This story continues the adventures of Phil, one of the lead roles in the “Mom Wants to be my Cum-Bucket” series. Phil had his first stand-alone adventure in Chapter 11, and I have received some worthwhile suggestions from “Exorcist” who has convinced me to separate Phil’s story from the Cum-Bucket series. This story contains several of his great ideas which have breathed new life into my work, and I hope you enjoy reading them as I much as I have in writing about them!

This story has also been posted as A Mother's Darket Desires, which is the new thread that will detail Phil's adventures from now on. As there are many faithful readers who have followed Cum-Bucket since the beginning, I wanted to ensure you had the advice that the stories will be separated from this point on. Rick’s adventures will continue in Cum-Bucket, but Phil will go in a separate direction from here on.


I woke the next morning with a head full of fog and a dry throat from the several glasses of wine I’d consumed, I looked at the clock and almost died. Fuck! I was going to be late for school, not a good start to the week! I raced into the shower and was halfway through washing myself when the penny dropped.

Yesterday Mom and I had a huge fight which resulted in me completely losing control and brutally raping her. I was sure I’d finish up in Police custody until Mom blew me away by telling me she wasn’t going to call the cops, and wanted me to do it again! She’d actually blackmailed me, saying if I didn’t agree to her demands she’d tell Dad what I’d done, so I didn’t have a whole lot of choice. We had an incredible fuck-session in the garage where I pissed all over her, fucked her ass and then made her suck my scum-covered cock clean. When we’d finished Mom crept into my room and told me she wasn’t going to work today, and wanted me to stay at home and “look after her.” She whispered that when I woke up she’d be asleep in bed, vulnerable and unprepared; finally it was all coming back to me!

My pulse rate was coming back down and I realized I was light-headed from hunger, as I’d taken Mom by surprise last night before she’d had a chance to prepare dinner. As keen as I was to go to her room I simply had to get something in my stomach, so I headed for the kitchen and had a couple of glasses of juice to quench my burning thirst and a bowl of cereal. With my hunger pangs satisfied I made a cup of coffee to clear the remaining head-fog, and the caffeine-hit had me feeling wide awake and ready to go. I slipped back to my room and threw on a pair of shorts, clipped the bowie knife to my belt and pulled the black ski-mask over my head. I picked up my bag of sex toys and headed for Mom’s room.

There was no way she wouldn’t have heard me moving around the house and making breakfast, but when I eased her door open ever so slowly she was laying face down, pretending to be fast asleep. She had thrown the covers back to ensure I had an interrupted view of her naked body, which I was coming to appreciate more and more, and her legs were spread wide apart displaying her shaved pussy. She had one arm folded loosely across her back giving me an immediate point of attack and control, and she was laying on her other arm with her hand dreamily massaging her moist, slippery clit.

She was breathing deeply and slowly, and I was sure she knew I had crept into her room and was waiting for me to make my move. I was in no immediate hurry as the opportunity to watch my Mom masturbate was too good to miss, and as I gazed down she slipped a finger between the folds of her cunt and into her warm fuck-hole. She moaned softly as I came up with a plan to use her impatience to my advantage. I moved over until I was standing beside her bed, and then I quickly grasped the wrist that was draped across her back and firmly gripped her neck with my other hand, pushing her face hard into her pillow. Her body was instantly rigid and I heard her muffled scream, before I released her neck, grabbed a handful of hair and jerked her head up. “Hi cunt! Happy to see me?” I hissed at her.

She was either a great actress or she was one hundred percent into our role-play game, as a look of genuine fear flashed across her face. “Oh No!” She groaned. “What….what are you doing here?”

I gave her a sadistic smile. “Well my little slut, I had such a good time last night and when I woke up with a hard-on this morning I just knew I had to come back and party with you again!” I waved my knife in front of her face. “I brought my friend Mister Steel with me, just to ensure you remember how to play nice!”

She cowered back from me, frantically trying to escape from my grasp and cover her nudity, but I held fast as she struggled. I pressed the tip of the knife against her breast just firmly enough to pierce the skin and draw a tiny bead of blood. “Listen cunt! We had enough of this tough-bitch act yesterday! Today’s gonna be different and you’ll do what I tell you when I tell you, or fucking else! Got it?”

The fight drained from her body and she looked at me. “I….I don’t understand.” She stammered. “What can you do to me that you didn’t do last night?”

I laughed at her. “Oh baby! You have led a sheltered little suburban life haven’t you?” I moved in so my face was mere inches from hers. “We haven’t even scratched the surface, slut! There are so many games we can play it’s probably gonna take all day and half the night!”

She looked down at the tiny trail of blood sliding down from her breast and a tremor ran through her body, expectation perhaps? I slapped her other tit quickly twice, watching it jiggle from my blows and hearing her sudden intake of breath. “I’m gonna release your arm now, and you’ll sit there nice and quiet like, understand?” She nodded so I released her carefully, watching for any sudden moves. I slipped a hand into my toy bag and came out with a studded leather dog-collar which I secured around her neck. I clipped a lead to it and told her stand, leading her to her closet. “Ok cunt, find the tallest pair of heels you’ve got and put ‘em on.”

She ratted around and came out with a pair of gloss red stilettos with five inch heels and slipped them onto her tiny feet. She stood and looked at me, waiting for her next instruction.

“That’s it slut, now don’t you look nice! Those heels will make it harder for you to run if you decide to take off, which I really wouldn’t recommend!” I admired. “Now bitch, you’re gonna take me on a little tour, and you’re gonna show me where all the phones are including your cell, and give me every set of keys to the house and your car, got it?”

“Yes, I’ve got it!” She acknowledged. “There’s one phone there on the dresser.”

I led her over by the lead and unplugged it, slipping it into my bag. “Smart move cunt, and you’d better not miss anything or you’ll have a bigger hole in your tit than you’ve got already!”

