This is a story about family incest and sexual awakening so please don't read if you are offended. It is completely fictional and fantasy.
The Family Lounge

Johnny was a good lad. Always worked hard at school and did his homework as set. He was like any 12 year old boy when it came to video games and enjoyed spending time on his Playstation in his room either playing his mates online or beating his Dad at Fifa or Call of Duty. But he also liked to get some fresh air and enjoyed playing outside just as much helping him keep healthy. He especially liked to tease his sister and play tricks on her, I mean, who doesn’t?

Ellie was just a year older, 14 months to be precise and loved her younger brother to bits. But of course she didn’t show it. No way. She would give him as much stick as he gave her and wound him up just as much. They would always try to out-do each other and he especially hated it when she beat him at anything.

They both lived in a happy household, Mum & Dad both working but making sure they also spent some quality time together. They had always treated their children the same, allowing them to have their childhood but also making sure they were preparing them for the big wide world. They discussed everything together making sure that most evenings they had their evening meal as a family which gave them time to talk about whatever they wanted.

They were also quite an open family, nudity being taken for granted meaning that both Johnny and Ellie were pretty confident about their bodies. Neither Mum nor Dad shied away from walking around in the nude but respected the children’s privacy when they wanted it. They appreciated the years of puberty and with both Johnny and Ellie being quite mature for their age they understood when the bathroom or bedroom doors were shut that it was because they wanted that private time.

That of course had been happening a little more often recently along with the changing underwear styles and needs as Ellie’s increasing breast size had meant a whole new range of bras. Although neither had a boyfriend or girlfriend yet, the opposite sex was always on the agenda as their pubescent hormones raced around their veins.

Ellie would tease Johnny about which of her friends would like to go out with him and he would reply with the same number of his friends that were jealous of him living with such a ‘babe’! They often looked more like twins when they were out together being of similar height and were even mistaken recently as boyfriend and girlfriend! This tickled them and as Johnny was about to put the person right Ellie hooked her arm through his and kissed him on the lips playing along. Johnny was shocked and as he pulled away from her wiping his mouth with the back of his hand he noticed the person had already turned her back on them to walk away but heard them say how cute they looked together.

“What did you do that for?” He said pulling a face that screamed ‘Yuk’!

“Just thought it would be a laugh” She said giving him one of her smiles.

Johnny looked his sister up and down and said “Well I suppose I could do a lot worse!” and dodged the swipe of his sister’s hand as he laughed out loud.

They had continued the day in a similar fashion, walking arm in arm looking like a comfortable couple to some and loving brother and sister to others that knew them. The best of both worlds they both thought.
That night they had both showered after their meal having told their parents all about it and were sat watching some TV whilst their Dad finished some work in the study and their Mum was having a soak in the bath. They had gone through the usual arguments of what to watch settling on some program that was discussing teen sex. Neither were embarrassed, just interested as they sat opposite each other watching the screen.

Johnny noticed his sister move to get comfortable on the sofa as she was half laid down propped up against the back cushions with one leg tucked up under her body. She was wearing her usual night attire of shorts and T-shirt with no bra or knickers. As he sat watching he had noticed her little nipples were pressing out against her shirt which had seemed a little tighter than he remembered possibly due to the fact that her breasts were growing. He had become more fascinated with his sister more over the last few months as his body had started to respond to the female form, even finding himself spending more time around Ellie and his Mum when they were getting dressed just to look at their bodies.

As he now sat sneaking a look out of the corner of his eye at his sister he noticed that the leg of her shorts had gaped slightly and he could see her slit and the small patch of pubic hair that she had. He felt his penis start to fill with blood almost immediately and it wasn’t long before he sat trying to hide a fully fledged hard-on.

He had been having ever increasing erections recently but was not quite sure what to do with them. They always went down eventually and he had so far been able to hide them from Ellie as well as his Mum & Dad even they had told him that he would be getting them, often involuntarily as part of growing up. He had often lay in bed at night stroking himself hard but for some reason had never dared take it further to ejaculate which he knew was the next step.

Johnny took one last glimpse at his sisters little Minnie before his ears pricked up at the discussion on TV about masturbation. The female presenter was chatting to a group of children of mixed ages from around 12/13 up and discussing facts. As the program was pre watershed it was as graphic as it was allowed to get but left little to the imagination. Johnny was still aware of the ache between his legs when Ellie spoke.

“So bro, have you started wanking yet?”

The question startled him. The directness wasn’t a surprise coming from his sister, but the content was. He felt his cheeks burn and unconsciously shifted his position slightly to ensure the tent in his own shorts was covered up. He looked across at his sister and noticed that although there was a slight smile on her face, her question had been a genuine one.

“I don’t know!” He said honestly.

Ellie frowned and looked puzzled. “What do you mean you ‘don’t know’?” She said now raising her eyebrows. “Either you have or you haven’t, surely?” She asked.

Deciding it was no time to hide anything from his sister he tried to explain.

“Well I have rubbed my, you know, penis when it’s got stiff, but I have never done it until I have ejaculated.” He said once more conscious he was hiding a stiffy now.

Ellie laughed, “Ejaculated? Do you mean cum?” She asked.

“Er, yeah, cum, that’s what I meant” He said pretending he knew. His attention was drawn back to the screen where a group of girls had said something about masturbating themselves but he missed it. Which made him suddenly aware that he knew boys ‘wanked’ and that sperm came out but didn’t know how girls could do it. So he asked.

Ellie had that look of superiority about her as she cottoned on that it was another subject she knew more about than her brother and took great pleasure in replying.

“Well girls can masturbate too Johnny, but obviously we have to do it another way cos we don’t have a penis to rub. But we can still have an orgasm which is basically when you cum, it’s just that our bits are in whereas yours are out!”

Johnny was still puzzled. He tried to say why. “I know you have a ‘hole’ and that the boys cock fits in, although looking at the size I do wonder how the heck it’s going to fit in, but how do you masturbate? And is it still called wanking?”

Ellie smiled again. “It can be called wanking Johnny along with other things, but we have the clitoris which is where all the sensitivity is.”

