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For part 1 of this story ,read "Apologise:Sister's urge"
"Its good that you have apologised but I think I should apologise too" He said

"Apologise for? "

"For what I am going to do right now!". My robe fell down from my hands as he pinned me against the door .He reached around to my ass cheeks and began mauling them with his palms. He started licking me up from my chest to my mouth . He was really horny. Few minutes later he stopped playing with my ass cheeks and placed his hands on my waist. Now he slowly moved his hands up until he reached my bra. He moaned as he unbuttoned my blouse and slid his hand inside my bra. The bra was very skimpy so my tits easily fell. He gently squeezed and rotated his hands as he started to observe my breast(a full DD cup at least with no sag at all). He slowly dropped his head onto my chest and began to suck my nipples with his lips as they grew to the size of the tips of his index fingers. .

"OooooHHHHHHH" I moaned as for the first time I felt his lips on my sensitive nipple. Leaving his mouth on one of my jugs, he began to run his hands all over my body. After enjoying my breasts with his mouth, he looked at me intensely in my eyes for several seconds.Then he slowly slid down to his knees.He picked me up by my legs and lifted me up.I was surprised by his strength. I grabbed the hooks that were designed to hold clothes and closed my eyes. Pulling my legs apart he buried his face against my pussy.He began to lick his tongue up and down over my pussy lips. As I was wearing a split panty, he didn’t take the pain of removing it.He held my ass intently and continued to lick my pussy. His tongue was playing with cunt and all around my clit. My body was on fire. I had never dreamed that my young brother would be so good at eating pussy.

"Ooooohhhh, that feels so gooooooood" i groaned. "Don't stop, eat your big sister out!" I growled.My orgasm was building and suddenly I went over the edge. As i bucked and screamed, my juices flowed over my brothers tongue.I opened my eyes and saw my brother looking up at me. His face was dripping with my love juice. I pulled him up

"Hold on- let's go somewhere more comfortable". I caught his hand and took him near the bed. I leaned forward and pushed him back so he sat in the middle of the bed. Placing my legs on the bed i crawled on the bed with him. Standing, I placed one leg on each side of my brother’s body, and started to sit down until my pussy was just above his cock. I looked into his eyes as i sat down feeling his cock slide deep into my pussy.

Stretching my legs, I went down more so that my brother's dick was fully inside me. I lifted my body up so his cock was out by 3 inches then slid back down. Jason started to moan out loudly from his first experience of a woman. Smiling, l continued my movements tightening my inner muscles to grip my brother's dick as i wanted to feet every little vain on his cock.

l slid my hands and arms around my brother’s back for support as i moved up and down on his cock. Bringing my mouth to his, i started kissing him all over the face, pressing my tongue into his mouth every time he moaned out.Jason, although not experienced, was more than willing to follow my lead. He also started to kiss me back, sliding his tongue around mine as we moved, as one

"Ooooohhhh god aaaaahhhh yessssss!!!" i moaned as i continued sliding my brother’s cock into my pussy deep and hard.Within seconds my juices flowed all over my brother’s cock and thighs, onto the bed. After an intense orgasm,my body went limp and I fell beside my brother. But my brother was not tired. He got on top of me. He kissed me and put his tongue in my mouth.As we started kissing more passionately he took his palm and placed it on my right breast. He lightly squeezed my breast and played with my nipple. I moved a bit to the side and grabbed his hard cock with my palm.He continued kissing me. After enjoying my lips for few minutes, he slowly parted his lips from mine.

He slowly moved to the bottom of the bed and placed his hands on either side of my legs as he began to kiss up the calves and then my inner thighs all the time getting closer to my sweet pussy.His hands moved up the outsides of my thighs rubbing my soft skin lightly, making me moan out in pleasure as his lips drew ever closer to my pussy.I moaned after his lips made contact with my puffy pussy lips after teasing me for few minutes. He parted my cunt lips and began to lick inside.For few minutes he focused his attention on licking and flicking his tongue on my pulsating clit.

