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Play time!

Don’t worry one bit if you haven’t read part one. It’s no good. I hope to make up for it with part two of SASKIA : MY FIRST ANAL RAPE. Enjoy  Okay, so just to recap, I had a huge crush on Saskia (long blonde hair, deep piercing blue eyes, beautiful perfect size breasts, an ass to die for and the legs of a truely dedicated ballet dancer). My dad and his friend matt had a little surprise for me : they kidnapped Saskia and left me to do whatever the fuck I pleased with her, which ended with me anal raping her in Matt's little rape room.
Here's what happened next :

I stared lustfully at the bitch as she fell off the bed like a barbie that had been pushed off by its five year old owner. I'd just force-fed her a very powerful sleeping tablet so I could take a break and think about what to do next. I decided I'd think about it over a beer, so I got up and headed for the door. Just as I walked past the bed, a very loud message tone beeped out of Saskia's pathetic remains of a shirt. I reached down and fished out a cellphone before reading a casual message asking about where Saskia was and whether she was still coming to the mall today. I started to reply a casual apology when I realised this could be quite fun. I decided to steal Saskia's identity for a bit and told Robyn ( The very hot Bi-sexual sender) that she should come over to Saskia's place to meet her boyfriend. As I sent the text message, I called Matt and told him I needed to borrow his van, which he luckily couldn’t have cared less about in his state by now. I could hear my dad asking for another round of shots and by the sounds of things they hadn’t finished their previous one.

As I pulled the black van into Saskia’s driveway and closed the gate with the keys we’d recovered earlier when we kidnapped her, I heard a soft moaning sound. The problem was, it wasn’t Saskia. And Robyn wasn’t due over for another two hours at the very least. I slowly got out the van and locked it, taking care to be sure Saskia was well and truly tied up. I crept around the back of the house and looked into Elke, Saskia’s sister’s bedroom. There on the couch was a young teenager boy with Elke naked on top of him, fucking him like a rabbit. I pulled out my phone and started taking a video while rubbing my hard on slowly. Elke moaned and starting humping faster while grasping the guys hands and placing them on her buttocks. Then she got up, turned around and bent over.
‘Fuck me from behind!’

This guy didn’t need telling twice! He stood up and immediately started pushing into her ass. They both moaned in ecstasy and before long Elke was grunting and moaning lustily while her partner silently thrusted roughly into her ass and out again. I zoomed in on my camera phone to see Elke playing with her tiny titties, pinching and pulling them with one arm. Perfect, now to get involved! I ran back around to the front door and walked in as quietly as I could. As I approached Elke’s bedroom, the moans became louder and before long I heard that unmistakable flurry of screams. Elke was cumming fucking hard. I peeped in to see her pinned down on the bed with her head being forced into the pillow and the guy still fucking her like he wanted her ass to bleed.
‘Ooooooooooooooooh’ Elke screeched.

Just then a phone above the bed started playing and the guy dismounted Elke to reach for the phone. I ran down the hall and found the bathroom where I hid in the shower. I could hear the boy’s voice as he walked down the corridor and past the bathroom. I could hear the tv turn on in Elke’s room and decided now was my chance. As the boy stopped talking and hung up, I pulled out a tranquilizer filled needle and stabbed it into his neck just as he began to turn around. The effect was immediate and he was laying on the floor within 2 seconds. I carefully crept over to Elke’s bedroom and peeped in. She was lying with her ass in the air on her bed, facing away from the door. I noticed her arms were tied to the bedhead and she had just dropped the remote. I decided my physique was almost identical to the boy’s so I undressed and stroked my dick a few times before climbing onto the bed and grabbing Elke’s hips.
‘Thank God you’re back, I’m so fucking horny!!’ she said and wiggled her ass against my swollen member.

