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This is my first story so sorry if it doesnt live up to your expectations. I know that there are no names so deal with it
All day I have been thinking of him. His hands on my body. Just for him to look me into my eyes and kiss me but who am I kidding, I am with my boyfriend and he is with his girlfriend. He and I can never happen. And yet here I am daydreaming all day of just his touch.
At work I am so distracted that anyone who has somewhat similar traits or even the same name gets me thinking of him. Just thinking of him gets me wet, and I cannot afford to loose this job. My Sister in law owns a boutique and she left me in charge for a few weeks while she is in her honeymoon. If I am good she'll help me pay for school and help me out financially.
So it's 6:58 and its close to closing time, and I am just finishing cleaning the counter and about to start sweeping when HE comes in with his girlfriend and my boyfriend.
"Hey you guys what's up?" My boyfriend comes to me and gives me a kiss and his touch sends me goosebumps down my back. Don't get me wrong, I do love my boyfriend. He and I have been together for a few years and we live together but this guy is just WOW. I just want a tiny taste of him.... oh well.
"Came to pick you up and we are going out to a double date. Wanna go?"
"Sure!" Anything to stay with HIM for a couple of hours.

I'll admit she was gone just after a few beers, so he held her while she slept. He didn't make an effort to leave. so my boyfriend and I start to head to the dance floor and I cant help but feel bad for him. I'll admit I dont have good rhythm but I am trying so hard to make it great just in case he looks over. Of course this is simple enough when my partner is amazing. I can't help but smile throughout the whole song. Then a slow dance comes up and my boyfriend holds me and kisses me. These are the times where I do forget him and just love and adore my boyfriend. He is amazing, caring, sweet, and loving, and of course I feel guilty for even deceiving him. Even if they are just thoughts. The song finishes and we head back and He smiles at me and WOW. That smile, I cant help but smile just as eagerly as he did, or maybe more.

I head to the bar to get us another round of drinks, just to prove that I am way better than his girlfriend. Yeah she is prettier than me but man is she spoiled. I on the other hand am calm, can take a joke, and be one of the guys, with the exception of my boyfriend. I'm an average of 5" and small breasts but an awesome pair of legs and a great ass. So I get back and of course as always the one topic I know nothing of so I just stay there and try to look pretty.
"It may be the transmission, but I just don't know" My boyfriend talks about the piece of junk he just bought. It couldn't be a nice descent car. No it had to be the old school Honda with god knows what.
"Well just try and get it fixed. you know once you get it running it will be incredible. Then you can take your other prized possession out to cruise along the highways. You'll like it watch"
"Sure I guess (hahaha)"

We begin to head our cars and me trying to be the great friend tell him to give me his keys so i can head over and open his car before he gets there with his lady in those muscular arms of his. I open the passenger door and of course bend over slightly. Just to give him a glance of what he could have. Slowly I walk deliberately to my boyfriend's side. We say good night and go our separate ways.

