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This is my first story, and I'm going to make more chapters if people like this little 'introduction' to the main characters and such. I apologies in advance for my spelling and grammar.. I'm from Denmark, and English a difficult language... I promise to get better :)

My breathing sounded heavy in the dead silence which surrounded me. The deserted streets hoarded in total darkness, and let the shadows and the dense fog make it extremely scary and sinister. I didn't know if I could ever stop running, but knew that I soon had to do it, since my lungs and heart soon couldn't take it anymore, as it felt like I was being stabbed with a knife with every breath and step I took. But I just couldn't get my feet to stop, because every time I began walking and trying to relax a bit, I could hear the hooves directly behind me. So, I just couldn't stop. I didn't know what I was gonna do if they caught me, and I would probably not survive it if they did

It took some minutes before I was forced to stop, but made sure to stop in a dark alley so I knew they wouldn't see me. I sat down close up against the ice cold wall and pulled my legs up to my chin, and didn't let my senses get distracted and kept them on the sounds and the things that happened around me.

This dark underworld I found myself in, would never let go of me, I already knew that while I sat there for myself. Though, if I escaped from it, I would never stop being a part of it.

I quickly shook my head as I didn't want think about it and glanced around on my surroundings for Laurent and his men, whom I had seen riding after me when I escaped from the mansions walls. I could neither hear nor see anything out in the darkness, but knew that Laurent had some manipulative abilities and could easily do things that I couldn't even imagine. Laurent and Jasper were some manipulative creatures of the underworld who only wanted death and destruction. And I didn't want to enjoy anything of that!

When I was one hundred percent sure that there wasn't anyone near where I was, I stood up and could feel how the cold weather went straight through my clothes and made me cold and wet in to the bones, because of the rain that was falling from the dark sky and the fierce wind that hit me hard and got me to freeze like never before.

I shuddered when it suddenly got colder around me as if the temperature suddenly went a few degrees down. It got me to shut my arms tightly around me to try and keep the warm in, and the cold out, and I quickly began to see my breath as a white fog from my mouth, which led me to suspicion. It was cold at night in this dark city, but not so cold that the temperature did this kind of thing.

It took a few seconds before I understood what was happening, and knew that Laurent was nearby. He had that effect on the weather, and I therefore hated to be near him, but could luckily feel everytime he was near me and could therefore easier avoid him. But he was still cold and nasty and always made me succumb to him from the cold or pure pain which he could give me.

I was gonna start running again, but didn't even get to walk one step, before an arm settled around my stomach and something wet went over my mouth and nose. It smelled of something sweet and I knew right away what it was… Chloroform…

I squealed behind the cloth that was soaked with chloroform and tried to get away, but found myself caught, as the person who had an arm around me, put more strength against my stomach and the cloth, and made it impossible for me to escape.

"Is this the behavior you have towards people?" asked the all too familiar voice, whispering in my ear. The voice was cold and seductive, and a shiver shut through me.. Laurent. To hear this man's voice caused me to make my eyes go big of pure fear and I knew that I had lost, but was too stubborn to stop fighting his grip

I continued the fight and screamed for help as long as I could, but could slowly feel the chloroform take effect and led me slowly into the unconscious dark and cold embrace "That's good my little angel..." Laurent's voice whispered into my ear before my world went completely dark ....


It was far past midnight when Laurent came back with the girl. I had waited a couple hours, but had been having some fun with one of the other girls, who I owned as a slave.

Laura had pleaded me to stop, but I shut her voice out of my head, and plunged myself harder into her, drowning her voice and turning them into lustful moans, pleading for more, and trying to ignore the pain. The little slut, Amelia, was now the reason for another girl suffering. As a consequence for Amelias mistakes, the other girls were gonna be tortured. One by one, until Laurent came back. But I didn't worry... When he came with her.. She would get the punishment she deserved, and I trusted Laurent to find her and retrieve her to me...

I had satisfied Laura for the third time, when I heard knocking on my bedroom door. A cold and nasty smile was suddenly spreading across my face and I could hardly wait to punish Amelia. She should've really have learned after all these years after living under my roof, that she couldn't escape from me, and that it was a bad idea even to try it.

I let go of Laura and she collapsed in front of me , whimpering and had one arm cuffed to each of the bedposts "stop that whimpering!" I sneered, maybe a bit too harsh but didn't really care. Laura stopped, and that was the only thing that mattered. Screw it if they were offended or hurt! I didn't want to be concerned about their feelings. They just had to do their job, and their job was to satisfy me 24/7. "Get your clothes on" I ordered and freed Laura from the handcuffs and didn't look back down on her and had my eyes on the door where Laurent was waiting. I took a shirt and some boxers on, but didn't close the shirt, because I really didn't bother to do it.

"Enter!" I said in a loud voice to be sure that Laurent heard me and looked a bit excited at the door. Laura had quickly gotten her clothes on and disappeared out the door when Laurent entered, I could easily sense that she wouldn't be near the room, the moment I got my hands on Amelia.

He had the girl in his arms. She was unconscious. It wasn't such a big problem that she was unconscious. That was actually better, because then I wouldn't have any problems with her. "Laurent... I see you found her" I said, pleased and rubbing my hands against each other, walking over to the man and looked down at Amelia's face and body, in search for any damages. It would be a shame to have permanent marks on such a beautiful creature. I wouldn't let my girls have any marks that wouldn't go away with time. It would ruin their perfect bodies...

"Did you have any problems with her?" I asked in a neutral tone and looked at Laurents face who was looking down on the sleeping beauty in his arms.
"Not really... She was fighting a bit, but it was a pretty easy job to make her quiet" Laurent told me and sounded ice cold. I nodded satisfied of what he told me and nodded toward my bed "Just put her down on the bed" I said gently and calm and looked at Laurent while he did what I said. Amelia moved slightly and made some whimpering sounds when Laurent and I cuffed her tightly to the bed in the same position as Laura had been in. I found some duct tape and made sure that she was unable to talk by putting four layers of the sticky and thick tape over her pretty lips. I could feel my member getting harder, just seeing Amelia in my bed, and in my possession, and I was pretty sure that I could see the lust and hunger in Laurent's eyes, as his eyes always was on the girl who was now lying in my bed, unconscious.

I knew that Laurent wanted Amelia, but I knew that he didn't want to go against my orders, and for that, I was grateful. And that was the reason why he had always been by my side; he was loyal and did everything I told him to do.

"Do you want me to leave, sir?" Laurent asked and focused a bit on me. I didn't answer his question, and took a few seconds to think. I then nodded and waved with my hand, towards the door "Yes.. you're excused.." I said and didn't move my eyes, as Laurent left me and Amelia alone....

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