What happens in the family stays in the family - or does it?

Lorena thought she had never seen anything so beautiful as her brother and the girl, naked together. She had come back too late to actually watch them screwing in the pool, but she knew they had. The look of love was upon them both, and their naked, dripping bodies were glowing with what they had just done.

"Maybe we'd better go in the house," she said. "Somebody could be looking down into the patio from the taller houses over there."

Her brother answered with a kind of strangled okay, and Jean smiled wickedly over a bare shoulder as she led the way back into the house, her small but shapely ass swinging seductively from side to side. Lorena followed them, thinking that she couldn't have done better than to bring those two together, Jean was always talking about how she was just about insatiable, that she loved to screw, and Glynn was getting started right.

But Lorena always knew what might have been a faint flash of jealousy. After all, he was her brother, and she had taken his boyish cherry. But a moment later, she knew how very foolish that was. If she loved Glynn, she wanted to see him happy, and if he was happy fucking the lovely little redhead, then she could only be happy, too, not jealous.

Besides, she was very interested in seeing him do it to her friend, and all excited about the prospect of joining them herself. Jean Marks turned in the middle of the living room and said, "Here, kids?"

"Why not?" Lorena asked. "I locked the front door when I came in."

Glynn was staring at her, and she could feel his eyes licking hotly over her tits, so she let the wrap-around towel slide down and expose them. Her nipples were hard and erect, and her pussy was throbbing softly between her thighs. He said, "You really want to join us, Sis? I mean -- screw with us?"

"I really want to," she answered. "I never did this before, either, but I'm sure we can work it out and ball."

"Oh yes," Jean breathed heavily. "This ought to be a wild scene for everybody. Oh wow."

Jean had such a beautiful body, Lorena thought; it was so modeled, every tiny curve exactly in place and tantalizingly shaped, the pale white skin flawless and silken. She dropped her towel the rest of the way and let her own body gleam for them. Bigger than Jean, with different coloring and different shapes, she was just as firm, just as pretty in a sexy design of her own, and the look she caught in her brother's widened eyes told her so. She smiled at him, and at the erect pole of his long, slim cock. The boy had just dipped that hard shaft into the red-haired pussy over there, but he was ready to go again.

Funny, she thought, but she wasn't at all embarrassed. It seemed so natural and right that they share their bodies with each other, if that was what they wanted.

"You're really beautiful," Jean Marks murmured.

"Yeah," Glynn agreed, his eyes raking her from head to toe, seeing her snatch, the hard points of her tits. She thrust her groin forward for him, spreading her thighs just a little.

Nobody had ever turned her on like her brother; nobody had ever done such a wonderful job of fucking her, and Lorena suspected that they were just beginning to explore and understand the mysteries of each other's bodies. And there was Jean -- ah, yes, Jean of the miniature body so wonderfully shaped; Jean who had been so open about seeking new sexual thrills. Was it bad to look at another girl's body and get excited? Lorena didn't know about that, only that she was stimulated as she had seldom been before.

Jean said, "You were right, Lorena; your brother has a wonderfully hard prick. I wish I had a brother like him."

"Be my guest," Lorena said, moving closer so that she could bring her belly next to Glynn's. Their thighs brushed, and she pressed against his cock, pushed it up between their bellies. It was long and round, next to her skin, and she could feel the hungry pulsing of the organ, as if it were about to demand she do something to soften it.

Her nipples dug into his chest, boring hotly there, as insistent as his prick was. Glynn's hands slid over her hips, caressing, and he said, "I still can't believe I'm so lucky."

Lorena kissed him, softly at first, then with an avid fury that thrust her tongue over his own and as far back into his mouth as she could reach. They rolled their nude bodies together, and their hands were everywhere, fondling and cupping, stroking and petting. Their breath mixed hotly, and she found that she was making sensual, thrusting motions with her crotch.

Gasping, she backed away from him, conscious of the new lubrication that was making her pussy oily inside, that was bringing little drops of warm dew to glisten along the cunt lips and among the curly pubic hairs. "Oh wow, Glynn. I could take it standing up like this, but there's Jean..."

