A boy is sent to babysit his friends younger sister
Will was always over at his best mates house. He didn’t just love mucking around with his mate but also looking at his mum and younger sister. They had a big house and weren’t to worried about tidiness so when ever he came over there was laundry all over the place.

One time, Will was asked to babysit the daughter while the mother went out and his friend’s dad and himself were away on a trek. Lucy went to her room fairly early, she didn't really need a babysitter. Will decide to make the most of his time in the house and went to the mothers room. Sarah was a fit looking 38 year old. When he got in the room he very quickly found the panties draw, it was very full with all sorts of panties in different colours. He found a very nice orange cotton G-string, pulled down his pants and started wanking while holding them, he then started humping them on the bed. He pulled away just in time before he spurted all over the bed.

He needed something better though so he set off to the laundry and found the jackpot. A pile of used panties stood before him. He found a silk one that he wrapped around his penis and found a dirty black cotton pair. He raised them to his nose and took a whiff. At first he thought the smell was yuk but he had an urge to keep sniffing them, this brought up a feeling in his lower belly that made him hornier than ever. He slowed down so he didn't spurt right away and just then, Lucy walked into the room eyes wide and mouth open.

Lucy was very beautiful with long brown hair and nice teenage b cup boobs. She wore a big oversized shirt and bright pink panties. Paralysed Will stood motionless to wait for her response, panties to his face and wrapped around his hard 6 inch cock. She said very shyly, I was just going to say good night when I walk in and catch you with your hands on my mum’s knickers. She now looked down at my cock and kept her gaze there thinking of what she was going to do

“can I please watch you jerk off but how about we go to my mum’s room.” So I followed behind her, determined to keep this between her and me. She told me to lie on the bed and spurt everywhere. I tried to jerk off quick to get it over with, “I need a little help to get me harder”
“look at me then”
I looked her way and how she was seated looking innocent, I felt hard but wanted to see just what she would do.
“could you do something else”
she then pulled up her shirt slowly and pulled it over her head exposing her boobs and her hard nipples. She then started pulling and twisting them, this was taking me over edge but I wanted her to do more, I started to see a wet spot appear on her pink panties.
“can I sit next to you and get a better look, how could I deny her, she came and lay down on the bed her head near my crouch, not before jiggling her tits a little infront of me.
“this is taking awhile”
“maybe I need some real help”
“I haven’t ever felt a cock before”
“ it is easy”
He guided her hand to my penis and then wrapped her hands under mine, squeezing tight around my penis. It felt absolutely amazing. He then started jerking up and down and then let go for her to do it herself, just after 30 seconds of light jerking, Lucy sent him into an uncontrollable orgasm, wave after wave of sperm shot out hitting everything including the girls face. She then swabbed some with her fingers and sampled it
“now it is your turn”
Will picked her up by the waist and lay her down beside me on her back. He started feeling her boobs and pinching her nipples, she moaned lightly obviously enjoying the sensation of my tongue flicking across her nipples slowly making his way down her tanned fit body to reach her panties,

Slowly he pulled them down to a visibly wet twat, it was only slightly hairy and smelt exactly like the dirty panties from before, he was now addicted to the smell. He leant in and started flicking my tongue against her clit, after 5 minutes she was moaning loudly, then he took one of his hands from her boobs and stuck two fingers in her vagina, quickly her hands were forcing my head harder into her and she started bucking her hips into my face and her vagina was squeezing his fingers in her pussy after a minute she finally opened her eyes and had a look of lust in her eyes,

She made her way down the my penis and started licking at the head, it felt incredible, she then took the tip into her mouth and sucked hard, he felt as though he could have cum right there and then, she then started bobbing up and down swirling her tongue at the same time.

Will then pulled out of her mouth and put her on her back, after some tonsil tennis and dick rubbing against pussy he stood up and aimed for entrance, looking up at her face, he was given a small nod before he entered her in one quick motion. Pain consumed her face as Will broke her hymen. He left my dick inside of her and held her tight as her pussy adjusted.

Slowly, he started pumping in and out of her, receiving moans of approval back every time. She came once again, her pussy squeezing tight, milking Will’s dick for cum but he resisted.

She got up and got into doggy position, spreading her legs exposing her tight pussy. Will slapped her arse a couple of times and then put his dick back in her pussy. He started pumping in and out and was playing with Lucy’s arse hole with his thumb. Suddenly her arse consumed his thumb and Lucy squealed with pleasure.

This was great, Will couldn’t take it much more. Lucy came once again and her vagina squeezed tight on his cock. Will pulled out and ejaculated all over Lucy’s nice arse. They lay on the bed together exhausted. Just then, there was a loud noise from the front door. Lucy’s mum was home.
To be continued….


2012-03-06 07:29:18
Nice idea, but poor execution. Some grammar errors "He left my dick inside of her"?, but mostly it all happened too quick and sounded more like a locker-room brag than an actual story. Flesh it out and make us feel like we are really there. Gonna give a positive since it's your first story, but needs work.

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2012-03-05 08:59:39
as others have said, its total crap

anonymous readerReport

2012-03-05 08:00:52
forget the patronising critiscism, the story is badly written crap

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2012-03-05 06:55:47
Erg. Very hard to read. Like others have said you switch between 1st, 2nd and 3rd person views!

anonymous readerReport

2012-03-05 05:21:08
As another reader has said, nice plot,but you switched between 1st person and 3rd person too much. just switch the He/his/Will's to 'I' and it should read better

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