I return to Vietnam and into the darkness.
Swinging in the Neighborhood Chapter 8 Back to Hell and into the Darkness

In my last chapter, I had just returned home during February 1972 after spending 2 long years in Vietnam. Most of my time spent in the jungle I was seeking out the enemy doing LRRP, which stood for long-range recon patrol. I had to stop at Fort Knox, as it was home base when in the service. My first sergeant had told me that he was heading back over there and that he could really use my help. I told him I would go back with him so I signed up for another tour of duty. I had 90 days before I was to return to Vietnam.

I would have to say that my reason for returning to that hellhole at that time was a simple one; I had no one at home to return to or at least I thought. I had enlisted in the first placed because my girlfriend Terri at the time had betrayed me. Terri had a cousin named Carrie with whom I had some great times. I had found out from letters that she wrote to me while I served in Vietnam that she was madly in love with me.

The only problem with that was that I had not read any of the letters Terri or Carrie had sent to me over my two-year stay fighting in that dam war. The reasoning behind that was that I just did not care anymore my heart had been broken and I could care less about either of them.

Things had changed some since I was overseas; Terri and Paul were getting married soon. I had also found out that Paul was a war activist; he had been protesting the war while I was over there fighting. Carrie and I hooked up as soon as I got home I had made up my mind that my feelings for her did come from my heart and not just from my cock.

You would be doing yourself a huge favor if you would read this story from the beginning or at least Chapter 5, 6 and 7 to catch up where this chapter starts.

I awoke early Sunday morning as I had a lot on my mind. I had a flashback to the war when I first came home as I stood by the bench swing with the girls. I also had yelled at Terri because of Paul protesting the war and the fact she had asked me if I was over there killing women and children. I had frightened her badly. If not for Carrie pulling me away from her, I am not for sure what may have happened. That was my first sign that something was not right with me. The second was when the girls had awakened me up in the middle of the night telling me that I was screaming for help.

When I awoke, I was sweating profoundly and I could smell that stinky jungle of Vietnam. I could only imagine what the nightmare was about, as I could not remember it, which may have been a good thing. I should not have even been having a nightmare as I had just had a long night of sex with both Carrie and Terri.

I silently got out of bed from between the two girls. Neither of them stirred as I did. I slipped my sweatpants and my sweatshirt back on, slipped my boots on as I left myself out of Terri’s house. It was a rather cold February morning as I walked outside. I thought a good brisk morning run would clear my head. I started up the road running; I soon was up by the neighborhood lake where my fun with Terri and Carrie had started many years ago.

As I approached the spot, I noticed that the small pathway leading to the lake was gone. I stopped and as I looked around, I noticed that all the woods surrounding the lake were gone as well. I stood there looking at a big fancy house with a few trees around it. I realized that the house was sitting where our play lake had been. I thought about picking up a rock and throwing it through one of the windows in that house but I did not.

I went back to running thinking about how the neighborhood had changed as well as how I seemed to have changed since getting back home.. I was running up the road when a car came up behind me. I had not seen it or heard the car approaching me. The driver blew his fucking horn making me jump dam near out of my sweat pants.

The driver a man in his late 20 or early 30s stopped and he jumped from his car. He stood there by his car calling me a fucking jerk and that he should have ran my ass over. The driver started toward me and the next thing I remember is that I was on top of him with my hands around his neck choking the very life from him.

I released my hands from around his throat as he coughed trying to catch his breathe. I got off him and I just took off running through a nearby small wooded area. I ran all the way back to Terri’s house ducking in between houses, cars, trees anything to hid behind almost like I was back in Vietnam. It was as if I thought if I could just make it back home everything would be all right.

I made it safely into the back yard to the bench swing. I sat down putting my elbows onto my knees then my face into my hands. What was wrong with me I thought to myself? I could have easily have killed that man with my bare hands. I should have at least asked him if he was OK before I took off running. I sat there on the bench swing with my face in my hands as I wondered if I truly had turned into some type of a monster or a mad man.

“John,” Carrie said. I jumped up from the swing in a defensive manner as Carrie added, “John it’s me,” as she stared at me.

My hands were cliched into fists as I stood there. When I saw it was she; my hands relaxed. Carrie told me that she did not mean to scare me as she gave a little laugh and smile. I just stared at her thinking what might have happened. I must have had a concern look on my face as I did.

