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The story you will read has only one truth in it… and the truth is that it is nothing more than a fantasy, work of fiction if you prefer.


I moved in the town with parents about a year ago, around in April, as they both wanted to move from the big city and just live a bit more slower in the smaller, more peaceful town. Parents got good job offers on the branch in the town and I was 3rd year of college just transferred, and it was a real pain as some of the exams I passed already were not acceptable so I had to retake them again. Bothersome but not my call anymore so despite the fact I couldn’t listen to the classes I got some guidance on how to pass them quickly without losing time. We moved into nice neighborhood, houses almost identical in built but decorated and painted differently, according to will and taste of the owners. Next to us were very nice family, their daughter Julie was in the same college as me now, first year. She was cute, longer brown hair, dark eyes, 20 years, very slim and a bit shorter than me with her smaller tits but nicely shaped almost childish. Now I’m not exactly athletic or ripped on muscles, but am well built, 22 years old, 180, black short hair and proud at what mother nature gave me between my legs. But aside from all that I would say my greatest talent were the words, and I was very aware of my sweet talk and ability to turn words into pure passion, and I had no idea how it would turn around and bite me…

Julie was very easy going girl, always smiling, hyperactive, ready to jump into some conversation and we became friends quickly, among other factors one was we were living 10 meters away from eachother so it was only natural going to college and back was starting and ending with us meeting and to be honest I liked her a bit, and the fact that I had some quality time talking while going to the college. I was sitting in the amphitheater waiting for the next class when colleague came and sat in front of me, turning around

- Hey what’s up? I saw you getting along fine with Julie – he said
- Yea she is ok – I said and looked up at him, closing the book
- Dude, don’t get too close to her ok – he replied with a bit lower voice like he was hiding something
- Ummm why? (the heck?) – I was a little surprised to hear that though I was expecting he was one of those people who are probably in love with her and were feeling jealous
- Don’t get me wrong, I got nothing against if you go for it, just giving you piece of advice… She won’t care much about you. I would say you change your underwear less often than she changes boyfriends, and if you are gonna go for something bigger, you’ll only get yourself hurt.

Now this I did not believe… or at least didn’t want to. The best explanation I could come up with is the definition of him being one of her ex that still haven’t got a hang of the breakup so he will attempt to get together again and just brushing the competition from aside. It was a good theory in my head until one time I went to the toilet during the class and in there found her on her knees with some guy’s dick in her mouth. I came out quickly, unsure what to think but I guess it was natural for couple, and that would remain on that if I didn’t saw her with totally another guy walking side by side like lovers, and couple of more times with different guys in the toilet all in same pose… pants slid down and her mouth around their dicks. My opinion of her rapidly dropped as what I thought was urge for fun became lust and greed, almost repulsive and I tried to avoid her completely from walking to college to talking to her whenever I saw her. She on the other hand didn’t even think about being uncomfortable with it and would find excuse to jump in front of me with her wide smile talking something unrelated or just plain stupid to get my attention.

Weeks later I got to know Anna, student like me, same year as me and we were sitting close during classes and I liked her, she was a bit of a mystery but in a way that was extremely charming. She had very cute smile and bit by bit we were getting closer. Like I said, I am good sweet talker so I knew some nice phrases, even spoke a bit of French and Italian (no more than to say something cute, couple of words at best) and I started using some of those on her, tried to get somewhere but I was interrupted by Julie as she suddenly appeared beside us with her big smile, staring at us until I found it uncomfortable enough to stop speaking with Anna and look at her

- That was so cute, lame but cute – Julie said while standing
- I need to go, so I’ll see you later ok? – Anna said while slowly getting away from me and going toward the amphitheater
- She was cute – Julie said
- Yes… she was (I said “she was” with my teeth clenched). Why did you do that?
- You are good, why don’t you ever sweet talk like that on me?

