This is how I had my first encouter with a guy. For those of you in the States and may not know, "wank" is a common British word for masturbation.

This is how I had my first experience with another guy. It happened on a warm summer evening while I was out fishing for trout. I was twelve at the time. The rivers around where I lived were a haven for trout. Most of my friends were away at the time, so I was on my own, not that I minded. I often befriended other fishermen of all ages.

On that evening I had tried fishing the weirs, but without success. The part of England I lived in was known for good fishing, but on that evening I had no luck. Wearily I moved onto a stretch I seldom used, feeling disappointed when I saw a lad already there. I wondered if he had had more luck than me.

Confidently, I approached him. “Any good?”

“Nah,” he said, looking miserable. I figured him to be a year or so older than me. He was slim, with dark curly hair and a pleasant smile. “You?”
“Nah. I think I might call it a day.”
“I’m going to try upstream, past the bridge. Wanna come?”
“But that’s private,” I said, feeling uncertain. I had once sneaked in there myself, only I had spent the entire time worried that someone would come along and tell me off.
“There’s no one around this time of the evening. I often go there at this time, and I’ve never seen anyone. Come on, it’ll be fun. I’m Gav.”
“I’m Dave.’ I briefly thought about what he’d said. I hadn’t seen anyone when I’d been there either. ‘Okay, let’s give it a go.”

We walked away, chatting about good areas to fish, Gav explaining that the best places were out of the town. Apparently, he didn’t often go fishing, but enjoyed doing so when his mates weren’t around.

Arriving at the place Gav had suggested, we found an area out of sight and climbed over the fence, making our way along the river, moving away from the houses that overlooked it. After walking a quarter of a mile, we found a quiet spot that was surrounded by trees and bushes, with a small grassy bank. Gave suggested that we give it a try, which we both did, taking it in turns to cast. Gav was using bread as bait, whereas I was using cheese, which Brown Trout seem to love, but it was all to no avail. The fish were not biting that evening.

“Fuck this,” Gav said, placing his rod upon the ground and delving into his bag, pulling out two cans of beer. “Want one?”
I seldom drank alcohol. “Er . . . okay.” I took the can from him and opened it, taking a swig.
“Here, have a look at one of these,” Gav said, delving into his bag again. He pulled out several porn magazines.

I took one from him and opened it up. I had a number of such magazines at home and regularly masturbated to them. Looking at the girls on the introduction page I felt a stirring between my legs. The mags that I had just had photos of wonen lying naked, but Gav’s mags were much more explicit. In some photos they were hilding their pussies open, and in some they were inserting their fingers. Not wishing Gav to see my stirring penis, I covered my crotch with the magazine. Moving quickly onto the next magazine, I saw women being fucked by guys. I couldn’t believe the size of their cocks. I bent my legs up to hide the tent that had grown. I knew that Gav wouldn’t be able to see, but even so, I felt embarrassed.

Gav, though, had no inhibitions whatsoever, and lay back, moving onto his side, facing me. “Relax, mate. Stretch out.”
I had always been shy about guys seeing my penis, thinking them to be larger than me. “Er . . .”
Gav laughed. “Don’t be embarrassed, we all wank.” To my astonishment, Gav opened his flies and pulled out his cock. I couldn’t take my eyes off it as Gav continued looking at the magazine. Dave, unlike me, had not been circumcised. I had seen uncut penises in the showers at school, but never an erect one. I was fascinated by it.
“Um . . .”
Gav chuckled, looked at me and opened his trousers fully, pulling them down to his knees, followed by his dark blue briefs. Gav’s cock looked bigger than mine, and he had more pubic hair. “Come on, let me see yours.”

Seeing Gav’s cock, something within me stirred. The sight of his naked uncut penis, I liked. “Okay.” With my eyes fixed upon Gav’s erection, I nervously undid the button on my jeans and pulled down my zip, lowering my jeans to my knees, just as Gav had. Looking down at my yellow briefs, I noticed a small wet patch at the end of my cock. Cagily, I lowered my briefs, aware that Gav was watching. I hoped and prayed that he wouldn’t laugh.

“There you go,” Gav said, looking at my erection, whilst stroking his own. I don’t know why you were so shy,”
“I just think it’s small, that’s all.” I covered my cock with my hand.
“It’s not, mate. How old are you?”
“Twelve and a bit.”
“I’m just fourteen, and you’re nearly as big as me. Yours looks nicer than mine. You’ve been circumcised. I wish I was.”
“No, I like yours as it is,” I said, transfixed by the shape of his penis. “How does it work with the skin on it?”

