Believe it or not, this is a true experience of mine. I changed the names of people, but other than that...this is it.

If you haven't read part 1 and 2, I suggest you go to my stories and catch up. And to the people that advise that I am more descriptive, this is how I recall things. Exactly what im typing is exactly how I remember it. And to the people telling that I am spelling things incorrectly, I am fully aware that I mess up on spelling. Not a perfectionist. It's readable so stop complaining :) Here goes....

I'm Jake, and this is a follow up to my years of sexual experiences with my brother who I will call Steven. Steve and I had become closer than ever over the years. Especially after our first time together. We hung out more, and he'd even promised me that when he moved out, and when I turned 18, that he'd move me in so I would always have a place to go. He had a job at a local movie theater and a car since he was 16 so he could do what he wanted. With our mother being an alcoholic and all, they had a huge fight over something that neither of them would tell me about, and ultimately Steve decided to leave not too long after his 18th birthday. It really got me down. I missed my brother and he rarely came around that often after he had left.

I was then 13 and puberty was setting in. I didn't have much acne yet, but I did have a small amount of pubes growing around my penis and balls. My first wet dream came that year too. I was a little freaked out waking up to sticky wet crap on my sheets, but it was ok I guess. It happened to all guys, I was just happy to be growing up. A little hair under my arms, legs and stomach too. Not much to show off, but enough to notice. I had what my mom called a "dirt stache" (a barely visible mustache) over my top lip, which I was very proud of. But the absolute worse was my cracking voice. If i laughed, yelled, even burped, it cracked. My friends got a big kick out of that. Alot of my friends at school had began this process last year, but I guess I was the late one. I was playing Crash on my PlayStation in my room, and my door flung open. My mom handed my the cordless house phone and walked away. I could smell the beer lingering after she had already left. She stammered away, but trying to act sober. I quickly shot up to help her, but she pushed me off and proceeded to tell me that she was fine. Even though she was an alcoholic I was always the one to worry about my mom. She was once an upstanding woman, and then she just turned. I kind of felt like even though Jake and her fought all of the time when he was here, she still missed him.

I jetted back over to the phone in an instant to see who it was, although I had an idea...

"Hello?" I said with a crack in my voice. I cleared it numerous times.

"Creep! What's up brother?!" He yelled.

I can't even describe the feeling in the pit of my stomach when I heard his voice. I was the happiest kid alive.

"Steve! Holy crap man. I thought i'd never hear from you again. Man, why haven't you called or visited us......I mean me." I said realizing that visiting my mom wasn't one of his top priorities.

"I'm sorry man. I shouldn't have bailed like that. Work has been crazy, and I'm looking for a new place. And stuff happened that I guess mom didn't think I should be there. She thought that I had harmed you in some way." he said in a low tone as if he didn't even want to hear himself say it.

"Like what Steve?" I asked not even thinking about the years that he had been molesting me since as far back as I can remember. He was holding my penis while I pee'd ever since I was potty trained, and then he rub, squeeze and jerked it to make me hard and then stop before mom could find out that I had a boner. I mean it didn't hurt. I guess it was wrong. I was brain-washed and I thought it was brotherly love. I knew deep down that other brothers didn't do this, but he reassured me that it was ok.

"Um...Don't know." He replied trying to rush the topic over.

"Oh. Well...I miss you Steve. A lot. Just wish we could hang out again." I said clearing my throat once again trying to mock the centered tone of my brother's.

"Tell you what Jakey.....How's about I come pick you up tomorrow and we go out and get a bite and catch up." He said trying to up my spirits.

"Sounds great! I'm off of school at 3:30!"

"Be there around 3:31." He said with a chuckle.

I chuckled back, "But I don't get to the house until around 4:00...."

"I'll be at your school, creep." He said with another laugh.


We hung up and I just plopped on my bed and thought about our old times. Just hanging out, being brothers.

The next day I took longer than usual picking my clothes for the day. It was a warm day, but a nice breeze going. So I put on a pair of light blue jeans and a white t-shirt. My favorite converse, and a ball cap to match. My hair was no longer long and bowl cut, but now short, but still shaggy and a little out of place. That was my style. I liked it short, especially when it was warm out. Brushed my teeth, took my morning piss and jetted out the front door.

I met up with my good friends who I will call Tyler and Jason. A girl was standing in front of us at the bus stop and we were staring up her legs. Wanting to see what was between a girls legs was a small obsession of mine. I had never had a serious relationship, and neither had my friends. We'd talk about pussy and tits to each other cause that's what guys do...but deep down we all knew we had no clue of what one looked like.

After school had ended, I met back up with my buddies and they walked out of school with me. They wanted to see if I was bluffing about my brother picking me up in his car. it was a red Saturn, and he kept it very clean and nice.

They all said "whoa" in unison as my brother was waiting right there for me.

"Catch you guys later!" I yelled to them as I ran for my brothers car.

My brother gave the peace sign to them both and they waved back and walked towards the buses.

