What happens in the family stays in the family - or does it?
Ok - before you get started, understand this is Chapter 4 of a story that was originally published as Incest Games, by Jolene Homes. There are those who will say I am plagiarizing, however, this is an exact word for word copy of the originally printed work - which can be found at neatopotato. Look it up. It was going to be titled Family Games, however the publishers decided a name change was in order. Enjoy it on it's own. I will be posting the remaining chapters in the upcoming days.

Lorena had been busy playing bartender all night, and had watched her brother keep a conversational ball rolling as he stayed between their mother and father, a buffer so that their fight wouldn't really get started.

They had been surprised at so much attention from their kids, Lorena saw, and before the evening was over, everybody was more or less enjoying themselves. There had been only a few sly cuts, and even those lessened as the night wore on, helped considerably by the double strength drinks Lorena mixed.

Maybe her mom and dad felt a little guilty, she thought, especially with their kids so obviously trying to make a family type party of the occasion. They'd talked about rock music and how things were shaping up for the fall school term, and about other kids, but the conversation steered away from what was on all their minds -- the impending divorce.

If Mom had said anything about who was taking over, about which one was going to get what kid, Lorena thought that the whole bit would have blown up right then and there. Neither she nor Glynn wanted to hear any of that splitting up crap. They couldn't allow it to happen, even if the plan failed.

But she was getting scared as the night wore on, and had to keep telling herself that it was going to work out, that her father had to feel the same way about her. She watched him and knew a thrill of anticipation as she saw him getting smashed.

If she hadn't made it with Glynn, if she hadn't swung with her own brother and gotten into that wild tangle with him and Jean, maybe she wouldn't have the nerve to try what was coming up. But she had to go through with it now; if she didn't, her mother and father would keep moving toward that damned divorce.

"Well," her mom said, "it's been a nice night, but I'm pooped, and drank too much of that juice. I'm going to bed. Night, kids."

Lorena noticed that her mom didn't tell her dad good night, and glanced quickly at Glynn. He looked away, his face down, and she threatened him in her head, because they had the plan already set. She was going into her dad's room, after he was asleep, and Glynn was supposed to do the same, only he was to sneak into their mom's bedroom. The way they had figured it out, Dad would think it was Mom snuggling to him, and Mom would think it was Dad.

If they didn't truly hate each other, then they would get it on, and just because they screwed didn't mean they had to call off all the legal machinery. Lorena took a deep breath. "I'll clean up," she said. "You can go to bed, too, Dad."

Mom was already halfway up the stairs, her sleek butt swinging from side to side, those long legs flashing, when Dad climbed out of his chair. "Might as well," he said. "Nowhere else to go."

He was so good looking, she thought, and moved like a kid half his age. Her father looked impossibly Nordic, with pale blonde hair and green eyes; he was six feet tall, a muscled 200 pounds, with no paunch. It was a wonder that women didn't fight over him.

Lorena didn't think that was the trouble between her parents, other women. It was just something that had grown sharp and ugly over the years, like a sickness. But if they wouldn't do anything about it, the kids would. Sneaking a drink behind the bar, Lorena felt the stuff burn all the way down. She needed a little extra courage, but before she could pour herself another shot, she looked up and saw her father watching.

"You're a good kid, Lorena," he said. "Some guy is going to be mighty lucky."

"Thanks, Dad."

Into an awkward silence, Glynn said: "I'm hungry. I'll grab a bite to eat and be up later."

They saw their father climb the stairs heavily, swaying a bit, and when he was out of sight Lorena hissed: "Later, hell! Don't you dare cop out now. Here, take a drink with me, and I'll go upstairs in a few minutes, after he's had time to fall asleep."

She and her brother downed some whiskey, both making faces and shuddering at the taste. Lorena felt the warmth spreading in her tummy and moving down her legs, but she didn't need any more alcohol. She was keyed up and alert now, fighting down the hot trembles that raced over her taut flesh from time to time.

Glynn said, "You're really going to do it."

And she answered, "Right on -- and you'd better do it, too -- or you'll be back to jacking off. I'll never screw you again, and that's a promise."

"Okay," he said, surrendering. "I guess I'm just scared shitless."

"Me, too," she admitted, and patted his arm. "But this is our big chance, Glynn, maybe the only one we'll ever have, to stop that damned divorce. Help me clean up here, and concentrate on how it will be, sneaking into bed and feeling up Mom's great body."

She thought about her father's body, big and hard, and wondered if the hair in his crotch was as pale as the light blonde of his head. She wondered if his penis would be big in comparison to Glynn's, and to the two other boys she had screwed. A pulse in her throat beat wildly as she tried to picture a really large cock and what it would do inside her eager pussy.

