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It was a warm summer day. I decided to take a stroll through the Lavender fields to a stream. There has been a swing hanging the for as long as I can remember and it seems like the perfect day to go wander. I go barefoot so I can feel the soil and grass beneath my feet. I run through the field, laughing as I go. Eager to reach my destination. My summery dress almost matches the petals on the Lavender plants. My dress is pale purple, spaghetti straps, with a V neck and comes to my ankles. My auburn hair long with two strands of locks from each side of my hair tied together with a matching ribbon witch flows the length of my hair. I reach down and run my hand through some of the flowers making my hands smell of the relaxing scent. And keep running.

I can hear the stream now. Good I'm getting close. I run faster. I reach a forest area and dodge the trees and saplings as I run. I reach the steam and dip my bare feet into the waters. The water is a bit cool but I go wading into the water pulling up the hem of my dress as I go. I hear something, and look around. Seeing nothing I figure it was an animal. I walk in the stream to where I know the swing is. I get out of the water and walk to it. Poor thing looks a bit bare. I go to the fields and gather the tallest flowers I can and as many as I can to braid them together to decorate my swing. I keep hearing a rustle is the bushes and every time I look nothing is there.

I sit down with my legs folded behind me and start my work. The sun is shining through the trees right on the spot I am sitting at..... warm but not hot. One braid is finished now for the other. Everything melts away as I concentrate on my task... my worries... my troubles.... just the task at hand upon my mind. My second braid is done before I know it. There are some flowers left and I put these in my hair. I gather my new braids and start to twist and tie them on either side of my swing. A rustle noise again. I don't bother to look because nothing has been there. Probably a rabbit or squirrel or some other creature.

I step back to admire my handiwork. Yes much better! I get onto the swing and start swinging. A breeze comes about and some of the flowers dance around me. I laugh as I feel them run along my face and arms. The wind plays with my hair and pushes my dress up. I feel.... content. Rustle. Rustle. My swing stops. I look back and there is a man holding the ropes of the swing. I jump off and turn around. Pulling the hem of my dress down where the wind had blew it up.

He is smiling at me. He has a dark brown goatee and mustache. The breeze plays with his long brown hair. A stand of it dances in front of his face. My fingers itch to move the strand to see his eyes. His chest is broad. He is of average height. He just just stand holding the swing and smiling at me.

“What do you wa... want?” I ask.

“You looked like you could use some company. Do you mind if I push you on the swing for a little while?”

I take a step back. He's wearing black slacks that fit his form nicely. His legs seem thick. He wear a black button up shirt. There's three buttons from the top undone. Just enough to see a sprinkle of chest hair. And a black fedora hat. His shoes are black also. Quite a handsome man. Also polite. Something rare these days.

Still a bit leery of this man I walk toward him. “Ooo... kay.” I climb onto the swing, grab both ropes and turn to look at him. “Go ahead.”

He starts pushing me. Slowly. Gently. The breeze sending the scent of Lavender through the air relaxing me even more. The man being so gentle, his hands more of a caress than a push. I tilt my head back and stretch out my legs. He pushes my shoulders now. Back and forth, back and forth. He brushes his hand against my cheek. Hmm.... not rough.... not soft.... just right. I lean my my head back more and look at him upside down. Then lean up more before I get to him.

“Playing a peek-a-boo Of sorts are we?”

This make me giggle. I sit up straighter and turn my head to the right and look at him. Then quickly turn back around. I turn to the left and do the same. Laughing the whole time. On my backward swing he steps away just in time to get in front of me and stop the swing. He then cups my face. “Beautiful.”

I gaze into his eyes. Eyes the color of a does. I can see into his soul, see the intellect, feel the depth of his emotions just looking into his eyes. The stray stand blows into the way of my gazing and I finally get to touch his hair. So soft. I wonder what it smells like? I brush the strand of hair behind his ear. Tracing is ear as I did so. He turns and lightly kisses my wrist. I pull back slightly.

