. She sure has been working on Ted, though.”

Dawn moved on top and eased her sheath down onto my shaft. “Ted and I tried it this way once. He said it was mom’s favorite position.” She moved faster and faster, up and down on my cock. Soon, both our juices were squirting.. filling her pussy to overflow. After a quick clean-up, we both slept….

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