She led me to the kitchen where she pointed out another phone that went straight into my bag. She picked up her handbag and went to rummage through it before I snatched it from her and tipped it upside down. “No tricks slut! I’ve got no intention of getting a face-full of pepper spray!” I hissed as I confiscated her keys and cell.

Leading the way into the den she pointed out the third extension, before going to the bureau and opening a draw. This time she stood aside, allowing me to check the contents first and take the spare set of car keys. I gave her a patronizing slap on the pussy. “For a dumb-fuck housewife you learn fast.” I hissed in her ear. “Just keep going like this and you might even finish up enjoying yourself today. I know I will!”

“So what…….what happens now?” She murmured.

I grabbed two zip-ties and cuffed her hands in front of her, and then I slipped a blindfold over her eyes. I forced her down to her knees and slid my shorts down as I stroked my stiff cock. “You know the drill slut! Open your mouth and keep your fucking teeth well out of the way, unless you want to be spitting ‘em out!” I slid my shaft into her wet mouth and settled in a slow fucking motion, enjoying the delicious sensation of my shaft sliding past her lips and feeling her tongue bathing my fuck-stick. “Get those little fingers working you bitch. You’d better get that tight little fuck-box all juiced up and ready!” I looked down to see her willing hands go to work massaging her gash, and I closed my eyes and breathed hard, doing my best to stall my approaching orgasm. I put my hands behind her head and fucked her face hard for a minute of two, and then pulled free just before I reached the point of no return. I pushed her forward so her head and shoulders were resting on the floor and moved behind her, pleased to see she was still working her cunt over and a steady flow was oozing past her greasy fingers.

I slid my shaft into her now-gaping hole and leant down until my mouth was beside her ear. “Leave your hand right where it is and keep working that fuck-box!” I was rewarded by a low groan from deep in her throat and I could feel her fingers sliding against my cock. The pressure was amazing and a steady flow of juice was oozing freely, this wasn’t going to take long!

I had my hands on her butt-cheeks to hold her in position as I thrust in hard, a small grunt slipping past her lips every time I hit bottom. “Wanna cum slut? Gonna pump your slimy fuck-juice all over my cunt-fucking cock?”

“Yes….yes….YES!!! I want to cum…..I’ve got to cum! OH…..MY…..FUCKING……GOD! Ram it in me you sick, filthy cunt-fucker! If you’re gonna rape me then do it…..RAPE MY FUCKING CUNT!!!!”

Her cum splashed all over her fingers and my cock with a blasting, farting sound and she squealed and thrashed beneath me. “Oh yes! Oh God yes! Fuck my twat! Come on fucker! Pump me full of fuck-juice and then fuck me again and again and again!” She screamed.

No way I could ignore that kind of encouragement, and I pumped my load hard and deep as she hissed at me. “That’s what I want you sick bastard! Fill my hole….come on! Oh God…..that’s it!!!!”

There had been times when I was fucking one of Rick’s sluts and they’d been overcome by fuck-lust, but Mom had completely and totally lost it! If she wasn’t still impaled on my cock she would have been writhing all over the place, and her fingers were still furiously ramming into her cunt and around my cock to the extent I was sure I had fresh scratches on my shaft! I could see drool and spit leaking from her lips until she finally jerked so hard that my cock slid free with a loud plop sound. She fell to the floor and rolled onto her back, tearing off the blindfold and roughly scooping our combined cum from her steaming pussy and smearing it all over her face and tits. “Is this what you want, you sick fuck?” She hissed venomously as she continued smearing our juices over her face. “Does this get you off, filling my cunt with your cum and then watching me paint my face with your filthy fuck-juice?” She shouted at me.

I leered back at her, knowing this was as much of a mind-fuck as a physical one and I had a role to play. I grabbed a handful of hair and held her head still, slowly wiping my cock across her face. “I get off by taking what I want cunt! But I will tell you, you’re making progress!” I pushed her onto back and spread her legs as far as they’d go, softly rubbing her sticky gash. I was as hot as she was, well almost, so I dipped my head and gave her pussy a long tongue swipe.

She squealed and put her bound hands on my head, forcing my face hard against her dribbling cunt. I savored the heady cocktail of our combined juices and was amazed to feel her lips struggling to get a lock on my slowly-softening cock. I eased my cock into her throat and we went at each other like parched refugees that had just found clean water, and I used my tongue to clean every inch of her pussy while she did the same on my spent shaft. I could feel the vibrations as she gasped and moaned around my cock, and I was giving her similar sensations as I groaned against her clit until were both reached the point that we collapsed on the floor, shaking and shuddering as we came back to earth.

I rolled over until I could reach my bag of toys and fumbled around until my fingers came in contact with a large butt-plug. I licked all over it before I jammed it into her gash, hearing her moan as it stretched her ravaged hole. “That’ll keep you from making a mess everywhere!” I hissed.

She rolled over to face me and thrust her cum-spattered hands into my mouth which I accepted willingly, sucking each finger until it was completely clean. Finally spent she eased my ski-mask from my head and collapsed on my chest, her breath escaping a long sigh. “Oh my God honey! How do you do that? I can’t comprehend how you can push my buttons the way you do! Fuck, you are amazing, baby!”

I smiled and stroked her face slowly, remembering her request from last night and just stopping short of calling her Mom. “That goes both ways lover, you are so sexy you’re amazing!” I said softly as I kissed her cheek.

“Not bad for an old housewife?” She giggled as she lazily stroked my chest.

“Smoking hot at any age you crazy, insatiable bitch!” I reassured her, before I started slowly licking the crusty cum from her face.

She shivered against me. “You are such a depraved cunt-fucker! Look at you licking up our cum, I should be horrified at the way you behave!” She said in mock indignation.

I laughed. “You were. Yesterday…..remember?”

She giggled at that response. “Oh God! I was, wasn’t I? That seems like so long ago! So what is my filthy rapist going to do with his captive now?”

