wrote this story as a favor for someone
Crap…there they were. I haven’t seen those three bitches since I left high school. You all know the type, super-hot, dress like sluts, but then treat you like shit. And yet, no matter how bad the treated me, all I wanted to do was fuck them. Either of them would have been fine…one…all three…I wouldn’t have been picky. Now that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have a favorite...Macy…damn that girl was gorgeous. I mean all three girls could have been sisters they looked so much alike. They had long brown hair, sexy brown eyes; I even think their tits were about the same 32 C in size. Macy would wear these skimpy skirts that nearly showed her ass any time she bent over. Her blouse was always too tight, and her bra was always absent. You could see her nipples poking through every day. I think every guy in the school walked around with a hard-on for four years of high school as a result of those hard erect nipples.

Ashley was sexy too. Her think was cut off shorts. I’m talking daisy dukes here. I don’t really know how they got away with their outfits; they were so not according to school codes. She also loved tank tops…shit…so did I. In fact, I have always got a little excited from the sight of set of breasts hidden in a tank top. She wore a bra though; usually some lacy colorful thing that would stand out beneath her clean white tank top.

Amanda was the last one. She was the quiet one of the bunch, not as outspoken, which is why she was always trouble. You couldn’t mistake her shyness for weakness. She had a mean streak like you wouldn’t believe. But she wouldn’t yell in your face; no, that devious bitch would set you up good just to watch you fall. And fall I did. The week before Senior prom, Amanda walks up to me dressed in an outfit that made my mouth water. She was wearing these black spandex pants that you could see the lips of her pussy through. She had on a tight hot pink cut-off t-shirt that came only about an inch beneath her tits. Her nipples were hard like Macy’s always were, and I felt my cock go from soft to hard in about 3.2 seconds. She rubbed my hand as she started to speak to me, telling me that Macy was hoping I would ask her to the prom. Her eyes were seductive, as I watched her tender pert lips speaking the words I had always wanted to hear.

Don’t get me wrong now, I wasn’t an ass or anything, but I just never really dated much. I had lost my virginity my junior year, but to be honest, the event was more scary than erotic. Needless to say, I melting. Amanda pointed down the hall to where Macy and Ashley were standing at the lockers. I bucked up whatever manliness I could find in my balls, and walked right up to Macy.

“Uhhmmm…Macy…I was wondering if you would be my date for the prom.” I thought I sounded confident…until all three girls started laughing violently and then sprayed me with silly foam before running off. Everyone laughed, and well…I skipped the prom. I hated those girls, and to be honest…I think I still do. And yet there they are sitting at the table in the mall. It had been a few years now, but they still knew how to make a man’s cock hard. It was as though they had never left high school. Macy was wearing this sexy little yellow skirt that allowed me to see just the edge of her ass with the way she was sitting at the table. Her short sleeved white blouse was clearly too tight, and I could even make out the erect nipples poking at the fabric. Ashley was currently up on her knees in her chair and leaning completely over the table as she was trying to force feed part of a cinnamon roll to Amanda. She had on some very tight white denim shorts that were pulled up nicely between her legs and pressed against her pussy. Her tank top was looser than those she wore in high school, but I didn’t mind, because from this angle I could see right underneath it; I had a great view of both naked breasts just hanging there. I guess some things did change…no bra. And then there was Amanda. She was wearing a pair of boxer shorts and a cut-off tank top. All three of these vixens were still delicious to look at.

I took a seat a couple tables away, making sure to not let them see me staring at them. I used my Iphone to snap a few pics of Ashley leaning over the table. I was also able to get a shot of her breasts under her tank top, and at one point, I am very happy to say, I snapped a shot of Macy with her legs spread apart under the table. I was able to zoom in a little and everything…you ready for this…no panties. She had completely shaved every bit of hair down there, except for what appeared to be this small little tuft just above her clit. My mouth was salivating as I tried to keep my hard cock invisible beneath my table. One minute I fought the humiliation of high school, the next, the lust of the thought of me fucking all three of these women.