Jean came to them, putting a small hand on each of their shoulders. "To share with, darlings. Look -- neither of us wants to be disappointed right away, although I think that Glynn here could go all day, if he wanted. So what do you say we -- you and me, Lorena -- stretch out on the floor here, so that he can take turns."

Lorena stared. "You mean, screw us in turn?"

"Not all the way, baby," Jean grinned. "I mean he screws one of us awhile -- without coming -- then the other; taking turns that way. Of course, when he has to come, then he can just let it go into whoever he happens to be fucking at the moment."

"That sounds groovy," Lorena agreed. "Glynn?"

"Oh hell yes," he grinned. "Man, oh man! Dipping my wick into two beautiful cunts, one right after the other. I'm liable to flip right out."

Holding hands, Lorena sank to the carpet with the other girl, little hot waves of anticipation skipping madly up and down her spine. It was all so wild, so unreal; all her sexual fantasies were coming true, one at a time. She didn't have to worry now about how Mom and Dad were getting along, didn't have to feel the antagonism between her parents heavy in the air. She was being loved; she was loving, and the outside world didn't count against that.

The nap of the rag tickled the cheeks of her ass as she sat down, caressed her spine as she lay back, still holding hands with Jean Marks. The other girl's foot rubbed hers and made it tingle. Eyelids fluttering, Lorena looked up and saw her brother kneeling between her outspread legs.

Glynn was staring down at her pussy, the fingers of his right hand wrapped around the white column of his cock. It was the first way she'd seen that wondrous prick, since they'd both grown up, when he was masturbating it. The head glowed lavender and it was bluntly pointed; she could see the veins throbbing beneath the shaft, and her eyes briefly touched the sack of his down-hanging balls.

"You first," Glynn said. "You don't mind if my cock-head is still a little sticky from going off inside Jean's pussy?"

"N-no," Lorena answered hoarsely, "I don't mind." She was shaking inside and out, fascinated by the glistening drop of whitish fluid that dangled from the very tip of her brother's cock.

She was also crazily turned on by her hip touching Jean's, by the other girl's softly throbbing presence. Lorena glanced quickly over at her friend, and saw the nipples of the girl's tits standing high and hard, saw the deepness of the green eyes focused upon her own.

"Fuck him hard," Jean breathed, and squeezed Lorena's hand.

Lorena flinched when her brother reached down to caress her hips. His hands ran lightly and teasingly over her belly, barely touched her pussy, then stroked over the extremely sensitive insides of her trembling thighs. He said to her: "You're so beautiful, Sis; I almost come just looking down at your cunt. Your pussy hair is so deep and thick, and I can see the lips kind of pouting out through the curls."

Glynn touched a fingertip to her labia, and Lorena's hips rolled in immediate reflex. He fondled her dewy cunt lips, tickled into the hairs around her ass, and she heard him catch his breath. Then his finger slid inside her body, feeling around within the tight, hot gripping of her vagina. She gasped as it went in to the knuckle, as the round length of it massaged gently across her stimulated clitoris.

"D-darling," she breathed. "Oh Glynn -- I'm so hot I can't wait. Please..."

When he set the pulsing end of his swollen cock-head into the giving hairs of her pussy and pushed it down so that it kissed the hot, wet lips, Lorena clamped down hard on Jean's hand, and her left leg lifted to coil itself sinuously around the other girl's leg.

"So hot," she murmured, her eyelids fluttering, "so very hot inside my pussy..."

"Here," her brother said, and shoved the head of his strong young prick into the hungry lips of her steamy cunt. It spread them apart, slid long and round between them, up into the pit of her vagina, up and up until she felt the marvelously soft sack of his balls come to rest in the cleft of her ass.

Head turned aside, she said to Jean Marks: "It's all the way up my pussy, so long and hard. Oohh -- I love it; oh, how I love my brother's cock!"

Jean turned on her side, rubbing her leg along Lorena's, now able to press the twin mounds of her firmly molded tits into Lorena's shoulder. The piquant face was very close, and so appealing, the deep green eyes smoldering, the pink lips parted in damp invitation.

As Glynn began to stroke his cock within the confines of her shuddering snatch, Lorena did the most natural thing that occurred to her: she kissed the other girl's beckoning mouth. The lips were soft and tender, trembling against her own, and the little hot tongue darted questingly into her mouth where her own tongue met it with consuming passion.

