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Family love is the purest
It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when it started - well, easy for the first time he fucked me - the sexual attentions, the touching etc., but I guess my earliest recollections are when I was about four, and my Dad used to have me sitting on his knee watching TV, and he would have his hand under my bottom, and I could feel his fingers stroking my crotch. Don't get me wrong, I liked it. OK I didn't know that it was wrong, I just enjoyed his gentle, and I guess sensual, touches. Also he would read me bedtime stories or sometimes just make them up, and while he told them, he would stroke me - my hair, my arms, my legs and between them too. I loved him, and I loved being caressed and fondled - who wouldn't. I don't remember anything more than that for quite sometime, maybe until I was sort of six years old. About then, he continued both the lap TV-watching and the bedtime stories, but I became conscious of something hard, pressing against my bottom, when he removed his hand while watching kid's TV programmes. And about then, with me in bed, having my bedtime story, he started to take my hand and have me stroke him - first his face, including his rough beard, then his hairy arms, and then this bulge in his trousers/shorts/pjs. It quite fascinated me, as when I stroked it, especially if all he was wearing were pjs or boxers, this bulge would twitch and jerk. But even then it was quite some time before he had me stroke it "bareback". Again around this time he started to put his hand down inside my pjs and caress my 'front bottom', and I really liked that. Always after he had felt my cunny and I had stroked his bulge, he would give me a kiss - on the cheek or forehead or sometimes on the lips. (My how my daddy loved me!)
While watching TV - bearing in mind my ma would be there as well - he was less forward, but had started to move my knickers aside and just stroke my girly cunt. I would squirm and wriggle with enjoyment, and I thought my ma was unaware of his attentions, but later realised how wrong that idea was!
Then one evening, bedtime storytime came round, and it was a very hot evening, and I was just in a thin nightdress and no knickers, and I was sitting on the bed with my legs crossed, knees drawn up, so I guess he could see straight up my nightie, and my dad came in wearing only thin shorts, and immediately he sat down on the bed, without any attempt at story telling, he slid his hand up my nightie and began stroking me between my legs, at the same time taken my hand and placing it on the huge bulge at the front of his shorts. It was sort of throbbing, and I really gave it some stroking, whether in attempt to stop it's throbbing or what, I don't know, but this prompted him to take my hand and slide it down the front of his shorts and on to his throbbing cock. Again I was fascinated and was concentrating hard on fondling and caressing this big thing, while one of his fingers began probing my pussy and after caressing the lips, slipped inside me. I got excited, I suppose, and starting to pee, and was quite surprised when he was not cross with me for wetting my bed. Shssh he said, I won't tell mommy, if you don't, and put his piss-soaked fingers up to his mouth in the time-honoured way of expressing secrecy - though I must confess I have never seen others lick and suck their fingers after shushing, as he did! This now became the norm for my evening time with my lovely dad, and afore long he would be sitting there with his cock out of his shorts/trousers/pjs, so I could see exactly what I was doing stroking it, and he would finger me till I peed. Sometimes he would have me sit in front of him, so that when I peed, I pissed all over his thick fat cock, and then he would rub it up and down between my legs, nuzzling my cuntlips.
Time passed, in continuing fashion, until when I was about 8, and being advanced for my age, my little buds of breasts started to form, our night-time ritual changed, only a little, as I sat in front of him, naked with my small swollen boobies, caressing his dick, while he fingered me, and then, as I started to pee, instead of rubbing his cock-head just against my lips, he rubbed it but then pushed it slightly between my nether lips, and i got that first lovely sensation of cock between my sensitive labia. I suppose it was instinct that made me push towards him, and moistened by my stream of pee, it slid a little further in. It began to hurt down there, but I didn't moan or complain, because daddy kissed me tenderly on the mouth, and I knew he was pleased with me. I ignored the intense pain as he pushed further into me, his mouth now open, and his tongued probing into my mouth. My bottom hurt, but I loved the way his tongue was licking all around the inside of my mouth, and he was pulling back to ease the bottom pain, before moving back in again. I had stopped peeing