Candy shows up to lose her final virginity and we're joined by Angie from across the street.
Selling Candy III

Another Monday rolled around, which meant the start of another work week. I hadn't seen the three girls, Candy, Cookie and Angie, since that last encounter when I'd boned them in my kitchen.

I didn't think anything of their absence, really. I just figured I'd had the pleasure of each of them, they'd found guys their own age to practice their newly-found skills on, and that was that.

Boy, was I wrong.

As usual, I woke up early and checked my calendar. Being a pro photographer, I typically work odd hours, so I don't necessarily go in to the office unless I have a shoot scheduled. I didn't have anything till early afternoon, so I lounged around a bit, then decided to jump in the shower.

I had the water set, shaved and was just about to climb in when the doorbell rang. Then it rang again, and again, almost insistently. Someone was clearly impatient to disturb my morning.

I grabbed a robe, left the water running and went to answer the door, ready to unleash hell on whomever it was for the early hour. My peak was deflated, however, when I opened the door to find petite Candy standing on my stoop.

“Hey,” I said. “What's up?”

She took in my attire and grinned.

“Oh, good,” she said, pushing past me and into my crib. “You're home.”

“Yeah,” I said and pushed the door shut behind her. “Again, what's up?”

“I wanted to ask you something and there's no school today so I thought I'd come over and hopefully catch you before you went to work to ask you something,” Candy babbled, seemingly a thousand miles an hour.

I had to stop myself laughing at her sudden outburst. I looked down at her, marveling again just how tiny she was. I'd still not asked her or her friends their ages. Truth be told, I didn't want to know. All I knew is they were young and, seemingly, sexually insatiable.

Candy was wearing a tight white t-shirt which did nothing to disguise the fact her small tits were unencumbered by a bra. Her pencil-erasure nipples were clearly hard, the areola darkened enough to show like twin beacons against the virginal fabric of her shirt.

Below the waist, she had on an extremely short, frilly skirt over opaque white tights. Small sandals graced her delicate feet, her toenails painted a bright, almost florescent pink.

It was quiet as I took this all in. Candy obviously heard the water running in the bathroom, realizing she'd interrupted my morning preparations.

“Oh, you were going to take a shower when I rang, weren't you,” she asked.

“That's alright,” I said. “What did you want to ask me.”

She suddenly grew shy, which surprised me, given how I'd met her – she showed up at my door on the pretense of selling Girl Scout cookies and asked offered to sell me her virginity. I took her up on her offer, along with her friend Cookie, who'd come along for the ride. Come to think of it, I'd not paid them. Oh, well.

“Um, were you, like, serious the other day about what you said to Angie?” Candy asked, still not looking me in the eye.

“Remind me what I said.”

“Well, you'd called her, like, a little girl, and she said, 'Little girl, my ass!' then you said, like, 'Maybe next time' and she said she'd hold you to that,” Candy said in a rush, a red hue creeping up her face.

“Ah, I remember,” I said. “Yes, I was serious, if she wants to.”

“You'd really, like, stick your thing in her butt?” Candy said, looking me in the eyes for the first time, her eyes widening.

“Yes,” I said. “I'd stick my cock in her tiny little ass and fuck her silly,” I said.

Candy's reaction to my blunt words was obvious. Her eyes grew even wider and, I swear, her nipples grew harder. She shifted back and forth on her little feet, rubbing her thighs together, her hand creeping to the hem of her skirt.

“Would you, like, do that to me?” she said in a quiet voice.

I thought for a moment, my brain slowly processing what she was asking me to do. I'd already popped her vaginal cherry and mine was, for all I knew, the first cock she'd ever had in her mouth. How much more damned would I be, really, if I acquiesced to her request and relieved her of her final virginity?

“Sure,” I said. “I'd love to.”

Then another thought crossed my mind.

“You, um, want to call Angie? Just so someone's here to help you along?” I asked.

Candy appeared to think for a moment, then agreed she'd feel more comfortable with her friend from across the street present. She reached into the waistband of her tights – lifting her skirt to reach it, which revealed her camel toe and the fact she wasn't wearing panties – and I stepped into the shower to clean up, leaving her to make the call.

I was happily – and quickly – soaping up a few moments later when I thought I heard the front door open and close. Moments later, the shower curtain was pulled aside and I was joined by two, very naked girls. I marveled again both at the differences and the similarities between their young bodies.

