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So, Neo and I like to go back and forth when we write these fantasies... Sorry if it confuses.
Trinity: Sexy young teenager, firey brown eyes, light brown long hair, small A cups, curvy, nice ass. Her outfit is a black, revealing button up, a black pleated skirt, fishnet leggings, and purple garters. Black bikini panties, with purple lace and a matching black push-up bra.

Mr. Maddix: Younger adult, electric blue eyes, dark brown hair. Long cock, about 7 in. Teacher's clothes. (Do you really care what Neo's wearing ;))

* * *

Trinity: You know I was fantasizing about role-playing with you... <3

Neo: Its crossed paths

Trinity: Mmmmm... Like sexual predator teacher and naughty school girl...

"Can you change this A to an A+?"

"What do you have for me?"[/i]
"I dunno, what's the easiest way to gain some extra credit... ;)"

 * * *

"lets see what I can offload onto you..."

You grab my shoulders, and start caressing me gently. I moan a

little, you start to unbutton me.[/i]

I lick your bare chest and direct you to a desk, my hand climbing high

up your skirt

"Mr. Maddix, this isn't right... Can't I just... Ohhh...." You smile

"Don't you want those points?"[/i]

"it only takes a few minutes..." as I drop your skirt to the floor and

unbutton my shirt and tie

I look at you indigenously, and I spread my legs. "Please... let me

taste it." You smile, laughing at my attempts, "Taste what?"

"your cock, your cum, I want to taste it all in me" [/i]

"naughty naughty girl..." I realize

You take your belt out, and my gaze widens. "You'll need to be

punished before you get your prize..."[/i]

"bend over" and you comply. I rap my belt once over your ass, and you

moan of pain and pleasure

"Owwww" I yell. You look at me in shame towards my disobedience. "You

keep quiet!" Another whip. I whimper, but there's an underlying moan.[/i]

"that's better, but you still added another 5 lashes, I'm going to ruin

your ass, girl, if you keep this up" For every sound that escapes me,

you utter "5 more lashes!" I start crying after the 25th... And you could tell from my facial

expression, that I was severely enjoying it.[/i]

"oh so you enjoy this do you? Trust me I can do a lot worse. You don't

want that." and I lightly slap your back with my belt to make my point

"please... Ohhh.. don't stop..." I moan after the 60th lash. You

laugh, hitting me harder and harder on 65, until 70, when I cummed all

over the desk from all of your hits. You laugh at me again. "I have

barely touched you."[/i]

I spin you around so that your burning ass is cooled by the desk. I

draw a finger to your pussy, and take a taste of your fresh cum

I'm losing it, and I start fingering my clit. you hit the inner of my

leg with your palm. "Hey, I'm going to have to stop if you do it all

on your own." I whine, "No! I need you, please, take me take me, I'm

yours." You grab both of my hands, and hand cuff them to the bottom of

the desk. You smile.

"Now then, where was I?"

"hmm little girl, I don't think you could stop me if I maybe put this

in your mouth..."

My eyes widen, "What are you going to do to me?"

"Oh, don't worry; I won't choke you for very long... And you'll enjoy

it, I'm sure."

An erotically frightened look washed over my face as you shove your cock

in my mouth. As you push farther into me, you hear me gag. I start

moaning as you mouth fuck me. You pound me hard, but you ease up when

I gag. You hold my head up into position, and the muffled moans

vibrate on the head of your penis, while the wonderfully erotic

sucking wet sounds please your ears.

"Now I warn you, I'm heading in deeper, don't panic, Ill let you

breath." And I push, but this I go deep. Down your throat, and I block

your windpipe! My cock slowly moves in and out, but you still can't

breath. You begin to panic, but you hear somewhere in the background

me reaching a count of ten, and I pull out. You take an exasperated

breath. "And now again," I say " But this time for 15 seconds." Your

eyes remain wide, but you nod.

I feel light headed, and you notice. You smile, and pull out, and say

"Ok, just one more, 20 seconds." I breath, and you dive in again,

pounding me harder and harder, and you cum straight down my throat.

The amount of tears on my face is dramatic, and you pull out.

Exasperated, I breath hard trying to catch my breath.

"Now that wasn't so bad, was it?" You hadn't noticed during the whole

ordeal, but I had two of my fingers buried into your pussy. It was

soaked, and so was the desk underneath. "It really seemed to turn you

on." I glance down and pull my fingers out "and now I think I want to

use this." But by this time you were already begging.

"please... please... *in-between breaths please..." You smile, and

look at my pussy. You get down on your knee, and start staring at it.

"No... don't stare like that... It's embarrassing." You laugh, "My that

mouth fuck must have really made you crave my cock, little girl. Look

at you quiver."

"I think you've done well so far, maybe it should be time for a

reward?" and I line us up, my cock rockhard you pussy

accepting(begging), and I thrust in. And you scream from the sudden

sensation. Our pubic bones scrape against eachother, but I stare at

you with scorn "You are supposed to remain quiet! Can you do that for


You slap my face, and you pull out. You go over to your bag and grab a

ball gag. I look at you in shock. "You just keep that in *moan* you're

bag?" You laugh. "I've been planning to take your sweet little pussy

for a long time." You gag my mouth, and you scorn me again. "Now keep

quiet, or I'll stop."

And I enter again, but you continue to squirm. I delve in deep and

fuck you harder and harder. Your moan and screams reduced by the gag.

"Look at you gripping me..." and it was true, it was getting harder to

pull out. "I'll just have to fuck you harder then, I'm taking you here

and now."

"Muffled screaming comes from my throat, but you don't stop. All

thinking ceases as you pound me hard, over and over, now faster and

faster. You feel my pussy clench, and a loud splashing sound hits the

desk. The pressure is to much for you, and hot cum shoots in my pussy.

I pull out slowly breathing hard. "Now I have you girl; I think you've

earned those extra points" I release your handcuffs, hand you your

clothes, and bid you goodbye. "I'll see you in class tomorrow."


"Mr. Maddix?" I say before departing. "Do you love me?" You laugh, "Of

course you naughty, naughty girl, your mine now! There's no way I

couldn't love you. Your beautiful, smart and a great student. Hehe..."

Your smile becomes a little sadistic, "And you take your education

very seriously." I run up to you, excitedly and I jump in your arms.

"I love you Mr. Maddix." You pat my head, and caress my hair, "Call me

Neo." You lift me up on another desk, and you look me straight in the

eyes. "I love you too, Trinity" And you kiss me hard and passionately. I

get up to leave, and you slap my ass. "By the way Trinity, you have

afterschool detention tomorrow." I smile. "For what?" You laugh, "For

inappropriate conduct."


Like what you read?
<3 Neo and Trinity,
the BSDM lovers.

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