“John, what is wrong?” Carrie asked.

I took a hold of her hand as I sat us both down onto the bench swing. I told her what had happened when I was out running in the morning. I told her it was as if I had no control of my actions or of myself. I also told her that I had never had a nightmare in my life until last night as I lie between her and Terri.

“John, you just need to relax,” Carrie replied as she rubbed her hand at my face.

Carrie told me that going through the ordeal I had with Terri. Then spending the last two years, fighting in Vietnam had to have been stressful on both my body and my mind. Carrie told me that sometimes your mind becomes sensitized to stimuli that your mind triggers causing the response to be that of what your mind has been used to doing.

“In your case John, you saw the driver coming at you, your mind felt threatened so it told you to do the only thing it had done for the last two years that being to survive,” Carrie said as she rubbed at my hand.

I looked at Carrie funny as I asked, “Now where did you hear something like that?”

Carrie smiled as she replied, “I am majoring in psychology in college.”

I told Carrie about when I saw her and Terri standing out back with their arms out stretched toward me motioning for me to come to them the other night. I told her that when I saw that my mind took me right back to the jungles of Vietnam.

“Am I crazy or something?” I asked Carrie looking into her lovely face.

“NO John your just tired and you need to relax,” Carrie replied. Carrie got up from the swing as she added, “Here I will prove it to you.”

Carrie walked a little ways in front of me as she outstretched her arms motioning for me. Carrie asked me what I saw. I smiled as I told her the most beautiful thing I had seen all morning as I got up and walked over to her. I wrapped my arms around her tightly as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

“So how much do I owe you doc,” I whispered into her ear.

“All of your love,” Carrie whispered into mine. “Now come back inside I will make you breakfast,” she added as she walked us back inside.

We went back inside and as Carrie was fixing breakfast, Terri’s mom Brenda came walking into the kitchen. She was dressed the way I had always seen her before I had left home. She had on a short leopard robe that just barely covered her butt. My eyes were on her legs and ass as she walked past me. Brenda walked over to the cupboard reaching up to get a cup out for coffee.

The back of her short robe rode up showing her ass. Brenda may have been in her forties now but she was still a lovely woman with a hot fucking ass on her. I was to busy staring at her ass to see that she was looking at me as she reached into the cupboard. I just sat there eying her lovely thighs and those lovely butt cheeks peeking out from under her robe.

“Carrie your man is checking my ass out,” Brenda said.

My eyes went to her then to Carrie at the refrigerator. Carrie told her she did not blame me for looking at her cute ass. Carrie walked over to Brenda and they locked into a deep passionate kiss right there in front of me. They were swapping tongue as I watched them kiss.

Carrie took her hand and she grabbed at Brenda’s robe pulling it up then grabbing a handful of butt. Brenda broke their kiss as she smiled at me. Carrie left go of her ass as they broke their embrace. Brenda went and got her coffee while Carrie came over to me.

Carrie wrapped her arms around as she said, “Brenda and I became lovers after you left,” before she kissed me on the lips.

Carrie went back to making breakfast asking Brenda to join us. Brenda sat down across from smiling. She took a big sip of coffee before she sat her cup down onto the table. Brenda leaned across the kitchen table taking my hand into hers.

“Carrie was lonely after you left I hope you didn’t mind,” Brenda said to me smiling.

I just sat there staring at those big tits that had fallen out of her robe. I was in shock a little about them becoming lovers however; it did not trouble me in the least bit. Carrie came over to the table with a plate of bacon and eggs that she placed in front of me.

“Eat John you can have Brenda later,” Carrie said with a smile on her face.

Carrie turned to Brenda as she asked, “What would you like for breakfast?”

“I will take some of what you were getting last night from the moans I heard.” “It sounded like you two had that bed rocking as well,” Brenda replied as she smiled at me letting go of my hand then smiling to Carrie.

“MMmmmm we can have him for lunch,” Carrie said before she gave Brenda a big long kiss.

Carrie went back to the stove where she returned with two more plates of eggs. She gave one to Brenda as Carrie sat down next to me; I was still just staring at Brenda and thinking about finally getting my hands around those tits and getting some of that ass.

“Eat John your going to need your strength,” Carrie said giving a little laugh as she did.

We were sitting around the kitchen table talking when Paul and Terri walked. Brenda got up as she told me that she would see me later. Terri gave her mom a pissed look as she walked from the kitchen. Terri sat down as she told Paul to fix her some breakfast. At least my girl fixed mine for me I thought as I watched him jump at the task she had given him.