Johnny had heard about the clitoris but didn’t really know much about it or where it was. His puzzled face obviously still showed so Ellie decided in a flash of inspiration to enlighten her little brother.

“Here, look!” She said pulling her shorts to one side fully now and opening her legs. She pointed to the top of her slit just below her pubic hair and said “It’s just there.”

Johnny couldn’t see very well from where he sat but was afraid to stand up and move closer for fear she would ridicule his erection. But she knew he wouldn’t be able to see properly and so told him to come closer. Throwing caution to the wind he got off his chair and started to walk across the room unable to hide the protrusion of his shorts.

Ellie saw it and smiled saying, “Ooh, looks like my little brother is having one of his stiffy’s now!”

Johnny blushed once more and knelt down to not only hide his hard-on but to also get a closer look at his sisters Minnie. He looked on as she held her shorts aside with one hand whilst pointing with the other, but decided it would be perhaps easier with them off. She quickly jumped up and slid her shorts down her lovely legs and off, dropping back onto the sofa with her legs spread apart. That simple manoeuvre itself had seemed to open her up like a flower, the tight lips that were usually set together between her slit suddenly opening up revealing the pinkness between.

Her delicate fingers placed either side of her mound she pulled the lips further apart pressing at the top and sure enough her little clitty came into view from under the folds of skin below her mound. Now he was up close Johnny also noticed that his sister had already taken to shaving around her Minnie just like their Mum. Her smooth lips glistened in the light as the wetness around the hole was already obvious.

“See that’s the clitty Johnny” She said flicking her index finger over it. In doing so she made herself flinch as a burst of pleasure shot through her body. “That’s the really sensitive part that when I rub it makes me have my orgasm and cum!”

“Do you shoot any cum out Ellie like boys?” He asked.

This time it was Ellie’s turn to look a little puzzled. “Well I have heard some girls ‘squirt’ a bit of cum but I don’t think many do” She said. “I don’t squirt anything, but it does get wetter so there must be some sort of cum” She continued.

All the time she was telling Johnny about it, she was gently rubbing around her clit and he watched the flesh move around under her touch looking so soft.

“So do you just rub there to orgasm or do you stick your finger in?” He asked.

“Well mainly I rub around here” She said, still showing him how she rubbed herself. “But I have pushed my finger in before as it is also really sensitive just inside the opening” She explained pulling her lips open even more and dipping the end of her finger in.

“Wow, look how wet it is!” Johnny said pointing at the slickness on her finger. “And I thought it would smell more!” He said a little surprised.

“Well I try to keep it clean!” She said defensively, “So I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“So what’s an orgasm like?” Johnny asked, almost hypnotised by the gentle rhythmic movements of his sister’s fingers on her slit. It was obvious she had plenty of practice already because of the way she moved her fingers around the folds of flesh.

“Oh Johnny, it’s wonderful. It is the most intense feeling I have ever had. It starts to build up inside and explodes through the body like a bomb going off. And then it leaves you feeling all warm and nice inside, really relaxed and sleepy. I usually do it each night as it helps me get to sleep!”

“Wow, really!” He said, suddenly picturing his sister lying in her bed each night with her hands inside her shorts playing with her Minnie. “Show me!” he said suddenly.

“I am doing!” She said as she kept rubbing her clit.

“I mean show me your orgasm.”

Ellie smiled. “Only if you have a go yourself” She said nodding towards his tented shorts.
Johnny could hardly say no now his sister was sat spread-eagled in front of him with her fingers in her Minnie so he stood up and pulled down his shorts, his little stiff cock springing out in front of him.

Ellie looked on noticing that he had started some early growth of pubic hair around the base of his willy and smiled, impressed that it had grown to quite a size already.

“What do I do then sis?” He asked, sitting down on the sofa and lying back grabbing his cock in his hand.
“Just rub it gently” She said watching him hold it between his thumb and fingers. “That’s it, just move the skin up and down and do what feels nice.”

Johnny started to rub his cock noticing that the head already stood proudly above his foreskin as he moved the shaft up and down in his grasp. It felt so good already, plus he had the benefit of a real life Minnie in front of him being played with which was really turning him on. He felt really stiff and soon found he was stroking his own balls with his spare hand adding to the pleasure. He had done similar before but nothing quite like this, especially with an audience!

Just then they heard movement from upstairs as their Mum was getting out of the bath. In their haste to find out about each other’s sex they had forgotten that their parents could walk in at any moment and Johnny started to wish he had suggested they go upstairs. But as he lay there stroking his cock watching his sister rub her sweet little pussy he decided that he didn’t really care. In fact it excited him that his Mum might catch them doing it, even if she was cross.

He could see that Ellie was getting into it too, her nipples standing stiff against her shirt as she continued to rub herself, her fingers alternating between rubbing her clit and running up and down her slit, once or twice sliding inside up to her second knuckle.

Footsteps on the stairs and their Mum appeared in the doorway suddenly stopped in her tracks at the sight before her. But she didn’t speak. She didn’t shout. She just smiled and called their Dad who appeared seconds later beside her. As they stood in the doorway a look that Johnny took as pride appeared on their faces as they watched their children masturbating together.


“So what’s going on here then?” Their mum asked in a casual relaxed manner.

“I think it’s obvious dear, don’t you?” Their Dad said smiling. “Looks like our little ones aren’t so little anymore and are growing up quickly” He said stepping into the lounge.

Neither Ellie or Johnny stopped what they were doing despite the fact that their parents now stood in front of them and just continued to play with themselves.

Ellie was the first of the children to speak.

“Sorry Mum, but Johnny was asking me if girls masturbate and how so I thought it was easier to show him than try to explain” She said stroking her little wet snatch.

“Well that’s very thoughtful darling, but you could have asked me Johnny, you know that.” Johnny nodded saying that he did, and indeed would have but Ellie just pulled her shorts aside and showed him. Mum looked back at Ellie. “And I didn’t know you had started masturbating Ellie, you never said.”

“I know Mum, sorry, but I haven’t been doing it very long, just a few weeks really since I copied you and shaved my Minnie and I got nice feelings down there as I was moving my fingers over it. It just seemed to go from there.”