Once at home my boyfriend reaches over while I brush my teeth, and starts rubbing my back. A small moan that escaped my lips was the only invitation my boyfriend needed to keep going. He puts his hands on my breasts and massages them. I reach over and pull his face towards me. Our lips meet and we begin with just a slight kiss which deepens as we keeps going. His breath is so warm, I keep going craving for more. He turns me so that I face him and I cant help but smile. "I love you" we say at the same time. Even though I am so in love with him, my own body betrays me by desiring another pair of arms, lips, a different touch. I try to push those thoughts aside, but as hard as try I cant. He pushes me his tongue into my mouth and i bite his bottom lip, giving it a slight pull. Since I am craving and thinking of HIM I just do what my mind and body imagine doing to HIM. I start to get wet and I begin to run my hands on his chest. My boyfriend begins to lift towards the counter and I cant help but gasp at the cold.
Not breaking our kiss he begins to undress as do I. I look straight into his eyes and I try to say I am sorry but instead stay quiet and enjoy his warm body pressed up against mine. He presses gently his lips on my neck and he knows how much I love this. Only he knows that and I take comfort in that. So I respond by wrapping my legs around his waist. He understands this as a signal and lifts me without any effort and carries me off into our bed. I start to kiss his neck and just below his ear and he moans. I roll over so that I lay on top of him. I slowly kiss his chest and begin to kiss going down. I get to his hips and kiss both. I get to his dick and cant help but lick it and just take it into my mouth. I just live his cock. And once again there I am wondering what HIS cock must be like I try to push those thoughts aside but then I begin to imagine its his cock. I start getting really into it and I start sucking as if my life depended on it. My boyfriend even notices but he is enjoying to so much "Oh my god.... keep going baby..... hmmmm. ohhh...... hhhhmmmmmm...god....."
I start playing with my clit while I suck him. My tongue begins to caress his long cock, and i take him in my mouth again and i keep bobbing my head faster and faster. He eventually starts fucking my mouth and that gets me going more on my clit. I cant help but moan at the feeling, I have his dick down my throat and moan and that throws him over board so he comes in my mouth and I swallow him dry. "Where did that come from?"
"What I just thought I'd surprise you"
"Now its my turn, I don't want this to be only about me."
He places me on my back at the foot of the bed and he begins to tease me. Slowly ever so gently kissing my neck breasts. He rubs my right breast and takes my left into his mouth. I cant help it so i gasp at how much I enjoy this and he circles my nipple and heads to the other breast. Slowly he starts kissing me in my belly button and then my hips. God his hair is so smooth and soft. I wonder how HIS hair feels like, its much more longer but it looks so nice.
He teases me even more by just kissing and running his tongue in my inner thighs. Finally when his lips and tongue meet my clit I start to grind against his nose. Again He comes into my mind and I just imagine its HIM I'm with. That it is HIS tongue inside my pussy, that its HIM eating me out. That is HIS tongue exploring everything that HE can. My breathing accelerates and my boyfriend thinks its him so he pursues the assault against my pussy with his tongue. Now he rams a finger in there while his thumb rubs my clit. "ooooohhhh like that C..." I ALMOST SAID HIS NAME!!!!......
Thankfully he notices nothing but continues.... I am still into it just as much but in the back of my mind I just remember to keep my mouth close. His assault on my clit feels so good I'm in the verge of cumming but my body rejects to feel that pleasure because it only wants to come for hIM and only HIM before my dear beloved sees me come. So I do my best to fake it I tense and arch my back and try to even my breaths. I look for him and find his hands keeping my eyes closed and trying to imagine HIM and so I roll over and kneel at the foot of the bed and start to suck on his cock, again. My boyfriend is pretty big 8 inches and really thick. So why on earth would i trade this?! What if HE is smaller or maybe HE could be bigger. Again just thinking of HIM gets me going and he stops me and pulls me towards him into a deep kiss and his cock is in me. God that warm and thick shaft feels so good inside me. Slowly at first I start to move up and down. I keep my eyes close through it all but he touches me caresses my breasts takes them into his mouth and nibbles on them. He kisses my neck... "hmmmm baby keep going..... ride me....."
I just go up and down and enjoy this pleasure not once daring to open my eyes. Instead I lean and kiss my boyfriend and so he grabs me and turns me over so he's on top of me and with his cock in place he goes on his own pace. Slowly at first but still stretching my vaginal walls apart. "hmmm I love you dick baby" This makes him excited and he starts to pump faster and my legs tighten around his torso. He gets my legs and places them above his shoulder and his pace is even faster. Dam this feels so good, once again i am so close and I am trying to not hold back I feel it coming. "MMMMmmm I'm close to cumming babe....." He just rams his cock into my pussy and its such a wonderful feeling. He fills me up completely with his cock and it feels great but I cant cum.
"Dam... me too.... hmmm" now he is going so fast I cant even catch my breath. Finally I feel his cock begin to twitch and once again I fake it. As i moan he comes inside me.
We even our breaths and I open my arms for him to collapse by my side. He lowers himself down and we are still connected. We move around and eventually I am in his arms and he slightly presses his lips onto my forehead. "I love you baby."
"I love you too." I look up to kiss him. I do this with more eagerness than I should. Who am I trying to convince him or me? I pull back and smile and we stay like this til eventually sleep comes our way.

YAY OR NAY... part deux??? (part 2?) so what you guys think

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2012-03-04 02:34:42
I am jamclaughlin82 sorry abt anonymous comment didn't sign in

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2012-03-04 02:32:03
Hey r u telling the truth


2012-02-19 20:12:17
Write as you wish. Don't worry about 'rules'...Part 2, go for it!


2012-02-19 18:28:46
I liked it.
I think it is very good that you kept the names out of the story. It makes it more intense to just use: HIM. and would not seem right if the others had names.
I look forward to hear who she (you?) eventually fucked him.

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