He lets go of my face and hangs his head down, “I'm so sorry.”

I look at him and ponder this a moment. I stand up and cup his face, “It is ok. You just startled me is all.”

“Would you like to go for a walk?” he asks.

“Yes indeed I would.”

We walk along side the stream for awhile. Not saying anything. A occasional caress here and there. So far he is the perfect gentlemen. He moves the trees branches so I can pass. Offers his when we walk over stone, “My Lady.” Leading the way as if protecting me. We find a spot where the Lavender flowers have came to nestle in a spot beside the stream in the forest. I grab his hand and tug him toward it. “Lets sit for a little while. That is if you would like to.”

“Yes it sounds like a good idea.”

We sit in the middle of the flowers. I lay down and prop myself up with my elbows to soak up the rays of the sun. He sits the same way. “This feels nice doesn't it?”

“Yes it does. The sun is warm, but not hot. The breeze is coming off the stream making it just right.”

“I concur,” I giggle.

“Concur? I haven't heard that word in a long time,” he chuckles.

“May hear a good deal many more from me.”

“Will I?”

He looks at me with a sheepish grin and cocks his right eyebrow up. Oh my Gods that was so sexy. I look at him with a challenging look.

“Was it you I heard rustling around in the trees?”


“And just why were you spying on me?”

“I thought I saw something,” he said.

“What did you think you saw?”

“A Goddess.”

“A Goddess? I saw no Goddess.”

“Well you, my dear, can only see her in the water.”

“Why can I only see her in the water?”

“Because my Goddess, water reflects.”

He runs his hand across my cheek and grabs my hair pulling my mouth to his. I start to push away but he holds steady and kisses me gently. His lips move across mine ever so slowly. I try to push at his chest but this just makes his efforts increase. Soon I realize I'm not pushing him away. I am clutching at his shirt pulling him on to of me. He starts to kiss my cheeks, making trails all around my face. My forehead, my eyes, and even the tip of my nose. He kiss across my cheek and starts to kiss my earlobe. Chills run all down m body and a moan escapes m lips. My hands have found their way to his shoulders and I feel the muscle beneath his shirt move as he is moving. I arch up against him, my head thrown back exposing my neck. He takes full advantage of this and kisses my pulse point. “You smell so good,” he says.

His teeth rake against the pulse point and I grab his head to pull him closer. Wanting.... NO needing more from him. “Please,” I say breathlessly.

“I thought I was going to hear more form you? I guess since I don't hear more I won't have to do more.”

“I beseech you.”

“Very well then.” His lips go to my neck again, but his left hand cups my right breast. He tugs at the material but my breast will not come free. His kisses trail down my shoulder and his hand moves to lower the strap. I move my arm out of the strap and give his access to my breast. He then moves his hand back down, “Hmm pierced breasts. I really like that.” He lowers his head to take my nipple into his mouth. He tugs the piercing with his teeth. I gasp out loud and wrap my legs around him. My pelvis starts to move against his.

“Hmm.... I thought I saw a Goddess. Now I am thinking maybe a nymph.”

“Perhaps. We will have to see and find out for sure.”

“That sound like a wonderful idea.”

I move my hands to his hips and pull him closer to me. They then slide up his back then down his sides to his chest and I start working on the buttons of his shirt. I want to feel his skin against mine. Flesh against flesh. One button.... Two buttons.... Damn buttons!!!! Finally I get all of the buttons and my lips move to his skin. I breathe him in. His scent is intoxicating, invigorating. Will I get enough of this man? And I don't even know his name!

“Wait! Before this goes any further I must know your name.”

“Why must you know my name Lady? Tis only a name.”

“I do not want any other's name to escape my lips but yours. If you take me now I am yours.”

“Dionysus, my Lady. And you name would be?”


“Such a lovely name. Fitting to you perfectly.”