I started rubbing her ass and pushing my middle finger into her shitter.
‘oh fuck…’ she started ‘oh –FUCK’ she screamed as my member began to sink into her ass. I grabbed her hips and pulled her lower half into the air, pushing my cock deeper into her shitter.
‘mmmmmmmm’ she murmured as I thrust in and pulled out slowly. I pushed her head into the pillow and she raised her ass even higher. Fuck yeah! I began thrusting into her ass really roughly. God it felt so warm and tight! Not as good as her sister though. I lay on top of her and began to thrust forward and backward rhythmatically. I felt her ass muscles clench onto my dick as I pushed the deepest I could go and then relax as I pulled back. I began thrusting harder and grunting like a beast and Elke began to mimic me, writhing around under me, trying to find a way to push my dick further up her ass. I put one hand over her chest, rubbing one nipple and then the other, pinching them really hard and pulling roughly like I wanted to tear them off. She gasped in pain and ecstasy as I thrust forward harder and pulled her nipple very hard.

‘Oh, oh, ah, ugh, ugh, UGH!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh!!’ screamed as another orgasm hit her and sent her into complete heaven. Okay, now she’d had her fun, time to get the party going! I grabbed her hips and pulled her up again and started pounding as hard as I could up her ass, pushing and smacking into her ass. I greabbed a handful of ass cheek meet and squeezed really hard. I could hear Elke starting to panic and squeal in pain as I pushed hard and faster. I looked down and pried her ass cheeks apart and watched as my dick completely filled her shitter up and then I pulled out and looked partly into her gaping hole as I started to thrust again. ‘You like that, bitch?’ I whispered, picking up rhythm and forcing her back end as far back onto my dick as it could go. ‘Hmmm, you LIKE THAT?’ I screamed, slapping her ass harshly, causing her to squeal in pain again. I threw myself onto her, pushing my dick even further up her spinchter and kissed her neck lustily. Then I bit down on her neck, and pumped ever faster, sensing my orgasm was getting close. I clamped my jaws down tightly to stop myself from screaming in absolute bliss and made her screech instead, trying to force her head above the pillow so she could breath.

I pulled her head harshly up and head her take in a gasp of air and then arubtly smacked her head down again just as she began to try and scream. As my balls slapped yet again into her sweet little juicy ass, I felt a harsh tingle and thrust one last time, this time pushing her legs apart, grabbing her body and using it like a doll to bury my dick right up to the hilt. I felt my dick explode like a fucking bazooka bullet and shot my load far up into the depths of Elke’s shitter. Stream after stream after stream of hot, stringy cum shot up her spinchter as I moaned in satisfaction and Elke squealed in pain. I looked down as I tried to recover and spotted a dirty pair of her panties lying on the ground. I picked them up, and being the perve I was licked the pussy mark. Oh, what a fucking fantastic taste! I balled up her panties with a shit stain on the outside and pushed the dirty panties into Elke’s mouth.
‘Eat up, bitch!’ I barked as I sell-taped her mouth shut and got off the bed. Okay, now where to put Saskia? And what to do with the boy?

I got up and walked down the corridor to find the boy still lying there, not moving at all. Shit, that stuff works!! I checked his pulse just in case and then picked him up over my shoulder. Looking around, I spotted a cupboard. I opened it up, threw him in and then closed and locked it. Next, I put the key under the cupboard and headed for the door that led outside. That should keep him there while he takes that four hour nap. As I walked out, I listened to the moaning and groaning Saskia was making inside the van. She was one loud little cunt! Thank God I taped her mouth too or she’d have the whole fucking neighbourhood outside the gate! I unlocked the van and opened up the door very swiftly and quietly. Out fell Saskia, still blind, tied up and shut up (well, apart from her moaning and groaning of course). She hit the ground with a loud thud and a rather sexy grunt. Oh yeah, I couldn’t wait to get my cock stuck up that pussy! I picked her up and carried her into the house, dumping her on the couch and searching for my other tranquilizers. When I’d left earlier, Matt told me to take his tranquilizers just in case. No matter how drunk her ever got, always serious!

Now, what time was it? I looked up at the clock to see I still had an hour to wait for Robyn. Well, I was horny again and my favourite show was on. I grabbed the now reclothed Saskia, pulled down her underwear and flipped her skirt over her back. She started squealing like a pig.
‘Wah, wah fuckin wah! Shut the hell up bitch!’ I screamed and smacked her ass with all the force in my arm.
‘MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMH!!’ she screeched through her taped mouth and made a pathetic attempt to kick her legs at me.
‘Bitch, I know blondes are stupid, but seriously! Can’t you feel the rope around your legs?’ I asked, smacking her ass again. Okay, pussy time!!