I’m not sure what possessed me to do it, but I decided to follow them home. As the climbed into the little yellow Volkswagen convertible, I quickly made my way to my own car and followed them across town. Macy was driving, and I followed her to Amanda’s house first. As Amanda bent over the car to get her bag out of the back seat, I could see the word “DREAM” plastered across her ass on her boxer shorts. I think that was the moment I decided that “dreaming” just wasn’t going to work for me anymore. I hadn’t been laid in over a year, and as I followed Macy to Ashley’s house, my mind started imagining all the things I would love to do to these girls…you know…teach them a lesson once and for all. Ashley disappeared into her house, and I followed Macy the rest of the way home. Her house was dark as the sun was setting, and I found an empty spot on the street to park that I thought would not arouse suspicion. I watched her through her open blinds as she turned on lights and made her way to the upstairs bedroom. The blinds were closed, but her body made a great shadow revealing her taking off her top. My cock was hard imagining what it would be like to sneak into her bedroom when she was asleep and take advantage of her.

I sat there for about 30 minutes fantasizing all the details of the intrusion. I noticed that her back yard was fairly secluded, and that if I really wanted to, I was sure I could get in and out undetected. I guess too much fantasy can take you to a point of no return. You see, when I was in High School, I was a science guy. No, not a geek, but a pretty big fan. I had decided to major in Chemistry in College, and I knew how to make a number of different concoctions…one of which…chloroform. In fact, I had a bottle of the stuff at home already made up, just to say that I had it. What if…nah…surely I couldn’t. I drove around town for about an hour, but the thought of sneaking into Macy’s room just would not leave me. And finally I decided…why the fuck not.

I quickly drove home and found me some rope, duct tape, and of course, the chloroform. Without hesitating now, somehow I had convinced myself that this was going to happen, I drove quickly back to Macy’s house, but this time I drove into the alley and turned off the lights. It was a perfect spot. It was pitch black, and there were no houses on the back side of Macy’s house, so I was completely hidden. I quietly got out of the car, grabbed my supplies, and then sneaking through the shadows of the trees in her back yard made it undetected to her back door…which was locked. Shit, I hadn’t really thought this through enough; In fact, I hadn’t really made it past the chloroform and fucking her senseless. I looked around, and luckily, there was a bathroom window without a screen, and thankfully, without a lock. I worked very quietly to push it open and then climb through it. The house was quiet except for the faint sound of the television playing in the other room. I slowly crept across the small room and quietly and slowly opened up the door. I could see the television, and it had a woman deep throating a man’s cock on it. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Macy was laid back on the couch with her back to me. I could see her head thrown back against the couch as she, as far as I could tell, was masturbating to the images on the screen. For a moment I just froze as I watched and listened to her moaning in pleasure. My cock was growing harder by the second.

I finally snapped out of it, and realized that this might be my best chance to sneak up on her. I took a rag out of my pocket and pour some of the chloroform on to it. I slowly and quietly opened the door, and then crept up behind my prey. Macy was thrashing around a little more violently as the man on the screen unloaded his cum into the mouth of the woman. I immediately thought about how much I wanted to do that to Macy. Right as I moved behind her, she saw my reflection in the screen, but it was too late. I had already covered her mouth and nose and held it tight as she fought helplessly. Within seconds she relaxed and went limp on the couch. I hadn’t used a lot, because it is touchy stuff, and I knew I had limited time to get things in place.

