I would like to encourage my readers to read Fuck Me Uncle Don part one before proceeding with part two. A little history on how I became the guardian of three sex hungry teenagers will help you understand this part of my tale.

The morning after I fucked my niece, Dawn, I was drinking my coffee and happily contemplating the future of my relationship with the petite girl. For no more experience than she'd had, her pussy was hotter than a jalapeno.

I had accidentally caught her and Ted, her brother, and worked my own way into her sex life. As I thought about the small naked body, my dick began to make a tent in my boxers.

“Good morning,” came the ringing voice of Dawn's little sister, Kay.
As she always does in the morning, she circled my recliner and crawled into my lap. I had gotten a hard-on many times when Kay had snuggled against my cock with her ample ass. She got her build from her dad's (Ted, sr) side of the family and, at the age of 12-1/2, was already as big as 16 year-old Dawn.

“Where's dawn?” she asked as she settled onto my rigidity, wiggling her butt, “she wasn't in her room or the bathroom.”

“She was awake a lot last night, so she came to my room to sleep. She must be pretty tired, she didn't know when I got up.” My mind went quickly to the last comment …. Yes, Dawn knew exactly when I ‘got up’. She rode me like a bull rider, then went to sleep with the horn in her hand.

Kay repositioned her body until my shaft was lodged against the crack of her ass. She kissed me and said, “I love you Uncle Don. I wish I could still sleep with you all the time, like we used to do when we first came here.”

‘If this little shit doesn’t quit pressing her ass against my cock’, I thought, ‘she’ll get her panties and my shorts wet. I came three times last night, but I do believe I could dump one more load. What was it Dawn said about Kay not having been screwed, yet, but she’d been working on Ted? Mae must have had the sex talk with them all before she died. After all, the girls were already on birth control pills. Dawn told me that Kay had run out, though.’

My hands wandered to the bare legs, which were straddling my cock. Kay made no objection to my rubbing them up and down, slowly getting closer to her crotch.

‘She’s as big as Dawn’, my brain was telling me it was okay to play with this young pussy, ‘and if she’s been wanting Ted to fuck her, why shouldn’t I be her first? Mae was lots younger when she started.’

When my hands finally reached her panties, Kay lay her head on my shoulder. “Mmmm, that feels good, Uncle Don.”

After a couple of minutes of rubbing her young snatch through the fabric, she pulled the crotch aside, allowing my fingers complete access to her pussy. Once my middle finger found its’ way into her hole, I felt her maidenhead. I fingered her in and out for a few minutes, then asked, “Do you want to learn more?”

“Uhhhnn…yesss,” she breathed heavily, “I want to learn ev…uhh…ev…Oh God that feels good. I want to learn everything.”

I kissed her hungry mouth several times, wondering where she had learned to kiss so well.

“Then I’ll tell you something, Kay. I fucked your sister last night, twice. As soon as I can get your birth control pills renewed, I’ll be happy to teach you everything I can. But you have to remember, I could go to jail for the rest of my life if the law finds out. Dawn is already of legal age, but you’re not. Nothing we do can ever be told outside the walls of this house.”

She spun around, wrapped her arms around my neck, and began humping my stiff dick. “Don’t worry, Uncle Don, I won’t tell anybody. Just you, me, Dawn and Ted will know. I’m gonna make Ted fuck me, too. I’m tired of him and Dawn having all the fun.”

Her hand let my cock out of hiding and continued humping her exposed cunt against it. “It’s okay to fuck me, now, Uncle Don. I just finished my period yesterday. Mom told us it’s okay to do it for a couple of days before, or a couple of days after. Pleeeeease do me now.”

My strong hands ripped away the thin fabric or her panties. In seconds, my dick was lodged at the entrance, trying to get into the small hole. I raised her just long enough to swipe some spit on the head of ol’ Fat Boy. When she sat back in place, it took advantage of the lubricant, entering as far as her cherry. She winced and whimpered a little when, on the third thrust, her barrier popped.

Kay was kissing my lips like a passionate lover when her first orgasm arrived. “Ohh, Ohh, Ohhhhhhh SHIT!”
My 12 year-old niece was getting some of the same pleasure the 16 year-old got last night. All I could think about was how fucking lucky I was. Now there were two very young, and very damn good, pussies in my home. There for me anytime I wanted. No holds barred. I’d teach them everything I knew. It was time to move them back to my bed, but for unlimited sex this time.

When she came the second time, it was a prolonged one. Hers started, then I pumped my own cum in her, before she ever completed hers. It was so fucking awesome!

I had closed my eyes when Kay was kissing me. When I opened them, I saw Dawn standing in the bedroom doorway, smiling at what she’d just witnessed. She was rubbing her own cunt and was about to cum, when we heard Ted.

“Hey! What the hell’s going on?”

I answered quickly, “You can see what the fuck is going on. Get in my bedroom and fuck Dawn now! NOW! And you better stay with it until she gets to cum, too. If you don’t, I’ll kick your ass. NOW!”

He spoke not a word, just crossed the room, took her hand and led her to the mattress.

My own cock was lodged deeply in Kay, and stayed there until it started hardening again. As she and I finished a wonderfully long second session, we could hear Dawn yelling, “Oh God, Yesssss! Yesssss! Oh yesssss, Ted! Fuck meeeeeeee!”

Part Three cumming soon.....

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I began fucking my niece when she was twelve and got her pregnant by the time she was fifteen and we had a daughter who i will be fucking when she is old enough


2014-08-04 21:37:53
"Fuck Me Uncle Don - Part Two" - Don, Dawn, Kay and Ted - (Seventeen Year Old Uncle; and siblings Sixteen Year Old Niece, Fourteen Year Old Nephew, and Twelve Year Old Niece).

Uncle Don has Prime Pussy in the form of his nieces Dawn and Kay; they are sexually-oriented dynamite--and seemingly will fuck their uncle at the drop of a hat!!! Of course, unfortunately, uncle Don's nephew Ted Jr. is the brother of Dawn and Kay, and is part of his extended responsibility of his deceased sister, Macey! The detailing of the sexual exploits of uncle Don with his nieces is vivid imagery--almost in the style of 3-D presence!

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my pussy is drippin wet uncle Don


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i have 3 more cousins that fucked me too.

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i am still loving it more pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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