Bully Part 2 Part A

Authors Note* I can see why people like having stories written about them. It's cool to see what the author will say for them or do to them. Thats why girls contact me to write stories about them. But its different for me. If I put myself in a story I already know whats gunna happen so there's no build up lol. I was wondering if I could get a favor from one of my talented Rejects or Shejects. Can one of you awesome people write a story for me. Can one of you hit me up via Email or leave a comment with ur number and Ill text u lol Promise. If you can, Awesome. If not its all good. The King is greatful either way. lol and Ive been thinking about doing a story about a kid who falls in love with a mentally challenged girl lol just a sick idea tell me what u think.

I walked home with the thought of Victory in my mind. Only a few minutes ago I had one of the most sexiest girls in school tied to her bed and begging me for my dick. Happy Halloween everyone. The sky was dark and cloudy, It had just been raining and it had finally stopped. I was surprised that I didn't skip home I was excited and felt accomplished. It only took me a little while to get home and I spent the rest of the week in doors. I didn't really have anything to do. I guess I could have called Caithlin but I wanted what happened on Friday to really sink into her. Let her know that she's really owned. My dad died when I was a kid and My mom spent most of her time at her boy friends house. It was just my sister and I. My sister was a Gothic freak like me except that I was punk. We had a really good brother/sister relationship. We talked to each other a lot and shared basically everything. So when Sunday night came around she wasn't surprised when I asked a favor. "Hey Sis." I said walking into her room. She was on her bed reading the latest issue of Fangoria Magazine. "What's up lil bro?" She asked. "Nothing listen I need to ask you a favor." I told her not sounding weird at all. "Shoot." My sister smiled putting down her magazine. "I need your sluttiest outfit...And a collar." I told her. "Excuse me?" She asked. "Ya...that what I need." I told her. "Why in the bloody hell do you need that shit?" She asked. "Why are you saying bloody hell?....your not British. And because Its for this girl to wear." I said. "Well..." My sister began. "I don't have a "SLUTTY" out fit or a collar." She informed me. "Ya, Ok listen I know your into the BDSM shit I can hear you and your boyfriend through the walls. Just lemme borrow the outfit." I said to her. She studied me a little than sighed. "Ugh...Let me see what I have." My sister said getting off the bed. She walked to her closet and opened the door. After sifting through a few things. she tossed me a few things. "Here." She said. I looked at the clothes she tossed on the bed. A green and red checkered Short skirt than came down an inch before a girls ass. A black shirt that had the word owned spray painted on it. Knee high black socks and black buckle shoes. And the collar was a normal collar with a lock on it and the word BITCH written on it in white cursive. "Perfect..." I said smiling. "So...Who's this for?" My sister asked with a sinister smile. "No one you know." I said back. "Well I wanna know her." Becky said back to me. "Maybe if your a good sister I'll bring her by." I said laughing and left her room shutting the door.

I woke up in the morning surprisingly early. I couldn't wait for the day to start. I hopped in the shower cleaned myself up completely. Shaved my stoner's goatee. Drying myself off and walking into my messy room. I opened my closet and took out some respectable clothes. Black Kikwear pants, A white T-shirt with a XXL Insane Clown Posse basketball jersey and my spiked up Mohawk. I threw my slaves new outfit in my backpack and made my way out of my room and into my sisters. After agreeing on doing the cleaning around the house for a week my sister fished two nice big joints out of the secret pocket in her skirt and gave them to me. I lit it up and left my house. I decided to walk through the woods to school. It would give me time to smoke and not get caught. As soon as I got out of the woods the joint was now a roach and I was a block away from school. I wanted to catch Cathlin before school started so I ran the rest of the way.

Entering the halls of Greenview the first thing I see is three dudes who I used to hang with picking on Denis. "Little bitch give it up before I get pissed!" Gerald, one of the bullies said. "B-But I don't have it." Denis stammered. "DONT LIE!!! Mark said he SAW you take it from my locker." Justin yelled red in the face. As much as I wanted to join in on the fun I did Promise Cathlin safety for her and her brother. I sighed walking up to Denis and putting a hand on his shoulder. "Whats the problem here?" I asked Alex the final bully. "He took 25 dollars from Justin's locker." Alex informed me. "Ya, So if he doesn't cough it up we're getting Justin's money worth out of his skinny little body." Gerald said with a sick smile. I looked at Denis and sighed. "Did you take the money...Seriously dont lie to me." I said with a serious look. "N-No I didnt...Honest." Something in Denise's eyes told me he was telling the truth. It didn't matter to me I had his back either way. "He said he didn't take it. So he didn't take it." I told the three teen's tightening my grip on Denise's shoulder. "What? your taking his side?" Alex said in disbelief. "Maybe I am. He said he didn't do it." I could tell even Denis was surprised. "MMMMaaaannnnn." Justin started. "He took my money and I'm getting it back one way or another. Either he pay's you pay...or you both pay." Justin said getting in a fight stance. I laughed moving in front of Denis pulling a knife out of my pocket and flipping it open. "What are you gunna do? Hit me? I know Alex and Gerald are too full of shit to do anything so it's only you....Wanna press your luck." I told him getting in a fight stance. Justin snarled at me and back up. "We'll deal with you later Denis...and Tyler...We thought you where cool." He said backing up and walking away. I let go of Denis and started to walk away before he opened up his poser mouth. "Thanks Dawg, Dis mean we sqaushed the beef?" He asked. I sighed not looking behind me. "Shut up Denis." I said before walking away.