I moved around the couch, and was shocked to see that she was wearing only a lacy pair of panties and nearly sheer camisole top. Her breasts were clearly visible through the thin fabric, and I couldn’t stop myself from reaching down and massaging them. Macy sat there limp and non-responsive, so I moved my hands down her tummy and decided to have a better look at the rest of her. I quickly slid her shorts off, where I was treated to a view of her deliciously shaved pussy. It was still wet and glistening from the light of the big screen. I wanted to devour it, but the fact was, I wanted her awake when I did. I went into the dining room and grabbed three of the wooden chairs from the table, facing them toward each other in the middle of the living room. I picked up Macy’s limp body into my arms and carried her over to one of the chair. She stirred a little, but the drugs were still taking effect. I was enjoying the feel of her breasts pressed against my fingers as I carried her across the room. My cock was as hard as a rock, but I had to be patient. I placed her in the chair, and then duct taped her ankles to the legs of the chair, and wrists back behind the back of the chair. Lastly I took her panties and shoved them into her mouth as a gag.

This was all coming into my head with each passing second, and it was time for part two of my fun. I grabbed Macy’s phone off the coffee table and quickly began texting Ashley to come over to Macy’s house right now, I had to show her something she was never going to believe. Being as I knew Ashley would think it was Macy; I was hoping suspense would win over. I waited to text Amanda, knowing how long it would take for Ashley to get here first…after all, I didn’t want to have to fight them both at the same time. The chime of Macy’s phone revealed the words I had hoped to see… C U Soon.

I unlocked the front door and turned off all the lights in the house except for Macy’s bedroom light upstairs. I was hoping she would let herself in, and I would be waiting for her. After about five minutes, I sent the same text to Amanda; I knew she lived further away, so I should have plenty of time to take care of things before she showed up.

Ashley did not disappoint. She came busting through the front door like she owned the place, but before she could let her eyes adjust to the dark living room, I grabbed her from behind and covered her face with the chloroform rag. She fought a little harder than Macy, but she was out quickly and fell limp in my arms. She was still wearing the same clothes from the mall, but I quickly stripped her naked, taking a few minutes to play with her breasts and pussy before finally placing her in her chair in the middle of the room. I secured her in the same way as I had done to Macy, and then retook my place in the shadows. I could hear Macy starting to stir a little in the darkness when I heard the last car drive up. Amanda was just as free as she walked right through the front door into my waiting arms. Within five minutes she had joined Macy and Ashley on her own chair…completely naked too, of course.

I turned on the lights in the living room, making sure that all the blinds were down and the curtains were closed. Each girl had her own panties in her mouth as she sat there completely naked before me. Macy was the first one to wake up. She was a little dazed as the reality of her situation began to set in. She was able to see both of her naked friends gagged and out cold in front of her, and then she saw me standing there…smiling. Her eyes got wide. She tried to fight and squirm, but duct tape is pretty strong stuff when it’s wrapped around something over and over again. I didn’t say a word. I slowly walked over to her and moved behind her. She struggled in the chair as my hands reached around and found her breasts. Her nipples were still hard and swollen…I couldn’t help but wonder if they stayed that way. I pinched at them with my fingers, pulling out on them just hard enough to make her wince before massaging at them.

“Remember me?” I whispered in her ear as I leaned down over body, allowing my fingers to slide down her tummy and down between her legs. She jumped as my fingers found her pussy lips and began grinding against them. She was trying to resist letting it feel good, but her hard little clit betrayed her. My fingers began rubbing and flicking at it, and she reluctantly began moaning at my touch. I forced two of my fingers deep inside her tight hole and began pulling up tight on her pussy, working eagerly to stimulate her clit even more as I finger fucked her. Faster and faster I worked my fingers in and out of her cunt until she finally couldn’t resist any longer, and she exploded in orgasm all over my hand. I could feel her heart pounding through her silky smooth flesh as I dragged my hand back up her body and back to her breast. I squeezed the luscious globe again, holding it tightly in my fist this time as I leaned close to her neck and sniffed in her flowery scent.

“Is that what you were trying to finish before I showed up doll?” I asked, biting gently on her earlobe before moving back in front of her. Her eyes were still lost and confused, but her fighting had completely stopped. I gazed upon her luscious body as I stroked my cock through my jeans in front of her. Her eyes couldn’t help but glance down to see the throbbing bulge in front of her.