The breeze picks up a little. Scents mingling in the air. Lavender, Earth, Stream, Him and I. His hands are on either side of my head. He leans down and kisses me, his tongue invades my mouth and I touch my tongue to his. To his surprise he finds it is pierced. “Anything else pierced?” he asks.

“Maybe,” I reply. He cradles my head and deepens the kiss. Our tongues dancing feverishly inside each other mouth. My hands are tangled in his hair. The world seems to melt away.

I need to feel his skin next to mine. I tug down the other side of my dress and reveal my other breast. He hungrily accepts its arrival with his mouth. He does not gently suckle this breast. He takes as much of it in his mouth as he can. My breasts are large. More than a handful, but he manages very well. He grabs the rest of it seemingly trying to push the rest in his mouth. I push his shirt down wanting o feel as much as I can. My hands run along his spine and his body quivers. I take this as a sign and start running my hands along the length of his back.

He start biting my nipple in response to my rubbing. My nails lightly rake down his back. A low growl comes from his throat. I grow more bold and run my nails down his side to his stomach and lay with a patch of hair there that goes beneath his pants. He pauses and looks at me, “Continue my Lady.”

I quickly undo his pants and slide may hand the length of him. His pre cum allowing me to do so with ease. Not too big, not too small just right, and I wanna taste him. I push at his chest, “Roll over,” I say breathlessly.


“I want to taste you. I want all of you in my mouth.”

He obediently rolls over. I pull his shoes off so I can get his pants off. Now this God lay naked among the Lavender flowers. I take a moment and drink him in with my eyes. My gaze roams from his feet, along his thick legs, his swollen cock, up his stomach and chest, to his face. His hair spilled out around his head a look of urgency in his eyes. I take his mushroom shaped head into my mouth. My tongue and barbell swirls around it and I suck at the same time. He throws his head back and groans. I go down upon the length of him quickly. This surprises him. He cries out and grab my hair. I go up slowly. Then down quickly. Go up slowly and twirl my tongue around the head. This time I go down slowly and watch him. All the while my tongue is doing its magick. He finally looks down at me and sees me watching him. Our eyes meet and I continue my pleasure giving. I like to see the expressions on his face. I take him out of my mouth and starting at the base lick his cock from bottom to top. All the while looking into his eyes. I use my pierced tongue around the head of his cock. Sticking it out just enough for him to see. I take him in my mouth again and go down ever so slowly making sure to massage his cock wit my barbell. I start to hum and this sends vibrations along his cock. His hold on my hair gets tighter. I giggle, well as much as I can with his cock in my mouth, and he groans more. I go down all the way. Taking the full length of him down my throat. I bite and he jerks. I let go and tart to pull up.

“No, don't ssstop. Keep going.” And he pushes me back down. I start to bite. “ Harder,” he moans. I bite a little harder. A little more. “Okay. There. Right there.” I go up the length of him applying the same pressure as he desires. When I get to the head I stop and suck him back down my throat. “Oh by the Gods!!!” My mouth fills up with his creamy liquid and I swallow what I can. Theres just too much. I pull my head back and some of his cum splatters on my face. Then another shot got on my right breast. I lick my lips then lower my head and lick up all the cum with the tip of my tongue.

He lays there for a second. Body shaking. My dress still half way on I stand up. The wind catches my hair and dress. With unsteady fingers I pull the dress down my legs and step out of it. As I stand I run my hands up my legs closer and closer to the inside. About mid thigh I feel my juices have dripped down. I smile at him and lick my fingers. I feel the need to give him a show. I step one foot on each side of his waist and spread my lips open to him, He can now see just how the juices have flowed. I finger my exposed clit. Pleasuring myself in front of him. My finger goes inside of me. “No let me love you,” he says.

“As you wish,” I say.

He sits up and flicks his tongue across my clit. I shutter in response. My insides clench. “Did pleasing me make you this wet?”

“Yes it did. Don't stop.”

