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Brandon and Jeannette recover from their earlier mistake, then spend the day with his family
Chapter #1 - Breakdowns and Warmups
Brandon looked at Jeannette. He wasn’t quite sure what to say. They had been attempting to redirect the attentions of Sandy, a girl whose fantasies they had made a reality. They had first let her watch them have sex in the changing room of the store she worked at to satisfy her voyeuristic leanings, and then they had decided to try and explore her exhibitionist tendencies by inviting a guy to watch her instead. However, in scoping out her house, they had contacted her to ask which room was hers, and she had offered a show. The resulting tease had fulfilled her fantasies again, and they had rapidly left, unsure of how to react.

Jeanette glanced over at Brandon quickly, a nervous look on her face. He was certain she was worried he would be mad. He had been extremely upset about how Sandy had appeared to have gotten a crush on him after the first fantasy, and now he was probably much more firmly entrenched in her dream life after being the viewer for her second desire coming true as well. He decided to head this off at the pass.

“Jeannette, it’s fine. I know this was not how you intended this to play out, and I know you were doing your best to do the right thing. Don’t worry, I am not going to freak out about this like I did the other day, as that had a completely different underlying issue. We made a mistake, and we will have to just deal with it. And I’m sure we can find a way to resolve this.”

Jeannette visibly relaxed when he had finished. Her shoulders loosened, her grip on the steering wheel unclenched, and the tight expression on her face softened and mellowed. She still looked unhappy, but the difference was palpable.

They returned to her house, where it was unusually quiet and dark. There was a note on the table from Jeannette’s parents, who said they were going out for most of the night, and not to wait up. Jeannette turned around, sighed deeply, and slumped into Brandon’s arms. He held her close, trying to appease her concern and her disappointment at the earlier mistake. “I think you need to relax hun. Wouldn’t a warm shower feel really nice right about now?”

She nodded into his shoulder, and lethargically walked down the hall and up the stairs. She appeared absolutely drained, devoid of any energy whatsoever. Brandon followed her up the stairs, part of him worried that she might fall, so he stayed alert to try and catch her if she did. She wearily walked into her room, and towards her bathroom. She crossed her arms, and grabbed the edges of her shirt, and then slid the tight fabric over her lean form. Brandon loved the way the material glided over her skin, and the sight of her mostly bare back was beautiful. He loved the natural curves of her exterior, from the outline of her silhouette in to the indent and ridges of her spine, and he was struck by the feminine grace of her form.

She reached around, and took off her bra next. She was doing it all automatically, no sexiness or sultriness implied. This was just undressing to her, an act she did without consideration. However, Brandon was intoxicated with the simplicity of it all, and the way she moved, even when she wasn’t trying to be enticing, only made him revel in her natural movements. He was enjoying this moment of appreciating the benign, and relishing the everyday moments that most people never notice. He was happy to just be in her presence, and be able to experience this simple side of her, even if she didn’t have any clue what was going on.

She stepped into the bathroom next, and turned the water on, her arm outstretched to test the temperature. He didn’t think she even really realized he was still there, and was just going through her rote routine, the process she did every day without thought. He gazed at her statuesque beauty, the tight black tights outlining her hips and long sensual legs. He saw a drop of water slide down her hands to her elbow from the water flow, and it directed his eyes down her toned arm to the contours of her firm and full breasts. Her nipples had stiffened in the chill of the room, and the contrast of the points to the round swelling of her bust had a striking allure that he loved. Her form was constantly captivating to him, and he was dumbstruck by the beauty of her profile.

She bent down, and slid the leggings down her legs next, bending in half to get them over her ankles, revealing the shape of her luscious ass to him, the black g-string enticing him further by guiding his eyes down a line from her back, splitting her cheeks perfectly, and just barely covering the softness of her mound. She soon slid those off as well, exposing herself fully to him. He was utterly intoxicated with the view in front of him, and he found himself bewitched watching her do such simple things, awestruck continuously by the figure of the woman he loved with all his heart.

She stepped into the shower next, and stood with her head against the wall, letting the water run over her shoulders and back, allowing the warmth to try and ease the tension built up in her body. Brandon took off his shirt so he didn’t get wet, then walked over and started to lightly massage her neck, his thumb and middle finger rubbing circles into her tight muscles. She sighed slightly, and arched back up into him a little, inviting him to continue his ministrations. He moved up a little higher on the neck, getting into the grooves under her skull, and methodically and gently worked the tension out of her neck. She barely moved at all during this, her head still resting on the tile as he eased his fingers over her taut tendons. Water was already running down his torso from his arm, soaking his pants and running to the floor, so he released her neck for a moment to finally undress himself and join her fully.