Dad then spoke. “Ellie you need to be careful if you are shaving around such a sensitive area but I have to say you do have a very sweet looking Minnie, doesn’t she dear?”

“Very sweet” Mum said leaning in a little to get a closer look. “Quite mature actually from what I can see, you are growing into a young woman aren’t you. And as for you young man,” She said turning to Johnny, “Since when did you start playing with yourself?”

“Oh Mum, that’s what we were just talking about. I told Ellie I had been getting erections more recently and so she was showing me how to masturbate saying that if I do this it will make me ejaculate.” He said still rubbing his little stiffy.

“Well she is right dear, but you are still young so maybe you won’t have anything to ejaculate yet, will he David?”

Their Dad smiled and said that he wasn’t sure as he had started around a similar age and used to cum. In fact he said once he started he was then doing it pretty much every day!

“Do you still do it?” Johnny asked his Dad.

His Dad looked across at his wife and blushed a little. “Occasionally son.” He said smiling. But usually it is with your mother around rather than locked away in private, but we all need to relieve our frustrations sometimes!”

“Do you then Mum?” Johhny asked, his hard cock still being stroked between his thumb and fingers.

Sarah tried to lie and say no, but her delay of half a second before she answered gave her away and she admitted that she too liked some private time to have a play.

“Cool!” Johnny said.

Ellie was starting to increase the speed of her rubbing, her nipples confirming that she was quite turned on which had a knock on effect in the room. Her Dad couldn’t quite believe how the sight affected him but his cock was already straining against his own trousers now. He decided it was fruitless to hide the fact as this had all been started with a conversation about openness about their bodies.

Ellie was quick to pick up on the fact too.

“Looks like Dad could do with joining us!” She said as they all looked at his growing bulge.

“Go on David” Sarah said encouraging her husband, “Show them how you do it!”

David considered the room for a second before undoing his belt saying that this must all stay a secret amongst them because it is frowned upon within society in a big way.

“You mean it’s incest!” Ellie said.

“Technically it’s only incest if there is sexual relations between us” He said, “But this is nearly as bad and would have dire consequences if anyone found out so do we all agree to keep this our secret?”

Everyone nodded and promised as he released his cock from its enclosure standing now fully erect with his trousers and boxers off.

“Wow!” Ellie said unable to suppress her surprise at a fully grown erect penis. “Look Johnny, that’s what yours will grow into when you’re older!”

Johhny felt a little small compared to his Dad stood in the middle of the lounge with his cock now in hand but then he was only 12 and starting puberty!

Sarah sat beside her daughter on the arm of the sofa watching her and her brother naked from the waist down with their hands playing with their private parts as her husband stood only feet away doing the same. She too seemed to be considering the surreal situation they were all in but felt considerably composed placing a hand on the arm of her daughter telling her to slow down. She offered her own advice then.

“Rub beside your clitoris Ellie” She said steering her hand. “Rub just there and allow the sensation to build as sometimes the little bud can become too sensitive so it’s nice just to run your finger over the hood and along the side.”

Ellie did as her Mum had said feeling the wonderful sensations that go with masturbation. She felt her Mums hand move from her arm to her leg where she stroked her thigh sending new sensations racing around her body. Then she felt the bottom of her T-shirt being lifted and sat forward slightly to allow her Mum to pull it up over her pert little breasts. Fingers then brushed against her nipples, their stiffness increasing slightly as her Mum gently squeezed them much to everyone’s delight. She suddenly felt the beginnings of her orgasm brought on by her Mother’s touch and let out a gasp as it rose from within and shook her little body with ripples of pleasure.

Johhny stopped his rubbing, although still held his stiffness in his hand as his sister made a noise before throwing her head back against the sofa cushion next to him. He had watched his Mum lift his sister’s top and start to play with her nipples which had affected him as much as it had Ellie. He felt a twitch between his fingers as his cock seemed to fill even more with blood at the sight of his almost naked sister rubbing her Minnie whilst their Mum squeezed her nipples. He almost felt the ecstasy that was showing on Ellie’s face as her orgasm hit, flowing through her body and making her scream out loud. He felt her leg shake as her foot was touching his own as she climaxed.

Coming out of her trance she smiled at her Mum who was still gently stroking her tits before they looked across at Johnny.

“Your turn bro” Ellie said, her fingers wet with her own fresh cum.

Johnny returned to his own pleasure now, his fist now wrapped around his cock which just about covered it. His cheeks were red with the excitement he had just seen and looked across at his Dad who was holding his own cock the same way.

“That’s it son” Dad said. “Wank it like that and you will feel the pleasure start to build from the base.”

Johnny continued to wank, his cock feeling better than it had ever felt before with the added benefit of his gorgeous sister sat beside him with her legs spread and her Minnie on show all wet and glistening between her legs. Her pert little tits were still on show and he could sense that he was about to have his virgin orgasm. As he continued to thrust his fist into his groin his Mum stood up and swapped the arm she was sitting on to that next to him. She reached over and placed her hand over his own telling him to slow down a little so he didn’t hurt himself. She guided his hand to a more rhythmic movement before leaving him to it moving her hand to his thigh where she stroked it gently with her nails.

Ellie now leaned in and for a closer look, so much so that he felt her hot breath on his other thigh as she watched intently, his little bell-end appearing and disappearing beneath his grasp. He looked up and saw his Dad had changed his own hold slightly and was now cupping his own balls whilst holding his erection between his thumb and fingers but still continuing with the wanking motion. Johnny copied him, much to the delight of his sister as she got to see his cock up close now instead of hidden in his grasp.

Ellie smiled as she and her Mum continued to stroke her brother’s thighs, his soft skin warm to the touch.

She had a sudden urge to take her brothers cock in her mouth, to suck on it and give him a ‘blow job’ as she had heard it called. She wasn’t quite sure whether it was called that because she had to blow it, so not knowing, she resisted the urge and stuck to just watching.
“Come on then Johnny,” She said, “Let’s see you cum!”

