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A Night Out
I watched as they licked my cum from each other’s faces and then licked Amanda's hand clean. They moved up onto the bed next to me and we hugged and shared kisses for a moment. Then Alissa stood up and said “We need to collect Anna and CJ and go get showered and dressed for tonight.” When Amanda stood up Alissa Bent over, and using two fingers, wiped a big dollop of cum and pussy juice from her sister’s thigh. She put them in her mouth and licked them clean. “Mmmmm, we need to leave.”
They tied their bikinis on loosely for the trip to CJ and Anna’s house where they had left their clothes. Anna gave me a hug and pressed her crotch onto my dick and whispered “I’m still waiting. Amanda told me to dress casual and pick them up promptly at 7pm as they went out the back door

The Girls Next Door - 5

I showered and dressed in slacks, shirt with no tie and a sports coat. As instructed I was next door at 7pm to pick them up. When the front door opened and Amanda stepped out I was speechless. She was wearing a strapless black dress that barely rose above the nipples of her 36D breasts and stopped mid-thigh. Her fiery red hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she had on 4”heels. She was a walking wet dream.

Alissa walked out behind her and I would have thought I was seeing double except for her blonde hair and smaller breasts. Then CJ came out and OH MY GOD, triplets. Except for her brunette ponytail she could be Amanda's twin. As they walked towards my truck I was about to ask where Anna was when she stepped out.

She had moved the hot level up a notch. She had on a powder blue dress that like Amanda's and just barely came above her nipples but the bottom looked to be about 3” shorter. If she wasn’t real careful when she bent over anyone behind her would see heaven. It fit her figure so snugly that it was obvious there was nothing between her skin and the dress. When I finial looked up I saw that she no longer had brunette hair. She had short black hair with sunglasses that made her look like one of those kick ass Eurobabe assasins you always see on TV.

I got out opening the back door for one of them and Amanda walked up, kissed me on the cheek and said “You get to sit in the back with CJ and Anna. I’m driving.” This was when I first noticed that all of their dresses had a small zipper that ran the entire length of the front. When I was much younger I had asked a girl I was going out with why it wasn’t in the back and she said it was called Bare as You Dare. You could slide the zippers up or down depending on how brave you felt.

Before I could say anything CJ said “You get the middle”. I started to argue but then I thought why mess with a good thing. I climbed in and sat in the middle of the back seat with Anna on my left and CJ on my right. As we started to back out of the driveway Anna and CJ both leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. With a sly smile Anna said “Are you ready for tonight”. Then she placed her hand on my left thigh, rubbed my cock thru my panys and gave me a small squeeze. I smiled and put my arms around both of them as they laid their heads on my shoulders. Just then I knew that even if nothing else happened this week end, this would be the best one ever. Looking at these four I just couldn’t believe they weren’t planning something. I knew I was just a pawn in their plans, but hell, what a way to be used.

We arrived at the restaurant just at 8pm. We parked and started to the door. Amanda was in front, Anna had taken my right arm with CJ and Alissa side by side behind us. I felt like some kind of dignitary with female body guards. With a big smile on my face I entered the restaurant with my entourage. Four of us waited just inside the entrance while Amanda checked our reservation. There were a number of couples and groups waiting. The men just looked on with envy and the women mostly looked like they had been eating lemons though there were several that smiled at us.

They called us right in and that brought more than a couple of nasty looks, all women. This was an Italian restaurant with rooms that only had 3-4 tables. We were led to table in the back of a room that held three. I sat with my back in a corner with Anna on my left, Amanda on my right with CJ and Alissa across from me. When we sat down I realized why we had gotten some nasty looks, Amanda, CJ, and Alissa had lowered the zippers on their dresses to about 2 inches below their nipples. As I turned to Anna she was doing the same. I sure hope we get a male server.

The server showed up, said his name was Edward and asked if we wanted wine. He stood next to Amanda trying to talk to me but obviously distracted by the cleavage she was showing. I told him he would have to talk to her because she was in charge tonight. She asked to try it and I almost laughed as he bent to pour and almost missed the glass while glancing at her. She pronounced it good and ordered two bottles. Edward filled Amanda's glass and reached past her for mine. He seems to linger a bit longer when he got my glass and when he returned it. He moved to stand between Alissa and CJ to fill their glasses he was enjoying the view so much he took almost twice as long because he was pouring so slow. I wondered if he would pour wine for Anna. As he moved toward her she turned and looked at him with a straight face thru the sunglasses she was still wearing and he hesitated, then he picked up her glass, filled it rapidly and turned away. He said he would be right back with the second bottle and take our orders.