“Watch.” Gav pulled his foreskin forward as far as he could, the skin piling up at the end in a number majestic of folds and wrinkles. He then slowly pulled it back. The wrinkles disappeared and soon his glans was covered by a thin layer of skin that peeled back further, revealing a shiny purple head. As the skin went further back I noticed that it was bright pink next to the head, whereas the rest of it was the same colour as mine.
“Wow, that’s amazing,” I said, marvelling at seeing an uncircumcised cock in action. “What does it feel like?”
“Wanna try it?”
Looking down at his gorgeous erection, I wanted to. “But then we’d be benders.”

“Nah, we won’t,” Gav said, pulling his foreskin forward. “My brother’s nineteen and said he played with a couple of boys. He still has girlfriends. It’s just experimenting, that’s what he says. Go on, give it a go. I wanna see what yours feels like as well.”

I wasn’t sure about this. The guys at school often talked about benders, saying that they were weird. I had always been fascinated by all the cocks in the school changing rooms, but had put it down to mere curiosity. Seeing Gav’s erection, I felt more than just curious. I wanted to touch it. With my heart beating faster, I nervously looked around to check that we were alone. Gav rolled onto his back. I moved towards him and cagily held out my hand, feeling a shiver run through me as my hand made contact with his warm, soft flesh. I delicately wrapped my hand around his beautiful cock, and began slowly pulling the foreskin back, surprised at how easily it moved. Once it was all the way back, I pulled it forward again, feeling the gathering of skin on the end with my other hand.

“It feels incredible,” I said, having moved my hand away.
“Yeah, it did,” Gav said, grinning at me and looking at my erection. “Can I feel yours?”
“Okay,” I said. I’d had a girl touch my cock before, and had been desperate to experience more. The fact that a guy was going to do it seemed odd.

As I lay on my back, Gav leaned across and took hold of my hard on. He gripped the shaft and pulled up and down, lowering his fingers, which came into contact with my helmet. God, it felt so good as he squeezed my bell end. He lowered his hand and squeezed my shaft from bottom to top, a drop of precum appearing on the end, which he removed with his finger and licked.

“Mmmmmmm. Its sweet, like mine.”
“I’ve never licked mine,” I said. I couldn’t take my eyes off Gav’s beautiful cock.
Gav pulled his foreskin back and milked his shaft, producing some lovely looking clear fluid. “Have a taste.”
I leaned over and scooped up the warm fluid with my finger, placing it upon my tongue. “Mmmmmmm.” Gav was right – it was sweet. Feeling more confident, I grabbed his shaft and rubbed up and down.
“Fuck, that’s good.”
“It is,” I said. “I love your knob. I wish mine was like it, and as big.”

Gav laughed and took hold of mine. “Sit up and we’ll put them together.” Gav raised up so he was kneeling, and removed his shirt. I did the same and looked down as we placed our cocks side by side. Gav’s cock was indeed longer and thicker, although not by much. At that point in my life, I’d never measured mine, but I’d say that he was half to three quarters of an inch longer than me. He said, “See?”

Feeling Gav’s cock against mine felt so good. I put my hand down and clasped them together. “I suppose so. I love your bushy pubes.” Gav had a small bush at the base of his cock, and his scrotum was hairier than mine. I had some pubes around my cock, but nowhere near as many as Gav, and mine were higher up and not around the base as his were.

“You’ll get them, don’t worry,” Gav said, smiling as he touched me, cupping my balls, which felt so erotic.
We settled back down, both looking at the same mag, making comments. I touched my cock from time to time. To be honest, I spent more time looking at Gav’s penis than I did the magazine. My cock was oozing precum, which I continually licked from my fingers. Gav did the same, and I noticed that he also was looking at my cock more than the pictures. I wanted to touch him again, and couldn’t wait to see him shoot his load.

We lay there for a good fifteen minutes before Gav said, “Tell you what – why don’t we wank each other?”
Looking at his perfect penis, I couldn’t say no. I wanted to wank him more than he could have known. “Okay. How do we go about it?”
“I’ll do you first, if you want. Just lay back and enjoy it. I’ve been wanting to do this for ages. Mind if I lick it? I’ve always wondered what it’s like.”
He wants to lick my dick, I thought, feeling myself tremble with excitement.I laid myself down, looking up at Gav’s handsome features. “No, do what you want.”

We both took off our trainers, followed by our jeans and briefs. Gav moved to his side, taking hold of my throbbing penis. Neither of us even considered someone coming along and discovering us. He began slowly massaging the shaft, up and down, and squeezing my helmet. I watched in awe as he lowered his head and licked the underside if my shaft, sliding his tongue up and down. I gasped. Seeing that I liked it, Gav placed his lips on the end of my glans and slid them down, moving back and forth a few times before taking it further in. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. With my cock nice and wet, Gav ran his hand up and down, gently massaging my purple dome. After less than a minute, I could feel myself beginning to cum.