Her brother's breath panted hotly into her ear, and his hands took a grip upon the rolling of her hips, pinning them down for a long, conquering moment as he jammed his cock home to the hilt again.

"Uhhh!" Lorena grunted into the other girl's avid mouth, and shivered to the feel of Jean's hands when they started to caress the heavy tenderness of her swollen tits.

It was wild and insane, but her heart threatened to tear out of her chest with crazy beats of joy, and her lower body moved in sinuously thrusting happiness as her pussy contracted and rode up and down the greased pole of her brother's cock. To be fucked by him, of all people, to be screwed by her very own brother, while another girl kissed her and played with the rigid nipples of her aching tits -- this was all out of the world, so far out she hadn't really imagined it before.

Lorena let herself go, bit down lightly upon the other girl's lips and used her own hands to discover the textured shape of Jean's breasts. She rocked upon the pounding cock that moved so steadily and powerfully inside her gripping cunt, reveling in every move of the meaty rod, loving every tiny vein along its length, every miniscule bump and pore of the slippery skin.

She was loved, loved, adored in duplicate and who was to say it was wrong to love one of your own sex? Certainly not anybody who didn't even know how to love on their own; certainly not her mother and father.

Only her beloved brother with the steadily surging prick shoved up her pussy; only this gorgeous little girl whose tits felt so wonderful -- only Lorena herself, screwing so wonderfully, churning her cunt around the now hammering cock; these were the only people who had any say-so over what they wanted to do, what they needed to do. For each other and to each other.

"Sis -- oh wow, Sis! You're so hot and juicy -- your cunt is just eating up my prick -- oh -- ahh -- I'm coming, darling. I'm coming!"

With a last, twisting thrust, Glynn shoved his meat far up her pussy, and she felt the head of it bumping her womb, felt the wet slap of his balls in the crack of her ass. Her vagina vibrated strongly around his glans as her brother began to come, as he started to shoot the essence of his heaving testicles up inside her snatch.

His hotly bubbling semen splashed against her cervix, flooded boiling into the cup of her cunt, soaking the clinging tissues of her vaginal walls. Lorena flexed her cunt around the embedded cockhead, and when she gave another long, sensuous gyration of her crotch on the shaft, knew her own orgasm as it came rising swiftly from the epicenter of her thrumming clit.

"Umm, umm!" she moaned, her mouth held captive by Jean's, her tongue curling and uncurling with the other girl's. Her belly hammered at her brother's pelvis, and she sucked upon Jean's lips while the waves of ecstasy roared throughout her pussy.

Warmly, she swam in a slow river that carried her through undulating curves of soft, sweet flesh, that bore her upon its breast, that yet somehow held her impaled upon the penetration of the adored shaft. Lips nibbled her cheek, her ear, and gentle hands manipulated the cones of her tits; Lorena lay relaxed and limp, unable to remotely imagine any better feelings, any more wondrous place than this moment in enchanted time.

"Terrific," Jean Marks said softly. "I never saw anyone get fucked before, and it is terrific. Especially when I know I'm going to take that same great prick, in a few minutes."

Slowly, Lorena came back to the world. With some regret, but with more interest, she turned over onto one side, so that she could face the girl. When she made the move, her brother's cock slipped from the wet glove of her cunt. She felt its head leaking, and sensed the sticky trail of semen left across the inside of one thigh.

"Can I do anything -- anything special?" she asked Jean.

The redhead sat up, her neat little tits bouncing. She smiled and said, "I'd like to ride Glynn this time -- that is, if he can go again soon."

"Sure," Glynn said. "Just give me time to catch my breath, and I'll be ready again."

"Isn't he amazing?" Jean asked, coming to her knees and grinning fondly at her new lover.

"That he is," Lorena agreed, for her brother was much better than both the lovers she had known, and so ready to screw again, after such a short time between fucks. He was amazing, all right, and very, very special. She would give him anything he wanted, all he needed or craved or desired, no matter how far out his newly awakened sexual tastes might become.

They were all each had -- besides a friend like Jean here; if they clung together, gave all they had, took all there was to receive, then what power could separate them?

Not their parents. Lorena would not allow that, now.

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