He stepped in behind her, and slid both hands over her back and up to her shoulders, where he resumed kneading her tight muscles. He shivered a little involuntarily, the heat from the shower not completely warming up the room yet, and other than his hands and arms which were heated from the flowing water, his skin was covered with goosebumps from the slight chill. Jeannette must have felt the shudder, for she finally lifted her head off of the tile, and turned around to face him. The disappointment and discouragement on her face as she looked up at him broke his heart, her eyes looking like those of a puppy who knows they have done something wrong, and wishing for absolution. He wrapped his arms around her, and they both stood under the warm water, which he hoped would warm her through to her soul. He felt her shake haltingly, and he realized she was sobbing into his shoulder, her body trembling with each staggered breath. He clenched her even more tightly to his body, unsure of what he could possibly do to help her, not even really knowing why she was this upset over something so small.

After a few minutes, her tears waned, and she clung tightly to Brendan. He tried to imagine sending all his love for her through their connected skin into her body, wishing he could encourage her and refocus her. She looked up at him, her beautiful eyes that he got lost in that eventful day just a few weeks ago brimming with moisture. He found himself drawn into them again, the window to her soul showing anguish and pain. She finally haltingly spoke then. “I’m so sorry. I should have known better. I shouldn’t have put you in that position. Now I’ve only made it worse, and I don’t know what to do.”

The revelation hit him hard. The self assured, always in control, confident woman he loved wasn’t used to failure. She was always so on top of things and secure in knowing the direction she was moving, but she hadn’t ever really failed at anything that was important to her. And the fear of losing her connection with him again after the rough week they had already gone through had pushed her right over the edge. She had been so afraid of losing him because she hadn’t thought through another dream fulfillment, that it had rocked her deeply into her core. And even though he had reassured her that he wasn’t upset, the very concept of making such a major misstep had already done its work at fraying her emotions.

He had no idea what to say. He was concerned anything would sound woefully inadequate or condescending, and he didn’t want to take that chance. He simply smiled, said he loved her, and then gently kissed her. As he tried to pull away slightly to ensure she knew that it was only a compassionate and chaste touch to calm her, she followed him, and instead pushed her mouth into his more forcefully. Her hand went up to the back of his head and pulled him in tighter, and she started to grind up against his thigh, her breasts mashing into his chest. Her mouth opened, and she started to kiss him passionately and wantonly, her arms and shoulders as involved in the act as her lips were, her body undulating against him.

She slid her other hand down his back, and tightly gripped his ass, kneading it with her hands. Brandon’s already half erect cock became rock hard, and it pressed against her leg where it was trapped. She backed up slightly to release it, and it sprung straight up, and she clung to him again, her pelvis and stomach encasing it and squashing it between their bodies.

He brought one hand down to her petite derriere, and he grabbed it firmly, his other hand running around to her front to caress the side of her breast. She pulled back slightly again, allowing him access to her full mounds, and he squeezed it softly, catching her nipple between his fingers and closing them gently. She moaned into his mouth, and her hand on his neck glided down his body, and she grabbed him and rapidly began moving her hand up and down his shaft, gripping it perfectly to allow the skin to move over his rod, and catching the underside of the tip on every pass.

He moved his hand off of her ass and brought it between them, and went straight for her clit, her natural fluids mingling with the water to lubricate her fully. Their pace intensified, and Brandon tried to figure out the best position for them to join together. He didn’t want to try holding her up, too dangerous with the water. He didn’t want to have to squat to enter her from the front, even though that would allow them to kiss more and have their whole bodies involved, but he didn’t want to get a leg cramp right then either. That only left taking her from behind, so he brought his hands to her hips and turned her around. Her soaked auburn hair covered her eyes, but her face was upturned to the side, and he saw her open mouth, looking as if she wanted to continue kissing, but caught completely in the moment. He lined up and slid straight inside her, her copious fluids making his entry effortless. The heat inside her was a furnace compared to the meager warmth that the hot shower suddenly felt like, and every fiber of his being got lost in the sensation of being inside her.