Her throat was tight as she said, "It's time. I-I'll go up first and take a quick shower, then sneak into his room. You do the same in Mom's room."

Her brother said, "Yeah, Sis. Funny thing -- I have a hard on, but it's as much from thinking of you and Dad fucking, as for me and Mom."

Lorena kissed him, pressed the pulsing length of her body to his, and felt the erect staff of his prick against her belly. She rolled her hips and ground her pelvis into it, but laughed and pulled swiftly away. "Save it for Mom. Okay, here I go."

Bathing quickly in her shower, Lorena scented her body with her favorite perfume, a sexy, clinging odor. She dabbed it on the hard nipples of her tits and in her freshly shaven armpits, then drew a line down her trembling belly to the deeply curling hairs of her pussy. Would he like her? Would he think she was a fine, hot piece of ass? Oh, she hoped so. She had wanted him to fondle her for years, to feel his hands on every part of her aching body.

Lorena put on her only sexy robe, then pulled it off and simply wrapped a bath towel around her body. She could always scoot out in a hurry, if things didn't work out, but she closed off her mind to that possibility. It was going to be all right, she just knew that.

But her knees were shaking when she softly turned the knob of his door and let herself into the totally dark room. Standing still, trying to adjust to the deep blackness inside, Lorena's nostrils flared at the subtle odors of man -- shaving lotion, leather, tweed, man-sweat.

She heard him turn on the bed, heard his heavy breathing and knew he was asleep. Forcing her legs to obey, she moved step by faltering step across the room to the big bed and sank down upon the edge of the mattress, her heart threatening to explode.

He was under the sheet, and she carefully lifted it to slide her legs beneath the covering. When her weight was on the bed, when the bath towel was dropped upon the floor and she was head to foot naked in the same bed with her daddy, Lorena's mind gave an exultant leap. She was halfway home, moving into a lifelong dream that wasn't a dream now, but something very real.

Turning onto her left side, Lorena eased out a hand, felt toward the warmth and bulk of her father's body. He didn't move when she touched his chest, and she let her fingers rest lightly upon the hairy expanse of it, moving up and down with the rhythm of his breath. Daringly, she allowed her hand to drift downward as he lay upon his back, and felt very gently into the curving of his belly.

She shivered then, for a fingertip had brushed against something else, a softness lying limply against his pelvis. The head of her daddy's cock! Would he feel that and awaken? Breathlessly, she waited, but he didn't move. Lorena grew braver and took the flaccid thing in her hand.

It was very big, she discovered; even in this comatose state, her father's prick was long and thick and for a moment she knew a thrill of fright. What if it was too big, and she couldn't take it into her small pussy? Would it hurt, ripping and tearing her delicate vagina? Or would she be able to stretch herself around it?

Caressing the dormant meat, she felt it growing slowly, almost imperceptibly heavier beneath her touch. The head of it began to swell, expanding continually until she thought that it might never stop. The shaft thickened and veins writhed along its impossible length as blood gorged there. It filled her hand and she thought dizzily that no man's prick could actually be so big.

But there it was, a mighty engine of sex moving under her fingers, lifting to its full and majestic size. She was afraid, and her hand dipped to the hairy sack below, to probe the balls that were filling with fluids. They were huge, too, and she wondered how much semen they could pump, wondered if his ejaculation would be something like the release of a fire hose.

"Uhh," her father muttered, and she jerked her hand away as if his cock was a burning pole. He rolled over, turned on his side facing her, and one big arm came out and down across her body.

Heart racing, she lay quietly as his warm breath fanned her face, but he was still sound asleep. Only now, his gigantic glans was shoved against her tummy, and she could feel the velvet texture of the head on her skin. There was something else -- a vague stickiness that she recognized as the same kind of pre-seminal fluid that oozed from her brother's prick before they fucked.

Her own pussy was damp, throbbing with a deep-seated need that only this man's cock could ease, and her fears departed. The nipples of her tits were so swollen that they pained, and it seemed as if the breasts themselves had grown with her desire. Lorena lifted her left knee high and placed it carefully down upon her daddy's sleeping form.

Inching forward, she pushed the sizzling mound of her snatch against the base of his cock and luxuriated there for long, rapturous moments. But the urgency to be fucked was raging within her excited cunt, and she adjusted her position, sliding upward until she could feel the mammoth head of the prick nestling against her pubic hair.

