What happens in the family stays in the family - or does it?
Ok - before you get started, understand this is Chapter 4 of a story that was originally published as Incest Games, by Jolene Homes. There are those who will say I am plagiarizing, however, this is an exact word for word copy of the originally printed work - which can be found at neatopotato. Look it up. It was going to be titled Family Games, however the publishers decided a name change was in order. Enjoy it on it's own. I will be posting the remaining chapters in the upcoming days.

Lorena said to her father: "It wasn't rape, Dad."

He stared down at her, the bedside lamp making harsh lines of light on his tense face. "What the hell do you mean?"

She didn't try to cover herself; she wanted him to see her naked body, to run his eyes over the flesh that had grown from his own ejaculated sperm, the body that he had just done such a grand job of fucking. She said, "I came in to your bed because you needed me, but maybe not as much as I needed you. Oh Dad, Daddy -- I've wanted you to lay me for years. And I couldn't stand not having you any longer, so I sneaked in here and pretended to be Mom. It was wonderful."

Blinking, her father couldn't seem to get his head together, and she watched varying shades of emotion struggle across his face. He drew the sheet across his lower body, trying to hide the big, upright shaft with the shiny head. "But, baby -- you're my daughter..."

She reached over and whipped away the sheet. "And that thing is too beautiful to hide. I thought it would never fit into my little box, but I'm glad it did. It's a good thing I wasn't a cherry, though."

He said, "I don't understand. Damnit, I drank too much tonight, and I'm still kind of fuzzy, but -- why, baby? Why me?"

"Because you're big and beautiful and my daddy; because I love you more than I could ever love any other man. Because I want you to keep fucking me until I freak out."

"B-but -- it's all wrong, and people don't do this sort of thing -- I mean..."

"It's already done," she answered, feeling much wiser and older than him. "We've already screwed, so that can't be changed. So why not do it right, with you knowing who I am and loving me for who I am? I'm so hot for more of you, Daddy."

His eyes warmed as he looked down at her, and Lorena saw him really gaze at her for the first time, seeing her as a ready and very desirable woman, not a kid. Maybe he wouldn't look at her this way, she thought, if he hadn't already had that big rod in her, if he hadn't pumped her ecstatic pussy full of his juice just a few minutes ago. But her father was a realist who understood that the damage -- if any -- had already been done. Now he was reacting as any other horny man with a new, young piece of ass waiting for him, and the fact that she was his own daughter was making it better for him.

He said, "Damnit, it doesn't seem real, but I've been doing without for too long, and you're such a beautiful kid."

"You've looked at me sometimes," she said, "as if I was. Once in awhile, I caught you kind of eyeing me as if you wanted to put your hands on me, feel me up. Well, I wanted you to do just that. Am I really beautiful, Dad? Do you want to kiss me all over, and bite my tits, and put that gorgeous, big prick in your daughter's aching pussy?"

He swallowed hard, and she could see the head of his cock leap. "Lorena, baby -- did you lock the door?"

"Yes," she smiled at him, "oh yes, I did."

Then she reached over to him, lifted up her arms and drew her handsome father down. Their mouths met, and she thrust her tongue thirstily into his lips.

His hairy chest pressed down upon the hard nipples of her tits, and his throbbing shaft nestled along her belly. So groovy, she thought, so damned wonderful and crazy, and so beautiful. She ran her tongue around inside his mouth, feeling his teeth, his inner cheeks and the thick movement of his own tongue, all wet and hot. Their breaths mingled, and their teeth raked.

She tore away her mouth to gasp: "Love me, Daddy -- love me! Kiss my tits, feel my ass, my pussy."

His mouth closed over a nipple, licked searingly there, sucked strongly there, before his teeth spread wide and she felt her entire mound being drawn in. Twisting, she got a hand under his balls and hefted them, ran her questing fingers over their sacked shapings and felt the weight of them. His hair was so thick and curly, she thought, but not wiry; it was only a shade or two darker than his head, a rich golden color.

Her daddy's hands passed over her writhing body, caressing her hips, her belly, and one of them slid around to cup a cheek of her ass; the other dipped gently between her thighs and palmed the pulsing softness of her wet mound. Instinctively, her pelvis jerked, and Lorena made little hungry strokes with her cunt.

Panting, he said, "You lovely little bitch; you sexy, teasing little bitch, switching your trim ass at me, brushing your tits against me, and looking at me as if you wanted to eat me up. Want to screw you? Damned right; you've given me a hundred hard-ons over the past couple of years, but I never dared..."