“Fuck, Gav – I’m gonna cum.”
Gav smiled and took me in his mouth again, providing lubrication before reverting to his hand, which he quickly worked up and down, watching the movement of my hips, which were swaying up and down. Seconds later it became too much and I let out a cry, and my first load shot out, landing on my chest. Gav continued stroking me as the second salvo was launched, followed by a third. A number of smaller spurts finished my intense orgasm as Gav slowly milked the last of the fluid that dribbled from me. I lay there, looking at Gav, wondering if what we’d just done was right.

Gav, though, had another trick up his sleeve. He began licking the cum from my subsiding erection, moving onto my belly and chest. I could do nothing. I just lay there groaning. Once he had licked me clean he said, “Fuck, Dave. That was a good load you did. It tastes like mine as well. Sometimes I eat mine. Do you?”

“No,” I finally managed. “That was amazing,”
“It was. I just love your knob.”
I felt so proud when he said that. The usual feelings of guilt that follow masturbation or an illicit act subsided immediately. “I hope I’m as good as you at this.”
Gav laughed. “I’ve never done that before. I just did to you what I’d want done to me. Anyway, the way you touched my dick earlier, was fucking good.”
“Sorry I came so fast.”
Gav bent down and took my softening cock in his mouth. “That doesn’t matter. We’re young and can keep on cumming. My big brother told me that.”

Looking down at Gav’s gorgeous hard on, I sat up and positioned myself between his legs, which he spread. I felt determined to make it as good for him as it had been for me. I cupped his balls with one hand, moving them around. I took hold of his throbbing length with the other, moving his foreskin up and down. With it fully forward I took the loose skin on the end, between my lips and gently sucked. Gav wriggled. Fuelled by his reaction, I pulled the skin back and licked the underside of his cock, bringing my lips up to the shiny glans and placed it between my lips, milking the shaft with my hand. Feeling precum spill into my mouth, I found so exciting.

“Is that any good?” I said.
“Fuck, yeah. It ain’t gonna take me long either.”

I then took the shaft into my mouth as far as I could, repeating the process several times over, while gently massaging his balls, which seemed to be moving up into him. I could feel more precum enter my mouth, which spurned me on. Removing my mouth I stroked his shaft, playing with his foreskin, which he seemed to love, making several grunts. I had the feeling that he would soon cum. Looking at his face that contorted into a plethora of expressions, I carried on moving my hand up and down, occasionally taking the wonderful tool into my mouth.

“Fuck. I’m gonna fucking cum!”

I could feel my heart racing as I pumped rhythmically on his length with my hand. With his foreskin right back and his glossy glans exposed, I awaited the explosion, which arrived with a jerk of his hips. The first squirt was small and landed close to his belly button, but the second was so copious and thick, landing across one of his nipples, the white rope stretching down to the lower part of his naval. The second spurt was just as impressive, that too landing on his chest, while the third and fourth ejaculations spilled onto my hand. I kept pumping as Gav’s hips jerked and writhed, the result being several tiny single drops that landed on his naval. Throughout the climax, Gav had said, “Yes, fuck, yes,” over and over.

Marvelling at the sight of his semen, I said, “That’s a fucking lot, Gav.” I then began lapping up the cum from his chest. The taste was salty yet sweet. I liked it. I’d never really tasted my own, so this was something very new. Greedily, I continued lapping up his thick jizz, arriving at his now softening cock, which was still in my hand. After cleaning the cum from my hand I took his cock into my mouth, loving the feeling of his softening member between my lips.

“I’d say you’ve done that before,” Gav said, looking at my appendage, which was hard again. “Tell you what, let’s go on a bit further up there case someone comes. We can have another few cums if you want.”
Without even thinking, I said, “Fucking yeah. I love your cock. You’re so lucky.”

We both laughed and began putting our clothes on. All the time we were watching each other like birds of prey eyeing their kill. I briefly thought about us being benders, as people called guys who like guys, but nobody but us would ever know, so I was happy. Anyhow, I like girls as well, I thought, so I can’t be a bender.

Walking along we drank our beers, laughing and joking about penises we’d seen in the changing rooms. It seemed that we both harboured secret desires to experience the cocks we saw around us.
Another quarter of a mile on, Gav looked around. There wasn’t a building in sight, and the only sound was that of the trees and bushes rustling in the slight breeze. The path contained long grass either side. We ventured into the grass for a short distance and both looked around. “This looks good.”

“Yeah, it does,” I said, excitedly kicking off my shoes and removing my socks. Gav did the same. We watched each other as we undressed. We’d both gone soft during our journey. Seeing Gav’s soft cock, I immediately began to harden, which was sped up by Gav, who took hold of it and squeezed. I did the same to him, feeling his meat grow in my hand, which was the most incredible thing ever.

