Hi, my name is Heather
My name is Heather, my mother is married to a black man & she talks to me about their sex life. She even tells me how big my step dad's dick is. She said she had measured it once & it was 9 inches but he wasn't fully hard.

Henry told her his cock doesn't get fully hard. He is a big man any way & I catch myself fantasizing about his cock ever since she told me how big it was. I have heard them many times having sex & he sounds REALLY good.

I smoke pot but my mom doesn't approve so I hide it from her. One day, my mother was at work & I was out back laying out in my bikini. I decided to catch a buzz (I get really horny when I am high) & was thinking about Henry's cock. I already had my top off so I would get a better tan, & decided I would pull my bottoms off.

We lived in the country so nobody was around & everyone was at work. I don't normally touch myself but I started thinking about Henry's cock & my hand wandered down to my pussy. I am easily aroused so I was moaning thinking about his cock & touching myself. I put a finger in my pussy & it sent me over the edge, I had my legs spread wide open with 3 fingers in my pussy (trying to imitate Henry's cock) fingering the shit out of myself. I was cumming un-controllably! As I was I heard a noise, I opened my eyes & saw Henry standing over me in awe. I tried to cover myself & hide my weed but it was too late, he saw everything & then some.

I said "please don't tell my mom"

He just pulled up a chair, took the pipe from me & said, "nothing wrong with a lil weed". We smoked together & talked a little.

He asked me why I was playing with myself, "thought you didn't do that?"

I don't!" I said," Its just that......."

Henry said "what is it, you can tell me."

I said "Mom tells me about you & I hear you guys having sex."

He laughed & said "what is it that your mom tells you?"

I blushed & said "that you have a big dick"

He smiled & said "Its not that big"

I told him with the way my mom moans its gotta be big.

He said, "so you were playing with yourself thinking about my cock?"

I blushed looked down & shook my head yes. He was wearing sweat pants & I could see my answer turned him on cuz his sweat pants started to move (which really turned me on).

He caught me looking & I heard him chuckle. "You want to see it?" He asked.

I said "I really shouldn't, you are my step dad!"

He said "looking at it wouldn't be a bad thing we aren't fucking!"

I felt myself get wet soon as he said that, the thought of fucking him turned me on. He stood up & I could see his cock fighting to get out of his sweats!

He said "go ahead, pull them down" I didn't even think what I was doing, I just wanted to see his cock sooo bad now that I grabbed his sweats & yanked them down making his cock spring towards me.

I gasped "It's fucking huge" I said. I couldn't believe it, it was already bigger than any cock I had ever seen, 9 inches at least. Without thinking I reached out to touch it & it bounced around & scared me enough to make me jump back.

Henry let out a deep moan, his cock must have grown an inch & was almost standing straight up & down! I reached for it again this time grasping the shaft & moving it to get a better look. Henry moaned again, I was so turned on having his big black cock in my hand, seeing what I was doing to him & the affect the weed was having on me I started to stroke it, I also let my guard down from what I was covering myself with, he grew again! It was bigger than my mom said it was! I could see the veins popping out of his now rock hard black cock.

He looked down & said "Holy fuck! I have never been this hard, you are really sexy Heather." I could see the precum at the tip of his cock & I was so horny that I gave it a little lick, Henry groaned loudly & his cock was throbbing, I couldn't believe what I did next. I opened my mouth & tried to fit his cock in my mouth, (normally I don't give head) I could barely get the head in my mouth so I just held the head in my mouth & jerked the shaft with both hands. I only did this for a few seconds then Henry's knees started to shake & the head of his cock grew even more in my mouth, he grunted & grabbed the back of my head forcing me further down on his cock as he spurted what seemed like gallons of cum in my overly full mouth. I swallowed as much as I could but it made me gag & it started spurting out of the sides of my mouth down onto my tits dribbling down to my pussy.

I continued to stroke him with the head in my mouth until he was done coming, I then took it out & cleaned him up with my tongue. Henry's cock was still hard & he reached down & started kissing me & rubbing my tits while I continued to jerk him off. He started kissing my neck & chewing on my ears which drove me nuts, I was moaning with him just doing that. He slowly ran his hand down my stomach to my pussy, I let out a big moan as he started to play with my clit, I was about ready to cum when he inserted a finger into my pussy, I busted into the biggest orgasm I had ever had, his finger felt bigger than my fiancé's cock! I was grinding my hips into his finger & digging my nails into his back, his cock seemed to get bigger than it was before, it had to have been 10"-11" & it was throbbing again, the veins were sticking out all over it & I was moaning & stroking it fast.