I didn’t answer I just walked away trying to sort my head out and see what to do to repair the damage, but I never got anywhere as someone said to her I was another Julie’s boy toy, and that is where problems started to pop up, because Julie was now all over me, absolutely stalking me in every step. Some would say cute but I found it annoying at that time as she even got into the house and tried to spend time with me, again trying for me to talk romantic with her. How she was so easily into house? One of the reasons is that my parents and her became friends on record breaking time, because it was not enough dad was fishing freak but so was her dad… there is difference between passion and obsession and they could go hours about rods, baits and fishing without losing so much as 1% of excitement. So Julie getting in without knocking was no different than me getting in, and it became problem as she would get in my room often. As somehow I got reputation as “taken” or “slightly creepy” in college, my sex life was reduced to jerking in the room, and on more than one occasion she would “accidentally” barge in the room and look surprised, and after that took me hours to make her go home. Great now I had a stalker, and she followed me whenever she saw me, going to the supermarket, walking, running, trying to relax with friends, everywhere.

One day I was in my room, I would jerk off because I was horny but it started bothering me a bit as it always ended up like that and I was yearning for a girl in my arms. I heard someone walking toward the doors and I knew parents were out with Julie’s parents on their standard Saturday night joint dinner in the restaurant, and I remained home to watch some movies on computer.

- Come in Juls... I know it’s you – I said with big sigh coming out of my mouth and she got in with her regular smile, wearing blue tight shirt and jeans that were cut and becoming very short shorts. – isn’t it a bit cold for that outfit?
- Noooo – she laughed – I think it’s rather hot. Soooo… what are you doing?
- Same as always – I said looking away from her – working around the best possible outcome of your doing
- Mine? I did nothing – she tried to be innocent – but you can try with me if you want, it is still better than jerking off
- Is it? – I said as I stood up going toward her, pinning her on the closed doors while looking at her and she didn’t even so much as twitch while I was very obviously pissed – what will it take for you to stop being on every step I make when I get out?
- Geez – she laughed trying to be even more innocent with act – what would I need?

My brain snapped and in one moment, everything before me was blank before the next blink, as I grabbed her and threw her on the bed – will it take it for fuck you eh? Is that what you want? – I shouted as I was unbuttoning her jeans and pulling them down and her face became serious, the smile was gone and she was now scared, repeating “no” and “stop” but I was at the point where there could no longer be pause and I unzipped my pants, sliding them down and letting my cock spring itself in full effect. I didn’t feel love, I didn’t feel passion, all I felt was lust and it overtook me with the anger in my mind that made my cock become hard. My hands were on her hips, rolling her on her stomach as I kneeled behind her, putting my hand on her mouth to avoid her screaming and with the other guiding cock to her pussy and she was trying to break free. As I was entering it was waaay out of my mind just how tight it was and I was wildly pushing forward not caring anymore about my own actions… She managed to get my hand off her mouth to scream “NO, STOP IT!” but all I did reply to it was “You mean no but you know you want it, do you? DO YOU?”. Couple of more strong entering and she arched opening her mouth from pain but no voice was out and I was thrusting inside of her and out, blindly, carelessly until her large scream was out of her lungs when she collected enough strength and control to get air in and that piercing sound was a slap on my face, snapping me out of this nightmare and almost like I didn’t knew what was happening, I pulled out my cock out with blood on it… as it was falling on the bed. Julie just lied on the bed, her breath turned into cry and her eyes were more than just tearful… She was on the bed for 10 seconds or so before she just stood up and pulled up her jeans still crying and all my mind was focused on the blood

- W… Were you a virgin? – my voice came out from my mouth, trembling and the sight petrified me – was this your first time?

But instead of any answer she covered her mouth and with eyes full of tears she was running down toward her house. What is wrong with me? What the hell have I done? How could I miss such thing, how could I not feel her breaking? Still kneeling on the bed, with the bloody stain on the sheet and my cock that went soft in matter of seconds and my mind went blank again for a second. How could I allow for my lust to take over? To deny everything I held as ethics and become mindless beast, rapist… To deprive a girl of her virginity in such brutal way that absolutely disgusted me to my very bones. I was in the shower just letting the water slide down on me, looking down trying to figure out why I did this. As I went out I went to the mirror, looking at my reflection shouting at it “Are you happy now? Have you satisfied your lust? Did you accomplish what you wanted? Look at yourself… you are disgusting!!!” I am not sure how I managed to explain bloody sheet to mom, but I did somehow and she wasn’t very concerned about the sheet as much as trying to figure out if cut myself somewhere.