I looked across the table and saw CJ and Alissa smile as they lowered the zipper several more inches and placed their hands back in their laps. Edward returned a short time later and stood between Alissa and CJ to place the wine on the table and take our orders. As he left to place our orders Amanda stood and excused herself. About 5 minutes later a pretty, young female sever came to our table with a cart of salads. She placed one in front of me and set one at Amanda's seat. She took another and moved to place it in front of Alissa and as she looked down to place it on the table she started a smile that increased as she turned her head and saw Alissa’s cleavage. She picked up two more salads and moved between Anna and CJ. Anna ignored her when she set down her salad. When turned and placed the last one in front of CJ the smile came out again, CJ licked her lips and smiled back at her. The girl blushed and took her cart away. Wow, hitting on the hired help. I dug into my salad and watched as the three girls daintily picked at theirs.

That was until I felt Anna’s hand on my thigh. It startled me and I jumped. The other two acted as though nothing was going on. While she looked straight ahead eating her salad with her left hand, her right hand was rubbing and squeezing my dick thru my slacks. Edward picked that moment to return and stand between CJ and Alissa to ask if everything was OK and take the bottle of wine and refresh our glasses. The table cloth covered my lap so Anna continued to squeeze and rub my dick the entire time. CJ motioned for Edward to bend down so she could whisper to him. With his head next to hers, and looking down between her breasts, she whispered something I could not hear and then kissed his cheek. He blushed slightly as he stood and walked away. I asked what that was about and was told I would find out later.

Anna was still rubbing and squeezing under the table until now that there were no servers and she saw no on looking our way. She stopped rubbing, turned my way and began undoing my belt and slacks. When she had them open she reached in and pulled my dick out. She saw the female server coming in our direction and casually covered my lap with the table cloth. The server stood between CJ an Alissa and asked who had requested her. CJ said “I Did.” She motioned her to bend over and she whispered something to her. The server turned and looked at Alissa then turned back to CJ. CJ whispered some more and the server looked at Anna and me and turned back to CJ again. The server whispered to CJ, stood and walked away. I asked what was going on and was just told “Later”. Anna had been slowly stroking and squeezing my bare dick the entire time. As the server left she brought her hand out from under the table and you could see my pre cum on it. She showed it to the other two who just smiled, watched her lick it off her hand and put it back under the table.

About 15 minutes later ,as no less than three male servers brought us our food, Amanda returned. I gave her a questioning look but she just smiled and sat down. Edward had two plates and stood between CJ an Alissa to place one in front of each. He stayed there ‘supervising’ as another sever stood next to Anna and sat her plate down. Once again Anna ignored him. The third server had Amanda and my plates. He bent to set down Amanda’s plate and bent over farther to set mine down, any lower and he would have his face in her cleavage. She just smiled and pretended not to notice. The last two servers left and Edward was still standing between CJ and Alissa. He opened the second bottle of wine and filled our glasses again and asked if everything was to our liking. We said it was fine and he said let me know if you need anything, anything at all.

I know there was a lot of cleavage at our table, the guys at the two other tables noticed it also, but we seemed to be getting al lot more attention than even that deserved. A couple at one of the other tables got up to leave. His female companion scowled our way but after she turned to leave he smiled our direction and gave me thumbs up and left. I looked at CJ and Anna in time to see them lowering the zippers again. God I could see the inside edges of CJ’s areola. I hoped we didn’t get thrown out. We sat there eating our dinners, drinking wine and getting my dick squeezed. We were about half way thru our meal when Edward appeared and asked Amanda to come with him. I asked what was wrong and he said the manager asked to speak with her. Good thing he picked her. My pants were hanging open and my hard dick was sticking out. At least she was reasonably presentable. She only had her zipper down about 5” and her assets were still out of view, barely. As the girls continued eating I sat there with Anna’s hand still on my dick wondering if the police were on their way.

