I take Camry home to my wife
The drive home with Camry was a nice one. Normally I would drive home tired and bored, and ready to climb into bed, but this morning…my cock was back in her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down on it. I had always wanted to have my cock sucked while driving, but my wife was always too scared of having an accident while doing it. But not Camry; that little cock-sucker was devouring every inch of my cock as I used my hand to guide her up and down on top of it.

I was working on the story to use on my wife when we got home. Her name is Janie, and she has always been a sucker for a poor lost soul stranded on the street. As the gears in my head started to spin, I reluctantly pulled Camry off of my cock and told her what all she would have to say to get my wife to stay with us. I was going to present her as a little felon that needed to be locked up, but with the right stimulation, my wife would turn it all around on me and insist we do something to help her.

Camry listened intently, still stroking her hand up and down on my shaft, refusing to let me soften. As we pulled into the drive, she zipped up my zipper and then prepared herself for the show she was going to give my wife.

As we walked in the house, I could smell the scent of fresh bacon cooking in the kitchen, and knew my wife was already cooking breakfast…or in my case…dinner. I led the disgruntled looking Camry inside, who was doing a great job of acting as though she did not want to be there at all. As we entered the kitchen, Janie spun around to greet me in nothing but a skimpy silk robe which she had not even attempted to tie shut. Her lovely breasts were in full view, as was her sexy little shaved pussy. This was the problem with our marriage…my wife was an absolute fox that loved to flaunt her body, but she would very seldom actually give anything up.

As soon as Janie noticed Camry, she quickly closed her robe and asked who I had brought home. I laid out this very convincing story about the “little criminal” and that I had every intention of turning her over to the police after breakfast. My wife listened for a while, and then asked if she could talk to me in the other room after she had prepared a plate for our “little visitor”. As Camry ate, I played hard to get with my wife. She told me how important it was to help young people like this out, and that she would never get the necessary attention she needed from jail.
I still resisted.

Finally she did something she had never done before…she bribed me with sex. She told me that if I would let her stay here for a few weeks, she would let me do absolutely anything I wanted to do to her. I clarified the word “anything” just to make sure. Janie told me that nothing would be forbidden, and she would promise that the word “NO” would ever leave her lips if I would just do this for her.

I had her exactly where I wanted her. She just had no idea how much this promise was going to come back to get her. But I wanted to see how serious she was about her promise…

“Fine…suck my cock right now then.” I commanded, standing just outside of the kitchen in the dining room.

“What? I can’t do it with her right there in the kitchen!” she protested anxiously.

“So is that a no then?” I asked, staring defiantly at her. Her eyes glanced into the kitchen at the back of the Camry as she sat there eating.

“No…it is not a no.” Slowly she dropped to her knees in front of me and unzipped my pants and immediately engulfed my cock with her lips. I could see her still watching the back of Camry from time to time as my hands moved to the back of her head and began pumping her up and down on my shaft. I know I had already cum a lot that night, but for some reason, my cock was as hard as a rock watching my little wife on her knees before me. She hated sucking my cock, but at the moment, she was sucking me off like she had never done before. I actually think she was getting turned on by the thought of being caught.

After a few minutes, I was working my cock in and out of my wife’s tight little throat pretty hard when Camry turned around and saw us by the doorway. My wife’s eyes were closed at the moment, so she didn’t notice the young dark haired beauty walk over by her…but I did. Eagerly I pumped even more frantically inside her mouth, even more turned on than before. Janie’s eyes opened up and immediately noticed Camry standing only a couple feet away in the door of the kitchen. She started to pull away, but I was about to cum, so I pulled her head down deep onto my cock. Violently I began firing my load of hot thick cum into my wife’s throat, forcing her to swallow it. Janie tried to fight at first, but finally gave up and just finished feasting on me until I finally started to relax.

After Janie finished cleaning up the rest of my cum, she wiped off her mouth and stood back up.

“Wow…that was hot Janie…do you always suck your husband’s dick in front of the homeless people?” Camry asked sarcastically.

My wife was obviously embarrassed, but she smiled back at Camry and said, “No, only when I am trying to persuade my husband to let one of them stay with us for a while. So, my dear little friend, you are welcome in our home.”