“So when did they fill in the neighborhood lake and build a house on it?” I asked.

“About a year ago,” Terri and Carrie both replied at the same time.

The girls gave each other a smile and a little laugh as I sat there looking at them. It was good to see that they were friends again as Carrie had told me that they hardly had talked to each other since I had left. Terri asked Carrie if she and I wanted to go along with them to some peace meeting today.

Carrie smiled at her as she replied, “No not today we have made other plans,” as she took my hand into hers. “And right now I am off to take my shower,” she added as she stood up from the table. Carrie took a few steps before she turned toward me and she asked, “Are you coming?” as she smiled at me.

I got up and I followed her to the bathroom. We entered and closed the door behind us before we locked into a deep passionate kiss. As we kissed, she undressed me and I undressed her barely missing a kiss along the way. When Carrie was nude, she sat down onto the toilet. I smiled at her as she sat there; Carrie smiled back as she opened her legs for me.

I got down in front of her just as her pee started to flow from between her hanging pussy lips. I shoved my hand into it splashing it up onto her thighs. Carrie told me it had been a long time that she had any one playing in her pee. Carrie finished her pee and she reached for the toilet paper.

“Don’t bother I will get that for you,” as I smiled at her.

Carrie stood up and I shoved my face up between her legs. I licked at the last few drops of her golden nectar hanging from her meaty pussy lips. I ran my tongue between them getting any more of her golden pee that may be up there.

I pulled my head from between her legs as I ran my tongue from her hairless pussy up her body. My tongue flicked at her belly button as I started to stand up. I worked my tongue up to those lovely big tits. I licked at each of her nipples making them grow hard with my tongue as my hands caressed her tits.

I moved my lips up to her lips pressing them lightly on hers as I kissed her gently. My cock was hard as it poked just above her abdomen. Carrie reached herself dropping the lid down onto the toilet seat. She spun me around sitting me onto the toilet. Carrie had me closed my legs as she sat down on my cock facing away from me.

She reached under herself taking my cock into her hand. Carrie rubbed my cock on her hanging pussy lips. She worked it between her pussy lips as she sat down onto my cock. She eased down slowly onto my cock until she had all my cock up into herself.

Carrie turned her head around past her shoulder as she said, “John your cock feels so big in me like this,” before she kissed me.

Carrie started to rock on my cock then she started to go up and down on it. I reached around her taking those big fucking tits into my hands. I pinched at her nipples as she bounced up and down on my cock. Carrie was moaning loudly as she leaned forward getting up onto her legs so that she was rather squatting over my cock.

Carrie started to pump her tight pussy up and down on my cock. Her pussy was gripping and sucking at my cock as she rode me. Carrie started to rotate her hips and that fucking butt as she rode my cock cowgirl. I told her if she kept that up I would be soon filling her full of my seed.

“Fill me John,” Carrie cooed out as she worked her pussy up and down my cock.

About five minutes later, I grabbed her hips. I pulled her down onto my cock as I rammed my hips upward. I drove my cock deep and hard up into her pussy. Carrie moaned as I felt my cock hitting the bottom of her pussy. My cock twitched then throbbed as I started to cum deep in her pussy.

Right as my cock was spitting its load into her there was a knock on the door, “Hey you two I have to pee,” Terri, yelled outside the door.

Carrie jumped off my cock as it had scared her. She stood up as cum poured out of her pussy falling onto the toilet seat and me. Carrie slid the shower doors open turned the shower on pushing me into the shower. She left Terri in before she climbed into the shower with me closing the shower doors as she did.

We heard Terri enter then we heard her yell, “There’s cum all over the toilet seat cover,” and she mumbled something else that I could not make out.

Carrie and I just laughed as she wrapped her arms around me pulling me down to kiss her. We were kissing deeply and passionately when we heard Terri yell out, so you think that is funny. I had my arms still wrapped around Carrie as we were suddenly being cascaded by very cold water. We both slid open the shower door and jumped out just as Terri ran from the bathroom. I reached over and I turned the hot water off she had turned on at the sink.

“We owe that girl one,” I said to Carrie as we returned to the shower.

After our shower I ran over next door to my house to get a change of clothes as I walked in the door mom and dad were getting ready to leave. My mom was dressed in her Sunday dress and dad in his suit. I asked them where they were off too.