He pressed her into the wall of the shower more, standing her almost upright. His hands went to squeeze her breasts, and to again attack her clit, and every thrust of his was punctuated by moans from the both of them. Their pace was rapid and unrelenting, and he ground into her every time he plunged deeply into her tight confines. It only took a few minutes for them to climax together, their passion completed as he impaled himself as deep inside her as their bodies would allow, their individual orgasms heightened by the feeling of each others release.

Brandon let himself slip out, although she tried to follow him to let the feeling last as long as possible. Their labored breathing was the only sound for a few moments, until she finally turned around and kissed him briefly but passionately. Her usual regal look was back on her face, and it seemed their union had re-affirmed her sense of self, and washed away the defeated mentality from earlier.

He ran his fingers through her beautiful locks, and she smiled at him. “Thank you my love. Now, will you be a dear and wash my back?”, she said nonchalantly as she turned away from him, offering him access to the rear of her body. He rubbed the soap into her, again lost in the moment and feel of her skin as he lovingly made sure to cleanse every little spot, even multiple times, just to make sure he got every area, and wanting to prolong touching her bare skin.

“Ok, I’m pretty sure you’ve got that area clean now.” she giggled. “Wanna do the front?” She turned around and smiled at him, and took his hands and placed them right on her luscious breasts. “I’m pretty sure you will want to start there anyway, so we may as well be honest about it. And I think I will want to start right about here...”, and she slid her soapy hand over his now limp member. She caressed it and stroked it lightly, and it didn’t take too long for her well lubricated soap covered hand to have him fully erect again. “There, that is much easier to wash now. Let’s make sure we get it really, really clean.”

Brandon returned the favor, and moved his hand down to “wash” her nether regions as well. He slid two fingers into her, and then used his thumb to swirl around her clit. He bent down and took one of her nipples into his mouth, nibbling it lightly, and she wrapped her arm around his head and pulled it tighter to her. With so many of her pleasure points being stimulated simultaneously, she was quickly panting heavily. Before she could finish, he lifted his head, and removed his fingers from inside her. He pushed her back against the wall out of the flow of water, and knelt down, his tongue attacking her clit. He rolled his tongue around it, then sucked it in and flicked it, and she emitted a sharp gasp. He flattened his tongue out, and pressed hard into it, slowly sliding up and across it, and he repeated the process when his tongue had cleared. Both of her hands held his head in place, and he glanced up to see her eyes closed, and her whole bottom lip clenched between her teeth as she moaned. He undulated his tongue on it, and then sucked it in again, and she came hard, her body involuntarily bucking as the orgasm coursed through her being. Her fingers clenched in his hair, and he stayed motionless, not wanting to chance any movement of his tongue on her sensitive button. Once the orgasm had finally waned, he slowly relaxed his tongue’s pressure on her, and released her from his mouth. Her body heaved as she tried to catch her breath, and her half lidded eyes told him she was still entrenched in the afterglow. A little tremor coursed through her as an aftershock hit, and she bit the edge of her lower lip, the spasm bringing her back into the moment of full pleasure.

Minutes passed before she truly regained her senses, and she slowly stood upright again and re-entered the warming flow of water, letting it cascade over her body. Brandon looked at her, and came to the logical conclusion. “I think it would be best if we washed ourselves for now. I wouldn’t want to chance you falling down if you have another one like that.”

Jeannette nodded in agreement, not really having the energy or wherewithal to disagree at that point. They quickly washed themselves, and toweled off. Brendan again loved watching her graceful movements, but he also realized it was getting quite late, and he should go home before too much longer. As he picked up his pants, he frowned at them, seeing them soaking wet from earlier. He showed them to Jeannette, who had just put on her fluffy bathrobe. She nodded, then took his boxers and jeans, plus his shirt for good measure, and hurried off to throw them in the dryer.

She returned to find him still standing in the bathroom, just a towel around his waist, goosebumps starting to appear on his skin, even though it was still warmer in the bathroom than the rest of the house.

“Well, we can’t have you freezing to death, can we?”, she said, wrapping her arms around him, How about we cuddle under the covers. I promise I will keep you nice and warm.”

“I don’t think that would be the best idea. We would likely only end up falling asleep, and while I’m sure your mom would be all for it, I don’t want to put your father in that position. Plus, I don’t want my parents worrying any more than they have to, as it is already rather late.”

“Fine.”, she sighed, obviously disappointed at losing the prospect of snuggling with him, especially with him naked. “Well, we don’t know when my parents are getting back, so how about I at least turn up the heat, we can wrap up in a throw blanket, and just watch some tv then?”

