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The second in the series of stories involving the experimentation between my friend Ben and I.
This is the second part of a series entitled “The Experiment”. This series covers the real events that took place between my friend Ben and I when were between the ages of 13-16. Please read part 1, simply titled “The Experiment”, to read about our first time together, and gain useful background. I hope you enjoy “The Experiment: Part 2”!!

“The Experiment: Part 2”

I’m an average looking guy, 5 foot 9 inches, black hair, dark brown eyes. I’m Colombian, but in all actuality if you looked at me you’d swear I was white. I often get Italian before anything else. I have a pretty fit body, and given all the running from the sports I play, pretty damn good looking legs – toned and muscular, and a pretty nice muscular ass to go along with it. I’m able to say that I can score with most girls if I really wanted to, but I don’t really bother trying. Girls sometimes are just way too complicated. Anyways, you could say that at the time of this story’s occurrences, I was your average high school freshman. But there was one difference. I had a dirty little secret. A secret I had managed to keep hidden for nearly a year. In reality, I was bisexual, loving girls, loving guys. I could say that I enjoy pussy and cock pretty evenly. The only thing is, I really can’t see myself dating a guy. One thing is certain though; I sure do love a nice, hard, juicy cock. And recently, the cock I’d been yearning for was my friend Ben’s.

It was about 4 months after our second experiment that we were able to find the time to get together and experiment again. School had already begun, and we were nearing Thanksgiving break of our freshman year. At this point, I was 14, and Ben was 13. Freshman year had been good so far, and I was enjoying the new lifestyle of High School. At the time, I was doing soccer, one of the couple of sports I play throughout the year. (In case you were wondering, I play soccer, and run winter track and spring track, as well as cross country.) Ben and I had continued to jerk off with each other while texting, and often we would send each other pictures of our hard dicks being stroked, or of us cumming all over our stomachs. It was enough to keep us content without actually getting together. But by that point, we wanted to see each other again, and get a chance to stroke our hard, young cocks. So we talked and eventually were able to arrange a date we could hang out.

We had decided that I should stay over dinner, since we had originally planned to have a sleepover, (which I’m still disappointed we couldn’t have) but couldn’t. I pulled up to Ben’s small but cozy 3 story house, got out of the house, and walked up to the door. I rang the doorbell and waited a bit. Soon enough, Ben was there to greet me. Ben is a pretty good looking guy, average enough like me, but with a body that I just love. He’s got a more toned upper body than me, and he has the hottest six pack. He’s tall, 5’11 at least, with brown hair, and gorgeous blue eyes. After saying hello, I walked in and said hi to his mom. She told me that we were going to have lasagna for dinner later, and that she’d call us down once it was ready. Ben and I made our way up his stairs, to the 3rd floor, which really was the attic originally, that now had his sister’s room, as well as his.

“Well what do you want to do?” asked Ben, with an inquisitive look. I could tell he was eager to jerk off. “I don’t know, I’m up for anything you want.” I said, as I chuckled a bit. He showed me this new game he got, that he had gotten for his birthday, which had been on September 1st, not too long before then. It was a game that tested how long you could last without getting zapped on the finger by a small electric current. Pretty sketchy game I’d say, but a lot of fun. After we played for about 20 minutes, I asked him, “Do you wanna jerk off now? I’m pretty horny right now.” “Sure!” he replied, with a really eager and excited face.
We sat on the couch in his room. The past two times we messed around we sat on there also, now it had almost become routine. We gave each other quick glances, and we went ahead and pulled our pants down. I looked at Ben’s dick, which was already hard. His nice, cut cock was hard and it looked delicious. It was about 7 inches, maybe a little more, and nice and thick. I loved the head the most, it was just waiting to be sucked. I wasn’t that hard, but upon setting my eyes on his dick, I got rock hard. So hard in fact, that I could feel my uncut cock, which was around 6 and a half inches, pumping really quick. I was REALLY turned on. And so was Ben. Right away, I grabbed his dick and started to stroke it. He gave me a look of delight, and returned the favor. He started to stroke me nice and gently, and I sighed in total ecstasy. Just having him stroke my hard cock was enough to send me flying over the edge. We stroked each other for about 10 minutes, moving our hands all over each other’s dicks. I rubbed his head and he rubbed mine, and we spread the pre-cum dripping from our dickheads all over our cocks. We grabbed each other’s balls and rubbed them and caressed them as if they were our own. He and I really took time to make sure we found the spots that made us even harder than the second before. His was right above the line where his foreskin was once, and he told me it drove him crazy if he rubbed it. So I made sure I rubbed that shit HARD. His head jerked back when I started to rub the spot in little circles. I could tell he loved it. My best spot was right at the base of the head, where the hole is, and he also made sure to return the favor. It made me drip pre-cum like crazy.