“We have been attending church since you have been gone,” Dad replied.

My mom added, “There is no reason to stop just because your home for good now,” as she kissed me on my cheek.

I went to my room and I sat down onto my bed. I knew I could never tell my mom that I was going back to fight again in that dam war. For the first time in my life, I sat there scared and afraid. Not afraid of going back to that hell hole but afraid of the hell I was about to put everyone close to me back through.

I changed my clothes before returning next door to Carrie. I entered to find Carrie and Brenda sitting together on the sofa. Brenda had Carrie tightly in her arms; I could hear sobbing coming from Carrie as Brenda held her. Carrie jumped up from the sofa and she ran from the room. I looked to Brenda to ask her what was wrong. Brenda patted her hand at the sofa seat for me to sit with her.

“John, she is just a little worried about you returning over there,” Brenda said as she rubbed at my face.

“If I had known how she felt about me I never would have signed up for another tour,” I replied to Brenda. “If only I had read her letters sooner,” I added.

Brenda looked straight into my eyes as she said, “It may have been a good thing that you didn’t.” Brenda paused then she added, “It may have been a distraction for you.”

I knew what Brenda was telling me. I sat there wondering if she was right. I wondered if all this was going to affect my skills, my survival instincts or worst my judgment when I returned to the jungle. I was there heartless before where as now I was about to return with Carrie in my heart.

Carrie walked back into the room refreshed and smiling. I could still see a look of worry in her eyes; something I had became good at spotting from being over in Vietnam. I went over wrapping my arms around her. I hugged her tightly as I whispered in her ear that everything would be OK at least I hoped it would be.

“You two make for such a lovely couple,” “I am glad things worked out as they have,” Brenda said smiling at us from the sofa.

Carrie and I pulled apart just enough so that we could each open one of our arms. We stood there making room for Brenda to join us. Brenda got off the sofa and joined us as the three of us stood there hugging each other. We took turn kissing each other as we stood there.

Brenda broke our hug as she asked us if we wanted a beer. Carrie and I both told her sure. We sat down onto the sofa waiting for her to return. Carrie reached into a silver box on the coffee table opening it and pulling out a fat joint. Brenda returned with beers for everyone as Carrie lit the joint up.

We sat there drinking beer and getting high as the three of us talked. Brenda sat on one side of me Carrie on the other side. Carrie was telling me that Paul and Terri were going to get married the first week in April. Carrie squeezed my hand as she told me it would be nice to have me at her side. I smiled at her as I kissed her deeply.

“Maybe we should make it a double wedding,” Brenda said giving a little laugh.

I saw the sparkle in Carrie’s eyes when Brenda had said that. Suddenly my mind shut down; I could not see nor hear Carrie or Brenda as we sat there. My ears filled with the night sounds of the jungle. The smell and stink of the jungle flared in my nostrils. I was back in Vietnam in my mind on another LRRP. Muzzle flashes filled my eyes just before Carrie’s lovely blue eyes came back into my vision and my mind.

“John, you OK,” Carrie asked staring deep into my eyes.

I forced a smile as I replied, “Yes just thinking what an good wife you will make some day,” trying to act as if everything was OK when in reality it was not.

Carrie kissed me deeply and passionately as my mind returned to the finer things in life. Carrie broke our kiss as she turned my head to Brenda. She told me to give her some loving as well. I looked into Brenda’s face and her eyes.

I would have normally seen Terri staring back at me. However, this time I saw Brenda. A lovely mature woman in her early forties, her hair was brunette and short. Her face was smooth and lovely not a wrinkle anywhere. Her lips were plump and wet. For the first time I saw her as Brenda a lovely and so sexy woman.

Brenda tilted her head at me as she asked, “Why do you stare like that at me for John?”

“Just soaking in your beauty,” I replied as I wrapped my arms around her.

I pressed my lips to hers kissing her deeply. I slipped my tongue gentle between those plump lips. Our heads rolled side to side as our tongues touched and met for the first time. Her kisses back to me filled my body with passion as I felt her hand move to on my thigh. Brenda eased her hand up my thigh until her hand was rubbing at my cock.

Brenda broke our kiss as she said, “My you are a big boy,” smiling at me before kissing me deeply again.