I was lost in the moment & remember saying "OH HENRY FUCK ME" which didn't take Henry long to push me on my back & get his fat cock lined up to my pussy & began rubbing it up against my pussy lips. This drove me nuts, I couldn't take it any more, I reached down & grabbed his throbbing cock & started to inch my way closer to him making his cock disappear into my pussy. I was almost screaming it hurt so bad at first but after a few seconds it felt amazing. I got it about half way in & we stayed like this & made out like school kids, not even moving his cock felt better than anything I had ever felt before, I had two orgasms him just putting his cock in me! Then he started to pump slowly, He fucked me like this for a good half hour as we made out & he sucked on my tits, I could see the cream all over his cock from me coming & it turned me on soo much, I started to grab his hips & force him in me deeper. I had never been fucked so deep, I started to go into convulsions & creamed all over his cock again!

I started screaming "fuck me Henry, oh baby, your so big, oh my god," he grabbed my waist & started driving deep & hard in me, wave after wave of orgasms rushed through me, he fucked me hard like this for forty-five minutes we were both drenched in sweat as I felt his cock head grow inside me.

He said "I'm going to cum"

I said "cum in me" & grabbed the back of his hips & ground my hips around on him. When he started to cum so did I, I couldn't believe how good it felt, his cock pulsating inside me. He kept his cock in me as he leaned backwards. I lifted my hips & slowly grinded on his cock, he just leaned back & watched as I fucked him back to being fully hard again (he never did go limp) he then adjusted the lounge chair so I was laying with my head lower than the rest of my body, I had never been fucked like this before, he picked my hips up & started fucking the shit out of me. He was so deep in me & I was coming all over again, I could see all the cream from my pussy on his black shaft, he was standing up holding my waist as my legs were wrapped around his waist & my head was towards the ground.

He was fucking me hard again & I was screaming uncontrollably "ohh Henry, you feel so good, fuck me, ohh yes baby, please don't stop, ahhh god I'm coming again, FUCK MEEEE!!!!!

We must have fucked for an hour like that & he was wore out so he leaned back & pulled me on top of him, I could now control how much of his big cock was going in me now I was riding him as he relaxed & I had several more orgasms as he fondled my tits & rubbed my ass hole with his finger which made me cum again.

I rode him for almost an hour & he looked at me & said "my turn" he then stood me up spun me around & made me bend over. He then stood there stroking his cock while he played with my pussy.

I was moaning loudly as he said "what you want baby?"

I said in a really slutty voice, "I want you to fuck me!" Soon as the words came out of my mouth he rammed his cock deep inside me & grabbed my hips & fucked me harder than ever, I was in heaven as he reached around to play with my clit once in a while, I lost track of how many times I came.

I was saying dirty things to him the whole time, "I love your big black cock in me, I want It more, you can fuck me whenever you want" my knees were shaking as he slammed in me over & over until he grabbed my hips tightly & rammed his cock in me so fast & so hard I thought I was gonna explode! He came in me again & we collapsed to the ground.

I think we passed out in exhaustion because I woke up later & he was still in me as we were laying on the ground. I began to shake my ass around which woke him up & he grew inside me again.

We fucked all day long, so much I had a hard time walking for a few days. We fucked in every position imaginable & took a couple showers while we fucked, now I get woke up every morning after my mom & fiancé go to work with that beautiful black cock filling me up in every way possible.

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2014-09-24 12:21:50
Man this was good I came like four times! I hope u keep writing!

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2014-08-26 09:33:55
Taking the overeivw, this post hits the spot

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2014-01-03 01:43:32
I wish i cld get fucked .im so horny right now

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2013-11-23 22:04:21
That was... Interesting.
Is it weird that I read this stuff? I'm only 16 and Im still a virgin :( Can't help it. These stories get me soo much. Oh God, I just want one in me soo bad! I hate being a virgin. I can't wait till I'm 18 then I can do whoever I want :)

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2013-10-21 05:00:29
Love it!!! It normally takes me quite a few stories to get me off but this gets me everytime. I would love to see a movie of this.

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