What happens in the family stays in the family - or does it?

Glynn Johansen had a tough time keeping his eyes off his sister at breakfast the next day. And when she brushed her bare knee against his under the table, he started to raise an immediate hard. She smiled at him, and her eyes were warm behind lowered lashes. He thought there had never been a more beautiful girl, and the tightening of his belly muscles reminded him how hot and sexy she was.

But it finally penetrated, what his mother was saying, and he damned near choked on a bite of pancake. Swallowing quickly, he asked, "What? Me? Oh come on, Mom -- I'm sure old enough to take care of myself."

His mother frowned at him. "Yes, I suppose so. But there's the new pool in the patio, and you can't swim very well, you'll admit."

She was another lovely woman, his mom; but he wasn't seeing that now. She was pissing him off with that babysitter crap. Man! How old did she think he was -- ten? What would she think if he could tell her he'd already screwed hell out of her daughter, twice?

"I don't need a babysitter," he said and asking for help, "Dad?"

His father continued to read the paper. "Your mother makes all the decisions around here, son. It's been that way for quite a while now."

Arlene Johansen flared immediately. "If you'd spend some time with these children..."

"Oh, for Chrissakes," Eric Johansen mumbled, and retreated behind his paper again.

"Children," Glynn said in disgust, and viciously stabbed his stack of pancakes. He subsided only when his sister's knee nudged him again, not caressing this time, but warning him about something.

Lorena said, "I'd stay with him, Mom. Honest, I wouldn't mind. But since you and Daddy are going to see the lawyer, and since Glynn will probably sneak into the pool, the next best thing I can do is furnish a sitter. I'll call one of my friends. And I'll come back from the library as soon as I can. If I didn't have to get my term paper ready..."

Arlene banged down her coffee cup. "All right, all right. We'll probably be gone most of the day, so the sitter ought to be prepared for a fairly long job. And Glynn..."

He ignored his sister's knee pressure and said, "Yeah, I know. Be a good little boy." He winced when Lorena kicked him on the shin, but stared down into his plate as if nothing had happened. Damn, he thought; nothing went right around the house any more. He wondered what the hell Lorena had in mind -- faking a sitter so they could be together again, so they could fuck some more? He dropped one hand into his lap and rubbed his hardening prick.

But while his mom cleared the table, Lorena went to the phone in the hall, and he heard her talking to somebody. Maybe she was putting them on, only pretending to make the call. If she wasn't he didn't know what she was thinking.

His father poured himself another cup of coffee and turned the pages of the newspaper. Glynn wiped up his final pancake with honey and gulped it down. Now he couldn't get up from the table; not right away, because his cock was threatening to split his jeans. He'd have to sit there until it went down.

Watching his mother move around the kitchen, Glynn wondered again how his dad could possibly leave her. Boy, he thought, his eyes following the long, sleek legs and the way his mother's butt moved beneath her short dress, that ought to be some piece of ass. Funny, he decided; he could come right out with an idea like that, since he had fucked his sister. He'd kind of avoided it, before.

But his mom was sure a sexy chick -- tall and sort of regal, with big, high tits that jiggled enticingly when she walked. How could his father walk out on something like that? Glynn shook his head and fumbled around his plate, draining his glass of milk. His cock went soft quick enough when Lorena came back to say, "I got a sitter. It's Jean Marks, a wonderful girl in my class who needs the money. You'll like her, I'm sure."

Glynn said, "Aakk!" But his mother said absentmindedly, "Yes, of course. Eric -- are you going to sit there all morning? You know very well what time the appointment is."

Glynn caught his sister in the hall. "What the hell..."

"Shh!" she said, and kissed him lightly but hotly upon the mouth. "Jean is a real fox. I'm doing you a big favor, young man."

"Huh?" he said, but she whirled away, after a dirty, quick caress of his crotch. He stood watching her, seeing the groovy way her ass moved in her tight jeans, knowing now the magic feel of that ass and the pussy itself. Beautiful and hot, juicy and eager to fuck, she was some sister to have. Glynn wanted to run after her and grab her tits from behind, so he could rub his stiffening cock into those shapely cheeks. He wanted to throw her down on the carpet and pull down her jeans so he could get his hand on that honey-blonde cunt again.

But of course, he couldn't; not right now. Tonight though, there would be no way anybody could keep him away from dipping his aching meat into that hotly clenching snatch again. He had to fuck her some more, or go out of his head. His balls were beginning to ache right now, and Glynn turned away so he could rub them.