There in front of me was Angie, her clean-shaven Mons glistening as the water cascaded over her tight young body. Next to her stood Candy, the small patch of blond pubes glowing in the harsh florescent light of the bathroom fixture. They stepped into the shower, Candy in front and Angie behind me, grabbed the bottle of bath soap from the edge of the shelf and began to lather me up.

Candy went right for my cock, her hands and the soap cool as they wrapped around the overheated, swelling shaft. For her part, Angie started soaping up my ass. Her tiny fingers probed at my sphincter then moved forward to grip my balls.

“Mmmmmm,” I moaned. “You're doing a great job, girls. Keep it up.”

I couldn't see Angie's face, but Candy had a look of extreme concentration as she worked her petite hand up and down the shaft of my now turgid cock. Her eyes were glued to the head, her lower lip trapped between her teeth as she stroked, massaging the soap into my skin. She seemed fascinated, watching the foreskin as it slipped back and forth, hiding and revealing the head.

I closed my eyes and let my head fall back, reveling in the sensations going through my body. All too soon, I had to stop Candy, pulling her to her feet and extracting my cock from her hand lest I coat her face and chest with my load.

“Your turn, baby,” I said. “Turn around. Spread your legs as far as they'll go.”

Candy complied. She braced her hands against the shower wall and arched her back. She lifted her left foot up to rest on the seat in front of her, which spread her ass and revealed the tiny starfish pucker of her anus. I grabbed the bottle of soap and squirted a generous dollop into my hand.

She moaned as I massaged the green gel into her lower cheeks, then dipped my soapy finger between the lips of her immature snatch and dragged it up and over her sphincter. She groaned and pressed her hips back, the tip of my finger just teasing through the tight ring of muscle.

“God, you're finger's in me!” she moaned. “It feels good!”

“Have you ever played with your butt, Candy?” I asked. “When you rub yourself, do you ever put anything inside your ass?”

“Ummm, yeah,” she said. “Sometimes. I used a crayon once and I've put my finger in there bunches of times.”

“What about that time …” Angie began.

“Shut up, Ange,” Candy said. “I was getting to that. There was this one time, Cookie and I were alone at her house and we started playing around. Pretty soon, we got all naked and she was licking my kitty … my pussy … and then she started licking my butt and she, like, shoved her tongue way up inside my butt hole. That was really hot and I, like, came all over her face.”

Not to be topped, Angie – who was still behind me, working on my ass, balls and cock – piped in.

“I stuck a carrot up my butt one time when I was jillin' with my hair brush,” she said. “It felt really good. I can't wait to, like, get a cock up there.”

The vision in my mind of Angie, double-penetrating herself with a hair brush and a root vegetable, almost had me cumming. I quickly pulled away from her massaging, probing hands, grabbed the shower sprayer off its rack and told the girls to stand up.

Angie reluctantly released her grip on my man bits and stood even as I directed the spray from the hand-held between the cheeks of Candy's tiny, heart-shaped ass. Candy moaned as the pulsing water washed over her girlish snatch, rinsing away the remaining soap, preparing her for what was coming next.

Once she was clean, I turned to Angie and directed the spray to her hairless crotch. Her legs buckled slightly, her eyes squeezed shut and she reached out to grip my arms. She moaned deep in her throat as I removed any soapy residue from her delicate nether lips.

“Alright, girls,” I said as I shut off the water. “Out and dry off then meet me in the bedroom.”

I climbed out, grabbed my robe and went to collect some supplies. I located a bottle of KY lubricant, towels and – almost as an afterthought – a few lengths of rope. I thought the girls – well, Angie, anyway – might enjoy a little light bondage as well as an anal defloration.

Presently, the girls entered the bedroom, bodies glowing from the hot shower. I directed Candy to sit, then turned to Angie, lengths of rope concealed behind my back.

“Turn around and give me your hands, Angie,” I said. “We're going to try a new game today.”

She looked at me for a second, shrugged and complied. She placed her hands behind her back, her trust in my after so short a relationship was actually touching.

“Cross your wrists,” I said.

Candy's eyes got wide as I pulled the hand holding the rope from behind my back while Angie did as instructed. I motioned for Candy to remain quiet and not spoil the “surprise.” Angie flinched as I started wrapping rope around her cross wrists.

“Um, what are you doing?” she asked, a touch of concern entering her girlish voice.

“We're going to play a different game today,” I said. “You're not going to have any say in what happens, unless you use a safe word.”

“What's that?” she asked as I finished binding her wrists. “A safe word?”

“I won't be taking 'no' for an answer to anything we do today,” I said. “If, at any time, it gets to be too much for you, say the word 'strawberry' and I'll stop immediately. Do you understand?”