I found Cathline walking from her locker into Level 3 Biology. I ran up behind her grabbing her by her hand and dragging her away before the teacher could notice. I dragged her around the corner as the final students emptied the hall. "OW My wrist. Take it easy." Cathlin said before realizing that it was me. "Shut up." I told her not looking at her. I grabbed my back pack and shoved it to her chest. I looked up at her and noticed what she was wearing for the first time. A small My Chemical Romance t-shirt with white Skinny jeans and white converse. "what's this?" She asked. "You look like shit. From now on I'm bringing an outfit for you to wear every day at school." I said matching her stare. "Excuse me?" She said getting a little angry. Did she forget who I was? I grabbed her by her throat and slammed her into the wall getting real close to her. "Listen bitch do you remember who I am? WHAT I AM?" I growled into her ear. "If you don't remember Let me remind you. I am your Master...your God...Your EVERYTHING...UNDERSTAND?" "Y-Yes." Cathlin said in a small whisper. I cocked my hand back and smacked her in the mouth. "Yes what?" I asked. "Y-Yes Master." She squealed. I grabbed her by her face and pressed my lips to her's kissing her passionately. "Good. Now put the outfit on." I said. Cathlin opened it and looked inside. "Are you sure you want me to wear this?" She asked. "Yes." Came my short reply as Cathlin started to make her way to the girls room. "Where are you going?" I asked. "T-to the girls room to get changed." She said quietly. "No...your getting changed right here." I told her. "What if someone see's?" She asked wide eyed. "What do you care? Fuckin slut just do as I say." I growled at her.

She looked around nervously and than began to strip. First her shirt came off quickly and she immediate dove into her bag for the shirt. "STOP!" I yelled loud enough for a lot of people to hear. I walked up to the scared Cathlin and gave her a hug. She wrapped her arms around me and sighed. Did she really think I was going to show her affection? I unsnapped her bra and tugged it off her in a flash. Her hands went to cover up her gorgeous tits. She looked around quickly and than dove into the back pack for the shirt. "This isn't going to fit me." She said biting her lip. "Put it on." I said determined. She put on the black shirt. She was right it wasn't going to fit her. It was about up to her belly button. Her nipples visible through the thin material. She looked sexy. God I wanted to sink my teeth into her tits leaving my mark but I controlled myself. Next she pulled out the skirt and undid her pants. She kicked off her sneakers and her pants. She was standing in the hallway with only her socks, black and purple panties, and the shirt. She was about to Put on the skirt when I heard the magic words. "HALL PASS!!!" it was Eugene the hall monitor. I turned around blocking Eugen's view of Cathlin. "I need to see some hall pass's." He told us. "We don't have any." Cathlin Squeaked. "Than im calling the principal down here to escort you two to her office." Eugene was getting on his little walkie talkie. "Wait..." I told him as he stopped and looked at me. I leaned back and whispered to Cathlin. "Pull down your panties...NOW!" I couldn't see her but I heard her pulling them down. "What if she flashes you?" I asked him. "E-Excuse me?" Eugene stammered. "Listen she'll flash you and you go about your business. Got it?" I asked him. "uhh o-oka-okay!" He said his eyes shinning in his coke bottle glasses. "Lift up your shirt I said aloud and moved out of the way. Cathlin closed her eyes and lifted up her shirt. "Wowwww" Eugene said wide eyed as he looked at my pet. Nice shaved pussy and amazing plump tits. I noticed him fidgeting around looking at Cathlin. "Shows over now beat it." I told Eugene. He walked away trying to get his hard on under control. "See what you do to people you little cock tease?" I growled into Cathlin's ear. She gasped as I grabbed her right tit squeezing the nipple in my fingers. She moaned lightly. "Get back to getting dressed." I demanded licking her ear. She took off her panties tossing them to me. Good girl knew not to wear panties. She put the skirt on and the rest of the out fit.