“You mean you sucked his cock like that just so I could stay with you?” Camry asked, almost shocked at how this had turned out.

“Yes Camry…I did.” Janie answered almost proud of her commitment.

“Well then I promise that I will make that up to you…no matter what it takes.” With that Camry glanced down at my cock which was still hanging out of my pants and then sauntered off into the living room to sit down on the couch.

As I reached down to do up my pants, my wife gave me a dirty look, “I didn’t expect you to call in that voucher so quickly.”

“Hey, I have to take what I can get around her lately…if I get an offer like that, believe me when I say that I am going to take advantage of you in so many ways….after all, you did say ANYTHING.” I half expected her to be angry, but instead she gave me a little grin and said she was going up to get the guest bedroom ready. I was supposed to make our new friend comfortable and try to find out more about her.

As Janie disappeared upstairs, I went in and talked to Camry about what was going to happen next. She was going to tell me wife the tough story about her childhood, and tell her how she had always wanted someone like a mother in her life; someone that would love her and spoil her and tell her about things. I knew my wife would eat that junk up, and before long, I could take things to the next level. Camry eagerly agreed, but also told me that she was surprised to see just how sexy my wife was. She thought it was sad that I had to play these kinds of games, and since I didn’t call the cops on her, she was going to do everything she could to make sure I had a better sex life…one way or another. I did like the way that sounded.

A little later that evening, Camry asked Janie if she could take a bath. Janie happily ran her a hot bubble bath, and then showed her where everything was. She was about to leave the bathroom when Camry asked her to keep her company. The maternal side of Jamie was on overload, so she happily took a place on the toilet seat and talked to Camry as she relaxed in the tub. I had crept up to the door so that I could listen to the conversation. Camry really had a rough life. I could tell in her voice that the stories she shared with Jamie were sincere and real. I started to feel a little guilty about using her this way. After a while though, I heard Camry start to get out of the tub, and Janie excused herself; but once again Camry stopped her.

“Would you help me dry off and then braid my hair for me?” she asked in this sweet little innocent voice.
Janie hesitated for a moment, but then agreed to help. How I wish I had a view of my luscious wife towel drying my sexy little lover. My cock was starting to stir again, and I just wanted to barge in naked…but I resisted. At one point I heard Camry let out a sensual moan followed by Janie apologizing.

“Please don’t apologize…it felt really good to have your hands rub me there,” Camry cooed.

Where did she touch her! I wanted to know. I wanted to watch. Well, whatever she had done, I think Camry got her to do it again, because within a few seconds, she was moaning even louder. I could even hear Janie breathing louder through the door.

“We shouldn’t be doing this Camry…I should leave,” my wife moaned out.

“No Janie…stay here with me.” Camry’s voice was so sweet, and yet very controlling. I didn’t know if I should run down stairs or bust in and see what was going on. I hadn’t even noticed, but my hand had moved to the door knob, and I was right up against the door. I thought I heard kissing. I listened even closer. I did…I did hear kissing. It was an obvious sound.

I couldn’t resist the urges to see what was happening. Slowly I turned the handle to the door and carefully pushed it open. Janie had her back to me, but Camry noticed me looking in. My wife’s hands were wrapped behind Camry and rubbing her ass, while Camry’s hands were massaging at Janie’s breasts through the silky blouse she was wearing now. I was frozen in my place as I watched the two sexy creatures kissing and fondling all over the other’s body. I almost gasped out as I watched my hand slide one of her hands to the front of Camry’s young slender body and then move it down between her legs. Camry’s head went backwards and her eyes closed as she felt my wife’s soft tender fingers begin to massage and tease at her clit. I didn’t blink as Camry started slowly grinding her hips back and forth, making sure to let her fingers stimulate every tender spot of her pussy. The more Camry moved against her, the more eagerly my wife fingered her.