Brenda broke our kiss once more as she looked to Carrie. Carrie and she leaned over me as they too kissed deeply and with passion. My cock throbbed wildly in my pants as they did. The two of them stood up moving the coffee table out of the way. They looked at me smiling as they told me to get up.

I stood up as they removed the sofa cushions. I helped them pull the bed out of the sofa. Brenda left and returned with a sheet that they placed over the mattress. They turned their attention to me as they kissed at my face. Carrie started to undo my belt slipping my pants down. Brenda was lifting my shirt over my head. I was soon standing there in the nude with them at my side.

The girls kissed each other then across my chest. They ran their hands over my well-defined chest and my abdomen. They used their tongues on my chest licking me all over on my upper body. Carrie’s tongue ran across the scar at the side of my chest. Carrie kissed it gently and lightly before she looked up to me.

“I don’t want anymore of these on your body.” “You understand John,” Carrie said as she looked up into my face.

“I understand,” I replied as I leaned over kissing her on those tasty lips.

Carrie broke our kiss as she pushed me back onto the sofa bed. I was laying on it as they helped each other out of their clothes. Brenda helped Carrie take off her shirt then her bra. Those lovely big tits fell into my view as Brenda cupped her hands around them. Brenda caressed them before she leaned down take one of Carrie’s tits into her mouth.

“Ahhh,” Carrie moaned as Brenda suckled on her tit.

Brenda removed her mouth from her tit as she kissed Carrie. Carrie broke their kiss as her hands pulled Brenda’s top over her head. Carrie unsnapped her bra freeing Brenda’s tits. Her tits looked a little smaller than they used to be as they fall from her bra. Brenda’s tits still looked lovely as my eyes went to those derby nipples.

They were sticking out hard as Carrie sucked one into her mouth. My hand went to my cock as I watched her playing and sucking on Brenda’s nipples. The girls kissed once more then they both turned toward me as they slipped out of their jeans. I noticed that neither of them had bothered to wear panties today.

I looked at Carrie’s plump pussy with her lovely meaty lips hanging down. I pumped at my dick as my eyes went to Brenda’s pussy. I could see nothing but deep dark thick hair covering her pussy. The girls embraced kissing as they reached between each other’s legs. They rubbed at each other’s pussies as they swapped tongues in front of me.

Carrie broke their embrace as she looked to Brenda as she said, “You take one end while I take the other,” as she smiled at me.

Carrie climbed up onto the sofa bed where she placed her hairless pussy right down onto my face. My tongue was licking away at her pussy as I felt Brenda taking my cock into her hand. Brenda pumped at my cock as her other hand played with my balls.

Carrie started to rock on my face as I stuck my tongue up into her sweet wet pussy. I felt Brenda wrapping her lips around my cock. I felt her mouth sucking at my cock as she worked it up and down my cock. Carrie had her hands up on the back of the sofa bed as she rocked her pussy back and forth on my face.

Brenda was a very skilled cocksucker. She took all of my cock deep into her mouth. I felt her lips touching my pubic hair as she sucked at my cock deeply in her mouth. Brenda started to bob up and down on my cock sucking it as she did. She used one of her hands to rub and pull on my balls as she did. I had to fight my urge to blow my load into her mouth as she sucked at me.

“Ahhhh John,” Carrie moaned out.

I felt her juices flowing into my mouth. Carrie shook on my face as her orgasm came over her. Carrie rocked on my face as my tongue probed into her pussy. Carrie slipped off my face bringing her face down to mine. She kissed and licked at my face covered in her juices.

I felt Brenda’s mouth leaving my cock. I felt her climbing on top of me as she straddled my body. Brenda rose up taking my cock into her hand. She rubbed it at her hairy pussy until she guided it into her wet juicy pussy. Brenda eased herself slowly down onto my cock.

“Ahhhh that feels good,” Brenda moaned out as she took more of my cock into herself.

Brenda soon was sitting upright with all my cock buried inside of her. She started to rock back and forth onto my cock. Her wet pussy coating my cock with her juices each time she moved. Carrie stopped kissing me as she got to her knees beside us. She kissed and licked at Brenda’s tits as she rode on my cock.

Brenda’s wet pussy was sucking and rubbing hard against my cock. I started to buck my hips upward as I wanted to feel my cock running in and out of her pussy. Carrie stopped kissing at Brenda’s tits as she moved on the sofa bed. Brenda leaned down on me kissing me as she started to move her wet pussy up and down on my cock. I felt Carrie climbing up between my legs to the back of Brenda’s butt.