I looked thoughtful. “Well, I’m guessing you never had dinner last night….” She shook her head. “…and I probably didn’t give you a chance to have breakfast this morning.” Another head shake. “So why don’t we get dressed and go out somewhere for a bite to eat…..and then we can come home and see if your stalker pays you another visit!”

She stroked my face. “I’m so hungry that I could literally eat a horse! But I’m not going anywhere unless I get a rain-check for this afternoon!”

I smiled at her as I cut her hands free. “I think that’s a safe bet, baby! Come on, let’s go and have a shower.”

I led her to the bathroom and we spent some time slowly washing each other. Hunger finally drove us out and we dried off, got dressed and I drove to town as I had every set of keys in the house anyway! I had thrown on a pair of jeans and a short-sleeved shirt, while Mom had gone subtle-sexy with a shorter than normal skirt and a tight fitting top. Her tits bounced as she got in the car, letting me know her bra didn’t make the cut, nice! There was a restaurant on the outskirts of town with only a few cars parked out front, so we pulled in and were shown straight to a table. We ordered lunch and Mom asked for two glasses of wine which had the waitress raising an eyebrow as I was clearly underage, but she didn’t make an issue out of it.

Our meal was served and we attacked it enthusiastically, and when we were done and our waitress had cleared the table I placed my hand on Mom’s and looked into her sparking eyes. “I think we need to talk about the last couple of days, Vicki.” I said to her.

She gazed back at me. “I guess we do, what’s on your mind honey?”

I considered how best to reply to her simple question, as it wasn’t easy to put into words! “Well, so much has happened since yesterday morning and while I have no regrets about the way it turned out, I did want to say how sorry I am for what I did to you yesterday.”

She gave my hand a gentle squeeze. “Thanks honey, I appreciate you saying that. Things have happened pretty fast haven’t they!”

“They sure have!” I replied. “What I’m really curious about is where this is all came from. I’m mean, I’ve lived with you my whole life and I never knew you were like this! I thought you were a typical suburban Mom, and now I feel that I’ve unleashed this……this sexual wildcat!”

She gave a half embarrassed smile. Well… be honest this has taken me by surprise as much as you!” She laughed. “I guess it would be fair to say that I was pretty wild when I was around your age! But then I met Keith and we started dating, and before I knew it I was working, married, pregnant with you, and then trying to be a mother and a wife and help pay a mortgage.”

“Well, I think I can understand that side of things.” I replied. “What I don’t get is how what happened yesterday led us to here and now.”

She paused for a moment. “Honey, I’m not sure I completely understand that either! It was one hell of a surprise to find your computer diary yesterday. I mean……I didn’t even know you were sexually active, let alone how…..sophisticated and broad-minded your tastes are. And I certainly didn’t know you were bi! It all came as a huge shock and…..I guess I overreacted. I was thinking about it later when I went into town, and I realized I wasn’t as close to you as I should be, and I was feeling that I’d failed as a parent.”

“I’d hardly say you’d failed baby!” I reassured her.

“Honey, sometimes you see thing differently when you’ve had a chance to think them through. Anyway, I know I shouldn’t have read your diary and I want to apologize for that, but it was kind of in my face when your computer powered up and I have to tell you, it made pretty compelling reading! It got me so hot I fingered myself while I was reading it, but while it got me turned on I was so disappointed there were all these things I didn’t know about my own son.”

“They’re not exactly the kind of things a son would talk to his mother about.” I responded.

She took a long sip on her glass of wine. “I can see that now! Anyway, I was angry and horny when I confronted you so I guess the timing could have been better. Then we had our big fight which didn’t quite turn out the way I thought it would, did it?”

“Neither of us saw that one coming baby.” I whispered. “What I really want to know is how I went from expecting you to call 9-1-1, to you blackmailing me to do it again?”

She glanced over her shoulder to check no one was within earshot, and gave me an evil smile as I sipped on my wine. “Well son. When you stick that hard cock in my hot cunt without my permission there are going to be consequences!”

I nearly choked on my wine and looked at her in amazement. I’d never heard Mom use language like that, let alone when we were sitting in a restaurant!

She was still smiling as she continued, while I carefully dabbed my mouth with the napkin. “When I was lying on the kitchen floor after you’d had your way with me I was so incredibly angry with you, I mean I was pissed!!! But I also felt more satisfied than I had for years, I mean, I came two or three times?” She looked at me and cocked an eyebrow.

“Umm, I counted at least three, you greedy bitch!” I acknowledged.

She giggled behind her hand. “I can’t tell you the last time I came three times in the one fuck-session! I just lay there for a while with cum leaking down my leg, trying to stay angry at you, but I just couldn’t. Then I went upstairs and had a shower, and every time I went anywhere near my pussy I came again! I told you I’d asked Keith if he’d be rough with me sometimes, but he’s just to gentle so it never panned out. You know how often he’s away from home, so I figured I’d convince you to do it again and see if I had the same reaction.”

I puffed up my chest and put on my best deep voice. “So tell me darlin.” I drawled. “Was it as good for you as it was for me?”

She burst into laughter and waved to the waitress to top up our glasses. “Oh pulleeez! It’s a good thing you’re better in bed than you are at pick-up lines!” This got the waitresses attention as she obviously overheard Mom’s response to my lame effort.

I was laughing as well as she moved away. “Nice one slut! That waitress is wondering what the fuck is going on here! Ok, let’s get to the sixty-four thousand dollar question. Where do we go from here? Dad comes home tomorrow, so is today the end of it?”

She stroked my hand again and looked at me lovingly. “I know what I’d like to do, but you have an equal say in this as well. I will tell you the blackmail thing is finished, you’ve given me so much pleasure I’m not going to leave that hanging over your head, so no cops and Keith doesn’t need to know. And I know that you’ve got pussy laid on at Rick’s house, so you tell me honey, does your normal old Mom fit into your plans anywhere?”