When Amanda returned about 5 minutes later I asked what that was about. She said “He just wanted to confirm our arraignment.” “What was that?” “I paid a $150 fee to ensure that after the two couples in here left no one would be seated in here until we left. Edward will stay by the door to make sure that happens. Serving staff will come in to clear the table and serve dessert if we want it. The only other disturbance will be if we want more wine. Oh and Edward gets a big tip.” With this group I wondered how big.

Just then the female server returned and walked up to CJ. She bent down and whispered in CJ’s ear and handed her a piece of paper. CJ turned and kissed her on the lips and said thank you. The server smiled at all of us then turned and left. Amanda looked at me and asked “What was that about?” I said “Don’t ask me, I’m just a guest.”

When the other couple finally left it was almost 10 pm. People came in and cleared their table and left. Our server was standing over by the door to ensure our privacy. As soon as Anna saw that everyone was gone she moved the table cloth, leaned over and sucked my dick in her mouth. After almost two hours of her holding, squeezing and slowly stroking my dick I almost blew my load in her mouth. As I tensed she pulled my dick out of her mouth and squeezed the base of my dick so hard I almost yelled. There went any thought I had of Cumming. Then she said the first words she had spoken since she asked if I was ready for tonight when we got in the truck more than three hours ago. “Not yet big boy”.

I watched as she sat back up in her chair and then lowered her zipper more than half way to her waist. I saw the other to look towards Amanda and when I looked she had lowered hers just a far. With either Anna or Amanda once the zipper was lowered that far the front of the dress opened enough that I could see most of their breasts and all of the aureoles and nipples. Amanda called to Edward and said we were ready for desert. He called another server over to watch the door and came to take his position between CJ and Amanda. As soon as he got there and saw the four sets of exposed breasts he smiled from ear to ear. He stuttered a bit as he asked what we wanted. As each of the girls ordered he stared at her alone. Not her eyes, but her. While Amanda was ordering a chocolate sundae Alissa reached her hand between the servers’s legs and rubbed where his balls would be. When he jumped and looked at her she put her other hand to her lips and said “SShhh, it’s OK.” Just then CJ took her right hand and rubbed his bulge. He jumped again but when he looked down at CJ he just closed his eyes and moaned as she kept rubbing.

Amanda giggled and said “Hey, give the guy a break so he can take our orders and come back. You will be back won’t you?” Speechless he just shook his head up and down. It still took more than 5 minutes for him to get our order right because the girls kept patting his bulge and telling him how good it looked. He was back about 5 minutes later and brought a new chilled bottle of wine with him. “Complements of the manager.” We passed our glasses to him so he could stand between the two girls rubbing his bulge. Once he had finished filling glasses the girls each took one of his hands and placed it on their breast closest to him and then returned to rubbing his bulge.

When Amanda saw our desserts arrive at the door she said “We have company.” The two male servers and the female server we had seen before were accompanied by an older man we had not seen before. One of the males brought dessert for Amanda and me and he never took his eyes off her breasts. The other male server had delivered to Anna before and was a bit hesitant because of her previous look. This time she smiled and licked her lips. This time he smiled and took his time moving away. The female server placed CJ’s plate in front of her and then kissed her on the lips. She turned to Alissa and did the same thing. The older man just back about 5 feet behind Alissa and smiled.

When everyone had left except Edward and the man, the man said “As you have already been informed if you need anything, anything at all just ask. Thank you for choosing my restaurant and please come again.” I asked what time they closed and was told 11pm which was about 30 minutes from now. Then the owner said "Don’t hurry, I will be in the office doing paperwork and Edward has assured me he will remain until you leave. Alissa asked if she could have some extra chocolate for her sundae. The owner nodded to Edward and he left. The owner left after him.

Anna pulled her hand from under the table once again covered with my pre cum. She showed it to Amanda who licked her hand clean. Then Anna took and dipped her fingers into the caramel on her sundae and rubbed it around the head of my dick mixing it with the pre cum that was leaking out. Anna looked at Amanda and Amanda said “That looks delicious.” Anna said “Join me.” They both slipped off of their chairs to their knees and began licking the caramel cum off my dick. Amanda was trying to get her hand on my balls but my pants were in the way so she motioned for me to raise up. I lifted up off the chair and they slid my pants and underwear to my ankles. I kicked of my shoes and my pants slid the rest of the way off.