“OHHhh,” Brenda screamed out as Carrie smacked at her butt with her hand.

“Fuck him,” Carrie screamed at her as she smacked at her butt.

Brenda was pumping her pussy up and down on my cock faster and faster. She had her arms wrapped around moaning into my ear as she did. Brenda got going to fast and my cock slipped from her pussy. She moaned loudly as I felt her pussy juices squirting onto my cock.

I felt Carrie grabbing hold of my throbbing cock as it fell from her pussy. Carrie took my cock into her mouth sucking at it for a while before she placed it back into Brenda’s pussy. Brenda would fuck me for a while then Carrie would pull my cock out licking and sucking at it.

“AHHhh shit,” I screamed out loudly as I felt my balls contracting.

Carrie slipped my cock back into Brenda’s wet pussy as she told her to make me cum. Brenda went to town on my cock sliding her pussy fast up and down my cock. I felt Carrie’s tongue licking at my balls. I grabbed Brenda’s butt as I slammed her down onto my cock holding her there.

My cock twitched and throbbed as it fired off deeply into her pussy. Her pussy was sucking and milking cum from my cock. I felt Carrie licking at our juices as they ran down my cock. I was laying there in total ecstasy as I filled Brenda full of cum from my cock.

“MOM, JOHN,” I heard Terri screaming.

“What just welcoming him home properly,” Brenda replied smiling as she rolled off me.

My cock was slimy with our juices, as it grew soft. I saw Terri storm from the living room with Paul following behind her. Paul flashed me a thumbs up sign before he followed her. Brenda and Carrie tongues went to my soft cock licking at it cleaning it up. They kissed each other swapping our juices.

Damn it I thought as I lie there. I should have just fucked her mom to get even with Terri instead of running off to Vietnam. Brenda and Carrie crawled up beside me as I took one into each of my arms. They rubbed at my chest as I pulled them closer to me. It was good to be home I thought as I lie there with them in my arms.

The three of us cleaned up the living room and closed the sofa bed. We all showered together before returning to the living room. Brenda kissed me then kissed Carrie. She thanked us both for a lovely afternoon before she walked out of the living room.

“Let’s go for a drive,” I said to Carrie as I took her by the hand pulling her from the sofa.

We walked out side and over to my car. I kissed her deeply as I leaned her up against my car. My uncle pulled up into our driveway with his truck as we stood there kissing.

“You two should get a room,” He jokingly said as he stopped.

I broke my kiss with Carrie turning to my uncle. We shook hands then hugged as he told me it was good to see me. My uncle stood there looking at Carrie. It came to me that he only knew her from her pink panties.

“Uncle Bill this is Carrie,” I said to him. “You remember the girls pink panties you found,” I added with a little laugh.

Carrie smacked my arm as we stood there laughing. My uncle told me he would let us out; however, I stopped him. I told him not to bother as it was about time mom and dad met the girl I hoped to marry someday.

I turned to Carrie as I said, “That is if you would be interested that is,” as I smiled at her.

Carrie threw her arms around me as she replied, “I sure would be,” followed by “I love you John.”

The three of us went inside where I introduced Carrie to my mom and dad. They had only known her as Terri’s cousin. I informed mom and dad that tomorrow Carrie and I would be out looking for an engagement ring, Carrie’s hand tightened around mine as I did. Mom hugged me then she hugged Carrie taking her out to the kitchen. Carrie and my mom hit it off right from the start. Dad, my uncle and I went to the basement for beer as the women talked upstairs.

“Son, do you think it’s wise to get engaged then leave your woman at home?” dad asked me as he handed me a beer.

“Now isn’t that calling the kettle black,” Uncle Bill, said looking at my dad. “It seems to me some other guy did that during a different war,” my uncle added raising his beer to my dad.

We all gave a little laugh before my dad winked at me as he said, “You just be careful over there son.”

The three of us returned upstairs they went into the living room as I went out to the kitchen. I wanted to check up on mom and Carrie. They were out in the kitchen where Carrie was helping mom with dinner.

“You two need any help?” I asked.

They both turned and replied, “You go sit with your dad,” at the same time.

My mom smiled at me as she hugged Carrie as they laughed over what had just happened. I left them alone in the kitchen joining my uncle and dad in the living room. Dad turned the TV on and the first four or five channels that he flipped through had news of the war in Vietnam. I would have closed my eyes as he flipped through those channels however, I was afraid of what I may see.