I took her hand in mine, surprised to see her looking somewhat nervous as she waited for my reply. “Ok baby, let me see if I can read your mind.” I started off. “You’ve already told me to make sure I keep my diary up to date and email you when I make a new entry, so I’m guessing you know I’m still going to have fun with Rick and his sluts and you’re ok with that. How am I doing so far?” She nodded in response. “And I know you love Dad and I do too, so there is no way either of us would do anything to hurt him or put your marriage at risk.” This got another tentative nod. “But he is away a lot, and you have a certain…… itch that needs scratching now and then. Would that be a good way to put it?” She nodded again and looked as though she was holding her breath. “Ok then, because I love you too, and you can be a totally foxy slut when it suits you, then I suggest we lock the doors and fuck our brains out whenever Dad’s out of town. Would that work for you?”

She stood and came around to my side of the table, took my face in her hands and gave the most amazing, loving, sensual, tongue-kiss I had ever experienced. When we came up for air she whispered. “That would suit me just fine baby! I would be so happy, and ever so grateful if you get my meaning!”

It was my turn to chuckle. “You’re an evil little cunt aren’t you? But I think it might be time for us to go, that waitress is giving us really strange looks!”

We paid the check and Mom left a decent tip, which had the waitress smiling as she held the door open for us. “I hope you folks have a great day!”

Mom smiled at her sweetly. “Thank you, in about an hour or so I’m going to be having a sensational day. Come on honey, take me home and fuck me senseless!” She said taking me by the hand.

I thought the waitress was going to choke and I squeezed Mom’s hand. “That was kind of cheeky Vick!”

She laughed as we headed for the car. “It was, wasn’t it? I can’t believe I just said that!”

Next to the restaurant was a trendy clothing store, and in the window was a mannequin dressed with a stunning, french blue micro-mini dress with a deep, plunging neckline. A pair of white ankle boots completed the outfit, and Mom caught my gaze and looked to see what had got my attention. “Which one baby? Let me guess! The tiny blue mini with the white boots?”

I nodded, that was one hot looking outfit! She whispered in my ear. “Would it get you hot if I wore that for you baby? If you saw me dressed in that would you have to take me home, tie me up and fuck me hard?” I nodded dumbly, my mouth dry as my imagination worked overtime. “Ok honey, why don’t you wait in the car, I’ll be back real soon!”

She skipped into the store and I made myself comfortable in the car, catching a glimpse of the sales girl greeting Mom and then leading her back to the change rooms. Five minutes passed, then ten, and then I saw Mom coming out of the store wearing her knockout new outfit. I was amazed she’d actually wear it in public, as I could see her nipples poking through the sheer fabric, and the slightest breeze would have put her pussy and ass on lewd display! Her white books clicked on the pavement and the she gave me a sexy smile as she sashayed over to the car and slid into the passenger seat. “How do I look honey?” She breathed huskily. “Does this do anything for you?”

I took her hand and placed it on my crotch, allowing her to feel how hard my cock was. “Does that answer your question baby?” I whispered hoarsely. “You are such a sexy woman!”

She laughed. “Then I guess I got a bargain!” She looked around to check if anyone was close by but the street was quiet. She eased the filmy material to the sides, proudly displaying her pert tits to my gaze, and then slid the skirt up around her waist. She took my hand and placed it over her moist pussy, helping me slide down the folds of her skin. “Go back a little further honey.” She hissed, and I slid my finger back until I felt the butt-plug I’d used on her earlier nestled hard in her sphincter.

“Jesus baby! That one is a monster, how did you get it in there?”

She sat back in the seat. “It needed a lot of lube and some serious persuasion, but I finally managed to take it, you like?”

“Shit yeah!”

“I read about it in your diary honey, how Rick’s girls have to be plugged all the time. I figured it might be a turn on for you as well?” Mom had complimented me before about my ability to push her buttons, but right now she was pressing all of mine!

“You got that right, slut! But……there’s something missing.” I hissed, thankful I’d thrown my toy bag in the back seat and rummaging through it until I found what I was looking for. I pulled out a pair of nipple-clamps with tiny serrated teeth and a connecting chrome chain. I took a quick look around and the street was still deserted, so I took one of her nipples in my mouth and sucked gently until I felt it harden against my lips. She was holding me to her breast and her chest was rising and falling as she breathed slowly but deeply. I released my hold and held the serrated clamp up to her gaze, before I attached it to her nipple, watching the tiny teeth bite into her tender flesh.

“Oh….Oh God!” She groaned. I took her second nipple between my lips and licked and sucked it to hardness, and then ever so slowly attached the second clamp. “Oh fuck…..Oh sweet Jesus! Oh…my….fucking….God, that hurt’s so good!” She gave me a look that oozed sensuality and fuck-lust. “Take me home baby, please! Take me home and do whatever you want, I don’t care!”

We headed for home, and while I was desperate to mash the gas pedal I stuck right on the speed limit; getting pulled over would have been a problem with Mom dressed the way she was! From the corner of my eye I could see she was lying back in the seat with dreamy look on her face as she slowly fingered her oozing pussy. The sweet scent of her pre-cum wafted through the car, and she kept up a steady patter of hot talk as we drove. If she was making sure I was ready for her then that was completely unnecessary, but I was really enjoying listening to her lewd comments.

“I feel so hot and sexy dressed like this honey! Maybe you should pull over and bend me over the hood and do me right here?” Now that was a tempting offer!
“Do you have any really hot movies baby? Would you like to sit back and watch some porn while you force me to suck your cock and take your hot load deep in my throat?” Another tempter, it could be a long night!
“How many more toys have you got that you haven’t used on me yet? These clamps on my nipples are really biting, fucking fantastic! What else have you got in your bag of tricks, honey?” Fuck! I was starting to feel like Rick when he needed reinforcements!

She kept up her lewd monologue and I was finding it harder and harder to concentrate on getting home in one piece. With tires squealing we pulled up in the driveway and the car doors flew open as we rushed inside. When I’d locked the front door I turned to see her looking at me, her face and breasts flushed and her chest heaving. “Where?” She said simply.