Edward returned with Alissa's chocolate and placed it on the table between her and CJ. They both resumed rubbing his crotch and bulge thru his pants. They worked together to quickly unfasten has pants and pull them down. They stood up to remove his shirt and tie, I now understood all of the extra service and why Edward spent to much time between them, while I thought they had been sitting politely with their hands in their laps they had unzipped their dresses to the waist letting their dress lay open exposing their bald pussies. After they finished removing his clothes they finished un zipping their dresses and let them fall to the floor.

They began rubbing their naked bodies against him and when Alissa put her hand on his dick that looked to be about 7” he let out a loud groan. Anna and Amanda heard it and looked up. When they saw the two naked girls rubbing against Edward Amanda said “Showtime.” It only took a second to see what she meant. Anna and Amanda stood up took their dresses off. They moved their chairs against mine and then sat back down. They each guided one of my hands to their pusies that were wet and glistening with their juices. As they looked Edward in his eyes they began rubbing their breasts with one hand and used the other to guide my hands rubbing their slits. Alissa dropped to her knees and sucked Edwards’s dick into her mouth. In three strokes she had her nose buried in his pubic hairs and was massaging his balls. He was breathing heavily as he stared at Anna and Amanda playing with their selves and received probably the best deep throat he had ever had. CJ pulled his head down to her breast. As he sucked the nipple into his mouth he moved a hand to her slit and pushed two fingers into her hole. CJ moaned and thru her head back with her eyes closed. Her body shuddered and Edwards hand was covered with her juices.

She pushed his mouth from her breast and slid to her knees looking at Alissa kissing and licking his dick. Alissa stopped, smiled at Anna, dipped her fingers in the bowl of chocolate and began stroking Edwards’s dick. When it was completely coated she offered it to Anna who greedily sucked it into her mouth. When she had licked most of the chocolate off, she returned the favor. Pushing the dick now recoated dick towards Alissa. As Alissa licked his chocolate dickcicle Anna took more of the sweet goo and rubbed it on his balls and began sucking each one into her mouth.

If someone walked in now they would see two women naked except for heels sucking the cock and balls of a man that was watching two more naked women rubbing their breasts and pussies with the help of a man between them with only a shirt, jacket and hard on. Just then Edward yelled “I’m gonna blow.” CJ and Amanda stopped sucking and kneeled together in front of him saying “Cum on us. Cum on our faces and tits.” Edward was rapidly stroking his dick as he pointed at the girls. Suddenly a thick rope of cum squirted out and hit CJ on the nose and cheeck. The next one hit Alissa under her right eye. he shot five more on their tits. He must not have had sex for a while.

Cum was still dribbling from his dick so Alissa got some more of the chocolate and rubbed it and the cum on his dick she shared the treat with CJ. When they stood up next to Edward they both had cum, chocolate and smiles on their faces. Both Anna and Amanda had brought themselves to orgasm several times during the show and were now sitting snuggling to me. When Amanda saw CJ and Alissa’s faces she said “Don’t move I want pictures.” Then she asked where my phone was. I picked up my pants and took out my iPhone.

CJ and Alissa snuggled up to Edward and turned so we could see the cum and chocolate on the faces. In a wider shot they were pointing at his dick where you could still see traces of chocolate. In another picture they stood holding his dick as they licked the cum and chocolate from each other’s bodies.

Amanda wanted pictures of us so she gave my phone to Alissa. She took off my jacket and shirt and sat me on a chair. She had Anna stand at my side squeezing a breast as I sucked on the nipple and my hand on her mound. Anna got on her knees and sucked my dick into her mouth. Just as Alissa was taking the picture I bit on Anna’s nipple and shoved two fingers into her hole. In the picture that we have frame her head is thrown back and her mouth is opened like she is in ecstasy. This sure ain’t the Wal-Mart photo center.

When the picture taking was done Amanda stood up and told Edward to take her to the owner’s office. She bent down, kissed me and said she’d be right back. I watched her hips sway as she walked away naked except for her 4” heels. What a sight. I moved Anna around so she could sit on my lap. She said “You bit me” “It made you cum. It’s all over my hand.” I brought my hand to my mouth and licked a finger. “MMMMMMM”. Anna put two fingers in her mouth and sucked on them. “I do taste good, don’t I?” Alissa and CJ had pulled their chairs together and had their arms around each other watching me and Anna lick my fingers each time pulled I pulled them from her slit.