Since he couldn’t find any major flaws in her plan, he agreed, and walked over to her bed, where he wrapped a warm blanket around himself. He expected her to get dressed into her pajamas, but she instead dried her hair quickly, then removed her robe and climbed onto the bed. She waited for a moment, and then when she realized he hadn’t gotten the hint, motioned for him to open up the blanket, where she curled up next to him.

“I figure skin to skin will keep you the warmest, and there is no way I am passing up the opportunity to get so close to you right now. I promise I will try to be good.” she finished with a cocked grin, and a mischievous look in her eyes. Luckily, they got caught up in a rerun, and she didn’t take advantage of their current position.

At the end of the episode, she got up and got her pajamas on, while he again got the pleasure of getting to watch her. She then bounded happily out of the room, and her childlike and playful demeanor caused Brandon to laugh out loud. She looked back as she left the room, evidently enjoying his reaction, and she skipped her way to the stairs.

She returned, holding his warm clothes, a pout on her face as he quickly dressed, and he relished the heat from the dryer against his skin, warming him to the core. “I like you much better the other way. When we finally get our own place, I may make clothing not only optional, but highly frowned upon. And when it gets cold, we can just snuggle more. We will definitely need to get a good collection of fuzzy blankets though too. We can get cute aprons for when we cook of course, but maybe if I made them customized with pictures of us on the front so it still looks like we are naked I could accept it better.” She was obviously enjoying her little fantasy, and she kept going on about it, adding more and more absurd embellishments as she fleshed her dream out piece by piece. By the end of it, they were both laughing, and he hugged her tightly to him, marveling in the fact that he would indeed be able to spend his life with this remarkable woman.

Chapter #2 - Family Time
Brandon arrived home extremely late, and crawled into bed as quickly as he could. He rose a little late the next day, and when he went downstairs, the smile on his mother’s face unnerved him again. This was getting ridiculous. He was realized that he was feeling constantly guilty in her presence, as if he had committed a grievous act, and was just waiting for the hammer to fall. However, his mother’s reaction was the complete opposite of what he had envisioned in his head, ingrained there from lectures growing up about obeying the rules. Instead of anger, and even worse, disappointment, she actually seemed so much happier than she was before. It was akin to the first warm day after a long winter, when a person seems to walk lighter and has a bright smile that they can’t shake. He loved the way she seemed as rejuvenated as he was over the last few weeks, but he wanted to make sure that everything was actually as it appeared.

“Mom, can we talk for a minute?” She turned and look at him, surprised.

“Of course.” she replied, more serious, catching the look on his face. She sat down across from him at the table, hands folded. She gazed at him with a relatively blank face, but one that had undertones of concern and curiously mixed in, as she waited for him to continue.

“First, I wanted to talk to you about last night. I’m sorry for coming in so late, but while Jeannette and I were trying to help someone out with something, things went a little awry. Jeannette was upset by it, so I stayed out later than expected to try and comfort her. However, I wanted to make sure you knew why I broke my curfew.” He paused for a moment to catch his breath, and his mother took the opportunity to reply.

“That sounds reasonable to me. I wouldn’t want you leaving Jeannette if she needed your support. A phone call would have been nice, but I understand that you probably would not have wanted to wake us. For that matter, we should talk as a family about your curfew anyway, for a number of reasons. I think that particular discussion should happen later tonight though, when your father can be a part of it, and once he has had time to think about it. I will talk to him about it when he comes back inside. However, I appreciate you telling me either way. Is that all you were worried about?”

“Not really. I wanted to talk to you about my relationship with Jeannette. Like I told you, her parents have given us their full blessing, and know where her and I stand with each other. I think that you guys should be at the same level of understanding.”

“Well, then that sounds like another conversation we should have as a family later then, and since Jeannette will be here later, that would be a good time to do it. Speaking of which, you woke up late. Have you cleaned your room yet young man?”

Brandon started. The events of the last few days had made him forget that today was the day Jeannette had promised to make the family dinner, on the night she had first met his parents. That helped explain why the kitchen looked so spotless - his mother was a stickler for putting on a fresh face, even though Jeannette had been over their house plenty in the last few weeks.