I picked her up and carried her into the garage. I had the feeling this was going to get messy, and at least the clean-up would be relatively easy there. I bent her forward over the workbench and she squealed as the nipple clamps dug into her tits from the pressure. “Don’t move!” I shouted as I tore my clothing off.

“Honey, the only place I’m going is where you tell me!” She hissed. My hard cock slapped against my chest as I slid my shorts down and kicked them away. Her pussy was sopping wet, she was so ready for fucking, and I slid in easily and deep, pausing for a moment when I hit bottom to savor the feelings of her slick, velvet grip. “Oh God baby, that’s what I need!” She groaned, and I was amazed to feel her cunt muscles clenching down on my shaft, as though she was trying to milk my shaft.

I moaned, knowing I wouldn’t be able to hold out for long, and thrust steadily into her twat. I eased the plug free from her sphincter’s embrace, and she groaned as it finally slid free. I jammed two fingers into my mouth and covered them in spit before I slid them into her gaping shitter. I pressed down hard to feel the ridges on my cock through the membrane of flesh that separated her holes, and she gasped when she felt the internal pressure. “Oh honey! That’s so fucking hot! I don’t know what you’re doing but please……don’t stop!”

There was no way this going to end until cum was flying everywhere, but I wanted every sensation I could experience, so I alternated between fucking her cunt and her ass, thrusting in deep before withdrawing and sliding into her other hole. I could hear her now-familiar little grunt slip past her lips every time I hit bottom, and was amazed at how tight her shitter was despite having been stretched for most of the day by the plug she had worn proudly. I savored the delightful differences between her two welcoming holes, one wet and warm, the other a little cooler but exquisitely tight, dragging against my slick fuck-stick as it slid in and out. “Cum for me baby!” I shouted at her. “I want to feel your fuck-juice splattering all over me!”

She was sweating profusely beneath me, and I sensed something was wrong just before she spoke. “Umm….honey, stop for a minute please, but I want your cock in my ass!”

I did as she asked. “Are you ok baby?”

“Umm….I’m fine honey, but I need to do…something……and it’s kind of kinky, are you game?”

“Babe, right now I’m up for anything so whatever it is you want to try, just go for it!”

My cock was nestled tight in her shitter and I was holding nice and still. I could feel her sphincter clench and release and wondered what she trying to do. I stroked her hair and spoke soothingly. “It’s ok babe, just relax and let it happen. There’s nothing you can do that’s going to freak me out, so whatever you want, it’s ok with me.”

Finally she gave me a graphic demonstration as a jet of piss flew from her pussy and spattered all over my legs. I nearly blew my load deep into her bowels, man, this was incredible. “Oh Babe! I can’t believe you can piss with my cock in your ass, that is so fucking hot! Come on cunt, give me more!”

That was all the encouragement she needed to overcome her mental resistance, and she literally opened the flood gates. My legs were running with golden rain, and in seconds I was standing in a spreading pool. Mom and I had both had a couple of glasses of wine with lunch, and her steady flow made me realize my bladder was close to bursting. She had her eyes shut tight as she concentrated on her release, and I could see a smile spread across her face as she emptied out. No wonder she hadn’t been able to cum! “Oh God!” She groaned. “I so needed that! I wanted to cum so bad but I just couldn’t, are you ok honey?”

I put a finger on her lips and slowly eased my cock from her ass. “No Honey please! Don’t take it out!” She pleaded.

“Shhh!” I hissed and slid the head of my cock just inside her dripping pussy. I had done this a couple of times before so I didn’t have the same difficulty as Mom had, I just relaxed my bladder and let fly.

Mom’s eyes flew wide open as she felt my piss flooding her fuck-tunnel until the pressure forced the steaming liquid past my cock-head, saturating my balls and creating an even larger pool on the floor. Still pissing, I slid my cock in deeper and her eyes rolled back. Oh….fuck! Oh…..oh……OH! I’m cumming!!!” She screamed, and I felt her explosion of fuck-juice spatter against my shaft. She opened her eyes and looked back at me. “Come on you sick piss-fucker, cum for me! Come on! Pound my pissy-cunt and RIP….ME….OPEN!”

I was thrusting hard and breathing heavy as she came a second and then a third time, and I was getting awfully close myself. I don’t think she knew where she was as I slid free and threw her into the pool of piss on the floor. My cock was dripping wet as I jammed it firmly into her throat, and I felt her lips lock around my shaft and saw her cheeks suck inward as she went to work. My nuts were on fire and I was seconds away from letting go. “Get ready cunt! I hope you’re thirsty ‘cause I’m going give you a nice hot drink!” She sucked ever harder, letting me know she was more than ready, and my first jet of cum pumped deep into her throat. I pumped again and again and her throat was working furiously to keep up with my pulsing spray. I whipped my cock free and jacked my greasy shaft hard, covering her face in seconds and pumping even harder as I watched the viscous white cream ooze down her face.

We had both cum and cum hard, but we were far from finished. She was lying on the floor as I moved above her into a classic sixty-nine position, sliding my cock back into her wet mouth until my balls were nestled against her nose. She started gently cleaning my shaft with her slippery tongue as I lowered my face to her ravaged cunt. I paused for a second to enjoy the heady cocktail of scents, the salty tang of urine, the sweet smell of her cum juices, and the stronger traces of mine, and then thrust my tongue deep into her pussy. I was beginning to love the way she moaned around my cock when I attacked her with my mouth, even though I’d just cum the vibration created delicious sensations that rippled through my shaft. My tongue was working away at full-stretch, and my cheeks were mashed against her pussy-lips as I drank from her juicy well. She shuddered through another small cum before locking her legs around my head and giving me a face bath. I was never going to clean her up at this rate as her juices were flowing faster than I could swallow them!

I finally had to catch my breath and lay beside her in the pool of golden liquid. I smiled at her as she opened her eyes. “I think I counted five that time!” I chuckled.