I slid my finger over the top of her ass crack and stretched her cheeks apart, revealing her bloody red, recently popped ass cherry. I ran my finger slowly down the middle, over her hole(she sort of jumps in place) and down to her pussy.
‘mmmmmmmmmmmmmh!!!!’ she started again.
‘Okay, Saskia sweety, if you don’t shut up, my dicks going back up that ass of yours!’ I barked. She let out a little whimper and fell into silence. I flipped her over and gazed down at that sweet little pussy of hers. Just a few tiny blonde curls covered her only left over virtue. I stroked down her soft, pale lips and she let out another whimper again, this time carrying on for a very long time. I put my finger over her asshole and she shut up instantly. Back to her pussy! I started rubbing her lips, which were swelling really quickly. I pushed the top of her vulva apart to reveal her crowned jewel. The clitoris.

I put my finger in my mouth and then started rubbing over her little clitty, making her moan really softly. I let my other hand slide up over her belly and up her shirt. Finally, I reached those titties. I went up and roughly grabbed her right tit before locating her nipple and circling her aerola really slowly. She started moaning again, now out of pleasure for sure. I Slowly pushed my finger up into her slit and she froze up, then relaxed. So warm, moist and tight! Just then, that unmistakable smell of pussy hit my nose. Oh, the beauty of it! I started finger-fucking her at a fast pace, rubbing the whole of the top of her vagina as I went. She started trying to pull her legs apart but wasn’t able to. Fucking dumbass bitch…

She was soaking wet now ; her juices running down her right leg. I picked her up and dropped her on the floor then pulled her panties to about 3 quarters of the way down her thighs. I whipped my dick out started pushing and rubbing it against her lovehole. Now she was willing to pipe up again.
Okay, fuck this! I thought as I positioned my cock at her entrance and rammed my dick as far up her pussy as it would go. Fuck, she was so tight! She squealed again, but now I couldn’t care. I started working my dick further up her pussy, pulling her ass apart, slapping and grabbing her butt cheeks roughly. As I thrust in for the fifth time, I felt my balls slap against her legs. I was completely in. I decided Saskia’s grace was over and started ramming into her ass at hyperspeed. Animalistic grunts escaped my mouth as I fucked her like a jack rabbit, Pushing in and slamming against her ass as she squealed and cried, then pulling out and pushing right up again. I heard her start to moan, but these moans weren’t of fear or pain. I could hear lust in her voice. I reached under her shirt and started pinching her nipples, rubbing and grabbing them as roughly as I could. She started squealing and humping back at me, moving what parts of her body she could as roughly and quickly as her body would allow. ‘Mmrh, mmrh, mmrh, mmrh, mmrh’ she kept grunting as I rammed my cock up her ass. I picked her up and undid her shin ropes, then picked her up (cock in lovehole) and carried her to the couch, Saskia still fucking back onto me like mad. So much for the good little church girl.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her down on me while she bounced up and down rhythmatically, squealing and moaning in pleasure. I let out a low moan and started pulling her down harder onto me. Fuck, I needed to cum!

Just then, my balls tingled and without warning I started squirting my baby batter up into her no longer virgin pussy. She moaned in ecstasy and her vagina began milking my dick, pulling all the sperm it could from my dick. She was having her orgasm as well. She writhed around as much as she could and continued to try and fuck me while I sat there and tried to regain myself. Eventually, Saskia stopped humping and fell onto the side of the couch, spent as if she were a credit card at Christmas. I watched as a mixture of cum, blood and pussy juice trickled down her leg. I also noticed that in front of me was a line of liquid on the floor. Holy fuck, she was a squirter!!

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2012-02-24 12:30:04
Wasn't bad. Parts didn't add up though. He started off by fucking her pussy, but then it switched to her ass then he came in her pussy?

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2012-02-24 03:08:24
bloody fucking awesome!

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2012-02-22 18:20:38
Omfg. i loved that. it got my pussy so wet!


2012-02-22 13:35:20
that was freaking hot thanks got me off in part 2 u should do the boy on her

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