Best experience ever!!
A few years ago I was staying by a lady who took me in as things with my dad and I weren’t working out. I stayed with her for about 5 years as I was still completing high school. Even though we didn’t get along all the time, she still provided me with things that I needed like a room over my head, food in my tummy, and during my matric year she gave me my first car. It wasn’t long before I decided to move out on my own. I moved in land and not even a few months later my car got stolen outside my department. This left me stranded in the shittiest little town you can possibly think of.
In the mean time I heard that the lady who took me in had adopted another kid. At the time she was 11 years old. Apparently her dad had shot himself and the mother was nowhere to be seen. I was quite shocked at this news, but didn’t think much of it. I mean, I was 21 at the time and an 11 year old girl was not really something that would draw my attention. Yeah right!!! The lady and this girl came to visit me one day and for some reason there was just this obvious attraction between myself and this girl who had turned 12 in the mean time. Not that there was anything we could do about it as we stayed miles apart. But it wasn’t long after their visit that I had called them to ask whether I could move back in with them as I was really struggling without transport. The lady had agreed and gave me my very outside room. I moved back a couple of days later and settled in nicely.
During the next few days, myself and this girl got to know each other as we spent a lot of time together and telling each other about our pasts. Somehow we just connected as we had a lot in common with our messed up families. I started liking this girl a lot and knew that I was very attracted to her, but kept on telling myself that she is way too young and that I could get into a lot of trouble if we got caught. But knowing myself I always seem to go with the flow. The risk involved and the thought of getting it on with her was so inviting.
The one night she and I were sitting in the lounge watching TV. The lady with whom we stayed read a lot of books in her room at night and so she usually left us in the lounge to watch TV. Anyway, I was lying on the one couch and this girl came and sat right in front of me on the floor. She had her own couch to sit on, so this was sort of a sign to me that she was perhaps testing the waters. We didn’t watch much TV as we were engaged in a lot of conversation. During all this talking my mind started wondering as I just wanted to touch her and see what would happen. After a couple of minutes I managed to gather enough courage to lift my hand and play with her hair. I was pleasantly surprised that she didn’t mind this and let me carry on. So now to phase 2 as her hair wasn’t really what I wanted to touch. A few minutes later my hand started wondering down her arm and back up to her hair. Once again, she didn’t even flinch. I then finally decided that my hand would pass over her breast, which was very well developed for a 12 year old. The moment my hand hit base and I realized that she was totally okay with it I knew that things would go a lot further than this in the days to come.
During the next few days we started kissing and making out. I tell you, this was amazing as it was by far one of the most thrilling things I had done in my life. Trying to take things easy, I didn’t push her into doing things that she didn’t want to do as I was not sure whether she would let me take it all the way with her. But I had to find out how far she was willing to go as I wanted fuck this girl badly, especially since she was an absolute hotty and a virgin.
I think it was a Saturday afternoon and we had the house all to ourselves. Naturally, we didn’t let any of that time go to waste. We were making out in her room and for the first time we both took our clothes off. I was on top of her while we were making out, but at the same time I was rubbing my cock against her wet pussy. Even at this point I wasn’t sure whether she would allow me to penetrate her though and claim her 12 year old virginity. Slowly I started manoeuvering my cock more towards the entry to her pussy and just as I thought I was hitting home run, she stopped me and asked whether I had a condom. I told her that I don’t use condoms as a lot of the feeling goes away and that she shouldn’t worry about falling pregnant as I had slept with a lot of other girls before and never made any of them pregnant. I re-assured her that everything will be fine. She then took my word for it and gave me a slice of heaven.
My 21 year old cock was only but loving this tight 12 year old virgin pussy. I told her that it might be sore, but surprisingly my cock managed its way into her without any problems. It felt like fucking a chick’s ass. So much more compression!! Obviously I couldn’t cum in her so I pulled out when my load was ready to blow and covered her firm tummy with my cum. Hallelujah!! I felt like a new man!!
Since that day we fucked every day. At first she used to sneak out of her room every night and into mine where we would waste no time removing each other’s clothes and slip my cock into her. Once we were done, she would lie next to me for a little while and then sneak back into her room. Some nights I would sneak into her room.
As the days went by, I started working at the lady with whom we stayed as she owned her own engineering company. This was probably one of the best moves I could’ve made, because part of my job description was to pick little madam up from primary school every day and take her home. She was in Grade 7 at the time. Little did the lady know that I didn’t only take her home, but I certainly didn’t go back to work immediately after doing so. We were living the dream as we had the house to ourselves every single week day. Well, for an hour or so at least.
What had me permanently turned on was the fact that she had her school uniform on and there is nothing in this world that is sexier than a girl in her uniform and knowing that you are gonna tap that ass with her uniform on every day. Some days I wouldn’t even remove her panties, but simply pull them one side so that her pussy lips would stick out in order for my cock to gain access into her from behind. We fucked in every corner of that house. From the lounge, the dining room, the kitchen, the bathroom, the rooms, all the way through to the study. There was no place that we didn’t try.