"Dare now," she whispered hotly. "But first, let me do this for you, Daddy darling."

Wheeling around, she pressed her weight upon him and forced him to lie back. Lorena had practiced on her brother, and knew she could do a good job now, and her heart was fluttering at the prospect.

"What are you..."

"Hush now," she murmured. "Just lie back and let me love my beautiful father."

She straddled his body, wiggling when his flagpole cock slid between her cheeks and stood tall along her spine. She would have it later, all of it she wanted and needed so badly, but now she had other things to do to him. She would show him how good she was, turn him on in every way there was.

Lorena pushed back, dragging his bent cock across her slippery snatch and feeling it sticky against her tummy. She kissed his corded throat and licked down it to his upper chest. Running her hands up and down his rib cage, playing with his nipples, she squirmed to his supine body. When she reached his little dark pink tit, she nipped it lightly, then sucked on it, delighted to feel his sudden lurch beneath her, knowing that she was thrilling him.

Moving down farther, she licked a hot trail down his chest to his belly, drawing her tongue through the patch of golden hairs, tickling him until he wiggled. Her hands were on his hips now, fondling and petting, digging fingernails tenderly into his flesh.

When Lorena reached his navel, she bit the skin, then drove her tongue deeply into it, lapping the belly button as if it were some inverted kind of lollypop, tasting the mansweat of him there. The stiff rod of his cock stood beside her cheek, and she rubbed her face along it, her fingers busy probing his balls and feeling into the furry crack of his ass as her daddy flinched and writhed.

"B-baby," he panted, "no; you don't know what you're doing -- oh sweet baby..."

Moaning softly to herself, she caressed his shaft, squeezed and stroked it, running her fingers over the monstrous head and sliding them in the leakage there. So big, she thought; so long and strong an powerful, and right now it was all hers, to do with just as she pleased.

Lorena kissed the blunt reddened tip, and liked the flavor of his semen; it was musky and manly, the very essence of his body. She used her tongue to curl across the slit, to push into the slot and worry it, then withdrew to run it licking around the flanged outline of the glans itself. Not like her brother's slim cock, she thought, realizing that she would never get much of it into her mouth because of its size.

Stretching her lips, she fitted them down over the head, took the entire knob inside her mouth. Her father quivered, and his hands came down to take her head gently between them. Eyes closed, breathing hard, Lorena used her tongue and lips to create voluptuous caresses over the velvety head of his prick. Drawing in her cheeks, she rubbed it over the roof of her mouth, and ringed the shaft just below the head with her teeth.

When she started to suck, her daddy groaned and worked his fingers into her hair; his pelvis rocked back and forth, making his cock reach farther into her mouth.

She wanted it all, wanted to take it down her throat and into her belly, but it was too big. Lorena took all of it she possibly could, sucking and licking, moving her head up and down in the same manner her cunt was moving up and down on his thigh. She wrapped her legs around her daddy's strong thigh and made sliding, fucking motions, rubbing her snatch against him while she ate his prick.

"Baby -- Lorena -- little girl -- oh, darling; that's wonderful!"

Dimly, she heard her father's choked voice, and knew a warmth as he continued to tenderly screw her face. She got both hands down under his ass and pulled him tighter, tried to force even more of that delicious meat into her mouth. She felt the head of his lovely cock swell, felt him tremble against her tits and knew that he was about to reach orgasm.

Lorena sucked harder, pulling on the head, her tongue going wild, her fingers digging savagely into his taut ass. Grinding his pelvis into her chin, rubbing his hairy belly into her forehead, her daddy let it go then. That tremendous head jerked, and a boiling spate of come erupted from it. She choked on it, gasped for air and swallowed while the floodtide of her father's semen fountained into her throat. Oyster-like, slimy, the stuff filled her mouth, thick and creamy, and she continued to gulp it down, continued to pull eagerly at the spigot for more.

"Oh!" he moaned. "Oh baby -- I can't take any more -- oh!"

Lorena drained the last purling drops from the head of his prick and let them slip down her feverish throat. She had never felt so in command, for he was helpless with her.

Regretfully, she allowed the trembling bulb to slide from her mouth, licking her lips and smiling. Lifting her face, she stared up at him when his hands fell away from her head. "There, darling. Now I have you in my stomach; you are forever a part of me now."

Her father's eyes were closed and he was breathing in ragged gasps. "That was t-too much, baby. I won't be able to move for a week."