“If you are a good girl and don’t scream, I won’t have to hurt you or your friends this evening. But if you resist or fight in any way, I can promise I will still do everything I want to you, but it will painful. Do you understand?” I asked as my fingers teased as though it would pull the panties from her mouth.

Her eyes were so soft and seductive as she nervously nodded in agreement. I gave the panties a little tug, releasing them from her mouth and letting them drop on the floor by her feet. Tears were in her eyes, not sure if she should scream or just let this night happen.

“What do you want Eric?” she asked, her voice trembling and uncertain.

“You mean you do remember me? How interesting; so that means that you remember how you humiliated me in high school our senior year?” The pain and anger were more than evident in my voice.

“I…I’m sorry Eric…we did stupid
stuff back then…I mean shit…it was high school.”

“No Macy…it was my life…and you made it suck…so tonight…I think it’s time for some payback. But here’s the deal…I was not lying…do as your told…and I mean everything you are told, and this night will be pleasant and fun…but if you resist…I will make this the most painful experience of your life…understand?”

A tear ran down her face as she tried not to lose it. “I really am sorry we hurt you…please just let us go…we won’t tell anyone….please just let us go.”

Who would have thought that begging could make my cock so hard, but the soft tender look she was giving me, just made me want my cock in that sweet little mouth even more. Instead of answering her pleas though, instead I just grabbed a thick fist full of her hair, pulled back on her head, and then immediately planted my mouth on hers and thrust my tongue inside. I don’t know if it was fear or doubt, but for some reason, this little beauty kissed me back. I moved my hand back between her legs and began fingering her pussy again as my mouth pressed tight to hers, allowing her tongues to dance together. After a few minutes of fingering her pussy good, I finally broke away from her and shoved my fingers into my mouth to taste her nectar. It was delicious. The odd thing was, she even seemed to smile when I did it.

“Okay baby, I have wanted to feel your lips on my cock since high school…you are going to suck my cock, and so help me, if I feel your teeth at all, I’m going to slap the shit out of you…understand?”

Macy nodded without saying a word. I moved behind her again, knowing I wasn’t ready to undo her restraints, but also knowing there was no way I could reach her in this chair. I tipped her chair backwards, and laid it down on the edge of the couch. It would take a little effort, but I knew I could straddle her face this way and also be in control of the action. I pulled my shirt off over my head, revealing my now ripped chest. I wasn’t in great shape in high school, but a few hot chicks embarrassing you is motivation enough to hit the gym. Macy’s eyes locked onto my jeans as I undid my zipper and slid them down my legs. My 8” hard on sprang to attention only inches from her face. I had to adjust the chair a little, but finally I was able to straddle it, bringing my balls right over Macy’s mouth. I expected her to hesitate, but she didn’t. Immediately I felt the warm softness of her wet tongue tracing up the underside of my ball sack. Her tender lips sucked one of my balls inside and began using her tongue to massage and tease it. Slowly I moved my hips back and forth, allowing her tongue and lips to just concentrate on my balls at first…they felt incredible.

After a few moments though, I had to have more. I slid back just enough to get the thick head of my cock lined up with her luscious mouth. Macy just stared up at me with soft eyes and opened her mouth. I couldn’t believe how willing she was. I pushed forward, allowing the head to press through her open lips and come to rest on her wet hot tongue. My hands grabbed the sides of her head and slowly I began pumping in and out of her mouth. Macy eagerly worked her tongue and lips up and down my shaft, working to take more and more of it inside with each thrust. At one point I had thrust my way in a little deep, and she began to gag. Something about the sound turned me on even more and I held it there in her throat for a few seconds. Finally I pulled back allowing her to breath before thrusting back forward even deeper this time. She was fighting to breathe each time I forced my cock even deeper into her throat. Her dark black eyeliner was running down her cheeks from her tears, but I couldn’t help myself. I could finally feel my hot load of cum boiling to the surface, and I pulled tight on the back of her head as I drove as deep in her throat as I could. The squeezing of her throat muscles was the final jolt needed, and I quickly pulled back just enough to make sure my cum would actually land in her mouth. Again Macy surprised me as she hungrily swallowed every stream of semen as it fired into her mouth.