“If you only counted five I think you missed a couple honey!” She laughed and looked down at her disheveled state. “Mister President, I believe you’ve put cum stains on my pretty blue dress!”

I puffed out my chest and tried my best (lousy!) Bill Clinton impersonation. “Well, I just want to assure the citizens of our great nation that I DID have sexual relations with that woman! And what’s more, I intend to continue having sexual relations with her at every opportunity!”

We both laughed at my feeble attempt, and she gave me a patronizing look. “Oh God honey, that was truly awful!” She gasped as she continued to laugh at me. “Want to help me clean up before this place smells like a public toilet on a hot day?”

I looked around and saw we had some work to do. “Seeing as I helped trash this place I guess I should.” I said as I stood and helped her to her feet. “I’ll get the mop, maybe you want to wash your dress and clean your boots first? I really love that outfit and I want to see you in it again!”

She kissed my cheek and headed for the laundry, and I filled the mop bucket with hot water and got to it. By the time she made it back I had finished mopping the floor, and was spraying air fresher to mask the scent of our lustful fuck-games. I felt her naked body press against my back as her arms looped around my waist. “Want to join me in the shower honey? Then maybe you could find a hot movie we could watch, and we can see what…cums up?”

We spent forever in the shower, it’s amazing how sensual it is to slowly wash your lover after enjoying their body! We even washed each other’s hair, and then toweled each other dry. Mom took me into her room and had me lay on the bed as she gently rubbed a scented moisturizer into my skin, and then it was my turn to return the favor. We felt completely refreshed as we slipped into our robes, and I noticed Mom slipped on another pair of heels which added a subtle, sexy touch.

I stopped by my room and picked up my laptop and then headed downstairs to the den. Mom made some snacks and grabbed a bottle of wine as I searched my extensive collection of porn, and I plugged my computer into the TV so we could watch on the big screen. I picked a movie that I’d only watched part-way through, but it had a strong rape focus that I hoped Mom would enjoy. It had a pretty basic porn storyline, with a big-titted blonde wearing a tight tank-top and short shorts hitchhiking, she gets picked up by three studs in an SUV who then detour down a secluded bush trail, give her a triple with the obligatory cum facial, and then piss on her to clean up, and that was only the forty minutes or so I’d seen!

The action started and Mom snuggled beside me on the couch, engrossed in the movie as we hungrily devoured our snacks and sipped our wine. The on-screen action was totally explicit as you would expect and she gasped a couple of times, and I knew her temperature was rising when she eased a hand through the front of my robe and wrapped it around my fuck-stick. I returned the favor and found her slit was already sopping wet, and I slipped my digit inside and was delighted to feel her warm lubricant flowing freely. “Is this the first time you’ve ever watched porn babe?” I asked. She merely nodded.

The girl was laying on her back, with one stud underneath and deep in her ass, the second sandwiching her while thrusting hard in her cunt, and the third standing above her head and feeding his cock down her throat. She had pierced nipples and labia, plus a ring through the hood over her clit. I didn’t realize Mom was captivated by this until she whispered in my ear. “Honey, do any of the girls at Rick’s place have piercings like those?”

I guess she’d missed my diary entry on that one. “Sure babe! Tanya had her nipples and labia done some time ago, Bec’s only got the labia but she’s busting Rick’s balls to get her nipples done, and Carole had the labia done last week, and snuck out on Saturday and had her nipples done as well.”

Mom was still fixated by the movie and absent-mindedly stroking my dribbling cock. “So….why won’t Rick let Bec get her nipples done, and how come it’s his decision and not Tanya’s?”

“I’ll answer the second part first as it will probably make more sense. When it comes to sex or what the girls wear Tanya’s given Rick complete control, so what he says goes. That’s why it’s his decision and Tanya’s quite comfortable with that. Rick doesn’t want Bec to get her nipples pierced because it is kind of obvious, I mean she’d have to wear padded bras to school, and if she was getting changed in the girl’s locker room or something and a female teacher saw her there could be problems, you’ve got to remember she’s only fourteen.”

She gave me a smoldering smile. “I remember honey, you’re still fucking her fourteen year old pussy aren’t you?” I blushed. She had me there! “So…..once it’s done it doesn’t hurt…..or get in the way?”

Where was she heading with this? “Carole said her nipples were tender, but that was on the day she it done. Tanya and Bec are completely fine with it, I mean, we haven’t talked about it but I guess it just like a cut or a graze and it heals in a few days. As for getting in the way, it’s the exact opposite, it opens lots of possibilities!” I was still fingering her pussy and her flow had increased dramatically and I felt her tighten her grip on my shaft.

“What……kind of possibilities honey?” She whispered.

“Well…..when we play piss games the girls can use the rings to pull their pussy lips back, and sometimes they’ll do that when we go down on each other as well. And Tanya really gets off when Rick slips his finger through her nipple rings and stretches her tits away from her chest. That looks really hot and Tanya goes nuts!”

They say timing is everything, and at that moment our on-screen heroes had pegged the blonde spread-eagle in the dirt and were sadistically pulling at her piercings. Mom gasped as one stretched her nipples away from her body just as Rick enjoyed, the second pulled her labia rings to allow the camera to get right in close to her cunt, and stud number three lifted her clit hood and started given her clit a serious work over. The pressure from Mom’s grip on my cock was approaching my pain threshold, so I whispered. “Babe, you’re gonna break my cock if you don’t ease up a little!”

She came back to earth with a start and eased the pressure. “Oh honey, I’m sorry!” She hissed, but her eyes never left the screen.

We watched a little more and then she seemed to come to some kind of decision. “Honey, can you pause the movie for a minute please?” She stood and looked around the room, and then she dragged a single casual chair in front of the screen. I was thinking this was an unusual time to decide to rearrange the furniture, and then she sat in it and draped her legs over the padded arms so her pussy was wide open. Seemingly satisfied she stood and looked at me. “Is your little toy bag handy babe?”