“Ohhh my god brother!” I called out as my brothers’ tongue expertly worker its way inside my pussy, lapping up my juice as it went and licking the length of my open and swollen pussy lips. His nose was rubbing my clit as he moved his tongue back and forth. He gripped my thighs tightly, as he guessed that i could cum any second.I was in heaven.Every little flick he made, drove me closer and closer to my final release.

“Omg! here it comes Baby!” I shouted as I tightened my thighs around my brothers head and pushed his face into my pussy.A torrent of cum shot down from my pussy and into my brothers face, covering his nose and mouth, his lips and cheeks. Quickly he licked it but i thrashed on the bed from the intensity. I released my brothers’ head from the grip of my thighs; he quickly kneeled up and looked down at me. My mouth was wide open but no noise able to come out.

"Kiss me" I gasped.He leaned forward and our lips met. The lips that had just explored each others most intimate parts were now joined again. As we kissed i felt my brothers cock push against my pussy lips. I jumped.

"Sorry!" said Jason. "Are you still tender?"

I smiled. "Not so tender that I don't want that inside me." I whispered. I grabbed my brother by the neck and pulled him down to kiss my lips again. I took hold of his cock and began to guild it towards my pussy.I moved my hips up a little and was finally able to press my brother cockhead into my wanting and waiting pussy.

"Fuck me brother,Fuck me hard"I moaned as he eased the head inside my pussy which was enough to make me want to orgasm again. He leaned on his arms and arched his back pushing himself deeply into me, his pubic bone hitting my clit and making my pussy will with even more juice that was now coating his cock all over.

“Kate! you are so tight!” He said as he worked his cock deeper.

“I… Know Brother… just fuck me harder” i managed to moan out between cries of pleasure as i felt an orgasm build inside me as his pubic bone hit my clit.He took my legs and put them up over his shoulders, making the penetration even deeper. We were both sweating hard, and our bodies stuck together. I had never experienced fucking like it, the feelings inside me were so intense.

“Oh yes!” I screamed as i felt a massive orgasm burst inside me flooding my pussy again with juice as my brothers’ cock powdered its way in and out of the tight opening. My breasts were jiggling as the bed rocked from the furious sex that was taking place on it, both our bodies were bouncing off each other.

“I’m gonna cum” he announced as he slowed down a little with his thrusting and began to let his cock throb inside my body.

"Yes, little brother, yes! Fuck me! Cum inside me! Fill me with your babies!"I screamed

He didn’t need any encouragement; with renewed strength he began to fuck me again. I screamed out, as my brother seemed to grow bigger inside me. I was able to feel the veins on his cock rub against the walls of my pussy.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" I cried out as i felt the blast and then another one and another, my pussy was really beginning to get full as jason pumped more hot and thick cum into my body.He moaned as the last little trickle seeped out.

"Oh god that was good.Am glad that we apologised to each other on this beautiful day" I winked as i let go of my brother who rolled off to the side.

"Yeah and I guess you don’t have any doubt about me being straight" Jason asked

"Not at all!" I answered.

"that’s good" he smiled."I am thinking whether we know" he was trying hard to search for words but I knew his intentions.

Well anytime you want to apologise again, just come to my room" I said. I sat up and got off the bed leaving Jason alone to get his strength back.

"Really" he was excited.

"Yes and don't forget that mom will be back soon . You better clean up your sheets you messy boy." I said as I was about to leave the room.


"Yes honey" I replied

"I love you"

" Love you too honey"

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2013-04-27 02:09:17
Della McQuain - Jen,Thank you for allowing me to see my two beafuitul granddaughters grow through your eyes and the eyes of your camera. It has been a blessing for this Grammy to see her precious babies as others see them and their personalities. As we live in Ohio and my husband's medical condition do not allow for travel we have only actually seen in person Emilee twice and Ashlee once; so seeing them like this gives us another input into their personalities beyond the telephone talks that we have. Thank you again for sharing my granddaughters with me through the eyes of your Camera .

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Part three. Did she get pregnant?

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