I hopped in the passengers seat and closed the door. Without even saying hi he grabbed me and hugged me. So tight that I thought he'd crush my ribs. He kissed my neck a couple of times and continued hugging me. I hugged him back just as tight though. I didn't care. I missed him so badly. He kissed my neck one last time and broke the hug. I saw a small tear that had formed in the corner of his eye that he quickly swiped away and blamed on the "pollen" in the weather. Steve was a tough guy which is one thing that I admired about him. As im a little more emotional and shy than he was.

As he drove we talked. About sports, cars, and his job. He worked at the theater and he was complaining about a co-worker of his. Than we talked about school and what I wanted to do with my life.

Finally, he pulled up to a restaurant. He got out. He had really cool ripped jeans, with a Pink Floyd t shirt. He had the most awesome Mohawk ever. It was small and subtle, but it was really cool. It was HIS style. I got out too and he put he arm around me and we walked in together. We sat down, ordered, and sipped on some coke while we waited on our orders.

"So, how's mom been?" He asked slurping his pop.

"Same old." I replied hesitantly. I didn't want to talk about mom right then, I was trying to escape.

He was fixated on me. He kept looking at me, all over. Up and down.

I was beggining to become nervous, what was he looking at? I thought.

"What man? Do I have something on my face or something?" I said breaking the awkward stares.

He licked his finger and rubbed it over my cheek, "Now you do." He said laughing.

I laughed, reached over the table and punched his arm.

I wiped off my cheek.

Our food finally arrived. We both got burger and fries.

Steve took a huge bite of his burger and mumbled, "So, would mom care if you came back to my place for the night? I mean only if you wanna...." He said as he pointed at me with a french fry.

"Really?! Could I??" I exclaimed. Probably a bit too loud.

"AFTER you ask mom. I don't need her at my doorstep at midnight. Even though she doesn't know exactly where I live, she'd figure it out."

I looked down and sighed, "I don't know."

"Well, are you going to ask or what, creep? I'll drive ya by on the way to my place." He said continuing to eat as I just sat there and stared at my food. The thought of my mom saying no, and us having to end the day with me not getting to hang out with my brother made me sick.

"I'll just come." I said finally.

"What? You? Mr. I want to do the right thing?" He said sarcastically.

"Hey, man shut up!" I yelled as agitation set in.

"Aw, man i'm joking. Don't get all sensitive. Eat up, I got a surprise after this." He said with a comforting smile.

I smiled back and began eating again.

After we left he pulled up to a video game store. I was beaming im sure. He let me buy 5 of any games I wanted for my PlayStation.

When we got to his apartment I was already a bit sleepy, but I didn't want to bail out. He unlocked the door and I walked in. It was awesome. His guitar hanging up on the wall. His drum set under. He had a big TV and a couch in front of that. So many movies to pick from also.

"Welcome to the man cave." He said with a smirk.

"This is your second home now bro. Anytime you want or NEED to get away from whatever, you're welcome to. But you've gotta catch the bus here seeing as I rarely have days off like today. But I'm home at night, and sometimes Saturday." He rambled on as I ran through the place. He had only one bedroom which was obviously his. His bed was a queen size and he had a TV in there too. I looked over at his nightstand and saw a opened condom wrapper. He saw me looking at it, "Oh, sorry. This fucking smoking hot girl from my job came over yesterday." He said grabbing his junk and doing a weird dance.

I laughed and pushed him out of the way.

He pulled of two beers and we plopped down on the couch. To my surprise, he cracked open both and handed me one.

"It'll put some hair on your chest." He said.

"I don't know, Steve. I don't think I......" He quickly shut me up and proceeded telling me that one beer wouldn't hurt.

So I took a sip. Before I knew it my brother and I went through a 6 pack of beer together. I was feeling pretty weird, but good. I had never been drunk before so I wasn't sure if I was or not.

I caught him looking at me like he had in the restaurant.

"Damn, you look different. I you're growing up for real. And you are starting to not sound like a little girl anymore." We both laughed.

"Got any pubes yet?" He said as he chugged his last beer, and I did the same.

"Yeah, man. Not alot, but I got em." I said with pride.

"Let me see." He said with his centered tone.

"Why?" I said defensively.

"Because im your fucking brother." He said in a stern tone this time. As if I had no right to ask him why he wanted to see my pubes.

He looked down at my crotch and then looked at me as if he were waiting on me.

I sighed. There was something intimidating about him. Not that I think he'd hurt me, but he was just convincing enough that he would. I looked at him again and he reassured me.

"Ok. But just for a second." I said unbuttoning my jeans.

"As if i've never seen your dick before. I sucked it remember?" He said in a matter of fact way.

It shocked me that he even mentioned it.

I unzipped my pants, pulled them under my butt, and then my underwear. My flaccid 4 inch soft penis flopped out. He reached down and rubbed his index finger over my pubes, but I could tell he was more focused on my penis.

"Your cock is fat. Fatter than mine was at your age. Shorter than mine, but yours is definitely fat. Oh man, chicks would totally dig that." then he did it, he grabbed my dick and squeezed it.