"Sure you will," she promised, and crawled up his body to lie atop him. He was wide and tall, and she felt very small like this, but Lorena snuggled up to him, knowing that she had the power to sap his strength while giving him deep erotic pleasure. She was stronger, and never had she been so glad of her sex.

They lay quietly for a long time, with his arms around her, his big hands stroking her ass, her head pillowed upon his broad chest. After awhile he said, "What brought this on, baby? Sure, we always had a thing for each other, but why did you pick tonight to start something? Not that I'm sorry you did, darling; I'm glad you had the guts, because I sure as hell didn't. I didn't have the cold nerve it would take to be a dirty old man."

"You're not a dirty old man," she said against the base of his throat. "You're my daddy, and the best fuck in the whole world. Why did I do it tonight? Well -- I just couldn't stand it any longer, and when you and Mom drank so much, I thought maybe I could sneak in here and you'd screw me and not know the difference."

Now that they were being open with each other, sharing their love and their bodies, Lorena hated to lie to him, but she didn't dare tell her daddy the truth, not yet. For the first time, she wondered if her brother was making out as well, if he had managed to put his slim young meat to their mother's interesting pussy.

Had Glynn really made it with Mom, or had he backed out at the last possible moment? If he did that, she'd cream him. But her brother had a hard on for a taste of Mom's cunt, that was certain, and he had probably swung with her by now. A new thrill stirred deep within Lorena's vagina, and she rubbed her sensitive thighs together, feeling her father's limp prick folded between their bellies.

She pictured her young brother lying like this on top of their mother, between those superbly long legs, his chest mashing down those magnificent tits, his stiff cock buried to the balls inside that black-haired pussy. Wow, she thought; if everything worked out for them, she would soon get to watch them fuck, because once all the phony barriers had been pushed down, the four of them could get together and let it all hang out.

Her father said sleepily, "I knew the difference almost right away, but I thought I was dreaming. Your mother has a fine body and a wonderful pussy, but so have you, only in a different way, and a new feel. When I got all the way awake, I thought I'd stumbled over into your room and raped my daughter. I guess I always believed I'd have to rape you, that you wouldn't willingly screw your own dad."

Lorena said, "You should have known; I'm your daughter, and have a lot of the same emotions you have. I guess we're both very strongly sexed, Dad. Is Mom that way, too?"

He hesitated. "Yes, she is. It wasn't anything sexual that brought on this divorce, unless you can call boredom that. I mean, two people can love to screw, and enjoy each other to the limits, but after so many years, it gets too damned familiar, too much like a habit. It's not good any more, when that happens."

She thought of them screwing, and wondered how her father would react if he knew that his son was probably at this very minute putting the meat to Mrs. Eric Johansen. He might take it wrong, taking it as a slur upon his own manhood or something. Men were different, not nearly so logical as women, and even though he had fucked his own daughter and allowed her to go down on him, her dad would probably be very upset if he knew it was also the other way around.

There was time to let him know, she thought; not a whole lot of time, because that silly damned divorce was looming in the foreground. But maybe in another day or two, she could convince him that what they were doing was best for all concerned.

He said, "I'm a little punchy and feel kind of grimy. I'll get up and take a shower, maybe have a couple of quick drinks, then come back to bed. If you'll still be here."

"I'll be here," she answered, moving to one side and taking her weight from him.

She watched him walk bare-assed into the bathroom, loving every tall, wide inch of his big body, seeing his softened cock swinging from side to side. Her daddy was big all over, and she figured he would be big enough mentally to adjust to the brand new situation in his household.

It was working, she told herself; so far, the plan was moving along perfectly. She had seduced her daddy and he dug it; her brother had no doubt done the same thing with their mother, and even though she had once thought she could make out strangled kinds of sounds in the next room, there had been no screaming. Since they had started acting stupid, both her parents were hard up for sex. Their kids had made it with them at the right time, while they were uptight and frustrated.

But what was the next step? Of course, they had to make Dad and Mom more wrapped up in sexual activities with their kids. But how to go about bringing Mom and Dad together again? Lorena turned over on her belly, still wet between her thighs, and the idea of Jean Marks came to mind. Wouldn't that sexy little redhead like a chance to be fucked by that huge prick? It was a good idea; Jean could be brought in to get Dad into a triangle, to open him up more to free-swinging screwing.

Once he was adjusted to that, her father could then be brought into a mix-up with her brother and mom. Smiling, Lorena ran a hand over her mound and stretched her legs. She listened to the sound of the shower and hoped her dad would regain his strength soon.

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