"I look like a slut." She exclaimed. "It fits you." I said walking up and squeezing her soft supple ass. I grabbed the collar out of the bag and snapped it on her neck really quick. I grabbed her hand. "Lets get to Biology." I said. "I thought you had biology next period?" She asked. "Nope I got switched into yours. Now lets get going." I said walking. We got in late and everyone stared at her. All you could hear where the kid's whispers. "Shes such a slut." Came from one row. "What would roger think?" Came from another student. "God I'd fuck that cunt." Came from....Well I think it came from the teacher. We sat down and listened to what the teacher had to say. Knowing my sex slave was right next to me...ready and willing to do whatever I say. It got me hard as a rock. I unzipped my pants and let out my rock hard cock. I tapped her on the shoulder. Cathlin looked down and than looked around seeing if anyone noticed. She leaned over. "What do you want me to do?" Music to my ears. I grabbed her hand and placed it on my shaft. I leaned back and enjoyed as her soft hand took control of my man hood and rubbed it to perfection. Soft hands. slender fingers. God I wanted her. Right there right now. Cathlin was working magic on my rod. I sucked two of my fingers into my mouth and shoved them under her skirt plunging them into her soft wet pussy. Cathlin had to bite her lip to keep from moaning. She tightened her grip by accident but hey I didn't complain. I was leaking pre-cum all over her hand. I was getting ready to finish when Mr.Roberts decided to be a cock block. "Mrs.Conroy Please solve the scientific problem on the board." Everyone stared at us. "What should I do?" She whispered. "Solve it." I told her. She got up and walked to the front of the class with everyone whispering. Her shoes clacked and clicked the whole time she walked up to the front. I knew she was a science wiz so it didn't surprise me that she got the problem right. "Ok, Everyone see how she did that...And in record time to, wow im surprised. Can you do me a favor. Put your name up on the top of the board so the next class knows who did this." Mr.Roberts told her. In order for her to write her name up on the board she was going to have to stand on her tippy toes. "O-Okay I guess." She said before standing up and writing her name. Her short skirt rose up giving the whole class a view of her tasty ass, And her juices flowing down her thigh. She finished writing her name and walked back to a whole lot of whispers. Directly at her. "Don't talk to me slut!" "Skank you forgot your panties." "How much Cathlin?" She sat back down with her head down. I leaned over and licked her neck before whispering into her ear. "Im proud of you." Cathlin grabbed my dick again and resumed what she was doing. Her soft hand and slender fingers I couldn't last any longer. I dropped her pencil off the desk and growled at her. "Pick it up." She knew what I meant. She got down where no one could see. She bent her head forward and swallowed my cock hole. I cocked my hand back under the desk and slapped her in the mouth. "Did I say take the whole thing?" I asked. I left a red print on her cheek. I brought her face away from my dick until just the head was left in her mouth. "Jack it." I demanded She wrapped her hand around my moist dick and jacked it a few times. My balls tightened up and I leaned my head back. I had to bite my lip just to stifle my groan and my cum spewed into her wanting waiting mouth.

Cathlin swallowed every drop of cum like a good little pet. After she was done she put my dick back into my pants and zipped up my pants. She got back up on the chair and at least half the class was staring at her. "Awfully long time to get a pencil." I heard one of the class mates say as the whole class erupted with laughter. Cathlin's face got bright red and she just sat there and took it. The bell rang and everyone left class making comments at Cathlin. Hell I even saw one of the preps grope Cathlin as he walked out. I walked facing forward acting like nothing was going on as she clung to my arm walking quietly and with her head down. I double glanced at her and asked with no emotion. "You ok?" I asked. "Just...Its embarrassing." Cathlin complained. "What is?" I asked playing dumb. "Dressing like this. Everyone thinks I'm a slut." Cathlin started before I cut her off. "Well you are." That must have stung her. "And at least your getting noticed." I informed her. "I...I don't know." Was all Cathlin said before hanging her head down. "Listen...we got theater next so just sit in the back with me. And lets forget the world is even here." I said waving to a few people I know. "C...Can we really do that?" She asked me. "Ya, if we sit near the window." I said smiling. We walked to the Auditorium and entered. There where 10 people in the front row and the teacher sitting on the stage trying to talk to the "Class" if you could call it that. Cathlin and I sat in the back and opened the window to the outside just a crack. Just enough for the wind to enter.