As my orgasm subsided, I withdrew my cock and rubbed it all over her face, smearing my cum and her saliva everywhere.

“You have delicious cum Eric…I hope you’ll forgive me for high school. I want to make it up to you, so I promise to not only do anything you want, but I will help you fuck both of my girlfriends. The fact was that I did not want to do that to you, but I was always baited into things by Amanda. She liked to be cruel. But we have always been friends, so what are you going to do?”

“Well, I’ll tell you what I’m going to do…I’m going to humiliate her like she deserves.”

“I will tell you how to get even…something I know she is scared to death of…but there are two conditions…” Her voice was so soft and kind and offering.

“What?” I asked suspiciously.

“You have to make it look like I am just another victim, and you have to promise to fuck me with that cock…it is beautiful.”

I couldn’t believe that Macy not only wanted my cock, but she also wanted to help me fuck her friends. I didn’t trust her, but that didn’t mean I wouldn’t play along. “Well, what about Ashley?”

“She is a virgin…she needs her cherry popped anyway. That girl is the biggest cock tease I know, and yet never gives it up. I guarantee that if you fill her with that cock of yours…she’ll probably do anything you say.”

With that I walked across the room and slapped Ashley hard across the cheek, immediately waking her up from her sleep. She was shocked and disoriented as she realized the sting of pain that was shooting through her face. She tried to speak, but her panties stopped her. I didn’t want to hear her speak anyway…I just wanted to fuck her….so I decided to see if Macy was really going to play along or not. I drew back my hand and slapped Ashley hard across the face a second time, this time bringing her back to reality. She was terrified at the sight of her friends tied up and me standing naked in front of her. I moved over to Macy and in a threatening voice told her if she tried anything I would beat her girlfriend. Macy looked up with a scared look and nodded in agreement. I reached down to my jeans and grabbed a small pocket knife and cut the restraints off of Macy and then stood her to her feet. I brought her to the feet of Ashley and pushed her down to her knees.

“Suck my cock whore…make it hard and ready so I can fuck your slut girlfriend.” I ordered. Macy maintained the scared look as she grabbed my cock with her soft fragile fingers. They felt like silk as she began stroking it up and down before finally guiding it back to her incredible mouth. Ashley’s eyes were wide open as her best friend began to gag on my cock as my hands pulled her deep upon it once again. It didn’t take long for her lips to masterfully bring me back to full strength…and if I didn’t know better…it seemed as though Macy was really enjoying herself. Her hands were massaging my balls as she worked to drive more and more of me inside her throat. She was incredible at this. Reluctantly, I finally withdrew from her mouth and pushed her back on to the floor. I pressed the little pocket knife blade up against Ashley’s throat and told her that she had better not scream. She nodded frantically in agreement, and I reached down to cut the tape from her feet and then her hands.

Ashley looked at me apprehensively as I pulled her out of the chair and then pulled her hands behind her back. My large hand had no problem holding both of her tiny wrists. My free hand traced the blade down the soft tender skin of her breasts, circling it around both nipples before finally sucking one deep into my mouth. Ashley gasped out as my teeth dug into them just enough to hurt. For a couple minutes I feasted on her tits before finally spinning her around and pushing her quickly down over the arm of the couch. She started to resist at first, but I moved the knife back to her throat and she immediately went still.

“Don’t worry doll…this is going to feel good…I promise” I whispered in her ear.