Camry’s arms wrapped around my wife’s body and pulled tight against her ass. The two women were grinding and thrusting against each other, and my cock was throbbing in pain with excitement. I finally decided that I couldn’t resist any longer. Very quietly I undid my pants, hoping that the moaning would keep my wife from noticing. I pushed my slacks to the ground and then quietly stepped out of them. Camry had opened her eyes as my wife was now thrusting two fingers eagerly in and out of her pussy, and she dug her nails into my wife’s ass cheeks and then spread them apart for me. I tiptoed up behind my wife, and then without warning pressed my cock between her ass cheeks and directly into her already dripping pussy.
Janie jumped from the intrusion, but instead of stopping, she pushed her ass back against my cock, encouraging me to fuck her good. My arms wrapped around her and began massaging her tits as Camry began fucking her fingers even faster now. The passion in the room took over, and my wife was frantically fingering Camry’s pussy through her first orgasm, and then fairly quickly after…through her second. My cock was as hard as a rock, but I was nowhere close to cumming yet. The weight of my body eventually pushed all three of us up against the wall, with my wife sandwiched nicely between me and Camry. I could feel Camry’s leg now pressed between my wife’s, grinding against her mound as I continued to fuck her from behind. My wife’s orgasm exploded from her body like nothing I had ever seen before. She was shaking violently between us, only encouraging me to fuck her even more wildly than ever. The harder I fucked her, the more frantically she finger fucked Camry.

“FUCK MY ASS BABY…SHOVE YOUR COCK IN MY ASS….”my luscious little bride screamed…words I can assure you have never commanded to me before. For this reason I did not hesitate. I quickly withdrew and guided my cock to her tight little virgin asshole. Camry was watching Janie’s face as she felt her tighten up from the intrusion of my thick cock. Camry quickly leaned forward and thrust her tongue into my wife’s mouth, teasing her tongue with her own as her hands began to fondle her swollen sensitive nipples.

“OH FUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK” Janie shouted out as I forced the thick head in all the way, and then started pushing the rest of my fat 8” cock inside her. One of Camry’s hands had now found my wife’ clit, and was eagerly working it as she continued to thrust her tongue in her mouth. My wife was mine at this moment in a way I had always wanted. After I had managed to force about three inches or so inside of her…damn she was so fucking tight…Janie started to move her ass around, almost as though trying to help me better penetrate her.

For a moment she broke her mouth from Camry’s and said, “Come on baby…I know you have always wanted your cock in my ass…give your naughty wife your big thick cock…I want you to fuck my ass for me baby…fuck it hard for me.”

I don’t know what had come over my wife, but I loved it. I moved both of my hands to her hips and decided to give her what she wanted. My fingers squeezed tight into her tender flesh, and then in one hard muscular thrust, I drove my cock in as deep as I could make it go. Janie screamed out as she felt me spread her anal muscles open. I wanted more though. I didn’t wait for her to adjust, and instead I immediately began pulling my hips back and forth, pumping my thick throbbing cock inside my lovely wife’s ass. It didn’t take long for me to find my rhythm, and Camry began fingering my wife’s pussy in stride. She entered some orgasmic high, and it became impossible to tell where one orgasm stopped and another one started. Her asshole was so tight around my cock that I knew I couldn’t resist the urge to cum much longer. I grabbed a fist full of Janie’s hair and pushed her head forward against Camry’s tits. Camry cupped her head and moaned as Janie sucked one of her swollen nipples inside her mouth and began sucking it. That was the last straw…the sight of my wife sucking on this young vixen’s breasts pushed me over the edge and I felt my cock tighten up and then explode a hot load of steaming cum into my wife’s sexy little ass. Spasm after spasm ejected from my shaft, sending wave after wave of pleasure through my body. Janie slammed her ass back to meet each of my thrust, milking me completely dry.

Finally I collapsed back onto the edge of the tub and started to catch my breath. My lovely wife quickly turned around and dropped to her knees on the floor and sucked my dick deep into her mouth, cleaning every bit of nectar from it. Camry quickly joined her on the floor and the two took turns cleaning the remaining cum from my cock.

“Baby, I will never be a bad wife again,” Janie said smiling up at me as she held my cock for Camry to suck, “I hope we can all do this from now on…please let me have another chance at making you happy?” Her eyes were full of love as I leaned down and kissed her. This was the best night of my life, and I couldn’t believe it was going to last even longer.


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I cant wait for part 3

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I also like the dildo idea.

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