He lowers me down onto my back and kisses my mouth. “I came too quickly. I will do this right.” All I could do was pull him back to me. He kiss down my throat. Then my breasts giving them both equal attention. His hands caressing my side down to the very core of my being. His fingers slides easily into me and he finds my G-spot. I gasp for air and he bites down on a nipple. Pleasure.... Pain.... My senses are out of control. He nibbles down my stomach to my slit and spread me open.

I feel vulnerable laying outside, under the Sun, spread open for him. Yet somehow feel safe with him. He will shield me. I tilt my hips up and his tongue goes inside of me. My back is arched and he sits back on his heels to watch me. His fingers working in and out of me, while his thumb rubs my clit. My breasts dance proudly in the air as I fondle them. Bouncing thee rhythm of my hips. I find the small button on my clit. Mmm it feels so good. My oils making it easy for my finger to slide across. Making small circles I rub myself for him. My fingers moving faster. His gaze is intense.

I grab his hand, silently asking for another finger to be inserted. He obliges still watching me. I push his thumb away from my clit and start to rub it myself. His fingers wiggle inside of me and pump faster. I feel my orgasm building. My whole body feels tingly. "Oh Gods YEEEES!" My juices coating his fingers and running down my crack.

By now he is hard again. "Now it is time we join together."

"Yes it most certainly is. I want you inside me."

He gets on top of me and I grab his cock to steer it in. I am wet, but tight. He has some difficultly getting inside me. "By the Gods I have never felt a woman so tight!"

Finally he is all the way inside me. My pussy quivers and he groans.

I run my hands up his chest to his head and pull him down to kiss him. He kisses me deeply.... passionately. Locked in the embrace of lovers he starts to move within me. I clench and unclench my vaginal muscles. He breaks free of the kiss, "I don't know what you are doing, but please do not stop." I lean up and nip his chin with my teeth. “I like that too.” I move my hands to his hips and pull him into me more. My hips moving up to meet his every thrust. We are looking into each others eyes the whole time. The intensity of our love making makes everything go away. There is no stream, no flowers, only him and I.

I can feel another orgasm building again. My legs start to shake. My ear are ringing. All I can see is him. Inside my body feels strange. It's a warming feeling, a tingling in my veins. His essence wrapped around every muscle, organ, and bone. I am panting now. My fingernails digging into his shoulders. Holding on be cause it feels like I am floating. "Cum for me baby."

"Oh yes Dionysus I'm cumming."

"That's it love."

Stars explode behind my eyes. The ringing in my ears has turned to bells. I open my eyes back up so he can see to my soul. So he can see inside me.

“My Aura, you are so beautiful.”

“Let me on to of you now. Let me ride you.”

He grabs my hips and rolls over with him still inside me. I am sitting astride him and start to rock back and forth. My pelvis griding against his, pleasing me from two angles. I lower my body down and my breasts graze against his chest as I move. I nibble on his neck down to his chest. My tongue make circles on the left side of his chest and I bite down. He grabs the back of my head and pushes me in further. His hips thrust upward.

I sit up straight now, flipping my hair back as I do so. Letting him get the full view of at me atop him. His gaze is ravenous now... almost feral. He puts his hands on my hips, pulling and pushing me. My hands go to my hair running my fingers through it. My hand trails down around my neck and my head falls back. They trail down to my breast and I take each piercing in each hand and pull. Pleasure.... Pain.... I begin to massage my full breast, leaning my head down and taking a nipple in my mouth. I bite the ring in my nipple and pull, then take it in my mouth again. Letting him get a good show. Now I lean down a kiss him again. His hips are still moving but mine have stopped. I lift my his just a bit and he rams into me like a madman. My moans and breath uncontrollable, but I can not match his rhythm. His hands still on my hips he starts a slower rhythm, but I have something different in mind. I sit up and spin around with him still inside me. I reach down and grab his ankles and start moving my his forward and backward. He massages my ass liking the new view. He slips his finger down and coats it with my oils. He takes that finger and start to put it in my asshole. Slowly at first but he finally gets it in, his other hand cupping my ass.