The cold shower helped some, but not much, even though he scrubbed his body hard and toweled it just as roughly afterward. Staring down at his shaft, he fingered along its length, then dropped his hand quickly. No need to jack off now; he was fucking a lovely girl, hotter and sexier because she was his own older sister. Man, oh man; what tits, what an ass -- and how her pussy kind of shut down on a guy's cock, massaging it until it came.

Glynn got the hell out of the bathroom and into swim trunks. Towel over one shoulder, wearing scuffs, he went down in time to meet his babysitter. A sitter, man!

But when he saw the girl, he damned near dropped his towel. Then he felt like ducking out of sight, in case his legs were too knobby or something.

She was a doll. Not a baby doll, or cutesy because she was small, because she was all that but it didn't work out that way. Jean Marks had long red hair and a body like a miniature Venus and a bright, warm smile that reached right out and tickled his belly.

Jean said, "So you're Glynn. I've heard so much about you, from your sister."

All he could do was grin weakly and mumble stupid things; then his mother gave Jean instructions about watching him in the pool, and all that crap. He flinched when his sister went by, because she pinched his ass and said in a whisper, "Lucky guy."

Then he was alone with her; his mother and father followed Lorena out the front door, still taking cruel little cuts at each other, all the way to the Caddy. He pretended he was really interested in watching his sister drive off in her Bug, but he felt the girl's eyes on him. So he moved too quickly from the window and bumped into a coffee table before he could make it to the patio.

He went down the ladder into the shallow end of the pool and stood there uncertainly. Jean Marks stood on the tiled edge and looked all around the patio. She said, "Can't see a house from here, even; complete privacy, with all those bushes and trees."

Glynn muttered, "I guess," and wondered why he felt so uptight. After all, he wasn't a cherry anymore. He had fucked a girl, twice; now he didn't have to wonder how to make it, or whether his prick was too skinny. Lorena had loved it, she said.

He ducked lower in the water, mainly to hide his swelling cock; it was too easily seen in his trunks. If this chick wasn't so damned sexy looking, he'd be okay. But his sister had called him lucky to have Jean around, and that was pretty weird.

She was standing at the pool edge, and when she put her arms over her head to stretch, he could see the outline of her small but groovy tits, and the nipples themselves. She had on a thin halter and her shorts clung to every shaping and dip of her thighs; Glynn could see her mound, and his eyes were magnetically drawn to the cleft of her pussy.

Then she took off her top. His eyes bugged when she just whipped away the halter and dropped it. She said, "That water looks great, but I didn't bring a suit. You don't mind, do you?"

He swallowed some water and made a choking noise. "N-no."

So Jean Marks stepped lithely from her shorts; she hadn't been wearing panties, and the curly red hair of her pussy gleamed brightly at him from between her flawless thighs. Her skin was very white, and when she moved down the pool steps, her entire small body seemed to undulate with a special sensuous grace.

Glynn stared as she approached him in the water, as the wavelets came to her hips, then to the pale mounds of her tits, and at last to the rosy nipples which were standing straight out. She neared him and put those fine little points right up against his wet chest. Glynn's cock struggled to tear free of his trunks, and beneath the water, Jean's naked pussy seemed to blaze into his crotch.

She held up her mouth to him. "Lorena said you screwed her, your own sister. I think that's groovy, Glynn. She knows how I like to swing with groovy people, so she called me to be your sitter today. I hurried right over."

Her lips were moving, trembling, and the darting of her hot, wet tongue was quick and penetrating. Jean's teeth raked his, and his hands felt over her wetly squirming body as she wiggled against him. When their mouths parted, she said, "Are you going to keep those trunks on?"

He couldn't wait a second longer. Last night he had been a cherry, and here he was, getting ready to fuck his second girl. Glynn couldn't believe his luck but he wasn't going to push it. Hurrying, he slid off the wet trunks, and his prick jumped out strong and long, nudging its distended head against the slippery belly of the eager girl.

Her hand discovered it, curled fingers around the pulsing shaft, and her smile was hotly knowing. "Nice -- very hard and long. I think Lorena was right, that you're going to be a really farout lover, once you get the hang of everything. Here, darling..."

She floated up in the water, held to his waist with one hand while the other played tantalizingly with his rod. Jean got her legs around him, crossing them at the ankles, and her delicious little snatch was right there, tilting up at him. He made a tentative humping movement, and she guided the throbbing head of his cock into position.