Johnny looked a little uncomfortable for a second, his little stiffy held firmly between his thumb and fingers as he continued to stroke it. But he could sense a warm feeling building inside and was keen to see if it was going to turn into an orgasm. He watched as his mum and sister continued to stroke his thighs, their hands getting ever closer to his hairless balls along with the sight of Ellie’s naked breasts beside him. It was her that first allowed her fingers to brush against his balls followed by a little giggle. Suddenly he saw his mum match her touch and she too stroked her soft fingertips against his sack. The sight was getting too much for him to take and with a sudden gush of pleasure he felt his cock tense within his grasp and his first ever ejaculate shot from the end of his cock into the air before landing on his mums arm. He let out a gasp as another shot of spunk flew from the end followed by another and another, his stomach flipping in somersaults as he shot his virgin load covering his own thigh in creamy liquid. The last few drops dribbled out and over his fingers as he finally let go of his shaft. Much to everyone’s surprise though it remained stiff and sticking up from his groin just like before he had cum.

“Oh baby you’re such a good boy making yourself cum like that, and look, you’re still stiff!”

All eyes watched as his little cock stood glistening with cum but throbbing with blood still as hard. Not quite sure why they were impressed a look of worry appeared across his face.

“Oh don’t worry darling” his mum said, “It’s just that usually the penis goes soft after it has cum but looking at yours it looks like perhaps the new sensations you are feeling are keeping it hard. And if that’s going to continue then you will have a very happy girlfriend!”

He looked up at her and still looked puzzled.

Ellie explained the obvious. “Derrbrain Johnny! If you stay stiff then that means you can have sex again or for longer meaning that the girl can have more fun too with it inside her!”

Johnny got the message and smiled, his cock still flinching in front of them.

With the girls in the room concentrating on Johnny they had forgotten about Dad still stood before them wanking! He had stepped forward now and told Johnny he had been proud to see him shoot his first load and that he had opened the flood gates of fun now he had found his penis had more than one use.
Johnny looked very pleased with himself but then told them he was still a little puzzled as to how a full sized penis actually fitted into the small hole he had seen his sister slip her finger in.

His Dad was about to try and explain when Ellie suddenly interrupted him.

“Why don’t you show us Dad and put yours into Mum?” She asked with an excited look on her face.
“Yeah Dad, that would be great!” Johnny said with equalled enthusiasm.

Their Dad started to say he wasn’t quite sure if their Mum was up to that but was stopped in his tracks almost instantly as Sarah stood up and undid the robe she was wearing allowing it to fall to the floor. She now stood completely naked and turned to her husband.

“I thought you would never ask!” She exclaimed.


Ellie smiled at Johnny as they watched their Mother disrobe, her beautiful big breasts swinging free as she gave a twirl giving Johnny his first view of her freshly shaven pussy. Even if his cock had been flaccid after his initial orgasm he was pretty sure it would have been standing to attention now! As it happens he thought it was even stiffer as he couldn’t believe his eyes being gifted with such beauty.

Within seconds everyone threw off their last remaining clothes so that the room was now full of nakedness. 4 lovely breasts, 2 wet vaginas and a couple of stiff cocks were on show to each other without hesitation now. As if a scene from a naturists camp the whole family now stood and sat naked wondering what will happen next. Using her top Ellie wiped the fresh spunk from her brother’s legs before her Mum used it to wipe her arm. All cleaned up they returned to the situation in hand.

Ellie leaned in and put an arm around her brother’s neck, her breasts now pushing against his shoulder meaning that as he moved his head to look he was literally face to face with her nipple. She smiled down at him, her eyes once more flicking to his stiff cock which stood throbbing from his groin. Both children then looked across at their Mum who had joined their Dad in an embrace and was kissing. They watched as his hand grasped her bare buttock pulling her into him, their closeness causing her ample chest to squash against his chest as she responded by taking over from his own hand and stroking his erection.

Dropping to her knees she kissed his stomach before lovingly holding his shaft in the palm of her hand and kissing the tip of the head. It looked so sexy even to Ellie and Johnny who were keen to watch the next step. David saw his kids mesmerised by what they were seeing, their eyes glued to his wife handling his manhood. He had to smile as he watched Ellie unconsciously open her mouth slightly mirroring her Mum as he felt that first wonderful feeling of his wife’s lips enveloping his cock. Even Johnny sighed at the sight no doubt wondering what it felt like.

Knowing that her children were watching Sarah arched her back so her arse was on view to them giving them the option to see her pussy from behind as well as the work she was doing on their Dad with her mouth. Licking and sucking she was keen to show them what a blow job was and from the sounds in the room everyone was enjoying the show.

Ellie couldn’t believe how hot she felt between her legs. Her question about a blow job was being answered with a practical demonstration which was making her little pussy even wetter. Glancing across at her brother she noticed he was stroking his stiff little cock as he watched his Mum in action. Before she looked away he caught her eye and smiled, his cute face showing the same excitement she felt having their very own live sex education class going on. With her hand already resting on his thigh, Ellie traced her fingers across his skin before running a nail over his balls and up his shaft. Johnny automatically let go of his erection allowing his sister to take over, wrapping her delicate fingers around the shaft feeling his hardness. He once more gasped with pleasure at feeling someone else touch his penis in a sexual way, enjoying the movement of her hand.

David was still stood enjoying having his cock sucked by his wife who was knelt before him. She had always enjoyed sucking him off but the added voyeuristic audience had seemed to increase her wonderful technique. She held his balls as her tongue did its magic sliding up and down the shaft alternating between licks and sucks. She swished her hair from side to side as if in a porn film playing to the camera as she made sure her children could see her mouth at all times. The fact that he was now watching his naked daughter with her hand round his sons stiffy had increased the pleasurable situation ten-fold and although he knew it was morally wrong, he couldn’t help feel that pride once more of seeing his maturing children in all their glory. He had recently started to notice his daughter was growing more after the sudden appearance of sexy underwear in the house. He had always been lucky with the fact that Sarah enjoyed wearing nice underwear and even her daily work-wear was sexy. She loved a variety of knickers and thongs and tried to wear matching bras if she could. This had obviously rubbed off on their daughter who was like every other 14 year old girl and fashion conscious. Her budding breasts had meant larger but prettier bras and like her mother she liked to match the briefs with them. VPL seemed to be the biggest concern, especially as Ellie loved to wear figure hugging leggings or the tightest jeans, so thongs, hot-pant briefs or lacy knickers were in which minimised the infamous VPL! But David was not complaining. In fact he had always had a thing about handling women’s underwear, even if it was his daughters.

