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A young man is driving along in the middle of a thunderstorm when his car breaks down. Lucky for him a farm is nearby. He knocks on the door and a farmer answers. "Hi my car broke down i need a place to stay until morning. Is it alright if I sleep in the barn over there?" "Sure you can stay but on condtion, You stay away from my two virgin daughters Nelly and Venus. If you do I'll kill you." says the farmer. The guy thinks sure no problem.

Later that night. The guy thinks hell how would the farmer know. So he sneaks into the house, finds the girls bedrooms, and fucks both of them.

In morning the farm gives the man a ride into town and drops him off at his house.

4 months later the guy recieves a letter from the farmer. It reads.

Dear Sir, Since you met my daughter Nelly, she's been growning at the belly. If your ever near stop around.

A few days later the farmer recieves a letter from the man. It reads.

Dear Farmer, Since I met your daughter Venus i've been scratching at my penis. So I think we're fifty fifty all around.

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2012-05-30 17:47:35
Hey, that's a ceelvr way of thinking about it.


2005-12-12 17:51:47
u can suck my dick if u son't want my


2005-01-04 22:59:17
suck dick

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