“It’s upstairs in my room babe. Do you want me to go get it?”

Her eyes smoldered at me, whatever she had in mind had gotten her seriously hot! “Yes please, I’ll be back soon!” With that she actually ran out of the room and up the hall.

I arrived back first and then heard Mom run back down the hall and into the kitchen, and then she came into the den. She pulled a side table up beside her chair and spread a hand towel on it, sitting a candle in place and lighting the wick. She had a small plastic box that looked like a sewing kit, and she fumbled through it, picking out safety pins and laying them on the cloth. I was starting to think she had temporarily lost her mind, and was even more certain when she opened each pin and held it in the candle flame for a few seconds. When she had heated a pin she would blow on it to cool it down, and then lay it carefully on the towel. She stood and faced me, apparently satisfied with her strange preparations, and eased the robe from her shoulders and threw it into the corner. “Honey, you can start the movie now, and then come over here please!” She whispered in a husky voice.

I had no idea where this was going but I was getting used to Mom and her surprises. When I was standing before her she folded her arms behind her back. “Tie my wrists honey.” When that was done she sat back in the chair and draped her legs over the arms as she had done minutes before. “Tie my ankles to the chair legs, and make sure they’re tight and I can’t move.” The way I was going through zip-ties, I was going to have to talk to the hardware guy about a discount on my next purchase. “Now, come here and kiss me like your life depends on it!” Our lips met and our tongues dueled and we kissed with raw, unbridled passion until we had to break for breath.

For once she was looking at me and not the on-screen action. “Honey, this is probably going to freak you out, but…..what I really want you to do……is pierce me. I want you to try and pierce my pussy lips …..and my nipples, please!”

WHAT THE FUCK???? I even forgot about not calling her Mom when I replied. “Mom! No way!!! I mean….I haven’t been trained to do that and I’ve got no idea how! I just can’t do it….no fucking way!”

Her chest was heaving and her eyes were wide and blazing at me. “Honey relax, its ok! I really need you to try for me and I trust you completely! I may not be able to take it anyway, so let’s just try one and see how we go. Please baby….I can’t explain it but I really want this!!!”

I was a long way from being convinced! “I don’t know babe, that’s really out there! I guess….I could give it a try but I’ve gotta tell you I’m not comfortable with this!”

“That’s ok honey! If I can’t take it we’ll just stop, there are plenty of other things we can do if this doesn’t work out. Please honey, let’s just try my cunt first and we’ll see what happens, ok?”

I nodded slowly, still distinctly unhappy about this to the extent my cock had gone soft all of a sudden, but Mom had made it clear she was hot to try, so I figured we could make one careful attempt. I knelt in front of her and she went back to watching the porno, and that’s when I noticed how wet she was. Her pussy was actually flowing, with a steady trickle of stick juice oozing past her lips. I tentatively picked up one of the safety pins and then gripped one her pussy lips, making sure I had a firm grip on her slippery skin between my thumb and forefinger.

I realized I was perspiring profusely, and put the pin down for a second to wipe my forehead as this was not the time to have sweat running into my eyes! I pricked her puffy flesh and started easing the pin through, trying to hold my hand steady and keep the pressure as even as I could. Her body went rigid and she gasped with the pain, but she hadn’t cried out or told me to stop so I kept going, seeing her skin bulge out on the other side until the point broke through. Having made it through I pushed a little further until I was able to clip the safety pin closed. “Its done baby, are you ok?” I whispered in concern.

She opened her eyes and looked down at my handiwork. “Oh fuck!” She moaned. “That looks so hot! The pain was pretty intense for a second but it wasn’t that bad!” She hissed. “Can you try the other side for me honey, please?”

I was breathing a little easier now as I had some idea what I was doing. So I picked up another pin, pinched her flesh and carefully eased it through. Again she went stiff and held her breath, but I just maintained slow, steady pressure until the skin bulged out and the second pin poked through. By the time I’d clipped it closed I was feeling a lot more comfortable and was actually starting to enjoy this perverse sex-play. It occurred to me that I thought I’d learned everything I could from the kinky action that had gone on at Rick’s house, but now I knew there was so much more. My cock had decided everything was ok and reverted to its previous hard state, so bring it on!

Mom was smiling down at me. “The second one was ok honey, thank you so much! How do I look baby, I feel like my pussy is on fire, does it look hot!”

By now I was really getting into this new play. “Fucking amazing babe, so hot! Simply fucking awesome!”

She reached down and slowly lifted the hood that concealed her clit, which was protruding like a stiff little cock. “Suck my little cock honey! Suck me good and I’ll give you a sweet present!” She hissed.

Oral action was one of my favorites, both giving and receiving, and I gave her clit some slow french kisses and some serious tongue action. Our sordid games and the constant stimulation from the porno had gotten Mom extremely aroused to the point I knew she’d cum soon and in a big way. But even them I wasn’t prepared for the way she suddenly spasmed into her orgasm, or the volume of cum that gushed over my face. I was actually struggling to breathe and felt for a second that she would drown me in cum, and I could feel rivers of her thick juice running down my chest! “Ohhhhhhh……FUCK!” She screamed. “Oh Jesus, my cunt’s on fire! Oh fuck, no one’s ever sucked my pussy the way you do!”

I had to release my lip-lock on her clit to take a breath, and rocked back to take in the erotic scene in front of me. Mom was breathing heavily, her breasts rising and falling as she regained control. Her pussy was a mess, with cum running from her gash and tiny beads of blood at the points where the safety pins had pierced her tender flesh. I stood and gripped both of her nipples, squeezing them firmly until her eyes flashed open. I may have been hesitant to begin with, but now I was right into it. “Ok slut, I’ve done your little fuck box, are you ready to feel the sting when I do your nipples?”

“Oh yes! Oh God YES!!!” She moaned.

I continued squeezing and felt her nipple harden and grow longer. I moved slightly to the side when I realized I was blocking her view of TV, and gave her other tit a back-hand slap. “You’re missing all the action cunt!” I hissed.