As he watched Ellie leaning against Johnny he took in the beauty of her body. Her widening hips had the softest fatty tissue which she was always conscious of but which they all knew was only temporary. It made her look womanly and David would often run his hands over her body as they hugged. Nothing sexual, just innocent touches, or at least innocent to her. He would playfully squeeze her bum or pull her close into him feeling her budding breasts pressing against his own chest. And it was those that he was looking at now as one squashed against her brothers shoulder whilst the other rested on his arm. The nipple he could see was erect and he was suddenly jealous of his son having them touching him. He knew her present B cup would soon be a C and then a D if she was following in her mother’s footsteps. But at the moment they seemed a perfect set of pert little tits. Her legs were together as she sat fondling her brother but her little trimmed bush was visible and again he was proud that she was already taking care in herself down there. He loved the smoothness of his wife as she regularly shaved and waxed to ensure she remained completely hairless, but there was something about seeing a little pubic hair which took him back to his early days of sneaking a look at his own Father’s ‘dirty mags’ as he used to call them.

He closed his eyes and pictured the cupboard in the kitchen where his Father had kept his paperwork. Between old racing magazines he had found them by accident one day, shocked when he opened them as a young boy seeing the naked women. They were definitely soft core as opposed to today’s standards with no stiff cocks allowed to be shown. David would read the stories and relate them to the pictures of the women, the trimmed and shaved ones being the fewer of the pictures. He would check back now and then to see if his Father had bought any more, which he did on a regular basis. David wondered whether his Mother knew about them, but didn’t care really as long as they remained for his secret reading when they were out.

Opening his eyes he saw Ellie now looking at him, smiling as she watched him have his cock sucked whilst she played with her brother’s cock. It was such a horny sight that for an instant he thought he might lose control and orgasm. Sensing a sudden flinch Sarah released her grip and looked up at her husband, smiling and giving him a loving look. She too now looked across at her children and saw Ellie holding Johnny’s penis.

“Was that OK guys?” Their Mum asked wiping her mouth and tasting the pre-cum that had oozed from their Dad’s cock.

“That was great Mum” They said almost in unison. Johnny continued, “Will you show us how Dad fits that big thing into you now?” He asked.

“Of course dear” She said, “I thought I would just give you an idea of a blow job. Your Dad loves to have his cock sucked don’t you love?”

“Oh yes!” Their Dad said enthusiastically. “Every man’s dream to have a good blow job, and you certainly give a good one!” he said leaning in to kiss his wife.

“Does it not make you gag Mum?” Ellie asked, intrigued at what she had seen.

“Sometimes Ellie, but you only take in what you are comfortable with and each person has different levels of gag reflex. You’ll find yours when you get older I’m sure” She said smiling.

“Does it not taste of wee though?” Ellie asked still slowly wanking her brother.

“Well it can do I suppose” Their Mum said, “But if it’s nice and clean then not usually, although the taste of pre-cum starts to take over.”

“What?” Johnny asked.

“Pre-cum!” Their Mum said. “It’s when the boys cock gets very excited and starts to release some liquid as a lubricant ready for sex. The girl’s nunny gets wet in the same way so when they meet it slips in easier! The bonus is that it tastes divine so licking it is always nice.”

“What does it taste like?” Ellie asked eager to learn as much as she can from the session.

“It’s hard to describe Ellie, and it can taste different depending on how turned on you are too as when the body is in a heightened state of arousal then things smell and taste much more sexy. Where things smell fusty before they become very sexy during love making which adds to the pleasure.”

As if on cue, Ellie’s thumb suddenly felt some wetness and looking down saw the head of Johnny’s penis glistening. Everyone seemed to stop and stare a second before a giggle escaped from Ellie’s mouth.

“Spooky!” She said leaning down to get a closer look. “Is that pre-cum?” She asked to no-one in particular.
“Indeed it is” Their mum said smiling and also leaning in to look.

Before another word was said, Ellie leaned in further and licked the head tasting the liquid that was there.
“Mmm!” She said swallowing. “Not bad at all.”

A sigh of pleasure escaped Johnny’s lips as he felt the sudden heat of his sister’s tongue on the tip of his penis. He watched further as Ellie bowed her head once more and took the head in her mouth, her tongue now rolling over the slick skin adding her own saliva to the mix. She held the base of his cock as she sucked on him, her fingers trailing onto his balls adding to his delight. He lifted his hand and stroked her blonde hair feeling the softness of it beneath his palm. She sucked and licked the first couple of inches of his erection as he felt the pleasure of his first blow job.

“That’s it Ellie, you’re doing good” Their Mum suddenly said now kneeling in front of them so she could watch up close. “Just take in what feels comfortable and do whatever feels natural. There’s no right or wrong way.” She said now stroking her son’s thigh.

Ellie looked up at her mother as she tilted her head, her brother’s cock now making a lump against the inside of her cheek with each downward suck. Sarah had never been in a situation like this with another couple having a sexual encounter in the same room. She and David had always been quite private when it came to sex having experimented with each other but had never involved anyone else. There had been no need to as they had a healthy sex life and so although they had joked about threesome’s and wife swapping in the past had never seriously considered it. But Sarah now felt incredibly turned on seeing another girl sucking a cock in front of her despite the fact that it was her own children. She even wondered if that added an extra exciting element to the equation as it was such a taboo situation. Either way her pussy burned and felt as if it was flooding with her own pre-cum juices.