The following month was hell for me. Julie was still smiling toward me but her smile was shallow, empty, missing that joy and spirit she had, and instead of her stalking me, she started avoiding me. I was working to get to this but I never wanted it to be like this, nor to do it in this way and the thought of depriving a girl of her dream for guy she loves to pop her cherry, became nightmare for me that I had almost every night. I managed to talk to her, but it was only as much as class related and on any attempt to avoid it and go to any other topic she would slip away… I wanted to say sorry to her, that I didn’t mean to do it, but that would not be nearly enough. Soon all that was annoying me in the beginning started to bother me more as I missed it… I was expecting from her to just jump from somewhere and I would be more than happy to see her do it again. But it never happened and that “miss” became stronger as I just desired for her to be her again, free spirited, joyful and without so much as a single care about what she does. I started making a plan to redeem myself somehow and on one Saturday I found a gap large enough to attempt something as parents were out on their routine. I invited her to come to my house, and it took me hell of a lot of explaining and promising that I would not hurt her to get her to come, and I managed to do it. She was wearing long track suit and the same blue shirt she had on the that night. I invited her to come up to the room, but she denied and wanted to go, but it took another 5 solid minutes of pure convincing I would not hurt her, reminding her how she used to walk around like it was her own room.

After she got in I followed her and closed the doors, locking them. She panicked, slowly backing from me as I stood speechless at the closed doors, looking down on the floor.

- What are you doing – she asked, obviously frightened and that sighed was tearing me apart
- Fixing my mistake – I said avoiding to look at her
- Stop it, please – her voice became trembling and was about to cry – just let me go, don’t do it, please
- I have to Julie – I said looking at her as she was going away from me slowly, but toward the bed – otherwise this will haunt me for as long as I am alive…
- Please, stop it I don’t want to… - she started backing away a bit faster as I was rushing toward her. I didn’t let her finish what she started speaking as I locked my lips on hers, holding her tight on her back and kissing her while she was still trying to push me away. My eyes were shut tightly, and my tongue was now inside of her mouth, swirling around tasting every inch of her sweet saliva and her resistance slowly subsided and as her hands were calming down I found a good time to break the kiss and look at her…

- Please don’t – her voice was now silent and soft, but still fearful
- I did something terrible to you Juls – I said – something that will never leave my mind, and it will haunt me down for as long as I am alive, but I promise you I will never hurt you again… just let me redeem myself… let me do what you wanted from me.. - she said nothing, but her eyes were still full of fear and she was expecting that I would hurt her again but it was no where near my mind, I wasn’t going to let her slip away now, but damn I will make sure she feels good this time. My hands slipped under her shirt, taking it’s edges and pulling it off from her, revealing her soft milky white skin and small boobs and the very sight aroused me beyond anything so far. I fell on my knees in front of her and took her track suit off slowly, pulling her panties in the same time and before me was beautiful and slightly bushy pussy that I started kissing at first but as soon as she spread her legs a bit I moving my tongue along her lips. My sight went up again, looking at her face and all I hoped that I wouldn’t see her tears again, but instead her face was heavily deformed as she was moaning very slightly and pleasure took over her. Her hands were now running through my hair and it gave me more than enough boost to do more, sliding my tongue in her. I was in fear she would push me away and wouldn’t like it but taste of her juice reassured me and I was in feeling and tasting every crevice inside her. The scent was overwhelming and he feel of her short bush sent my dick into madness, becoming harder and harder every second. I stood up at her, looking at her moaning face as my fingers worked their job, rubbing her lips and going deep into her wet pussy. Her arms where wrapped around my neck and her voice became loud, moving her hips back and forth on my palm that was grinding her groin. The sight was beautiful and she opened her mouth again, shutting her eyes tight but again with no voice and her pussy started to spasm wildly, tightening in waves around my fingers.