Ashley jumped as she felt my cock glide across her ass cheeks. For a minute I just allowed it to slide up and down her crack, letting her get used to the idea that she was about to lose her virginity. I couldn’t take my eyes off the soft look of her lovely ass and the pussy lips that were staring out between her legs. I couldn’t wait to make her mine. Slowly I pressed the thick head of my cock at her slit, and I was happy to find that she was already wet…she may have been scared, but this girl was ready to finally be fucked. I pushed forward, and found that even wet, this girl was super tight. I grabbed her hips and decided fast was better than slow…with one hard pull, I thrust the full length of my 8” cock deep inside this sweet little virgin pussy. Ashley gasped out in pain as she felt my thick member spread her pussy like never before. For a moment I just held myself there, allowing her body to adjust through the pain. Finally I felt her relax beneath me and I slowly started guiding my way in and out of this lovely creature. The more I fucked her, the more she began to moan and respond to my cock. Macy had moved over and started rubbing her back and neck as I fucked her even harder now, just making me hornier as I watched her rub her hands over Ashley’s naked body.

Harder and faster I fucked that virgin cunt until Ashley exploded hard beneath me. She gasping loudly as she thrashed beneath me. I fucked her harder. That little girl was one vocal bitch. As her second orgasm took over she was begging me to fuck her harder. Her begging filled me with lust and I became a crazed dog. My hands squeezed at her ass as I slammed my cock feverishly inside her. Ashley’s third orgasm took over and the little vixen went limp beneath me…I think she actually passed out. I made a few more thrusts, but decided I wanted more. I pulled out and grabbed Macy by the hair and pulled her to her feet. I pushed her on top of Ashley’s little body, bent over in the same manner. Quickly I drove my cock into her cunt, filling her in the same manner that I had filled Ashley. Macy reached her hands back behind me and grabbed my ass with her finger nails…

“Fuck me hard Eric….fill my pussy baby…fuck me really hard.”

That was all the encouragement I needed. Eagerly I began pounding her tight little cunt with everything I could muster. I was so glad my cock was lasting this long, I felt like a porn star. When Macy’s first orgasm took over, she began rocking her pussy back and forth against my cock, grinding it against Ashley’s ass at the same time. Her nails were digging tight into my ass, as our bodies dripped with sweat. I thrust hard and deep inside of her, and finally felt my second load of cum explode from the tip of my shaft. Feverishly I pound my creamy load into this sexy little beauty.

Finally exhausted I stepped back and let my cock drop out of Macy’s pussy. I pulled her to her feet and then pulled up the now awake Ashley. She had a naughty grin on her face as she sheepishly looked away embarrassed that she enjoyed herself so much.

“What the fuck is going on!!!” We all turned around to see Amanda wide awake. She had managed to spit out her panties onto the floor, and had just watched me fuck both of her best friends right in front of her.

I quickly walked over to her and grabbed a fistful of her hair, yanking backwards on it as I shouted for the other two to sit down on the floor. Amanda’s eyes opened wide when both of the girls immediately dropped to the floor obediently.

“What’s going on bitch, is that I am finally getting even for the humiliation you put me through in high school. Your girlfriends chose to comply so that they wouldn’t get hurt…I suggest you do the same thing or I’m going to mess that pretty little face of yours up.” I still had the little knife in my hand, it was amazing I hadn’t accidently cut someone with it by now; I pushed it up by her eye to give her a good scare and waited for her response.

Amanda looked down at Macy who was giving her a convincing nod of compliance, and then at Ashley who looked more ashamed still then scared…but still no eye contact was an effective deterrent. I looked down at Amanda whose eyes were now fixed on my cock next to her hand; it was only about an inch from her fingers, and without a word she stretched them upward and rubbed the still wet head of my dick.

“Good choice slut…but I still remember the innocent way you suckered me in a few years ago…now…you pay.” I leaned down and planted my mouth on hers, quickly thrusting in my tongue like I had done with Macy, but Amanda resisted a little at first. I pulled my mouth away and leaned over and sucked one of her luscious tits into my mouth, sucked it for a minute, and then bit it hard enough to elicit a gasp of pain. I pulled back, looked into her eyes, and then repeated the gesture on her other nipple, biting even harder this time.