Amanda returned with Edward, he still had no clothes on, and a new bottle of chilled wine. As Amanda filled our glasses CJ and Alissa pulled another chair between them for Edward. When he sat down CJ started stoking his cock as Alissa pulled him to her breast. Amanda said the owner offered to cut our bill in half if she had sex with him she said it sounded good but right now she was working on being a one man woman. She looked at me and I mouthed “Thank you.” Then she said “Ok ladies it’s time we moved on.”CJ let go of Edwards dick and Amanda pulled her breast away. The three of them stood and shared long, deep kisses. When they were done he said to us “When you want to return ask for me when you make your reservation and I will ensure there is an empty room and proper service waiting when you arrive.

After Anna slowly slipped off my lap to pick up her dress, I picked up my pants and started to put them on Amanda told us there was no need to dress. It was almost midnight and the place was closed. Besides we had one more stop where we wouldn’t need clothes. We picked up our stuff and Edward led us to the front door. When he unlocked the door Amanda took my keys out of her small bag and pushed the button to unlock my truck. When CJ got to Edward she kneeled down in front of the open door and deep throated his dick. After about 6 strokes in her throat she stood back up, kissed him and said “Thank you for tonight I had a wonderful time.” Not to be out done, Alissa walked up to Edward, turned her back to him and bent at the waist. She reached back and pulled his hard dick, still wet from CJ’s blow job, to her slit and said “Fuck me.” As he rammed his dick into her hole she braced herself on the frame of the open door. As we watched him ram into her again and again several cars passed, their light illuminating Anna standing outside nude and Alissa in the door way being fucked hard by Edward. After several minutes Edward shot his load deep in Alissa pussy. He pulled out and Alissa turned around and sucked his deflating member into her mouth and licked it clean. She stood up kissed him and walked outside. Anna walked up to him grasped his dick like she was shaking hands, kissed him on the cheek and said thanks. Amanda and I walked up and she said “You won’t mind if we just shake hands will you”. “No ma’am, that will be just fine.” She laughed. “We’ll be back and maybe we can bring a few new treats.” The she handed him a folded bill that he tried to give it back saying “I have already received a big tip.” “Consider it an added bonus.”

We walked outside as Edward closed the door and we heard the lock click. Amanda lifted the tonneau cover and told us to throw our clothes in. We climbed in the truck with me in the back but Anna in the middle. Once I sat down and closed the door she moved over to my lap with her back to the door. She put her arms around my neck, kissed me and then she laid her head on my shoulder.

Amanda pulled onto the street from the lot. The next turn she made we were in light traffic. I was sure glad it was night and there was dark tint on my windows. I asked what our next stop was and Alissa said “We’re going to a park and dance under the moon light.” I thought “Oh well, we’ve just spent the last 5 hours drinking wine, getting naked and having sex, now we’re driving around still naked. Oh hell, why not.”

We didn’t go to a park. We ended up on a road on the back side of a golf course. I have to give these girls credit. It looks like they have planned well. I wouldn’t find out just how well for a little while longer. Amanda found what she was looking for and pulled off the road. We all got out and the girls left their heels in the truck. Amanda opened the tonneau cover and pulled out a couple blankets, a small radio and a cooler. When had they hid all this stuff? Amanda set the alarm on the truck and put the keys on top of the right rear wheel. She saw me looking and said “We won’t have to look for them if we need to make a fast get away.

Amanda led us onto the golf course and down one of the fairways to a spot near a pond. We laid out the blankets and turned on the radio. Amanda pulled a bottle of wine, some plastic cups and started pouring. We talked and laughed about what had happened so far and before we knew it we had killed 2 bottles. CJ and Alissa were dancing to the music like woodland nymphs. I was lying on the blanket with Anna and Amanda.

Anna rose up on one elbow next to me and put her hand on my dick and started stroking. It was instant hard on. She looked at me and said “Fuck me in the moonlight and make me a woman.” “We talked about this and I told you this morning that would not happen until I had protection.” “You mean if you had a rubber right now you would ram your big cock in my virgin pussy and make me the happiest woman alive?” “Yes.” Just then Amanda held her fist in front of my face and when it opened a condom dropped on my chest. Anna just smiled and said “Now?” Now I knew how well they had planned. I looked at Amanda and she said that’s what she was doing when she was gone so long at the restaurant.