Seeing his daughter with Johnny’s cock in her mouth was also having a positive effect on David too. He once more rubbed his erection which was still wet from his recent blow job feeling his wife’s saliva on the shaft. He still couldn’t believe he was watching his son getting his first blow job from his sister but the situation had gone too far now to stop it so he just went with the flow. He guessed Johnny’s cock was 4 or 5 inches in length even if a little thin, but that would increase over the next few years as he matured. But it looked nice and stiff which was the main thing and for a 12 year old he guessed was pretty good. He looked down and saw his wife’s hand stroking Johnny’s thigh as she watched her daughter sucking on the little morsel and knew there and then that it was only a matter of time before she had it in her own mouth.
As if reading her husband’s mind, Sarah ran her hands over her son’s legs watching Ellie’s head bobbing up and down taking in over half of his length. She could see the pleasure on Johnny’s face not only trying to come to terms with the fact that his sister was sucking his cock, but also that his parents were looking on with encouragement. She joined Ellie in stroking his balls and suddenly felt the need to taste her son’s cock. Kissing Ellie’s cheek and feeling the lump beneath, her daughter sensed exactly what her Mum wanted and with a ‘plop’ released the cock from her mouth. It stood before them both, glistening with saliva in the light and looking as appealing as ever. With a sudden glance up at her husband as if looking for permission, to which she got a huge smile, she opened her mouth and closed her lips around her son’s cock for the first time.

Everyone looked on as Johnny’s shaft disappeared into his Mums mouth, the sight as much a turn on as the feeling. The further fact of the attention he was receiving, and from whom, he felt the luckiest lad alive. He felt his cock disappear inside his Mums mouth, her chin pressing against his balls as she took him wholly in. He knew his penis was small compared to the one his Dad sported, but then he was only 12! He had plenty of time to grow and hoped he would match his Dad’s length in a few years time. With movement to his side he felt Ellie’s leg once more rest on his as she started to play with her nunny again. He saw the little lips part below her gorgeous tidy bush as her fingers were immediately coated in her juice. He watched the mounds of her boobs wobble gently with the movement of her arms, the nipples standing hard and erect the size of peas. Her cheeks were flushed as she concentrated on the feelings of pleasure between her thighs, her tongue suddenly appearing to lick her lips.

Johnny leaned over the same time as his sister and their mouths met in a kiss, their lips opening to allow their tongues to meet and he closed his eyes enjoying the moment. A gasp from her mouth suddenly made him open his eyes at which point he saw the reason his sister had flinched. There between her legs was their Dad, his hands on the inside of her thighs spreading them out as his tongue busied itself lapping at her wet sex. He could see the pleasure his Dad was giving her which was about equal to that being given him by his Mum, both parents now busy with their mouths attached to their children’s privates. He heard Ellie gasp some more and knew instantly that she was about to cum. With their Dad’s tongue separating her cute lips whilst his fingers now played with her budding clit she bucked and writhed beside her brother as the orgasm hit.

Sarah could see her husband sucking and licking their daughter’s pussy, his lips and chin covered in her sweet cunny juice as she lay beside her brother, who’s cock Sarah still sucked, and knew that the orgasm was imminent. For both of them! With a scream filling the room she felt the sofa rock as Ellie’s body gave way to the ecstasy of a climax, it’s force causing Ellie’s legs to shake as her clit was rubbed directly by expert fingers. She felt the cock in her mouth tense and knew that any moment she would be tasting her son’s spunk as he shot his second load of the day.

Johnny heard his sister scream, saw her tits bounce as she shook and watched as her orgasm rippled through her body. It was too much for him and without time to warn his Mum he felt the first spurt of cum erupt from his cock straight into her mouth. He joined his sister in crying out in ecstasy as his cock twitched with each ejaculate, his Mum hardly flinching as she took it in her stride and swallowed his fresh spunk which was filling her mouth.

After a few minutes things seemed to calm down in the room as orgasms subsided and composure was regained. Mum and Dad sat back on their legs, their children sprawled naked on the sofa with glistening genitals. Their faces flushed with sexual fulfilment once more gave away the delight they were feeling.
“Wow!” was all that was said from Johnny, his cock finally returning to its original flaccid state. Ellie just lay panting as if exhausted.

Sarah felt her mouth ache from a combination of sucking and grinning as she leaned in to kiss her husband. Their tongues met and each tasted the other as the juices of their children were shared. Her pussy was now desperate for its own attention, and from the look of the stiffness between David’s legs, he too was fit to burst. Grabbing a cushion from the sofa she placed it on the floor so that it was now below he bum having the effect of raising it up putting her bald wet pussy on show. The children sat up a little knowing it was time to see the act of penetration as their Dad manoeuvred himself between her thighs.

Grabbing his cock by the shaft he angled himself so his lovely children had a good view and placed the head against his gorgeous wife’s lips. He ran the engorged knob up and down her slit which seemed to open on demand covering his already glistening head with more lubricant. A little push and the head disappeared inside, a gasp of pleasure escaping Sarah’s throat as she felt her husband penetrate her.

Ellie and Johnny both watched open mouthed as their Father held his big cock in his hand and steered it into their Mum’s vagina. Her tight slit suddenly opened and welcomed it in, the inner lips spreading around it like a vice pulling it in and wanting more. Each slow thrust buried inch after inch until finally the whole thing had been swallowed by her pussy and his balls rested against her bum. Their Dad then looked at them to make sure they were watching and smiled at the wonder on their faces.

“Crikey, it’s all in!” Johnny stated which made everyone chuckle.

“That’s right son” Their Dad said as he withdrew almost all of the way out. “Remember this gorgeous little slit is capable of stretching to allow a baby to pass so a penis should be no problem!” He said sliding his length back in. Slowly he pumped his shaft in and out of his wife’s hole ensuring each stroke was seen clearly by the audience.

“It looks so lovely” Ellie stated leaning in a little closer to see. He nipples remained stiff still perched on the perfect mounds of her chest. “Just beautiful!” She said.

“Do you cum inside?” Johnny asked.

“Sometimes” Their Dad said. “You know I’ve had a vasectomy so there’s no more chance of getting your Mum pregnant, but I’ll cum over her stomach today so you can see me cum.

“Fantastic!” Ellie said now waiting his climax.

Sarah reached down and started to play with her own clitoris, keen to make sure she climaxed before her husband withdrew. She was so turned on that she knew it wouldn’t take long, the impending pressure almost fit to burst as it was. She felt David speed up a little, the angle stimulating the side to the entrance which was increasing the pleasure and with another flick of her clit she started to cum. Her chest tightened, her stomach muscles contracted and her pussy throbbed as she succumbed to the climax that rocked her body. It came in waves flowing through her abdomen and engulfed her whole body in seconds.

