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Part II - The visit

"Send me a text if you want more," she had said and left.

It had been very painful. As a child I once got hit in the balls by a soccer ball and this hurt just as much. I did not let out a sound though, as all the air seemed to have left my body. I crouched over so much my hair touched the wet asphalt. Anyone passing probably would have guessed me to be a drunk. Or a blotter perhaps.

I had pulled up my pants and hurried out of the alley. I had no idea if anyone had seen me. As I left the alley I could not see her. So I took a bus home. Already on the bus I got hard again. I was surprised as I still was in pain. But as the pain subsided my hardon did not. Fortunately, since I have such a small cock it was not difficult to hide it as I got off the bus.

I thought of her all evening, but as I went to bed I decided I better not contact her again. The next morning I woke up with a hardon. I started stroking it, but I could not forget how great it was when she stroked me in the movie theatre. I texted her, asking if we could meet again.

"Meet me at the Sugar Cafe at 4 pm," was the return text.

Of course I did. I got there early. I did not want to annoy her more than necessary. And, of course, I had a hardon as I sat waiting at my table.

When I have been drunk and out on the city I have often forgotten how the girls look and have often ended up disappointed when I met them in real life. Not so with ... which was when I realized that I did not even know her name. I opened my wallet and looked at the note she had left with her phone number, but it only had her phone number. No name.

"Come," she said.

Startled by not noticing that she had approached, I got up and followed her.

She had a quick pace. I walked faster and almost beside her, but kept one half step behind. She did not even look back at me. She was wearing a skirt today, giving me a glimpse of her lovely, slim legs. Her hair looked different, but I was not sure.

Two blocks later we went inside a building and up two stairs. She unlocked a door and went inside. I looked for a name plaque, but could not see any.

"This is my place," she said, "and you better do as I tell you."

"Of course," I said, my cock pulsating at her cold voice.

She kicked off her left shoe. It was a black, quite ordinary shoe.

"Jerk off into it," she said.

I hesitated. We were in the hallway. I could see two more doors, both locked. Some jackets hung on a rack, a mirror and some shoes, otherwise no particular decoration.

"I don't have all night," she said.

I got into action quickly. I pulled down my pants, lifted the shoe off the floor and started jerking off. I looked at her and in response she licked the air in front of her. It was so sexy I couldn't help but cumming. I got all of it into the shoe. Hot flushed, I shook a little and started breathing slower as my cock got smaller. There I stood with her shoe in my hand, filled with my sperm.

"I left the other shoe on," she said. "Do you understand what that means?"

Fuck. Of course I did. Damn, she had not even touched me. But I nodded and went down on my knees and spread my legs.

"Tell me what you are," she said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"You know fucking well what I mean," she said.

I realized I did know.

"I'm a fucking loser," I said.

"That's right," she said and kicked me in my balls.

This time I cried out as I jerked forward. Fuck, that hurted. Tears almost came to my eyes. I was a fucking loser. How else would I let her kick me in the balls for the pleasure of jerking off in front of her. Only this time I thought I had noticed a small smile on her as she kicked me, and strangely that made it all just a tiny bit better.

"You can pull up your pants now," she said, "it is nothing to look at."

I stood up even though the pain told me to stay down. As I reached down for my pants one of the doors opened and another girl came out. I panicked and tried my best to hide my little hurting cock as I pulled my pants up.

The new girl smiled at me, but I don't know if I smiled back. She must have been in her early 20s too. Long, curly red hair. Freckles. Cute.

"Is this the one with the tiny one?" she asked.

"Drink from the shoe," my girl said.

"Drink?" I said.

"He is not very smart," she said.

"I can see that," said the red head and laughed. A beautiful, haunting little laughter.

I looked down, too embarrassed to look them into their eyes. I lifted the shoe up, looked into it and then poured the sperm into my mouth. I had tasted my own sperm before, just to test it, but it was something completely different to do it in front of two beautiful girls. I did not stop drinking until I was sure it was all gone, not daring to look at them.

"Now leave," my girl said, "and text me when your cock is hard again."

I closed the door behind me and ran down the stairs and out into the street.

End of part II

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