I rolled Anna onto her back and moved over her. She was already breathing hard as I kissed her hard, forcing my tongue into her mouth. As I explored her mouth with my tongue I squeezed and kneaded her B cup breasts. I moved my mouth to her right nipple and I moved my hand down to her mound. I was sucking on the nipple and rubbing her slit and she was moaning and pulling my head to her breast. Like I had done earlier, without warning I bit her nipple and shoved two fingers in her hole. She arched her back and let out a loud moan. She started shaking and her juices were flowing across my hand.

I released her and quickly moved down her body. I grabbed her legs behind her knees and pushed them back as far as I could.I bent down and tried to bury my face in her pussy. I inhaled her musky, slightly peachy aroma and sucked in the juices that were still leaking out. As she started to come down I sucked her clit into my mouth and rolled it between my teeth. This set her off on another shuddering orgasm. I released her clit and drove my tongue in her hole. Her shaking increased. She was trying to push me away and as she finally got her breath she said “Stop, stop. No more. Fuck me now.”

“Are you sure that’s what you want? “ “Oh gods yes, don’t tease me anymore.” I moved back up next to her and picked up the condom that was there and held it out to her. “Put it on me.” “I don’t know how.” Two voices behind me said “I’ll show you.” CJ and Alissa were right behind me. Amanda said “No I promised her I would take care of her.” She took the condom from me and said “Watch close, it’s easy.” With three girls watching her she grasped my shaft stroked it a few ties to make sure it was hard, placed it on the tip and rolled it down, “See, easy.”

Anna straddled me and said “Fuck me. Fill me and make me a woman.” I raised her up by her waist and placed the tip of my dick at her tunnel and inserted just the head. I told her it might hurt and we should go slowly. She said “Fuck that you’ve made me wait long enough.” Then she pulled my hands from her waist and slammed her pussy all the way down my dick. She yelled but Amanda smothered it with a kiss and hug.

I could hear her speaking softly to her. Now she had some pain to get past. Not only had she just forced me thru her hymen but her funnel was as tight as Amanda's ass had been this morning, had I gone slow it we would not be a quarter of the way in and she would feel pain with each thrust. Amanda was telling her to relax and that when she was ready she would help her start slow movements.

As Amanda kissed her CJ and Alissa began rubbing and twisting her nipples. Soon they were sucking on the nipples and rubbing her lower belly, Having Amanda's pussy that close was too tempting. I pulled her so that she straddled my face while she comforted Anna. I raised my head and ran my tongue thru her slit. I felt a shiver go thru her body. As I ran my tongue around her puckered asshole I felt Anna start moving on my dick. As her strokes increase from two to four then 6 inches the tightness went away.

Soon Anna was rising up until only the head was inside and slamming back down. Amanda was still kissing her and matching her pace, driving my tongue deep into her pussy with each stroke. Suddenly I felt warm breath on my balls and then awarm tongue swirling around them. After a minute the mouth that belonged to the tongue sucked my balls in and the tongue kept moving around them.

The buildup of pressure from the night’s activities was reaching its limit. I felt like I was about to blow. I started thrusting up to meet Anna and grabbed Amanda’s ass and drove my tongue into her puckered asshole. Amanda shuddered and moaned into Anna’s mouth. This was the trigger Anna needed. She trust down one final time and began tensing and shaking as her juices flooded my crotch. I made my final thrust emptying my load. The tensing in her velvet tunnel milked every last drop of cum from my balls.

Anna and Amanda collapsed on top up me and we toppled over. With no strength left I lay there with my head between Amanda’s legs and my dick slowly coming out of what an hour ago was Anna’s virgin pussy. We lay that way until our energy returned. We got up and I saw why Amanda had picked this spot next to the pond. Anna and I had her virgin blood all over our crotches. We walked to the pond and just before we stepped into the cool water Anna stopped me and looked down at the condom still on my semi hard dick. She reached down and removed it and threw it in the bushes. “One day that will be inside me not a condom.” Then she smiled. We stopped when it was almost to Anna’s crotch. I leaned into her and kissed her soft lips. As I did I used the cool pond water to rinse the blood from her smooth skin. When I was done I told her she was clean now and could get out of the pond. She said “Not yet.” Then she bent down and cleaned me like I had her. She said “Now we can get out together as man and woman.”