Tears were welling up in her eyes as she began begging me to stop. “Okay, okay…I’ll do whatever you want…please don’t hurt me though.”

I was satisfied. I reached down and cut the tape from her ankles and wrists and pulled her out of her seat, but then immediately pushed her to her knees. “Let’s see if you can suck my cock better than your girlfriend…but be warned…she did a great job.”

Amanda looked at my cum covered cock, still able to see the glistening nectar from me and her two girlfriends fucking session earlier. She closed her eyes, and then leaned forward, drawing my limp member inside. It actually didn’t take her long to enter sex mode though, and before I knew it, Amanda had proved herself to be quite the cock sucker. Her hands were fisting their way up and down my shaft as her head hungrily bobbed up and down on my still hardening cock. I think she was a little shocked at how thick it was as it grew to its full girth. As she started to back off a little, I quickly grabbed the back of her head and pulled her hard down on my cock, driving it deep into her throat. She gagged and fought against me, but I just thrust my hips forward until my balls were slapping against her chin. For a few minutes I just enjoyed making her gag on my big cock. Her mascara was running down her cheeks just as Macy’s had done earlier.

Finally I pulled free of her mouth and pushed her over the arm of the couch as I had done to the others earlier. Her tight little ass and pussy were staring back at me, and I knew she thought she was just going to get fucked like the other two, but Macy had already told me what to do this little whore. I pushed her over the arm tight, and then lowered my mouth to her ass. I hungrily began feasting on her pussy, and even teased her ass with my tongue a few times. I slid two fingers up inside her little slit and she exploded immediately all over them. Her frail form was thrashing hard beneath me muttering all kinds of profanity. I fingered her even harder and faster, and almost as quickly as the first one had come on, she exploded even more violently in a second orgasm. I pulled out my finger from her pussy and quickly thrust into her tender little asshole. She was still experiencing the waves from her orgasm that my little finger startled her a little, but didn’t seem to bother her. I rubbed at her asshole with my fingers a little longer and then stepped up and pressed my cock against it.

Amanda figured it out.

She started to resist me, but my weight on her back was too much to push off. My hands locked on her hips and with a little pull, I thrust the head of my cock into her tight little sphincter. Amanda tried to push off of me, but instead just seemed to drive my cock even deeper inside of her. She was tight like a vice and her ass squeezed hard around my shaft. My fingers dug even tighter into her silky smooth flesh as I pulled my dick even deeper into her forbidden virgin asshole. Inch after inch disappeared inside that luscious hole. Macy and Ashley were kneeling right at my side and I grabbed Ashley by the hair and ordered her between my legs to suck my balls. She quickly obeyed and before long I felt the warmth of her tongue and lips cascading all over my tender ball sack. I pulled Macy to her feet and drew her toward me. Her lips quickly met mine as she rubbed her hands over my ass. Eagerly I got lost in the moment with these three women. Ashley had one of my balls in her mouth, sucking and playing with it. Amanda was moaning beneath me as she felt the full length of my 8” cock now impaled deep inside of her, and Macy was rubbing my asshole as I fingered her pussy with two of my fingers. We fucked for the longest time, and after a while, Macy was cumming all over my hand from another orgasm, and Amanda was exploding all over the arm of the couch from being ass-fucked. Even Ashley had begun fingering her pussy and I felt her clamp on to my ball sack as she exploded again.

I could finally feel another load of cum working its way up and I quickly withdrew from Amanda’s ass and made all three girls kneel in front of me. One by one I thrust my cock into their mouths, fucking it frantically before moving to the next girl. I must have fed all three of them my cock about five times each when I knew I couldn’t fight it any more. I grabbed the back of Amanda’s head and quickly thrust my cock deep in her throat as my hot cum exploded into her mouth. She had no desire to resist, and hungrily sucked down every delicious drop.

I stood there as all three girls helped clean the rest of my cum from my shaft, and was happy to see smiles coming from all of their faces. I hope this means we can do this again.

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