With his wife in the midst of her orgasm he withdrew wanting to join her in her pleasure and enclosed his shaft in his grasp. A couple of tugs had him grunt as the first shot of spunk blasted from the end shooting as far up his wife’s front to her breasts. A second, then a third followed with such power, the creamy white fluid leaving trails the length of her body. Finally he held still as the last of his spunk dripped over his fingers and landed on the smooth hairless pubic mound below him.

“Now that’s a cumshot!” Ellie said in awe of the scene before her. She looked at her brother smiling and told him he had that to look forward to as he got older.

“Can’t wait” Was all Johnny said.

Sitting beside his wife now, David leaned over and kissed her, impressed that they had managed to put on a good show for their children as he reached across and handed her a shirt to wipe herself down with.
Sarah sat up and felt the coolness across her skin as she mopped up the cream that her husband had deposited on her. She checked Johnny and Ellie were still OK having seen their live demonstration which they eagerly confirmed they were. In fact both could hardly thank them enough for sharing such an intimate thing.

Ellie fell back against the cushions of the sofa, her arm sprawling to her side where her brother still sat. She could hardly believe it when she looked where her hand had touched as there standing proud once more was his stiff little cock.

“Flipping heck Johnny!” She said bringing its attention to everyone else. “Does that thing never go down?”

“Seems not!” He said laughing out loud which spread through the room.

“Well it would be a shame to waste it!” Ellie said with a glint in her eye.


Johnny now sat with yet another erection, his young senses almost overwhelmed with the things going on in the room. He had started to become more attracted to girls recently as had his friends. Some had boasted that they had already grabbed a handful of boob with a girlfriend or felt their ‘bits’, but he doubted a lot of what they said putting it down to just showing off. But he couldn’t argue when they said how fit his sister was, and even his Mum! He hadn’t really noticed much before as he was still in the early stages of his sexual awakening, but with a massive change happening almost overnight he felt older than his 12 years and doubted any of his friends had ever been in the situation he now found himself.

He couldn’t believe how he kept getting erections, but then with his fit 14 year old sister sat naked next to him along with his Mother and Father having just had sex in front of him he reasoned his body had a good excuse. His cock stood to attention once more despite the fact he had already shot his virgin load over his stomach followed by a second lot deep into his Mother’s throat he knew that even if he came again he doubted he would have much fluid flowing this time. But that didn’t stop the urge he had.

Ellie suddenly broke the silence that had seemed to descend on the room as they all looked at his bobbing cock.

“Do you want to stick that in my nunny?” She asked with a wanton look on her face.

“I’d love to sis, but do you think that’s OK?” He asked looking at the three others in turn.

It was their Mum who spoke next.

“What a great idea!” She said enthusiastically. “But a couple of things you both should know. Firstly Ellie, it may hurt being your first time as your hymen is probably still intact, although as you use tampons and are pretty sporty then it may have already torn. And secondly until we get some condoms you mustn’t cum inside Johnny or she may get pregnant. But the fact you have emptied most of your sperm already then any risk should be minimal.” She said with a smile.

Ellie rubbed herself once more and found she was still very wet between her legs. She lay back on the sofa and invited her brother to get between her legs. Johnny knelt up, his erection almost throbbing as it stood stiff from his groin.

“The more turned on you are Ellie, the more relaxed your little nunny will be” Their Mum said moving beside them.

As she said that their Dad moved to behind Ellie and knelt down behind the arm of the sofa. He had had his eye on her pert breasts all night and now took the opportunity to reach over and cup them in his hands. He smiled down at his daughter as he did so, feeling the little nipples press against his palms. He stroked each mound and told Ellie to close her eyes and enjoy the feeling.

Sarah watched her husband stroke her breasts and felt her own nipples stiffen once more. She placed her hands on her daughter’s stomach and used her fingertips to stroke the soft skin hoping to add to the pleasure. Johnny sat watching, his mind trying to make sense of the situation but allowing his body to just react to the stimulation it was feeling. He looked down at his beautiful sister, her pale skin all soft and inviting leading onto the patch of dark hair above her slit. He ran his hands over it feeling the pubes beneath his touch making her sigh with pleasure. Her legs were already spread but her knees dropped further, her lips now opening more allowing the deep pink colour to show. He ran his finger down feeling the change from hair to skin making her flinch as he passed her clit. A little further and his fingertip was suddenly wet as it slid between those perfect lips. He knew he just had to taste her and lowered his head to do so.

Ellie felt the tender touch on her pussy mound, the touch of fingers investigating her pubic hair before moving down and across her nunny. A surge of pleasure as her brother touched her clit before he passed it and his finger parted her lips. But then a shuffle of the sofa and she wondered if he was preparing to enter her, her eyes still closed enjoying the touch of her Dad’s hands on her breasts. She also felt her Mother’s soft touch on her stomach feeling honoured to be pampered by her whole family. But then she felt a tongue. The warm breath of her brother as he tenderly licked at her juices, tasting her as he dipped his tongue in her hole and up across her clit. She gasped again with pleasure, all her senses being attacked, feeling the ache starting to build in her groin for more. She knew it was a good thing, that her body was getting ready for intercourse and was keen now for her vagina to be filled.

Johnny licked at the sweetness between her legs. Surprised how wet it was again, his own saliva adding to it, which his Mum said was a good thing to add lubrication. He lapped at her lips like a cat at milk, drinking in her juice as well as her smell. His cock throbbed it was so hard and he couldn’t wait to push it in her.

His Mum smiled and nodded when he looked up at her, which he took to be a sign. He knelt once more between his sister’s thighs and was about to place the head of his cock between them when his Mum stopped him. She leaned forward and took his erection in her mouth, sucking and licking it again but just briefly. He guessed she was adding her own lubrication as well as perhaps licking away any pre-cum that may have oozed out. Smiling once more she raised her head and guided him between Ellie’s lips which seemed to part and welcome him in. He leaned forward so that the head now sat in the entrance which was slick with juice, his Mum guiding him in as she held his shaft and told him to push gently.

