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Well later that week I got determined not to let my newfound source of fun go
Well later that week I got determined not to let my newfound source of fun go by so I started thinking of how I could indulge my new kink. The first opportunity was when M went to the bathroom, I was reading in the bedroom when I saw her go by the door, we have never been shy about going to the bathroom in the others company as the bath and toilet are in the same room. I followed her in as she was sitting down and before she could start I went up to her, leaned in and kissed her while sliding a hand between her legs and closely cupping her pussy, at first she hesitated but then she relaxed and started to pee. This time though she was pissing onto my hand which was holding her cunt tight and the piss flowed hot and fast between her bald fanny and my hand, I started to rub her, spreading the piss all over her cunt and ass and sliding my fingers over her anus rubbing piss in there too, low moans escaped from between our lips and I was dying to get another taste of her juices, I started to pull my hand from between her legs but a vice like grip held me there, I started wanking her, gently circling her clit, sliding fingers down her slit and gently probing into her ass with my wet hands. “hmm stop that” she said unconvincingly, “why” I asked, “I didn’t only come in here to pee” she said, I started rubbing her ass again and I knew she was going to shit, “hmm” she moaned as I felt her give in to the inevitable stimulus, what felt like a long, soft, solid crap passed by my fingers, I continued to massage her ass and another pushed my fingers away as it came out with surprising speed, then she peed again and I rinsed my fingers off in her stream before I took them out and tasted the piss on them, it was stronger than last time but still so sexy. “God that was an intense cum” said M “I didn’t know you came” I said, “it was so hot” m replied, “now its my turn.” My heart jumped, I would never ask M to even consider this but I hoped she was asking me to pee for her, “what for?” I asked, “I want to see you pee, actually I want you to pee on my tits, on my pussy, on my ass and I want to taste it too!” Fuck me I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I knew I was so hard I’d never be able to piss but M had the cure for that, while still sat in the toilet she opened my jeans pulled them down and fell too sucking my cock hard and fast while she quickly opened her shirt and took it off along with her bra, she stood slightly to get her pants and skirt right off then she was naked, she took my cock out her mouth and started to wank me hard and fast, “cum on my tits baby, cum on them” she said, suddenly as if all I was waiting for was her request I started shooting streams of cum over her large sexy tits, she massaged the end of my cock with her thumb and looked up into my eyes “you need to cum again or are you gonna’ wash that off now?” she asked. This was agony I was so hard it hurt but I knew id soften enough to pee quick enough. After a few minutes I felt I could pee so I asked “you sure you want too?, “I’m sure” she said, I relaxed and felt the post cum pee push its way out and then it jetted over her, the first squirt went onto her right shoulder and breast then she aimed the stream of piss to wash my cum off her tits, it loosened off in the stream of pee and slid downwards, she chased it down between her legs with the jet then brought it back up and dropped her head, her mouth taking all my softening cock in, the first mouthful she spit but the next was swallowed and the next, then she withdrew and said “can you stop it?” I clenched and the stream stopped “why?” I asked, “I want you to piss in my ass” she said, now anal isn’t something I get very often so I wasn’t going to say no, “ok” I said “lean over the edge of the bath”. M bent over and raised her ass for me, I was still semi hard so I managed to get the head in without to much trouble, then a little push and I was into her nice tight ass, I reached round her and started to squeeze and rub her pissy tits, pulling her nipples to hardness. Then I brought my fingers to her mouth and she sucked on them tasting her own piss and mine. I was starting to harden again to it took some concentrating and a little effort to start pissing again, then it started and M moaned loudly as I started to fill her ass with piss. This was the strangest feeling yet but it didn’t last long as she had used most of my pee washing my spunk of her tits but I got a fair bit in there. When I was done M was groaning with the unaccustomed feel of her bowels filled with pee, “I need to go” she said, “I want to see this, sit backwards on the loo” I said. With her sat backwards I could see her ass clenching to keep it in. I started rubbing her ass then slid a finger in, M nearly screamed and I apologised but she only said “no, it’s good, finger fuck my ass fast”. I quickly pushed my finger in then pulled out almost all the way then in again quicker, building up speed, my finger lubed with my own piss was slippery against the inside of her ass, very soon it was more than she could take and she cried out to me to take my finger out, as I did my piss was forced out by a spasm in a hot gush then another spasm and another. We were both pissy and dirty and in need of a shower so we got in the shower together to clean up, as we were washing each other M asked “ would you like a pee enema?” I had to think about that for no time before I knew this would be great fun “I’d love one” I replied, “well we’ll have to plan it then” she said.

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2016-12-11 17:42:05
I would love to piss on my wife. Have her piss on me but unfortunately like most women over 35 sex is the last thing she wants

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2014-01-15 15:17:40
had my buddies wife deep throating my cock, so i let go of a lot of pee .suprise her,he got mad at me for awhile, but told her husband that she like it/

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2012-10-02 12:26:58
more piss stories, have guys pissing in other guys mouth.

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2012-03-12 23:05:47
was sucking my friends dick,he had it as he could go,than let go with a very large of pee,suprise me. took every drop. never thought i like pee, we do it as much as we can.


2010-08-28 06:15:31
very nasty I loved it gets an erection

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