Lorena's right hand probed down and gripped the shaft, just below the flanges of the cockhead. Shaking all over, she urged her cunt lips to it, while her hand guided the blunt glans tip into the steaming labia. Wet and slippery, her pussy lips received the big knob, and Lorena pushed down with her crotch. So big, so big -- but her cunt was soaking, and when she wiggled a little, the head began to slowly but surely penetrate into her depths.

She moved her hand to the cheek of her father's firm ass, holding there as her pussy struggled to take in the huge bulb of his prick.

Drawing him closer, slipping her right hand under his neck, she pulled her crotch tighter to him and bore down heavier, forcing the head of his cock deeper and deeper into the hot and hungry stretching of her pussy. It went on, bored inside the elastic barrier of her giving labia. Lorena felt the inner lips spreading wide, and with one more hard shove, she suddenly had the knob inside her vagina.

Oh, it was good! It was marvelous, terrific, and she rolled her ass to drive the thing ever deeper. The thick shaft followed easily, and then it was home, then it was buried inside her expanded cunt. Up to the roots, up to the hilt it went, thrilling and lovely. She knew the hairy caress of his full balls as the crack of her ass snugged them close, and gasping, she drew her daddy's face down to press his mouth to a nipple.

Lorena wiggled slowly, in ecstasy, upon the huge prick now jammed in her pussy. She was packed tightly with the beautiful meat, filled to capacity by the gorgeous shaft that prodded against the entrance to her cervix. Her entire belly seemed to be crammed with cock and that was just how she wanted it, because it was her own daddy's cock -- thick and hard, long and powerful.

It slipped back and forth as her love oils greased it more, and every short stroke caressed her clit, sending blazing excitement throughout her body. Then Lorena flinched as her father's mouth opened to suck in her nipple, as his tongue licked hotly over the sensitive nub. His arms came around her and his crotch surged strongly against her own, thrusting his prick solidly home.

"Ooohh!" Lorena gasped as the force of the thrust shook her entire body.

Her daddy said around her tit, "So you couldn't hold off any longer. You needed this big prick, didn't you? Here -- and here -- take it, Arlene!"

He was awake, she realized in shock. Her father was awake, but thought he was fucking her mother. Lorena was her own mom at that crazy moment, writhing and bucking to take the mighty hammering of her husband's cock. But she was Lorena, too -- and fucking on her own, giving savage twists and heaves when the gigantic cock bored deep, chasing after it when it backed off for another stroke.

Her left heel dug into the hairy valley of his ass to give her a better grip and more leverage. She dug sharp nails into his muscled back, too, and to keep him from recognizing who she was, burrowed her face into the matting of his chest. Lorena bit gently into the hairy flesh, tasting the flavors of his skin, tasting the spices of her father's body.

Head spinning, sucking for air, she fucked him with a maddened and furious abandon, gyrating her belly and banging her pelvis into his. "Ooohh!" she moaned. "Oh -- ahh! Oh yes, yes -- I-I'm going to come! I can't hold off any longer -- ahh -- oh -- OH! Coming -- I'm COMING!"

He fed the glorious meat into her shuddering cunt with quick, hard thrusts, grunting as he did so: "You bitch! You hot assed, horny bitch! You love to fuck -- love to fuck me. AHH! I'm letting it go into you -- letting it all go!"

Her orgasm crested sweetly over her squirming body, fluttering deeply within her filled cunt, spasming out from the complete stimulation of her clitoris. Lorena's asshole snapped tight as a released rubber band, and it was at that climactic moment that she felt the roaring discharge of her father's embedded prick.

Hot and jetting, the semen pounded wetly against her womb and spurted strongly over the walls of her flexing vagina. Her daddy's come was a geyser that bathed her pussy from one end to the other, that drowned her undulating pussy in the boiling cream forced up from his leaping balls.

She must have fainted, because the next she knew, she was trying to swim up from a deep pool of warmth, from a lovely depth of ecstasy. Eyes blurred, she protested weakly when the wonderful prick was withdrawn slowly from the jealous gripping of her inflamed pussy. She felt the hot and sticky wetness along her thigh as an overflow of semen followed the head.

Somehow then, she was on her back, sucking for air, her entire body throbbing with joy, her cunt twitching inside as the come soaked into its tissues. Dimly, she heard his voice, and wanted to tell him she loved him, loved him. But he was saying something, shaking her -- and then there was a burst of light that hurt her eyeballs.

"What? Damnit -- I thought -- no, I knew you weren't Arlene. But -- but I never had any idea -- oh hell. What are you doing here, baby? What made me rape my own little girl?"


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