"NOW CLASS" My teacher yelled even though there where only 12 kids in the room. "TODAY WE ARE GOING TO WATCH A VERY SPECIAL MOVIE THAT I THINK WILL TEACH YOU KIDS A LOT ABOUT CHRIST!!! IT STARS A VERY GREAT MEL GIBSON AND A CAST OF VERY GOOD ACTORS IN PASSION OF THE CHRIST.....HIT THE LIGHTS!!!!" the dumb old bitch yelled. some kids groaned and some applauded due to no work. The lights where off and it was completely dark. A huge white screen fell from the ceiling and it was hooked up to some DVD player. After 10 minutes of bullshit the movie started. I watched. Not really interested in the movie but hell it was something to zone out to. I was almost completely in my own little world when Cathlin tapped me on the shoulder. "So...How do we forget the world?" She asked. I gave her a dirty look before realizing what she meant. I fished the last joint from my pocket and bent down behind the seats to light it up. I took a haul and inhaled deeply before blowing my smoke out the window. Cathlin looked at me wide eyed. "YOUR GOING TO GET CAUGHT!!!" She yelled in a silent whisper. I passed it to her and let the effects take over. She was hesitant for a minute but put it to her lips and inhaled. She tried to reach over me to the window but couldn't reach so I grabbed her face and kissed her. She put the smoke in her mouth into mine and I blew it out the window. We did it like that for a few until the joint was only a roach. I put it out and put it back into my pocket. I felt so relaxed and I looked over to Cathlin who seemed to be shifting in her seat. "You ok?" I asked. "Mhmm Just...Ima little...ya know when I'm high." She said. I looked at her and laughed. "Can you keep quiet?" I asked. "M-Maybe Why?" She asked. I grabbed her by the shoulders and shoved my tongue in her mouth. Our tongues danced around in each others mouth. I got her up and made Cathlin sit on my lap. She bent her head down and continued kissing her master. I lifted her shirt up above her ample tits. I grabbed her supple breast pawing at it pinching her nipple and rolling it between my fingers. I broke the kiss and looked face to face with her tits. I kissed the side of it before tracing my tongue up to it. I circled my tongue around the nipple a few times blowing cold air on it making it nice and pointy. I attached my mouth to it sucking it lightly and sinking my teeth. Cathlin growled a little pushing my head into her soft tit. I was pinching her other tit with my left hand and was rubbing her juicy slit with my right. God a sexy girl on my lap, Right breast in my mouth left in my left hand and my right dealing with her juicy cunt...Pure heaven. I bit down hard on her nipple at the same time I plunged three fingers into her drenched twat. She was moving her head all around trying to keep quiet. I pumped my fingers in and out of her as fast as I could getting them nice and slick. My dick was hard and was going to bust out of my jeans if I didn't do something quick. I let my fingers slowly slide out of her pussy and un buttoned my jeans and freeing my cock from its boxers. I went back to fingering Cathlin and she started to pump my cock up and down nice and fast getting it hard like steel. I grabbed her slutty skirt and hiked it up I took my mouth off her tit. I shifted her so she was right in front of me. I lifted her up until the head of my dick was rubbing back and forth on her slit. She grabbed my cock and placing it at the entrance of her nice wet cunt. She sank down a little popping the head into her twat. She sank all the way down until her fat juicy ass met my pelvis. As much as I hate to compliment her I grabbed her by the waits pushing her back against me and thrusting up once. I growled a little loud. "God Your fuckin beautiful." I said thrusting up hard and fast into her wet juicy pussy. "T-Thank you Master." She said with a grin. I grabbed her by her waist and started to fuck her watching the silhouette of her juicy tits bouncing up and down with each thrust. I couldn't believe no one noticed us. Everyone was watching the movie hell even the teacher was glued to the screen. I reached my hand in between her thighs and rubbed her clit as I humped into her hard and fast. I grabbed juicy tit rubbing it all around I closed my eyes feeling her hot moist cunt milking my cock her hot walls making my dick feel at home. Her breathing became rapid and pretty soon she was acting like she was having a damn seizure. her pussy clamped down on my cock feeling the wetness bath my dick. I kept pumping up into her but I couldn't do it anymore. I grabbed both her tits digging my finger nails into them as I came sending wave after wave of the potent thick cum into her pussy. After my orgasm stopped she slowly got up sending my sensitive dick out of her. I pulled up my pants and settled into my seat. Cathlin sat back in her seat and kissed me on the cheek. "Now what?" She asked. I was high and tired so all I could say before passing out was. "Shut up and enjoy the move. Wake me up when its over." And my eyes lids shut.


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