Soaked and tingly, the curls of her pussy tickled his cockhead as it started to push into the tight, very hot lips of her cunt. He took hold of her cheeks, the modeled and slippery cheeks of her well shaped little ass, and by spreading his feet on the bottom of the pool, Glynn could maintain his balance and shove. But he moved them toward the pool wall, anyhow, needing a better grip on things.

Floating, she wiggled and rolled her ass, so that she helped him get the head inside, and slowly, snugly, his prick worked into the scorching grip of her excited pussy. In it went, and by the time he had reached the wall and gotten her shoulders against the wet tiles, the shaft of his cock was buried to the root inside that tightly gripping cunt.

"Ahh, darling," she breathed. "That's good. That's terrific. Oh, how I love a good, hard prick! Use it in me, Glynn. Push it all the way to your balls and pull it back to the head -- but don't take it all the way out."

"I won't," he promised, his voice thick and clotting in his throat, his shaft moving greasily in her snatch. She coiled around him like a pale white snake, wiggling and sliding, bouncing up and down in the water as he began to pound his cock home with more powerful thrusts.

She was smaller than his sister, and her cunt was tighter, and he dug fucking this beautiful, small girl. She plastered her wet mouth to his, and the hard nipples of her tits skidded back and forth across his chest as they moved and hunched together. "Give it to me, Glynn," she hissed into his teeth. "Oh, darling, feed me that wonderful hard meat! Darling, darling -- you use your prick so beautifully -- ahh! Ahh, yes! Good -- it's so long, and I can feel it poking away up in my pussy -- ahh!"

Glynn ran his tongue halfway down the girl's throat, grinding his cock deeply within the juicy hot cup of her pussy, stroking and driving, feeling his balls swing tingling through the water to slap lightly against the uplifted crack of her little-girl ass. He clung to her cheeks and braced his feet against the bottom, and the hammering movement of his strong, hungry prick grew heavier.

Her body was splashing the water, and her belly was rolling back and forth as she took the impact of his plunging cock. She bit his lips and threw her head back as she tore her lips from his.

"Ahh! Ahh, you stiff-cocked son of a bitch! Oh yes -- I dig it, I love it -- fuck me some more, more! I'm about to come, you horny little bastard! I'm going to come, to COME!"

She stiffened out then, and her legs clamped violently upon his waist. Glynn kept pounding that shuddering hot cunt, continued to slam his rod home to the hilt as he felt the flexing of her vagina inside, and sensed a new lubrication oozing from the pussy walls. Pumping into the grip of that blazing pussy, his own orgasm built wildly within his balls, and Glynn felt the onrush of his semen as it hurtled up through the seesawing rod of his cock and swelled the head of it.

His come exploded from the tip of his prick, and he came in a furiously boiling spurt of semen that filled the tight, shallow cunt with the bubbling cream. His balls leaped upward against the cleft of her rotating ass, and his fingertips dug into her slippery flesh.

Glynn's knees went a little weak, and he thought dazedly that fucking seemed to get better and better. Maybe no other chick would ever be truly as good screwing as when he put it to his own sister, but this hotly wiggling girl was good enough.

Slowly, her legs drifted down, but she somehow managed to keep his prick locked within her pussy as she stood tippytoe on the bottom of the pool. "Nice," Jean purred. "Very nice. Now we can climb out of the water and go over there to get in some real fucking. Can you go again this quickly?"

"Sure," he said, proud of his new strength and his new knowledge, and she let his stiff cock ease from the grasp of her cunt.

She went up the ladder first, and he was right behind, staring into the sweet red crack of her lovely ass. He came out of the pool with water pouring from his cock, and with a little creamy drop of semen still clinging to the head.

They moved to the patio, bare-assed and excited yet, and Jean turned to fit herself into his arms again. That was when Lorena Johansen came from the house, grinning widely and wearing only a wrap-around towel.

"You guys look fine together," his sister said as Glynn stared. "Mind if I join the party?"

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Babysitters are so sexy.

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Plagarized, stolen, shared, who the fuck cares... It's a great story!

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Plagarized, stolen, shared, who the fuck cares... It's a great story!

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Who really cares about who wrote it. I am totally enjoying every word, especially all the build up and the teasing. Brings back some very vivid memories of my 13 yr old babysitter and her girlfriend who were very inquisitive about sex and always seemed to forget their suits but they always seemed to catch me in my pool without my suit. That was a fun three yrs.

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Darling? Groovy? Dig it? Was this story written in the 70's?

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