The one afternoon she told me that an older friend of hers was telling her that she sometimes prefers taking it up the arse instead of her vagina and that we should try it out. I remember that we were in the study that day. Obviously I wasn’t going to say no. A 12 year old girl taking it up her arsehole? Yes please!!! It’s common knowledge that bum holes are much tighter than a girl’s pussy so I knew that my cock was now going to be given the tightest hole it has ever been in. She was still in her short school dress and after agreeing that we were going to do it, I turned her around, bent her forward, used a bit of good old spit for lube, and slowly started pushing my super hard cock into her bum. A few moments later my cock was in and I slowly started pumping it in and out of her small, cute bum hole. I think I was about ready to come in no more than 3 to 4 minutes. This was also the first time that I didn’t have to pull out when I was ready to shoot my load as I filled her butt hole with cum. Best anal ever!!!
But wait, the story gets even better as time goes by. I had told a close friend of mine about my secret relationship with this young girl and he thought that I was a God for pulling it off. He even called me “The Don”. Anyway, my friend and little miss freshness also got to know one another as he started coming over to visit me more and more often. My friend and I then said that we should talk to her about having a threesome with us. I spoke to her about it and she said that she was okay with the idea. So the one night the lady who owned the house went out to some show and we had the house all to ourselves again. We invited my friend over and pulled out a bottle of red wine. It wasn’t our idea of an ideal drink, but at the end of the day beggars couldn’t be choosers so we had to make due. As you know, red wine doesn’t take very long to start getting the blood flowing. I was half way through my glass when I realized that this night was perfect for us to have our 3way. I told them that we should do it that night and they both agreed.
We trotted off to her room and sat down on her bed. She then first insisted that she do a little Shakira dance for us so as to get us in the mood for that little bod. My friend and I was loving the little dance, but both my friend and I had super hard-ons that needed urgent attention. We quickly summoned her to the bed and undressed her. Our clothes came off immediately after that. This was in fact my first 3way and didn’t know what to expect. She was like a natural as she started taking control of the situation by giving us each BJ’s. I can’t remember who penetrated her first, but we were making turns fucking her. While the one was fucking her, she was either sucking the other ones cock or wanking him depending on whether she was taking it from behind or the front. That night I fell in love with 3sums as seeing my “girlfriend” being fucked and enjoying being fucked by another guys cock was a major turn-on for me. I then also suggested that we double penetrate her. This appealed to all of us as the idea of two adult cocks in one 12 year old pussy was just plain slutty and we like slutty. She was a bit worried that we won’t get both our cocks into her, but as my friend and I lied on our backs facing opposite directions with our cocks joined together, she stood over us and lowered her pussy onto our cocks. To all of our surprise both our cocks slipped into her without hesitation. This only showed that I had done a good job fucking that tight virgin pussy and turned it into a slut hole as it was now wide enough to take any size cock. Anyway, she then continued pumping our cocks into her while standing on her haunches. This was an amazing thing to experience.
During the time that we were together we had fucked more times than all the other girls I had slept with put together. We sometimes even snuck the car out and drove down to the beach where we would fuck each other senseless in the car. We sometimes also went down to the private beach down the road from us during the day where we would find ourselves a nice little spot where we would get naked and have sex on the beach. Public toilets, friends houses, the factory, in the bushes, you name it, we were there and ready to get it on.
No for the sad part. The one night she had snuck into my room where we did our usual nightly fuck session, but both of us fell asleep only to be woken up by the lady with whom we were staying as she couldn’t find little madam anywhere. She walked straight into the room and saw that my little sex Goddess was completely naked. We were caught red handed. I mean, what was I going to say to that? I was speechless. The lady then told me that she wanted me out of her house by the end of the day and I also lost my job at the factory. That was the end of a beautiful 2 years that we managed to keep it under wraps. I was banned from seeing her again and as much as we tried keeping in contact we just couldn’t due to the risks involved as I was already lucky enough to have not been charged with statutory rape. As the days turned into weeks, and the weeks into months, and the months into years, we eventually grew apart and lost contact. But I’ll tell you what, ever since her I have only been interested in having sex with girls around that age. Most of my friends say that they won’t go under 15 or 16, but I’ve had my fair share of 15 and 16 year old girls and they just don’t compare to what a 12 year old has to offer. I have become so infatuated with 12 year old girls that I would even have a sexual relationship with my daughter if she gives me the slightest hint that she wants some of her daddy’s cock when she turns that age... That’s provided I ever have a daughter.
Anyway, hope you enjoyed my story. And to those fathers and daughters who write such amazing incest stories on XNXX, thank you. I really enjoy them.

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