“Um, I guess,” she said.

She still sounded slightly reluctant, but she'd placed herself completely in my hands.

“Can, um, can I be tied up, too?” Candy asked, not wanting to be left out of the game. “I want a safe word too.”

“Of course you can, sweetie,” I said. “Stand up.”

Candy immediately jumped to her feet and assumed the proper position, facing away from me with her wrists crossed behind her back. I grabbed a second piece of rope and bound her wrists. Neither was tied tightly, but they were definitely secured.

I instructed Angie to lie down on her back across the bed, head facing me and near the edge. Candy I placed on top of her in a classic “69” position, her thighs spread around her friend's shoulders, her ass and cunt in perfect position.

“O-kay,” I said. “You guys have fun. I'll just be back here, taking a few photos and getting Candy ready.”

“Remember, I want my butt fucked, too,” Angie said before she dove into Candy's young snatch, her tongue splitting the hairless lips.

I just grinned at her. As Angie feasted on Candy's snatch, I fired off a few frames with my digital camera, then set it to capture video. I set it up so it covered most of the bed.

I now turned my attention to the little girl ass in front of me. I dropped to my knees and joined Angie in orally pleasuring Candy. Our tongues battled around the little blond pussy, dipping between her immature labia, teasing her recently-deflowered hole.

I soon left Angie to concentrate on Candy's pussy while I turned my attention further north, or south, as the case may be. I slipped the tip of my tongue between her nether lips then slid upward to her tiny brown eye. I teased the delicate starfish-shaped muscle, eliciting deep moans from the young girl.

“Oh, God!” Candy gasped. “He's got his tongue up my butt!”

“I know,” Angie said, her voice muffled by Candy's snatch. “I can see.”

I smacked Candy lightly on the ass, hard enough to sting, then reached under her and pinched Angie's right nipple.

“Don't talk with your mouths full,” I admonished. “It's not polite.”

Both girls broke down into fits of laughter at my comment. Their laughter turned to moans as they resumed orally pleasuring each other.

There was no more talking for several minutes. Angie ate Candy's pussy, her tongue spearing in and out of the tiny orifice, sliding around her lips and flicking her clit, causing Candy's hips to twitch and thrust. I couldn't see, but I presumed Candy was giving her young friend the same attention, judging by Angie's constant moans and groans.

For my part, I still concentrated on Candy's fresh, clean ass. I slathered her back door with my tongue, loosening her anal muscle, pushing the tip further and further inside as I both lubed and relaxed her. I finally decided she was ready, or nearly so.

I stood, picked up the bottle of lubricant and applied a generous amount to her sphincter and coated my fingers. I gently pressed the tip of my index finger against her starfish, moving slowly, insinuating just the tip inside the tiny elastic ring.

Candy grunted deep in her throat as I pressed my well-lubed finger into her ass. I started a slow, pumping motion, moving the tip in and out, going a little deeper each time. Each thrust elicited a fresh moan from Candy, punctuated by gasps as either Angie or I hit a particularly sensitive spot.

I looked down at Angie, her eyes wide at the sight of my finger penetrating her friend's ass, her tongue still busy on Candy's pussy. Her eyes suddenly snapped shut, her back arched and she came. The orgasm seemed to take her as much by surprise as it did me.

Angie's orgasm seemed to trigger Candy, who clamped her legs tight around her friend's head, her anal muscles squeezing, fluttering around the finger buried deep in her ass. I took the opportunity of her pleasurable distraction to add a second finger to Candy's upturned ass. The sensations apparently ramped her orgasm up to a new level.

Holding my fingers slightly apart, I poured a generous amount of lube right into Candy's ass. Her muscles were relaxed enough, I decided, to take it to the next step. I pulled my fingers from her loosened hole and watched the muscle slowly retract on itself. I stroked more lube onto the head and shaft of my cock, then positioned it against the still slightly-open orifice.

“Ready, baby?” I asked, holding my rampant shaft in position. I wanted her to ask for it, no, beg for it.

“Mmhm,” she mumbled, her lips never leaving Angie's snatch.

“I can't hear you,” I said, spanking her lightly on her left butt cheek.

“Yes,” she said, her voice still muffled in the pussy she was eating.

“Yes, what?” I said, teasing her now.

“Yes, I'm ready for it,” she said.

“Ready for what?” I said.

“Ready for … it,” she said, confused.


“For you to fuck me.”

“Fuck you where?”

“In my butt.”


“My butt!”