I move his hand so I can sit up straight. I flip my hair back a I do so still moving against him. He takes his hand and starts about mid-way down my back tracing my spine. I move my hair to the front so he can see how my back moves. He seems to enjoy this. His moans growing more and more. His trusts more aggressive. Harder and harder I ride him. The feeling of an orgasm building, but I want one more thing.

I spin back around on him and position my feet on either side of his chest. Now squatting on him I grab his shoulder and begin to bounce my ass on top on him. All he did was grab my hips and throw back his head, “Oh by the God and Goddesses above!!! I have never..... Ahhhhhhh.....” I smile at this. And somehow he grew a bit bigger. I keep watching him. My pleasure increasing. The look on his face telling m more than words. He regains himself to look at me. We look into each others eyes, climaxes building within both of us. Harder. Faster.

“ Di.. ony...sus. Oh yes baby.... I cumming. Make me cum baby.” My moans now nearly screams. Not think if anyone is in the woods or near the stream. Only thinking of this man beneath me. My eyes glaze over and a tear falls as I cum. He pulls me close and licks the tear from my cheek.

“Auna, love no need to weep I am here and I am cumming to you baby.” He grabs my hips and drives himself deep within me and cums. I can feel him cum inside me. His cock is spasming wildly. It feel like geysers going off inside me. I can already feel it draining out of me there is so much.

I collapse on top of him. Out of breath and completely satisfied. He cuddles me close. Slowly the world around me comes back into view. I lay beside him on his left side and cuddle him so I can hear his heart beneath my ear. Everything feels so right. My body still quaking. But I wonder if my God will be ready for another round in a few??

“Sit on my face. I want to lick you clean.” I scramble to do his bidding. At first I'm facing him, “No.” He says, “Turn around and lick me clean too.” I turn around and engulf his limp cock in my mouth. He pushes my hips down, sticks his tongue in my hole. Trying to lick out all of the cum. He starts sucking all of our juices out of me and he's not quiet about it.

I lick his ball sack and take both of them in my mouth. He groans and his cock twitches. The juices have run down his crack. I have to move away from him to reach, but I don't think he minds. I lick and such his crack. Tongue moving harder, slower, lightly, then fat again. His his are moving and he is gasping for air. I stop for a second and he starts taping me on the as, “No... gooo GO! Do...n't stoop.” So I continue my task. We got messy. He sticks two fingers in my sloppy hole and I rock against him. Both of his balls go back into my mouth and I lean my his back toward his hungry mouth. He withdraws his fingers and starts licking and sucking me again. He is semi-hard now, but I greedily take him in my mouth and suck him down. I taste a drop of pre-cum and swallow it down. I swirl my tongue around his soft cock. He's getting harder by the second. I go back up his shaft and tease the tip with my tongue and lips. Feather kissing his cock all the way down and back up again.

He hits jut the right spot on me and a shiver courses through me. My pussy moving against his mouth. I raise up and start stroking him, riding his face. My movements getting more frantic, my breath is labored. Moans escaping my lips. I fondle my breasts and pull at the rings. I hump his face very close to orgasm. I fling myself down on him, taking him all in my mouth and growl. My hips frantic. So close to orgasm. Stars exploding behind my eyes. I can't move anymore. My body is locked.... waiting. His tongue is wild. My nails dig into his hips. I gasp for air, “Oh Gods!” My juices flow into his mouth and like a starved man he laps them up. I go down on him. Growling. Clawing at his thighs and hips. Wanting needing more from him.

He pushes me off of him. Tremors raking through me. “Lets go over there.” He points to the trees. “I want to take you from behind. You could hold onto a tree to help stand.” He rises and offers me his hand. It takes me a minute to find my grounding. We walk over to the tree. His hand rests on my lower back steading me. He leans me against a tree. His hands caressing my face moving back to my hair and kisses me. My hands move to his sides pulling him closer. His cock pressing on well trimmed pussy. Slowly. Deeply he kisses me. His hands move down to my breast, lightly caressing them. He breaks away from the kiss to suckle on a nipple. My hands run through his glorious hair. So shiny. So soft and long. I watch him suck on my breast. He is being gentle now. Wanting more of me but knowing how shaky I am right now.