"Oh man this thing is meaty and fat. And your balls have dropped. Do you shoot yet?" He asked.

I shook my head yes.

Thats when he leaned over and began kissing me. He never asked to kiss me or do those things that he did to me when I was a kid. He just did it. He knew I would never stop him, and eventually it started to feel good anyways. I mean I can't lie as if I didn't think about it every now and then. Hell, I even jerked off a couple times imagining Steve sucking on my little cock when I was little. After the first time, it happened quite a bit. While I showered, he would come in and suck me. While I peed, he'd wait until I finished so he could suck out the pee drops, when I was watching TV he'd even whip it out and start sucking it. Part of me wondered if my mom found out about what he was doing to me, but I never told, so I don't know how she would.

His tongue swished around my mouth and I felt 7 years old again. Like a little boy. I submitted to him, and let him grope my body the way he loved to.

"I missed you, Jake. I love you." he said.

Those words made me feel warm. I loved when he told me he loved me, but it was usually only during a sexual act he was performing on me.

"I love you, too Steve." But little did he know that I REALLY loved him. I'm sure now that I think on it I thought that I was IN love with him. It sounds silly, but I really believed I was.

He got off of the couch. I was still sitting with my pants down around my ankles. He got in between my knees and grabbed my limp dick. He flopped over and he quickly picked it up with his mouth.

"Mmmm" He said as he sucked on my dick.

"Its even fatter than I thought." He said sucking away.

He stopped talking once I got hard and swollen in his mouth. He realized that he was no longer sucking a little boys penis anymore, but now a young man's penis. I got rock hard in his mouth and I begin fucking his mouth. This also surprised him. He relaxed his throat and let me hit his tonsils with my tip. I wasn't yet big enough to go all the way into his throat. He was sucking my dick with a fury. It felt so good. It felt so right. It felt like an eternity, but it had only been 3 minutes before I unloaded in his throat. I spewed my seed with 2 long strands. He closed his mouth as I came and swallowed every time my dick jerked in his mouth. He took the control back and sucked me until I was soft. He kissed, licked, and sucked on the head getting the last couple of drops.

"It sure isn't a baby dick anymore." He said looking up at me.

He got up and yanked his pants and underwear down and shoved his fully grown, hairy, cock to my mouth. His balls hung very low, and his dick smelled a bit musty. I wanted to suck him though. I opened my mouth and he inserted. I bobbed my head, trying to remember how to suck a dick. It wasn't long before he was in the back of my throat.

"Ahh, Jakey. I love you Jake. Oooh."

I just kept sucking. Occasionally licking his balls, but I hated that. I always hated when he made me lick his balls. I took as much of his dick in my mouth as I could. I suctioned my mouth over his cock-head and sucked for dear life. I wanted him to feel good. After about 7 minutes he came. I tried swallowing, but I ended up spitting into my hand when he wasn't looking. It tastes disgusting, and I could never get used to that taste, but I loved the sucking part.

He got up, pant less and walked to the bathroom to piss. I got up as well, dick swinging and walked to the bathroom. He moved over and I stood next to him and took my piss as well. We sword fought until we were done pissing and he reached over and shook off my dick. I shook of his as well.

As we were walking down the hallway back to the living room we were drawn to each other. He grabbed my waste and pushed me up against the wall and softly kissed my lips. I kissed him back. I felt his fingers going up and down my ass crack and feeling the hole. He grabbed my penis with his life and probed my ass with his right.

"I want to fuck you Jake. I mean... I want to make love to you. I fuck others, but I want to make love to you. You're my brother, I love you more than I love anyone." He said looking into my eyes trying to find the answer.

"I love you too, Steve. I want to be just like you. I....Ever since I can remember I always admired you." I replied. I'm sure I made no sense at all.

"I want you as my boyfriend, Jake. We can't tell anyone, but i'll treat you so good. I'm 18 I know and you're 13, but we can't deny our feelings. I've been in love with you since we were little. Before we did bj's on each other. You are the one for me, bro. Come stay here with me, and we will be together every night when im off of work, and I could even get you a job at the theater." he said slowly jerking my dick.

"I sure hope so." I replied.

He smiled and jerked me off fast and he pointed my head towards his mouth as he leaned down. I blew my mouth all over his lips and chin.

We went out and he got more beer. We came back and drank a couple more and watched movies. He even taught me some chord's on guitar that night. We had a blast.

He tried to stick it in my ass that night, but I was too chicken.

"Next time. For real. Just not now dude." I told him with a serious face. He finally let the idea go, but I knew that the next time I was over he would expect me to have sex with him. He follows through when he says he going to do something. I was scared, but I just wanted to be with him. He kissed and hugged me that whole night as movies played.

We were back at old times and hanging out again. I planned on mentioning living with Steve to my mom. I guess I would see what happened....

It would be the most fun i've ever had. Being with my big bro all the time.

It all sounded great, but were brothers aloud to love each other?




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