“Sorry honey!” She replied. “Too many things are happening at once. I’m finding hard to keep track!” I glanced at the screen to see the girl on her knees in the dirt, with a monster cock ramming into her mouth while another stud was pissing on her face and tits.

I stretched her nipple well away from her body and reached down to pick up a safety pin with my free hand. She gasped as she felt me pierce the tender skin at the base of her pink nipple, and moaned as I slowly pushed it in. “Oh fuck. Oh shit! OH…THAT STINGS LIKE A BITCH!!!” I felt I’d gone about halfway through when she grabbed hold of my forearm and squeezed hard. “Oh fuck, stop honey stop!”

She was breathing hard, almost panting. “Do you want me to take it out baby?” I asked in concern.

“NO! Just give a second honey.” She breathed. “You know that ball-gag you used on me yesterday? Put in on me, quickly please!”

I grabbed it and shoved the ball into her open mouth, cinching the strap tight behind her head. “Ok baby?” I asked. I could see her jaw working as she gripped the ball with her teeth, she took a deep breath, then looked at me and nodded. I stretched her nipple and took hold of the pin…..and pushed! Her face contorted and I saw bite down on the ball and clench her fists, but she kept looking steadily at me so I kept going. Finally the skin on the other side bulged out and the pin poked through, and I eased it just a little further until I could close the clip. I knew she had struggled with this far more than when I pierced her pussy, so I loosened the ball-gag strap and slipped the ball from her mouth. “Are you ok baby? That looked as though you were having a really tough time!”

She moaned. “That wasn’t as bad as childbirth, but it was pretty intense!” Then she straightened and looked at me. “Put the gag back in quickly honey, and then do the other one before I change my mind!”

I was worried about inflicting too much pain, but at the same time my cock was rock hard and oozing pre-cum, so yeah, I was really turned on! I slipped the gag back in and went to work on her second nipple, quickly stretching and squeezing it to a hard, aroused state. Pin in hand I got started, only this time I pushed a little harder, trying to get through and clipped before the pain became too intense. I could see tears forming in her eyes when I broke through the other side, and quickly clipped it shut and slid the ball gag free. I stroked her hair and kissed her forehead as I spoke soothingly. “It’s ok baby, it’s ok! All done and looking so…fucking…hot!” I pulled her forward and cut the zip-ties holding her wrists, and ran into the kitchen and poured two generous glasses of wine. I knew some oral anesthetic would help, and I needed it as much as Mom did!

Mom gratefully accepted her glass and promptly swallowed half of it, while I went a little slower. My cock was sending me messages that is feeling extremely neglected, but I really wanted to make sure Mom was ok before I went at her. I looked at the ball gag and saw prominent teeth marks embedded deeply in the plastic, and held it up for her to see. “You gave this a work out baby! Feeling ok now?”

Mom gave me an embarrassed smile. “Looks like I’ll have to buy you a new one honey!” She giggled. “And yes, thanks, I’m feeling much better! My nipples were a lot more sensitive than my pussy was, but that could be because I was wearing the nipple clips earlier. They were pretty touchy from the clips, even before you started!”

She gazed down at her new adornments, and then tentatively took hold of her pussy clips. “You know before when you said Rick’s girls use their piercings to pull their pussies open, did you mean like this?” She whispered as she slowly pulled her labia back to display her cunt to me.

I gulped as I gazed at her moist fuck-tunnel. “Yeah baby. That’s exactly what I meant!”

She went on, laying back in the chair and giving me a slutty smile. “And you were saying that they sometimes did this while you fucked them?” I nodded, and took a sip of wine to lubricate my dry throat.

“Well honey, that cock looks as though it’s ready to burst, so why not come over here and I’ll hold the door for you!” No sooner said than done, and my shaft slipped easily into her slick fuck-hole, relief was in sight at last! I wasn’t in the mood for subtlety as the stimulations had just been too extreme, so I fucked her hard, raw and deep. I was thrusting in so hard I had to be careful not to push the chair back, and I savored the tight grip of her wet cunt.

This time it was her turn to provide the aural encouragement. “Come on honey, give it to me hard, just like you want to! Fuck me baby! Plough that hot cunt and give a cum-bath!” I roared at the ceiling and my first spurts flew from my cock and spattered deep inside her. At the same time she let go of the pins and pulled me even deeper as she squealed and pumped her juices in with mine. I was still thrusting and feeling our combined wetness all over my shaft, pumping even more cum deep in her steaming twat until I finally ran dry, and slumped on her chest. Jesus…that felt so fucking good!!!

I could feel our fuck-juices dribbling down my balls and heard them drip onto the tile floor like a leaking faucet. After everything that had happened today it was taking some time for my breathing to return to normal, and we were covered in a sheen of perspiration. The smell of raw sex hung in the air, and the TV was providing background grunts and groans as the porno continued. I slid free and paused the movie before collapsing back on top of her. We held each other for some time before I whispered in her ear. “I bet I can tell what you’re thinking right now!”

She smiled dreamily as she stroked my face and shoulders. “Ok, smart-ass. What am I thinking?”

“I’ll be you’re trying to figure out how you can get Dad to agree to you being pierced.”

She looked at me in amazement. “Honey, that’s exactly what I was thinking! How could you possibly know that?”

I was just about to reply when the doorbell rang. FUCK!!! Talk about lousy timing! “Shhhh honey!” She whispered. “Let’s just lie her quiet and wait till they go away.” I nodded, after all we couldn’t answer the door like this!

The doorbell rang again, and then we heard a knock and a voice at the door. “Phil, it’s Bec!” You weren’t at school and I wanted to make sure you’re ok. The car is out front, Phil can you answer the door please?”

I looked at Mom as I had no idea what to do now! Surprisingly she didn’t seem all that concerned, and smiled at me. “Well honey, you can’t leave her standing at the door. You’d better let her in!”

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