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The cover and sheet move slowly. A head of dark brown hair with rust highlights, in a pony tail, reveals itself...
A bare upper arm...a sleeveless night shirt...a side of breast...lower arm...waist, a hip...long legs... Molly is slowly uncovered, revealing her athletic body. The covers are rolled the bed and carried to a chair. Returning, the perpetrator of this uncovering places a tender kiss on Molly-s face...a second kiss follows.

Moving around the bed, our perpetrator opens a black case... a small tray is pulled out, from this tray a pill makes its way to our perpetrators mouth; there are more pills, and other things in the little black case. A syringe is withdrawn, Molly receives her shot, and not for the flu.

The strong tranquilizer that helps Molly sleep quietly cedes control to a stronger relative. Minute by minute the numbers on the digital clock radio change...Molly sleeps. With an uncharacteristic sadness, our perpetrator moves to Molly.

Reminded of a time in history when the Bismarck... unable to move quickly enough, lost her battle. The Battleship Molly lies motionless on the surface of her bed, unable to defend herself.

With care and some effort Molly is turned onto her back; first her right leg is pulled to the centre of the bed, after which her upper body easily rolls into place.
...................................... A ball gag is inserted into Molly-s mouth, with care taken not to pull her hair or in any way mark her. A large black hood formerly used to cover a large camera is placed over her head; it has been washed. In a blink of an eye this could go so wrong...our perpetrator is meticulous.

Premium cuffs made of blue leather are wrapped around Molly-s ankles and wrists. May as well be fashion conscious...Molly looks good in blue; our perpetrator thinks.

Using braided cotton roping run thru the rings on her cuffs Molly-s arms are bound over her head...she sleeps comfortably. Moving her gently from side to side Molly-s night shirt, a soft blue in color...rises to her shoulders, and to her throat; with help of course.

Pair of hazel colored eyes gaze most appreciatively at those B cup breasts, and each with a brown nipple crowning it. Molly-s breasts although 30 years of age, and having some sag to them; are proudly topped with nipples that have their own slight but distinctive swelling.

Hands squeeze Molly-s tits...massaging them...lips suck her nipples...teeth gently pull on each ice cube hovers above each breast in turn... eliciting a prideful erection, each nipple stands straight and at attention, as if proud to be on display. Nipple clamps find waiting prey.

The first reaction from this beautiful woman, a slight sound from behind her gag... The clamps are removed, it was only a test.

Molly-s hips are rocked and her short legged soft blue bottoms slip off her hips, and make a scenic trip down her lovely legs. Nice white panties remain. A sniff and close examination tells us that our girl has good hygiene. In a repeat performance her white panties follow her soft blue bottoms.

Molly-s legs, one at a time, are bent at the knee and strapped in place with wide Velcro equipped straps. Each calf is snugly bound against the back of her thigh... a specially made quilted hood complete with attached ring is fitted separately over each knee. Finally a second and a third braided cotton rope slips thru the rings pulling each leg up and away from her centre. Molly position is similar to a woman in stirrups...very vulnerable.

Molly is a big woman, her crotch is an easy 5 inches across when she is spread wide; with light pink lips, not large but also not small...her inner labia protrude some, but again not excessively.
........................................a mouth and tongue find her clit and vigorously lick and suck it...our gentle assailant is genteel no more, now a chemically enhanced rapist.

A wetted finger finds and plunges into Molly;
---Your mine you big mare, you are mine.

A second finger is introduced, and then a third... some spit... The finger fucking is rough...plugging away at Molly-s defenceless body...

The bed sags at the added weight of our rapist. A sheathed weapon enters Molly, diving in to the hilt. The fucking begins. Molly-s pussy is pounded. Her beautiful thick lips stretch around the intruder. Her inner lips holding onto the intruder like they were in love; pussy lips do not differentiate.

The bed bounces but is soon still. The mattress deflects as hands and knees press against it as our rapist leaves Molly. A thin sheath filled with liquid swirls in water as the toilet swallows evidence, doing a much better job than a famed woman in a blue dress.

The bed deflects a second time. Soon a wave like motion emanates from a central point... Molly-s second rapist is enjoying her... Despite having children Molly-s hole is snug...

Although heavily sedated, Molly-s chemically enriched body response giving our rapist a fine fuck. Bound legs flexing, pussy working hard, each stroke, each thrust eagerly received.
...............Although Molly herself may have thought otherwise, her pussy was hungry...with a little help from the chemicals.

The BED:
It is Queen sized with a pillowed thick mattress. Molly-s husband makes big bucks so one would expect their bed to be of good quality. Molly loves her bed.

Molly-s bed offers good support. It never lets her down. It gives when pressured and pushes back. Its frame is strong. This bed does differentiate. It is a bed, it has no feelings, it does not complain about ropes about its legs or around it-s head-board. It has no sense of smell... The BED cannot tell whose who; it does not care which gender is accompanying Molly.

Molly-s bed never notices that the scent in the room is no longer cologne...

Fingers pinch together and are introduced into Molly...forcing and stretching her...prying...twisting, opening up Molly-s cunt. The thumb joins the fun...reaming her whole...

Molly is making sounds...sounds brought on by pain.
---Come on you big bitch...let me in...

Suddenly resistance gives and a hand slips into Molly... She screams into the gag... Her back arches... her legs fight to move...the bed rocks and bounces. Molly-s torso is twisting... Her belly heaves... her stomach muscles showing signs of pain... her abdomen twists.

--- I own you... You-ve never had it so big have you Molly...except for childbirth. Come, let-s see you fuck my arm you big bitch... pump your hips...[A hand presses down on Molly-s stomach while the other hand, wrist and forearm piston slowly in Molly-s vagina].
I am going to fist you; like you-ve never...[Molly shows signs of pain]...feel this ... hurts doesn’t-t it cunt...

A hand and wrist move in and out using her vaginal as a sleeve...
---Oh yeah, you like it...your getting wet...

SCREAMING! [ Into the gag.]


Molly-s bed does not feel the ropes being undone...nor Molly being freed from her never even feels the sheet and covers settling back atop her.

Yet, her bed has never left her, always comforts her; in a sense treats her better than those who have just left her. Molly-s bed does not mind her sweat, her need to be held and supported. Her bed does not even mind the blood Molly is laying in...

And...,because it is only a bed; a thing, it receives no credit for good behaviour. Alas...Molly-s bed takes no notice of the door to the room in which it spends all its time...closing. And as such, Molly-s bed does not hear the latch and strike meet.



2012-02-23 03:53:14
Nice execution of the story. Very hot too.

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