He ran upstairs then. He had been a little better about keeping his room clean since meeting Jeannette. This was both because she was over his house half the time, but also due to the fact that he was over hers the other half of the time, and so made less of a mess those days. He quickly threw the laundry in the basket, cleaned up his desk and organized the jumble of paperwork on it, made his bed, and generally made the room look almost presentable. Halfway through doing this, he realized it was actually a pointless cause, as they would be downstairs with his parents the vast majority of the evening. Either way, he decided to appease his mother, and made the room look nice enough to satisfy her, even vacuuming the floor quickly.

When he returned downstairs, his mother called to him to have him go vaccuum the house, so he turned right back around, and did as his mother asked. Despite her good mood earlier, he didn’t want to do anything to ruin his mother’s spirits. especially with the conversations which were planned for that evening. He also realized that in a sense, this was his mother’s day. Making dinner gave her a break, but also made her feel appreciated, and a part of everything that was going on. It gave her something to look forward to, and since he was gone half the time, he figured it was also a way to get some personal time with the family together, which had been far less frequent lately. Finally, he knew she wouldn’t be able to fully relax unless the house was spotless, and therefore needed to get the cleaning done to fully unwind for activities that evening. A misplaced item or dusty mantle might distract her, and nag at her mind when she should have been enjoying herself. He realized he was seeing his mother in a whole new light lately, and not taking her for granted as much. So, he did the best job he could to help her out, instead of his former grumbling and complaining. He caught her staring at him shocked at times when he either took initiative to take care of something, or did a chore which he usually despised with a smile. Soon, they had the house to an acceptable standard, and his mother excused herself to take a quick shower before Jeannette arrived. Brandon almost laughed when he imagined that this was almost a date night for her with Jeanette, and then realizing that his mother almost actually appeared to have first date jitters.

He went up to his room to work on his homework while he waited for his chance to shower and get ready, and about an hour later he heard the doorbell. He ran downstairs to open the door, but his mother beat him to it. Jeanette’s arms held several plastic grocery bags, which his mother handed to him to bring into the kitchen for them. His mother looked quite nice, having put on a nice casual dress for the occasion. Jeannette also looked lovely her dark green blouse that accented her hair perfectly, and a pair of slacks that accentuated her lean legs. She raised her eyes appreciatively at his button down shirt and dress pants, then followed him into the next room. The women started unpacking the groceries and talking lightheartedly, as Jeannette explained her plans for dinner. Instead of sitting back and relaxing as he had hoped his mom would, she put on an apron as well, and started helping Jeannette get things together, and find things in their kitchen setup. Brandon moved into the living room, as it was apparent that his presence was not required, and he was only getting in the way of the flurry of activity. He grabbed his homework and moved into the living room to work on it, where he could still see the women as they bustled around the kitchen. Of course, Jeannette decided to make a number of specialties from scratch, and so he settled down to work as they talked about different cooking styles, and then settled in to talking about each other’s lives once things had progressed well. Brandon’s father came in from outside soon after, and once he had a chance to clean up as well, he sat down next to Brandon to do some of his own paper work he needed to catch up on.

Occasionally, Brandon would glance up to watch the two women, their mirth and enjoyment of each other’s company made for a very warm mood throughout the house. He would catch Jeannette’s eye occasionally, and she would either smile broadly at him, or give him a knowing and secretive quirky smirk that was meant only for him. Both expressions radiated love to him, and he found himself watching the two women who so influenced his life bonding and connecting, and building their own relationship. Brandon quickly realized how important this would be to their future, as it would make family get togethers much more friendly and relaxing.

Eventually, they finished the dinner, and the men set the table. The ladies started carting out the food, and Brandon realized just how detailed they had gotten. The meal was filled with little touches that turned comfort foods into delicacies, and the variety of food options that they had come up with astounded him. He knew this would be one of those meals that you try a little bit of everything of, and then enjoy for the next week as lunches and snacks, never tiring of the options.

He indeed sampled everything, and still felt he had barely scratched the surface. If this was going to be the cooking he was going to eat for the rest of his life, he was indeed going to be a rather obese man, dying early, but with a full belly, and a contented smile on his face. The food was simply amazing, and he felt the warm glow of satisfaction and contentment flow through his body.

Jeannette caught his eyes, and smiled at him. He always felt like he got caught in them, and indeed, that was the cause of them finally getting together. Even more so now though, with all the warmth, love, and her enjoyment of being able to give him these small pleasures and make him feel so satisfied radiated through her eyes, and he lost himself again in them, which seemed to be happening all too often lately. She grabbed his hand, breaking the moment, and squeezed it. It was for the best, or he would have rudely looked to be staring at her.