- Did it hurt? – I asked her still moving my fingers in and out of her slowly
- No – she gasped – it felt good now
- I promise I will never…- but before I could finish anything her finger blocked my lips
- You want to have sex with me?
- No Juls.. I don’t want to have sex with you… I want to make love with you – she smiled again and warmth came back into my mind again as she I felt her soft lips on my own.
- But we do it my way ok?
- We can do it however you wish – I said as she now dropped on her knees, unzipping my pants.

My cock was already in it’s full effect from the moment I kisses her pussy, and she took it in her hand, slowly gliding her hand up and down. The feel was amazing and it became more intense as she wrapped her lips around it and she went up and down it’s full length. I felt tip sliding down her tongue and feeling her throat and then she would pull out again, licking the tip and filling her mouth with it. It wasn’t the best blowjob I had, she was regular good but there was something she did, something I could not explain, different but it felt extremely good, her tongue sliding on my cock and licking every bit of it. I placed my hand on her head but she quickly pushed it away as she wanted to do everything on her own and her hand then fell down between her legs, slowly rubbing her pussy with her finger. I could not imagine hotter scene and would enjoy it for long, but I felt movement in my balls and I was ready to reach the top…

- Juls slow down… I’ll cum if you keep doing that – I said expecting this to be wake up call for her and pull herself away, but despite my repeating she didn’t even lose so much as a bit of her tempo. I felt there was no more return and I started shooting my cum in her mouth. She stopped moving and just fixed her lips around my tip, waiting for my last drop of my cum to get out from my cock and in her mouth. My spasms subsided and I was trying to grab something with my hands to squeeze but all I could grab was air and when she started moving her lips up and down again I felt wave of shiver going up and down on my spine. Julie stood up, still keeping her finger on her pussy, rubbing her lips and now she was looking at me for a bit before kissing me and sticking her tongue in my mouth. She was clean, swallowing all cum she had but I could still taste it in my mouth and at this point I didn’t even care.

- Take off your shirt and pants – she said as I backed a bit, taking off my shirt and kicking aside my pants along with boxers that were still around my ankles and I stood there naked in front of her with my cock up and refusing to lose it’s hard composure as I was looking at Julie naked just 1 meter away from me playing with her middle finger that was sliding between her lips. I moved toward her and slowly moved her to the bed, placing her on her back and kneeling between her legs. I leaned down to her giving her one more kiss before placing tip of my dick on her wet crack and looked at her, waiting for her response..
- Be gentle ok, this is my first time – she said with faint smile
- First t… - I was going to finish that but my mind drifted back to that moment and it came to me that she wanted that memory out or be replaced with new one – I will be gentle…

The whole “plan” was set as I slowly entered her wet pussy and I could not say if it was tighter or not from last time because I could no longer remember the feeling. I pushed more and her face started to change in the feel of pleasure and I stopped making it feel like I reached her hymen. It did leave a good mark on my brain as I knew I tore it, but it appeared she was pretending it is still in place. I looked into her eyes “you ready?” and she nodded so I pushed as hard as I could in and it was smooth slide, but to her it was a new memory of her cherry being popped and the large smile came on her face. I started moving in and out of her, from the tip down to the balls as far as I could. My rhythm increased and her moaning now became louder and frequent and it was extremely hot to listen as she was letting out her voice of pleasure. I was practically raping her with the speed, but now I knew we both wanted it. I stopped before she could reach her top and stood up, kneeling on the bed, taking her into my arms as she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. My hands were squeezing her butt and moving it up and down the full length of my cock and she helped moving her hips back and forth, bringing as much pleasure for her as it was for me. I kissed her again deeply, passionately and trailed my tongue and lips down her neck and to her small tits, licking her hard nipples… I like big tits I won’t lie, but her small but nicely build ones were perhaps even more of a turn on for me. Her nipples were wet, dripping wet from my saliva and her moaning increased and became louder. If someone was passing by, he would think I am cutting someone with a knife, but at that point I didn’t even care what anyone would think. Her soft skin was rubbing against me and I pulled her closer to me, grinding against her and feeling her nipples move up and down on my chest and her moans became rare as she started becoming breathless. Julie pushed me back, made me lie on my back as she was sitting on my cock, resting her hips with deep breaths coming out of her hot lips and before I could do anything she started moving them again back and forth, grinding herself against me as she got penetrated repeatedly. She took my hands and placed them on her boobs and she placed her hands on my stomach, increasing the tempo of her moves. The sight of her mesmerized me, sending me into deep trance as I felt her soft tight pussy became more and more wet and her head arched up with her eyes shut and soft but loud moans coming out of her mouth more and more frequently. She now loaned her entire body forward, placing hands beside my shoulders and moving up and down now, thrusting herself as fast as she could. Her entire body arched back as far as she could, stopping her breath and for the moment she was silent until her pussy became squeezing hard and her entire body started trembling, electrified and the silent moment was now filled with loud uncontrolled screams as she was in the middle of her orgasm. Her delightful pussy squeezed more in waves, not allowing for my cock to even slip out for a bit and she fell down on my chest, exhausted, satisfied and I could feel her heart rushing in her chest, right there on my own skin. She looked up and I was looking down into her loving eyes, feeling I truly accomplished something, not just had sex… but actually made love with her.