When we stepped out of the water Alissa was standing there with a towel. Really, where and when did they hide all this stuff? I got down on my knees and dried Anna, paying extra attention to her ass and slit. When I dried her ass I pushed a finger knuckle deep into her little puckered hole causing her to moan a little and use her hands to spread her cheeks as she bent forward slightly. I decided to see how far she would let me go. I moved it and out a few times and then pushed it into the second knuckle and she continued to hold her cheeks spread. I decided to go for broke. After a few more strokes I pushed in my whole finger. She moaned a little louder and her legs shook. I removed my finger and planted a kiss on her little pucker.

I had her release her cheeks and turn around. I looked up at her and she smiled at me with a tear in her eye, “Are you alright?” "I’m just so happy.” I dried her front and then ran a finger thru her slit. She put her hand on my shoulder to brace herself. I spread her lips and inserted two fingers into her tunnel. They came out covered in her juices. I licked them clean. When she quit shaking I stood up and kissed her. “Did you taste yourself on my lips?” “Yes, did you like it?” “I like yours better.”

We walked back to the blanket and Amanda gave us each a glass of wine. Then she made a toast, “To new family and relationships. May they be as good as today’s sex and last forever. We drank up and headed for the truck. We threw everything in the back and got in. Anna was on my lap again with her arms around my neck. We kissed and she said “I feel so wonderful. Thank you for being so kind and loving.” “You’re welcome, lover. Now would someone care to tell me what was going on between Alissa, CJ and that girl server?”

CJ spoke up. “When she put the salad in front of me she saw my wet pussy, turned and smiled at me before she left. I whispered to Edward that I thought she was cute and asked if he would have her come back so I could talk to her. When she came back I told her I thought she was really cute and asked I we could get together. She said she would think about it. I told her Alissa was my closest friend and liked her to. After she looked at Alissa she said maybe. That’s when I told here that the five of us had a special relationship and shared everything and she turned and looked at Anna and you. She turned back to me and said she’d think about it. When she came back later and gave me the paper she whispered to call her when we could all get together. That’s when I kissed her. The paper said her name was Lauren.” We talked for a bit about when to invite her over but couldn’t decide. It got quiet in the truck and it took a moment before I realized that Anna had fallen asleep in my lap. As I listened to her soft breathing and felt her heartbeat where her breasts were pressed against my chest.Tthe last thought I had before I fell asleep also was “Oh God please let this last.”

Amanda woke us all when we got home. She said “Next time someone else drives. You all snore.” We had a good laugh and headed in to the house. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 3am on Sunday. Well at least we could sleep in. I told everyone that me and my woman were going to bed and everyone smiled. I told them we were going alone. They grumbled and headed to the other bedrooms. I looked down at the smile on Anna’s face as she took my hand and led me to the bedroom. We closed the door and got on the bed. “How do you feel?” “I feel good but my pussy sore, like someone tried to put a baseball bat in it. If you don’t mind can we just hold each other and sleep?” “Sure lover whatever you want.”

Then she said “There is one thing I want to try tonight.” “Sure, anything for you.” With that she got up and turned around. She lay back down with her head on my thigh and one leg over my chest. She said “I fell asleep once with a dildo in my mouth and it was still there in the morning, I want to see if it works with a real one.” With that she deep throated my dick and then pulled it out until only several inches remained. She sucked on it like a baby at a tit and then closed her eyes. I smelled her sweet muskiness when I raised my head a little and returned the favor. I slid my tongue thru her slit to taste her wet juices. Then I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.


2017-09-03 17:20:01
Why did you have Alissa get fucked by the waiter when she was a virgin and really wanted the lucky neighbor to be her first.

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2017-01-18 05:47:49
Damn. That eas good i got confused but damn

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2014-12-22 06:00:28
Other than mixing the names of the girls up a few times I thought it was really good. I also thought when he said he was going to bed with his woman that because of Amanda's comment to the manager of the restaurant that he was taking about Amanda. Keep working on it.... great plot.
as always
johnny rotten

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2014-08-10 06:09:27
This is a good story hope too see more

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2012-10-23 20:14:31
Great, another story about thoughtless sluts.... I can't stand to read about it at all. Your character stands out as a wimp with this kind of story.

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