He lazily looked down at his plate, which was finally empty. He was suffused with the warm feeling of a full belly, and he was content. He was experiencing utter satiation. He made sure to glowingly compliment his mother and Jeannette, and both of them beamed with pride at his effusive praise.

After a few more minutes chatting at the table, Brandon finally got enough energy to get up and clear the table with his father. Then they adjourned to the living room, each of them relaxing into their seats. They talked for a little while, then their light conversation hit a lull, and Brandon’s mom broached the topics for this evening. Brandon was still in a slight haze from the food, so he at least appreciated that he didn’t have his usual anxiety from overthinking things. Since his parent’s were also in rather good moods, he was also hopeful that things would turn out reasonably well.

His mother began the conversation, “Jeannette, as you know Brandon got in relatively late last night.” Jeannette looked down abashed, and started to make a reply in Brandon’s defense, but his mother cut her off before she could say more than a syllable. “No, Jeannette, it’s ok. Brandon explained that there were extenuating circumstances, and we agreed to discuss this as a family. Now, as you are just as beholden to any of these rules as he is, it’s probably best that you are here anyway.”

“There are several aspects of this I want to lay out before we make any decisions. First of all, while neither of you are technically adults yet, you are both extremely mature for your ages. I want you to both realize that we are not trying to limit you because we think you are still children. You both have cars, and you both will likely be going off to college sooner than any of us parents would like to think about.”

“However, there are still some important considerations. One of them would have been quality time with each other’s family. You two have done very well in alternating whose house you are that, and I wanted to thank you for that. Going from seeing a person all the time to never seeing them at all so suddenly would have been much more difficult to handle. Usually in relationships like yours, I would also like to see each person spend time along with their own family as well, but I have to say that Jeannette has integrated herself extremely well, and I don’t feel as if she is trying to hinder our family time. You have walked that line very well. Your family are the people who are supposed to be there when you are the most down, and I believe it is important to foster those relationships and keep them as strong as possible. Days like today are the perfect way of doing that, and I greatly appreciated not just the food, but everyone’s company today as well. I don’t want to lose that by you two never being at your homes, and I wanted to encourage you to keep it up.”

“We need to also consider how other people view you two possibly being alone late at night, and Brandon’s car coming into the driveway at all hours. While generally I believe people should mind their own business, I want to keep Jeannette’s honor and the perceptions of her in mind. We all know that things can happen at any time, but people seem to put a stigma on nighttime, so we have to consider that.”

“That should sum up the basics. Craig, do you have anything to add?”, she turned to her husband to give him a chance to say his piece.

“Not really. I think you have the majority of it covered. The only thing I might want to throw in is a way to let us know if you are going to be late, without having to worry about waking us. This is not to be construed as permission to be late, and there may have to be punishments if you are, but I don’t want to make hard and fast rules, as life has a way of throwing us curveballs. We can work that out later though, to ensure there is a way to contact us if is an emergency, versus just something coming up that will make you later than expected. That’s all I have though.”

“Good,” his mother continued, “then I think we have all the considerations worked out. I am willing to offer you an 11:00 curfew on school nights, although I would prefer 10:00 to ensure you are staying rested. On weekends, I think we can say that you should be out for no later than 1:00, although I think midnight would also have been reasonable. Now, if there is a special event, we will of course that into account. Can you two accept this, or have anything to add?”

They both shook their heads. His parents were being reasonable, and he wasn’t going to argue with them.

“Good, then it is settled. Now, you wanted to explain something to us?”

Brandon sat up straighter, and organized his thoughts briefly. “I wanted to explain a little more about where I see my relationship with Jeannette being. You took some of that need away with your comments, mom, but still, I wanted you to understand where we see ourselves.” He took a larger breath, then continued. “This isn’t some puppy love situation where the two of us are infatuated with one another. While neither of us had a significant other before this, and we are obviously still learning about one another, we both view this as an extremely long term situation. Neither of us have plans to look anywhere else for someone to spend their lives with. Our lives have intersected for years, so we both know not only the things we like about the other, but also their faults. We have accepted one another, knowing full well what we were getting into. This is no high school fling or us trying to determine what qualities we want in a future spouse, we are fully aware of what we want, and we believe we have found just that in each other. I just wanted you to know that this is not a temporary thing - we expect each other to become a permanent part of our lives. Can you accept that?”