He did was he was told, the end of his penis immediately slipping between his sister’s moist lips where he felt warmth as well as pressure. He pushed a little further, watching himself as his erection started to enter the holy grail of sex. He looked down and saw Ellie open her eyes to also watch the entry, a slight look of worry on her face at the impending pain she was convinced she would feel. But she urged him on, told him to push, that she was ready for him. Another inch disappeared inside, her hole now gripping his shaft vice-like as if not wanting to let it go. With a final push he rammed his cock in to the hilt, his balls now resting on her bum as he felt the gush of warmth envelop him completely.

Ellie let out a little cry, but found it was more from surprise than pain when Johnny finally rammed his cock into her. She was expecting to have screamed having heard the first time was unbearable, but instead she felt pleasure. Perhaps her Mum was right about tampons or sport but either way she was pleased. Perhaps even her own little play with her fingers now and again had stretched her insides but she was thrilled not to be writhing in pain. Fair enough she had started with the small cock of her brother but she took it as a good sign.

Johnny held fire for a while, not sure what to expect, but the smile on Ellie’s face told him that it couldn’t have been too bad. He automatically then followed his Dad’s example from before and moved his hips so that he slipped out and back into his sister pussy. He felt the pleasure of her gripping him, added further when his Mum started to stroke his bum and balls from between his legs encouraging him to thrust into her. He heard Ellie’s mutual pleasure as she started to meet his thrusts and suddenly felt the rise of spunk from his balls.

He pulled out almost shouting that he was going to cum as his Mum’s hands moved from back to front and once more gripped his little stiffy. She wanked him hard and seconds later watched as a small amount of spunk shot from the end onto his sisters tummy before he felt his Mum’s mouth suddenly round his erection sucking and tasting a mixture of him and Ellie on her tongue. She swallowed waiting for him to finish twitching before she allowed him out of her mouth. Licking him clean she dipped her head and also sucked up the small amount he had shot onto his sister’s skin.

Ellie felt him withdraw and watched him shoot his cream onto her stomach just before their Mum sucked him dry with her mouth. She saw him collapse back onto the sofa, his cock starting to reduce now as he had spent his load. But she still throbbed down below. She wanted more, impressed that there had been no blood on her brother’s cock meaning her hymen must have truly been gone already. She even felt disappointment that he hadn’t shot his load into her, imagining whether she would have felt it. She must have said something out loud as the next thing she knew was her Father rising from behind her and lying down on the floor. His cock was standing proud, vertical to his now horizontal body and she knew instantly that she wanted to be impaled on it.

Pulling her round to the edge of the sofa her Mum grabbed her legs and spread her thighs burying her face in her daughter’s cunt. Licking and sucking at her sweet little lips and clitty she had her daughter writhing with pleasure yet again in preparation for a bigger cock. Ensuring she was well lubricated she selfishly got her own surprising pleasure from tasting Ellie’s juice before moving aside to allow her off the sofa. Not forgetting her husband, Sarah gave his cock a quick suck leaving it nice and wet as Ellie positioned herself over her Dad’s shaft.

Johnny wasn’t even surprised now at what he had just seen. His Mum’s face buried between his sister’s thighs before once again sucking his Dad’s cock he just enjoyed the show. Ellie now straddled their Dad’s waist squatting down so that her nunny was just touching his erection. Their Mum once more guided the cock between her daughter’s lips and told her to take her own time. Ellie pushed down slightly, their dad unmoving so as not to hurt her being bigger. They all watched as Ellie pushed down slightly, her tight hole stretching much more this time to the extra girth of her Dad. But she was determined to have him inside her and started to rhythmically bounce on the first couple of inches of hardness. She felt her Dad’s hands on her thighs as he encouraged her movement at which point she decided to take the plunge. Slamming down onto his shaft, her bum cheeks slapped against his thighs as she plunged upon his hard-on.

This time a scream did escape Ellie’s mouth. A short sharp pain shot through her abdomen, her tight little pussy now stretched around a cock much bigger than the one she had in her a few minutes ago. Longer and thicker she felt full up, but after a second or two sat astride her Dad, she looked down and realised she had taken his whole length in. Lifting herself up with her hands on his chest she watched his cock start to appear, a very thin layer of blood mixed with her natural juices indicating that there was in fact a little of her hymen left to break after all. But with that done she slid back down his pole, filling her up once more before repeating the movement. Over and over she lifted and dropped, the sound of wet slaps filling the lounge as their bodies met with each downwards thrust.

David watched as his daughter rode his cock, his hands on her cute thighs rising and falling with her as her cunt swallowed every inch of him. He didn’t thrust up to meet her, allowing her to set her own pace and rhythm. He felt his wife’s hands around his balls as she got in with the action, her face close to their groins as she watched her daughter fucked for the first time by her husband. Her lips stretched around his shaft, the little bud of her clit now hard and full, almost begging to be touched.

Sarah watched her little girl bouncing up and down on her husband’s cock, the hint of blood amongst the fluids that flowed but not too much. She knelt behind her daughter now straddling her husband’s legs and wrapped her arms around Ellie’s front. With one hand she fondled the pert breasts that jiggled under her touch and with the other soon found the hardened clit she sought. Feeling the wetness beneath her fingers she rubbed the sensitive nub which along with the pounding cock helped bring on an orgasm. Screaming with pleasure Ellie continued to pound her Dad’s cock, her orgasms coming in gushes of pleasure seconds before she heard her Dad was also cumming.

With an upward thrust David slammed into his daughter and shot his load, as powerful if not more so than the time before. He joined her in expressing his pleasure with a loud grunt, his hands still glued to her naked side as he watched his wife’s hands work their magic on little Ellie. As their orgasms subsided Ellie exclaimed that she was sure she felt her Dad shoot inside her before lifting herself off and feeling their combined juices drip down her inner thigh.

With everyone completely spent they took it in turns to shower and clean up before returning to the lounge cuddling up with each other on the large sofa. They all agreed that their little real life sex education lesson should remain their secret but wouldn’t rule out having similar sessions another day.

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