My nipple slips from his mouth. He brings his head up and whispers, "Turn around now." I turn around and he trails kisses down my spine then licks back up. His hands grazeing my sides. Chills run all over my body and bumps pop up. He runs his hands over them and chuckles. "Do you like that?"

"Very much so."

He runs his hand up my spine, slightly pushing, "Bend over now."

I bend over and grasp the tree. The bark rough against my skin, but I don't care. He sits his cock on the top of my ass and slides it down to my juices. He lingers there for a moment, but doesn't put his cock in me. He lowers down to my clit rubbing his cock back and forth over it. My already shaky legs trimble.
I move my ass back toward him with a groan. I reach down. Grab his cock and put it inside me. I shutter. He's being gentle. Slowly rocking in and out of me. Clinging onto the tree with one hand and grasping his hip with the other. He rubs the small of my back up to the middle of my back, "So beautiful." He leans down and kisses my back where he can. I pull myself up straighter and our bodies are flush against each other. He reaches around and fondles my breasts. His right hand moves down my stomach and rubs my clit. His left hand still fondling my breast. His body is going up and down. Using his calf muscles instead of hips to pump inside me. Slow. Steady. Sensuous. WONDERFUL!! He nuzzles my neck. His breath hot. His kisses soft. He moves to my ear and nibbles on the edge. This drives me wild. His breath on my ear is heavy and he sucks on my ear lobe. My ears are a very hot spot.... And he gladly found it.

My body is ablaze. Sweat sliding down both of us. Our bodies sticking to each other as we move. I bend over and hug the tree. He massages my rump a little then gives it a whack. A sign things are going to go at a faster pace. He grips my hips, and pulls me into him. All I can do is hang on. I can't breath. I can't see. Ohhh but I can feel. I can feel him inside of me. In and out. Slow and hard, but picking up speed. I think he is seeing how much I can hold up. I push back against him harder than he is pulling. He picks up the beat. I cry out from the sheer pleasure of it. He pauses, “Are you okay?”

“Yes! I'm good... I'm good.... Don't stop.”

“Are you sure? We can stopp...”

I grab his left hip with my hand. My nails dig deep and pull him into me. “DON'T STOP!!!”

He sends shock waves through me with this thrust. A few more like that and I will cum. He pumps furiously into me. My cries grow louder and I scream his name. My body convulses over and over. And he keeps going. Thats a God for ya. His fingers dig into my ass. I feel him erupt inside me and he lets out a howl. His cock keeps bursting inside me. I clamp down to keep as much of his cum inside me. He grows flaccid and pulls out.

I ease myself to the ground and he sits next to me. I curl up beside him, panting. “You are wondrous.”

He looks sheepish for a second but shrugs, “I try.”

“Well you are,” I sigh.

He puts his arm around me and pulls me closer. His hand grazes over my shoulder. “Lean up for a minute.”

“But I don't want to move.”


I lean up and he looks at his hand. He moves to his knees and examines my shoulder, “You're bleeding.”

I look down as good as I can at my shoulder. It has scratches on it and its bleeding some. “I'll be fine. I'm a Goddess I will heal quickly. Come back over here so we can cuddle more.”

“Not until we clean you up. I didn't mean to do that. I hurt you I feel bad.”

“I didn't even know it. Didn't even feel it. Everything is okay. If washing the wound will make you at ease we can go to the stream and wash it off.”

He stands and offers me his hand to help me up. When I get upright he bends and scoops me up to carry me to the stream. “I could have walked, but this is nice.” I wrap my arms around his neck and look at him. He has a guilty look on his face laced with a little worry. “I'm not a mortal baby it will be okay.”

“You will heal and be okay, but I did not mean to hurt you.”