After stroking for a bit, we decided that we should try blowing each other. I told him I didn’t mind going first. (Of course I didn’t – I was actually DYING to go first!) I positioned myself so my face was right at his dick, but with him still being able to stroke me while I was sitting down next to him. I took one good look at his dick and wrapped my lips around it. I started by only putting a little of the head in, and swirling my tongue around it. He liked that a lot. As I took a bit more, little by little, he’d stroke me faster and harder. Soon enough, I had a good 5 of his 7 inches down my throat. I blew him slowly at first, enjoying the satisfying taste of his hard, warm cock and his yummy pre-cum. After a little while of slowly taking his cock down my throat, I sped up. I got faster and faster, and swirled my tongue all over his dick. I knew he was enjoying every second, because when I’d get a chance to look up, his head was back and was giving a face of pure sexual delight. I decided to get on my knees on the floor, in between his legs, and blow him that way. Once I was on the floor, I cupped his balls, and gave them a quick lick, and then licked all the way up his dick. I raised his dick up and took almost all of it down my throat. I was loving it almost as much as he was. It was great.

We switched positions as I blew him, and even ended up lying on the couch, having him over me face fucking me. That was probably the hottest thing I ever felt; having a dick being forced down my throat. It was incredible, at this point I couldn’t believe this intense moment was actually happening. I don’t know how we pulled it off, or how I had the stamina to do it, but I continued to blow Ben for about 2 hours. I swear, my jaw literally hurt when we went down for dinner. But the best part is, after dinner, we headed up, and continued with some hotter blowing. After another half hour of me blowing him, he gave me a try. He has a bit of a sensitive gag reflex, so he didn’t do more than twenty minutes of blowing me. He sure does know how to use that tongue though. He made sure he swirled around his tongue on my uncut cock. It was fantastic. We
agreed that next time we’d work on his gag reflex and train him up good.

It was getting close to the time for me to leave, so we concentrated on getting him to cum. I was getting picked up, so I didn’t want to risk cumming on my clothes, so we decided he would be the one to shoot. I got on my knees on the floor, in between his legs again, and started to stroke him. We exchanged some dirty glances as I stroked him, making the moment even hotter. I went faster and faster, and he started to moan softly under his breath. I could feel his cock pulsating as he got close, and I saw his abs tighten with each passing second. I kept going and going, and soon enough, I yelled “Lemme see you cum, Ben!”. I felt his cock throbbing as he came all over his sexy abs. Strings of delicious white cum flew into the air and landed on his six pack. He looked at me with relief, and happiness. A few seconds later, my phone rang, and we both knew it was my cue to leave.

Wondering what happens next? Stay tuned for the next story in the series, “The Experiment: Part 3”. Please RATE this story, leave comments with opinions and/or suggestions, and feel free to email me at if you’d like to chat, exchange pics, or whatever else!


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2016-02-17 14:52:53
Great story enjoyed reading and playing with my cock, my first cock sucked was an older man in his 80;s and Isucked it one time almost for an hour it was really stiff and he came 2 times in that hour I since had a young boy of 15 that I sucked for almost an hour he came about 3 times but still had a good hard on when finsihed Love sucking cock and cum

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2015-12-05 09:21:28
I would love to slobber on your nuts as I shove your clock in the back of my throat. I have experimented as a child. There was one drunken instance where I was in that situation on accident. I was so messed up that my mouth would not even get moist. I was so disappointed because I couldn't get my mouth wet so that I could taste his cum. I left quickly , embarrassed and scared that my wife would find out. It's been ten years ago and I finally told my wife. I'm hoping that our sex lives will expand together, but if I must do it alone............. Your story made me so hard and I am now longing for that exotic feeling of a sick in my mouth and...................

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2013-01-21 17:29:24
Wow...2 hours...must have been so incredible, well...the longer you hold it in, the FASTER AND STRONGER it will come out, It's awsome when you cum after that...


2012-09-26 22:37:43
I really enjoyed your story Jake, and even thou I'm a woman I understand your love you gave each other..very sexy ..I would love to read more..


2012-03-01 22:06:57
Bi 41yo looking for dick to give me great pleasure in Boston. Younger welcome.

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