“Shall we just suck this time?” Gav suggested, “And cum in our mouths.”
“Yeah, great. Who first?”
“I’ll do you again, and I’ll try not to think about it so I last longer. I couldn’t believe how quick you made me cum last time.”

“Yeah, cool,” I said, immediately laying down, holding my rod up for Gav, who moved between my legs and got straight to work, taking the head in his mouth and softly sucking whilst massaging my scrotum. Slowly he advanced my length into his mouth, moving up and down with his lips. The feeling was so incredibly intense as he worked me, utilising his other hand to pull the skin on my shaft tight. Looking down at his head that was rhythmically moving up and down, I felt mesmerised, and after a few minutes I could feel the moment approaching.

“Fuck, Gav. It’s gonna happen. Oh fuck!” The orgasm was even more intense than the previous one, the feeling of his hot and wet mouth upon my young cock, being the most wonderful feeling in the world. I could feel my cock jetting streams of semen into Gav’s mouth, my hips swaying and bucking with the sheer pleasure. Gav continued to milk me, sending my cock into a frenzy, the intense orgasm affecting my entire body. Gav finally moved from my cock and looked up to me, swallowing the contents.

“Fuck, Dave, that felt so fucking good.”
“Yeah, it did,” I gasped, running my hand down his back. “I’ll do you now.”

Gav rolled onto his back. I moved between his legs and ran my fingers across his silky thighs and up to his ball sack, which rolled around in my hands. I leaned forward and took hold of his erection, placing my mouth upon the end and sucking on that wrinkly foreskin, pulling it down with my hand, feeling the glossy glans between my eager lips. To begin with I concentrated on taking him as deep as I could. Gav thrust his hips upward, almost causing me to gag. I then moved up to his helmet and ran my lips over it, while stroking his shaft with one hand and massaging his testicles with the other. Gav began to moan and moved his arms above his head. I put my lips to the crown of his glans and moved up and down, feeling his member twitching. I removed my lips, pulled his foreskin forward and inserted my tongue into the hole, circling it around, before firmly placing my lips upon the end and pushing his foreskin back, taking the shaft in my eager mouth as far as I could. Gav was muttering something as I continued to suck on him. He was taking considerably longer than I had, but I didn’t mind. The longer I had it in my mouth and hands, the better.

After minute later I could feel him beginning to tense up, and his pelvis began to writhe. Aware that he was going to cum, I increased the length of the strokes with my mouth and readied myself for the coming storm.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaah, aaaaaaaaaaaah, fuck!” he said as his hips bucked.

I felt his cock jerk as the first jet of semen hit the back of my throat, almost choking me. The second felt yet more powerful, as did the third. For what seemed like a wonderful eternity I felt his cock filling my mouth with hot jizz. He was groaning out loud and his arms were flailing around. When the eruptions ceased, I gently removed his cock and licked the end. Looking up at Gav, who was looking down at me, I swallowed the contents, which I just about managed to do in one go.

“That tasted good,” I said, licking his dick that was beginning to go soft.
“Fuck, yeah,” Gav smiled. “That was the best ever! You’re brilliant!”
I licked his scrotum. “So are you.”
We both sat talking, looking at each other’s cocks, when Gav made a suggestion. “Why don’t you come around to my place tomorrow. Mum and Dad are out. We could try arse fucking.”
“I don’t know how to do that,” I admitted.
Gav leaned forward and sucked my now soft cock. “Sometimes I put my fingers up my arse. It feels great. I saw it in a mag.”
“I’ll try that when I get home tonight.”
“No – wait till tomorrow. Save your cum.”
Disappointed, I said, “Okay. What now?”
Gav looked at his watch. “I’ll have to get back.”

On the way back to the road, Gav suggested that we’d have one more suck before we left. He led me into some bushes and we pulled our cocks out, sucking each other from soft to hard, before cumming into each other’s mouths again. Although we produced significantly less semen, it was mind blowing. Fun with a guy, I never knew could be so good.

We exchanged details and walked back to the road, where we said that we’d see each other at eleven ‘o’ clock at his place. Watching him walk away I began thinking back to what we’d done. The boys at school would call me a bender, but they would never know and besides, I’d had a far better time than any of them ever would. Gav had been incredible, and I wanted more of him, a lot more.


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Been edging and reading for over 2 hours, Every time I see Gav mentioned my brain interprets it as GAY and my balls love that idea. In my short cock sucking (and fucking) life I have had in a single summer well over 100 cocks in my mouth. I go hiking nearly or all naked. Lots of guys out there to play with.

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fucking homos faggots i m not gay but ask me to give you a peice of ass ill let youfuck mybunghole only if your black


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