by now, and we were both sitting in a puddle of my piss, with him easing his dick slowly in and out of my cunt, and, surprisingly the pain had eased, and was now giving me sensations, which I hadn't experienced before, even to my poophole sort of opening and closing, and inner glowings inside my front bottom that were exquisitely novel to me. I guess that's why I wriggled and squirmed, transfixed as I was on his penis, which must have sent him over the top, and I felt this rush of hotness shoot up inside me. I wondered what it was, but soon found out later. After he had spent his load inside me, he slowly withdrew, which I noticed was painful again, and then when i saw his cock all covered in blood, I was scared that I had hurt him or cut him, and started to say sorry. He gently explained that he was OK, and that what had happened was natural, and had happened to me, and that I was no longer a child, but starting to become a grown-up. I asked whether mom would be cross about the bloody mess, but he said not to worry, he would sort it with her. (Later I was to find out that she already knew what was going on with dad and me, and that he didn't need to explain)
So.... that was the start of fucking with my dad, and we continued to fuck continuously for the next 25 years until he died 5 years ago, when I was just turned 32. My mom had known from the start, and she had got off his telling her all the details, once I had gone to sleep, and would masturbate, while he recounted every one of our joint actions, after which dad would arsefuck her (as she later told me, because she didn't want any more kids), and after the first time that I lost my virginity, my dad's attentions were no longer secret and furtive, and some evenings we would watch TV, with my mom sitting knitting in an armchair, and me astride my dad's cock being deliciously fucked. In fact, when it was my 10th birthday, part of my treat was to share my parents enormous emperor-size bed, and my dad fucked me, while my ma masturbated. By then, of course, I was having orgasms, and no longer peed myself with excitement, but as time passed - into my teens and thereafter - we introduced wetting and peeing and other pee games into our nightly sex-sessions. Especially I enjoyed being fucked by my dad, and my ma would stand over us and piss all over, then we would all lick each other clean. My mom also taught me how to be a lesbian and make out with her, and, boy, how I loved to lick and suck her hairy cunt, even more so, because she was quite slack about her toilet, and her pubic hairs were often smelling of stale piss, and her arse gave off aromas, consistent with not being too stringent in wiping after a shit. The fact that I was attracted by her stinky state, and I guess my dad wasn't a lot better (evidence his boxers with piss-dribble stains and skid-marks), goes someway to explaining why I have always enjoyed messing, including the first time that we all 3 had a massive bed-messing, smearing, no-holds-barred night of sexual depravity - it was great, and I didn't need any coaxing to get into it, but took to it like a duck to water or a slut to piss! lol
So to those who "pooh-pooh" family sex, I say this - IF you enjoy it and it harms no one else, then why not enjoy it. I did and if I hadn't lost my dad to cancer 5 years ago, and my mother to a heart attack 10 years since, we would still be at it, even now.
This might explain to anyone who knows me, just why I am a totally amoral, filthy slut, who likes dirty sex with both men and women, and gets off on being disgusting and degrading, and might explain why I haven't sat on or used a loo for over 20 years.

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2013-12-07 18:16:48
This is sexy. I could just imagine my fingers up that pussy dang you were one bad girl, i love it

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2013-09-07 11:08:39
xCC3Cv Thanks a lot for the post.


2012-06-18 17:58:12
Good story! More please

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2012-03-31 19:58:57
I enjoyed just the first part... Long ago, when I was a teen, up until my sister was 8 y.o., she and I tried fucking occasionally, but I never able to get more than just the head of my cock into her pussy hole before she said it was hurting too much. If I knew more about the female pussy and hymen back then, I would have realized that if I had just done a quick thrust a little harder through the barrier and her discomfort, I probably could have got my cock all the way inside her from then on like your dad did with you at that age.

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2012-03-31 19:43:38
Paragraph separations please (blank lines)! It's really painful to read without them! It feels like I'm being crushed by an avalanche of text when I try to read it! Do an online search for "rules for paragraph separation" to learn how...

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