His mother looked at him, and her eyes bored into his for a few moments. Then she sighed. “Brandon, if you weren’t looking long term, I would be extremely disappointed in you for wasting Jeannette’s time. On reflection, you two have not exhibited the immature behavior one normally expects from that kind of relationship. You two have obviously already dealt with troubling situations, and it seems to have only allowed you to grow closer together. I will personally withhold judgement on whether it will end up being permanent for the time being, as I am not sure how much your devotion has been challenged, but I will accept that you are fully committed to each other. Now, can you accept that?”, she retorted kindly, returning the ball to his court.

He smiled, knowing that it was more than he had expected. “Of course mother. I would expect nothing less of you.”

Jeanette chimed in then too. “I would also like to thank you. You have always treated me kindly, and accepted me readily. It was a pleasure to spend more time with you today, and I hope we can find some things in common to do together in the future.”

“That would be lovely.” She slapped her hands on the couch, and made to stand up. “Now, if you don’t mind, after that fantastic meal and getting all these things cleared up, I think I could go for a nice warm bath. I expect the two of you will want to enjoy the rest of your evening together. Brandon, if the two of you go out, I would like you back at 9:30 at latest tonight if you don’t mind. While I may accept you are mature, the mom in me thinks you need to get some more sleep. Jeannette, thank you again for a lovely meal. Goodnight.”

Brandon’s dad excused himself quickly afterward, wanting to use the time to work on a pet project that he hadn’t been able to play with in a while, and excited to get some time to do so while his wife relaxed.

Chapter #3 - Some Time For Themselves
The couple still sat on the love seat. Brandon leaned back and breathed deeply, letting the minor tension from the meeting leave him. Jeannette took advantage of this, and rested her head on his chest, as his arm wrapped around her. He closed his eyes, enjoying their closeness. After a few minutes, Jeannette stretched her lithe neck up to kiss his cheek. He moaned quietly in pleasure at the touch, and she started kissing him lightly all over his face, before finally turning his head so she could access his lips, where she gave him a lingering but tender kiss.

“It still owe you for last night.” she breathed seductively.

“After that dinner, I think I owe you. In fact, I’m so far behind, it may take me years to catch up.”

“Well, I was thinking earlier today that we’ve been so focused on other’s people desires, we haven’t really investigated some of our own. So,” she continued, her finger sliding from his chin, down his neck and chest, “I came up with something I thought might be fun. And now that we have some free time.” Her finger, which had been swirling over his chest, moved lower down to his belly, the movement achieving its intent of making Brandon’s mind turn to much more enjoyable endeavors. “That is, unless you want me to go home.” She lifted her finger off of his belly, and sat up, and looked down at him coyly. Like every girl, she enjoyed the game of getting her lover’s hopes up, then pretending to not want it anymore, in order to make him chase her and make her feel wanted and desired to the fullest.

He satisfied her desire to be shown how much he wanted her by gripping her tightly to him in a hug, and nipping her ear. “And what precisely did you have in your dirty little mind?” he retorted playfully. Then, he decided to turn the game around on her. He pulled back, and frowned at her. “Wait, are you saying that you need an extra spark already? You’re bored with our sex life? Am I not good enough for you?”

She fell for it, a worried expression rippling across her lovely face. “No, not at all. I just really enjoy exploring things with you.” He tried to keep his face straight, but a slight crook of his lips gave him away. “You’re just mean. You should know better. In fact, you were there last night. You are well aware of how happy and satisfied you make me. Now, come on, we don’t have much time now, especially since you have to be home a little earlier.”

She led him out to her car, and she sped off. He groaned when he saw her pull into a cineplex. “You know there is nothing good in the theatres right now. I hate spending money to see contrived movies.”

She winked at him. “We are teenagers. We aren’t supposed to be actually WATCHING the movie you know. It’s Sunday night, this place should be mostly dead. That is, unless you don’t want to be alone in the dark with me...” she trailed off, looking at him with a deadpan face. Brandon could only marvel at how effortlessly his girlfriend played the game.

“Fine, if I must.” he sighed heavily, getting out of the car, playing his part with ease. She walked around the car to him and playfully slapped his arm. “Enough of that.” she countered, and slid her arm inside his. “Let’s go have some fun.”