“What about your butt?”

“Oh, God!” Candy exclaimed. “Please, fuck my butt! Put your big cock deep inside me and fuck my ASS!”

“O-kay,” I said.

I pressed forward, felling the pressure on the tip of my cock increase exponentially. Candy's head flew back as the head of my cock slowly parted the resilient ring of her anus. I fought the urge to just ram myself forward and bury my cock in her in one thrust.

“Oh, fuck!” Candy exclaimed. “God, that's big! I don't know if I can take it!”

“Mmmm, remember the safe word, baby,” I said.

Candy didn't say a word. She just let her head drop between Angie's thighs as I continued filling her ass with my cock.

With a grunt, I finally seated the head of my cock firmly in her rectum. Candy groaned as the muscle of her anus clamped around the ridge behind the head. I left it in place, not moving for a moment, allowing her to adjust to the new sensations coursing through her body.

Angie, meanwhile, continued tonguing Candy's snatch, occasionally licking the length of my shaft and tickling my scrotum. After a few moments which seemed like hours, I felt Candy's asshole relax slightly as she adjusted to the presence of my cock. I pressed forward again, sinking an additional inch into her upturned ass, eliciting another deep moan from her throat.

I began slowly sliding in and out, fucking her with just the first inch or so of my cock, going deeper every few strokes. I watched as her hands flexed in their bonds, opening and closing in time with my thrusts, finally clenching into white-knuckled fists as I bottomed out in her.

“That's all of it, baby,” I said. “My whole cock is in you ass.”

“Gooooooood,” she moaned. “Fuck me. Please.”

I wrapped my hands around her hips and pressed her pussy firmly into Angie's upturned mouth and probing tongue. I slid out until just the tip of my cock remained firmly ensconced in Candy tight rectum, then pressed forward fully, firmly.

I slowly built up speed, Candy beginning to meet my ever thrust as her ass adjusted further to the invasion of my blunt penile missile. Angie moaned as Candy apparently resumed tonguing her friend again, eliciting a similar response from Candy.

“God,” Angie said. “That looks sooo fucking hot! Her little ass is stretched all around your cock!”

“Mmmm,” Candy moaned in reply. “I feel sooo full!”

Again, we stopped talking, the only sounds in the room three distinct sets of moans and groans, punctuated by the steady slap, slap, slap of hips against upturned ass cheeks.

I fucked faster and faster into Candy's upturned ass until I was literally pounding her body down onto Angie's face and tongue. I was amazed she was taking it, her tiny sphincter stretching, white from the pressure of my cock spearing in and out of her ass.

“Fuck!” Candy cried suddenly. “Gonna CUM!”

Her entire body clenched while Angie sucked her clit deeply into her mouth and I buried my cock to the hilt in her ass. Her rectal muscles gripped my shaft, molding themselves to the contours of my cock, rippling like a clenched fist up and down the length of my turgid rod.

With a roar, I pressed forward as hard as I could and exploded, the cum rocketing up the length of my cock to finally overcome the pressure of Candy's muscles and explode into the depths of her bowels. One shot, two, three fired titanic force, coating her walls as she milked my cock with her ass.

“Feel you!” she cried. “Feel you cumming in my ass! Got, it's hot! Soooo hot!”

As quickly as it gripped her, Candy's orgasm released its hold on her body. She literally collapsed without moving from the position she was in, her body going suddenly limp as the last of my cum drained into her now-loose asshole.

I slowly pulled my cock from her ass, the head emerging with an audible pop, followed by a massive glob of semen. My cum dripped straight into Angie's upturned face, coating her lips and falling onto her out-thrust tongue.

“Oh, my God,” Angie moaned, my cum bubbling with her exhaled breath. She licked her lips, catching and swallowing as much of my sperm as she could before swallowing it down her gullet.

Candy, meanwhile, remained limp, laying across her friend's body. Both girls – and me, too, I'm sure – glistened with perspiration. I gently took Candy by the hips and rolled her onto her side, then her back on the bed. Her eyes were closed and she had a look of perfect contentment on her angelic face.

I repositioned both girls on either side of my king-sized bed, then lay down between them. I left their hands bound behind their backs for the moments. Neither one seemed to mind.

Leaving the girls resting, I went for my phone and, still out of breath, called my work. I told my assistant I wasn't feeling up to working today and asked her to reschedule my appointments.

“A little under the weather, are we,” she said. “The best thing for it is to spend the day in bed.”

“Believe me,” I said. “I intend to.”

(To be continued . . .)


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