“A little pain was worth what you gave me.”

He just grunts. Splash, slosh, splash slosh. I soon feel the water on my rump. The water is warm. He places me on a rock, the water is just below his belly. The stream is somewhat still here. A slow flow of water around us. He stares at my wound for a second and bends his head and starts licking the blood away. He licks each individual mark. To me this is very erotic and personal. No way would I let just anyone lap at my blood. But I find I didn't mind at all. I lean my head back and move my hair more. He is throughly cleaning it with his tongue. I feel as if thousands of fairies are dancing in my body. I moan and pull his arms around me. Water splashes up on me as he moved closer. His lapping was getting more intense. I wrap one of my legs around his waist. The other leg still on the rock. His lapping turns to sucking. I grab the back of his head and arch up to him. He moves his mouth up to my neck kissing and sucking. I run my hands down his back and give his ass a squeeze. I can feel his cock pressing against me half hard. I reach down and grab it. I slide his cock up and down my cum drenched pussy. He groans and moves to my ear. He's fully erect now and I urge him into me. He glides into me and water comes all around my bottom half in a splash. “Again my Lady?”

“Yes again.”

“You have insatiable appetite.”

“Insatiable? No I don't think so. Are you complaining?”

“Not at all.”

The water around us. The open air. This God. It is wonderful. He bends his head down and kisses me deeply. His kiss trails back to the wound and starts licking it again. I wrap both of my legs around him now. Pulling him in deeper. He bites into the wound. I cry out and grab him closer loving the feeling of it. He pulls away and looks at me. He has a bit of blood on his lips so I pull him down and lick it off, “Mmmmm,” I moan. He raises up and I spread my hands on his stomach up his chest. I move my hand over to his nipples and tweek them. Looking directly in his eyes. A look of shock runs across his face s he continues to pump into me. “Mmmm harder,” he says. So I twist more. “Ahhhhhh.” His eyes tell all. He enjoys this. I rub my open palms on his chest then digs my nails into him. He slams into me. Closes his eyes and pauses. I dig harder, “Open your eyes.”

He opens his eyes and they are full of fire. Of passion. So intense are his eyes. Never have I seen a mans eyes so intense with passion. My golden eyes gazing at him in wonder. My hands running all over his chest and stomach now. My gaze turns to where I'm rubbing. Hair sprinkles across his chest and down all over his stomach. Not too hairy. Just right. On his chest I notice I drew blood. I pull him down to me. Eager to taste his red liquid in my mouth. He isn't bleeding much. I lick at the mark then bite. Drawing out more blood. He moans loudly and pumps harder. I lower back down. My hips move with his. I'm panting. So close to orgasm. Staring into his eyes I start to cum.

“Thats it baby. Look into my eyes.”

Tears spill over my eyes from the intensity of our love making. He bends down and licks them off. I clutch him to me. I'm moaning so loud he says, “Shhhh not too loud Zeus will want to join.”

“Well we can't have that. I don't want another.”

He kisses me feverishly, deeply. His cock thrusting in and out of me hard and quick. I grab his hair and pull him to kiss me. I suck his tongue into my mouth. Then nibble his lower lip. He raises himself over me staring me in the eyes, “I'm gonna cum baby.”

“Me too. Cum on me. I want your cum all over me!!”

He looks into my eyes. Raises up. Grabs my hips and slams into me. This thrust has me reeling. My eyes roll in the back of my head. I reach out and grab my nipples and start pulling on them. I regain myself and watch him. Our gazes locked. He pulls out of me and the first shot hits my cheek. The next my stomach and another my breast. I am a big gooey mess. I take a finger and wipe it off my cheek then into my mouth. Sucking all he cum off. I sit up rubbing my cum drenched body. I bend my head down and lick my gooey breasts. He stands back and watches, “Yes I like that a lot.”

I look at him and grin. I smeared his cum all over me, “Now you have to clean me the rest of the way off. There are places I can't reach..................”

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