They entered, and paid for a movie that had been out for a while, and were pleasantly pleased to find the cinema almost completely empty. There was an older couple in the middle, and a group of boys, but they had luckily picked seats that were better suited to actually watching the film. Jeannette led him into the back row of the room, and slid into the corner seat. She smiled at him, her white teeth catching the little light in the room and sparkling. He realized why she had picked this particular cineplex chain, as she surprised him by being able to raise the arm of the seat. She cuddled into him, her palm rubbing lightly along his chest. She pressed her head tighter to his shoulder in a mini hug, and he squeezed her closer to him, his hands stroking gently across her back. They snuggled for the first part of the movie, just enjoying each other’s presence, softly caressing each other to show their affection.

Finally, she lowered her hand down his chest, across his belly, and began swirling around his belly button with her fingers, teasing him. It wasn’t quite enough to start turning him on yet, as he was still in his cuddling mindset, but she started moving her hand just inside the top of his pants, and that quickly brought him into a much warmer mindset.

She moved her flat hand down across his crotch then, rubbing him to wakefulness. His caresses of her back got harder, and he slid his hand down, getting underneath her blouse, then brought it back up so he could touch bare skin. She continued her constant pressure, and it wasn’t long before he was fully erect, straining against his pants, and his mind was completely lost in the sensations.

She undid his zipper and pulled him out before he realized what she was doing, and then half a moment latter she lowered her head and took him into her mouth, the warmth and wetness causing him to moan quietly as her skilled tongue teased and enticed him. He slid forward in the seat slightly to give her easy access, and ran his fingers through her silky hair to pull it out of her face. With his other hand, he reached down and slid his hand between the seat and her ass, and squeezed it. She surprised him then by spinning her body up and kneeling on her seat, giving him perfect access to her rear. He cupped it in his hand, and squeezed her firm cheeks, massaging them. Then he ran his hand up her back, and unsnapped her bra, then slid his hand around her to knead her hanging breasts, the gravity pulling them down so he could grip them more easily. Her nipples were firm and hung down perfectly to sit in the center of his palm. He feel a vibration as she silently moaned as she kept up her movements on his rigid cock, her tongue doing amazing things that made him lose all track of the world around him and of time itself.

He moved his hand down, and undid her slacks, sliding them down her legs onto her thighs, and giving him better access to her. She reached back, and with one finger slid the back of her emerald thong over the side of her ass. The resulting look was one of the most stimulating ones he had seen. The obscene sluttiness of this aspect of his girlfriend, leaning over him and sucking him, while her ass was thrust into the air with her underwear slid out of the way while sitting in the back of a movie theatre made him appreciate her all the more. Usually she was the regal, proud, mature and empowered woman he loved to have completing him. Now, she was the girl who would do just about anything to please the man she loved, and ensure he was completely satisfied. The sexy and sultry girl who had promised to make any of his fantasies a reality, and to make sure the reality made the fantasy pale in comparison. Not that he really had all that many. He had never imagined even going on a date with her in a million years, and now she was lewdly and methodically swallowing his entire shaft down her throat.

He slid his hand under her, and found her slightly exposed slit, then moved her thong aside a little more to give him full access. Her underwear was saturated, and he went right for her clit, circling it with his middle finger, playing with her little nub to get her the pleasure she had certainly earned. He slid down in the seat, and with his neck uncomfortably angled against the wall, he finally had access to her. He spread her lips apart with his fingers, then used his other arm wrap around her and pull her sweet center down to his eager mouth. He sucked on her button, and she shuddered in pleasure, taking him deep into her mouth in response. He attacked her savagely, wanted to catch her up to him, and ensure that they were both able to finish. His fingers thrust deep inside her as he used every trick he had to tease her clit, and he was quickly rewarded with her bucking orgasm. Her moans deep in her throat vibrating against him were the thing that finally pushed him over the edge, and he came hard, as she swallowed every drop he unleashed into her. She sucked him dry, then licked him all over to clean him off, then sat up, and he in turn righted himself, rolling his neck a little to stretch it out from the uncomfortable position he had been in.

They each adjusted themselves, glancing around to make sure that they hadn’t disturbed anyone. However, they were lucky that the noise of the film had masked any sounds they had happened to make, and they watched the last several minutes of the movie, completely confused by it, but just relaxing into each other’s arms in pure relaxed bliss.

They drove home in silence, each still coming down from their post orgasmic high. Brandon kissed her sweetly goodnight, and fell into bed, completely satisfied and refreshed, and fell into a deep, calming sleep.

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