- You didn’t cum.. – she said still exhausted and with a sweet voice
- I did (no I didn’t)
- You lie
- I lie…
- Don’t lie, make it true…

I turned her around somehow, she giggled as she made it worse for not helping a bit and just letting me roll her around like a lifeless doll. Turn off? Perhaps but it made it much more funny and now I was there now on my side beside me was her, facing me

- You said we would do it my way – she said silently
- Yes I did, we do it however you wish – but instead of any reply she just took my cock with her fingers and placed it slowly in her soft wet crack. The squeeze was tighter as she didn’t so much as open her legs and the feeling was incredible… I pulled her closer to me, feeling her skin against mine, feeling our sweats melt and so did I on her lips… her heartbeat was strong again and I could feel it again, her silky skin and the taste of her lips sent me into trance, making me go faster in her pussy, then out and in again until I started unloading another load of cum in her. I knew it wasn’t much of it in there left but the moment, that sweet moment made it look like there were gallons and gallons going out in extreme slow motion. Her face became bright as she felt the hot cream inside of her pussy and the sight of her smile made me squeeze her tighter into my arms as we were there, bare naked on the bed just looking at each other.

I am not sure when I fell asleep, but once I woke up it was 3am and I was covered… Julie was no where around and I didn’t do much more than just fell asleep again, exhausted, but with single thought in my head… “what can I expect tomorrow?”

The morning came quickly but I got little sleep despite the fact that was the most unforgettable moment in my life… I went into shower and after it I looked myself into the mirror… that face I recognized, but it was no longer pitiful, rather, different… perhaps old me, perhaps someone new, but it was there, content with the fact that he had it’s redemption. At the college I started walking alone but somewhere at half I felt a chill that someone was creeping up on me and before I could turn someone grabbed me on the arm… I will be honest I freaked out a bit, same old routine, same old stupid smile…

- Jeez Juls – I said pretending like it bothered me – can’t you just call my name from far?
- Would you turn?
- NO – I laughed
- So then, what would be the point then? – she giggled and went ahead of me turning around at me one more time before running toward the college – if you don’t hurry up you will miss the class
- Yea, still not your area of concern – I yelled and watched her run off before first bell would ring… and I stood there for a moment, just doing nothing as I looked far in the slim figure that was going further and further and one though came up in my mind that made my face seem like it saw the light “I remember that smile…”

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2012-04-12 18:14:17
Your writing is a bit hard to follow, especially with the lengthy run-on sentences. Try leaving it for a couple of months and then proof-reading over it when you've forgotten it a bit.

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2012-03-31 14:01:05
Cool story but needs more details next time

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2012-02-21 22:44:00
a lot of little grammar mistakes, but otherwise a good story. All you need to do is proofread your stories.

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2012-02-21 22:37:51
Quite an excellent story. I do hope you post more stories like this. It's not to often you find a story on this site where you can actually feel the emotion in it.

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