In a little while, Carrie came in and she sat down beside me on the sofa. I wrapped my arm around her pulling her closer to me. I gave her a quick kiss before she pulled my head down to her.

Carrie whispered into my ear, “Your mom doesn’t know does she?”

I looked at her, as I shook my head no.

We spent the rest of the day and evening with my mom, dad and my uncle. I was surprised when my mom told Carrie she was welcomed to spend the night after all I did have a queen size bed in my bedroom. In fact, I turned a little red in my face when she had said that. Every one had a good laugh on my part.

Carrie told my mom she would love too. Carrie and I ran back over to Terri’s house to get her some stuff. Paul and Terri were sitting on the sofa when we walked in. Terri asked Carrie where we had been, she avoided any eye contact with me. Carrie told her that she was going to spend the night with me at my house as she walked to her room to get some things.

Terri was still avoiding eye contact with me when it entered into my mind what she had told me once before. I looked at her as I asked her you are not avoiding me over having sex with your mom, are you?

“Fuck you John,” Terri replied.

“You already have,” Paul, added giving a little laugh just before Terri smacked him.

I stood there looking at them both as I said, “Look it is time that I tell you Terri what we once had is gone.” “I will always enjoy having fun with you however my heart lies with Carrie.” “Oh also I am going to ask Carrie to marry me as well,” I added.

I turned to see Carrie standing there smiling at me with Brenda at her side. Brenda hurried over to me where she hugged and kissed me. Paul came over shook my hand then hugged me as well. Terri sat there on the sofa looking at me.

She finally got up and came over to me, she hugged and kissed me then she said, “I guess if I had to lose you at least it was to someone special,” as she walked over to Carrie kissing her.

Later that night as Carrie and I lie in my bed she told me that tomorrow she was going to go into the college and tell them she was going to take the next three months off. I told her she did not have to do that, however I knew I could not change her mind. We talked about what the future may hold for us before she fell asleep in my arms.

“JOHN wake up,” I heard Carrie saying as she shook me.

I did not even have to ask her anything. I sat up with sweat pouring from my body. I knew that I must have been having another hellish nightmare as we slept. I only wondered why I could not remember any of it.

Carrie and I went to her college first the next morning. As I walked her into the administration building, I realized I had made a rather bad choice of clothing as I had on my dress green uniform. Some the students on her campus gave me strange looks as I waited outside for her. I just smiled at them wondering if they knew that the peace sign on their tee shirt looked like a chicken’s footprint to me.

Carrie came walking out and she threw her arms around me telling be that everything was OK; she could return in 90 days. As we stood there, locked in a passionate kiss a small group of students both boys and girls came walking up. Some one in the group called out Carrie’s name.

She broke our kiss as she ran to them giving them each a hug as I stood there. Carrie ran back to me grabbing me by the hand. She dragged me over to the group standing there. One of the girls yelled out this must be John your soldier boy. Carrie told them yes and introduced me to each of them. The girls kissed me and the boys shook my hand.

One young man who was probably my age shook my hand as he said, “Dam dude you got a chest full of medals,” as he pointed to them.

I looked at him as I replied, “Son most of them are for drinking the most beer and still standing,” as I gave a little laugh.

Carrie told them all she was going away with me and that she would be returning in 90 days. The group sort of got quiet as I figured they might have known that meant I had to return to the war. One of the young men even told me to be safe over there before we told them good-bye.

I walked Carrie back to my car and left her in. I got in as I told Carrie they seemed like a nice group. Carrie told me that they all had something in common. I asked her what that was.

“They each have a loved one over in Vietnam, whether a boyfriend or family member,” Carrie replied before kissing me deeply again.

Carrie broke our kiss looking at my medals on my jacket as she said, “You don’t have to bring anymore of these home with you neither,” as she ran her fingers at them. Carrie added, “ I know you only get them for doing something brave, courageously or something stupid like risking your life,” giving me a serious look.

The next stop was the jewelry store; I told Carrie to pick out any of the engagement ring that she wanted. After all, I had two years of back combat pay in my pocket. Besides, she was worth her weight in gold to me. Carrie picked out a rather inexpensive small ring.

“Sure you don’t want one with a bigger rock to sit on your hand?” I asked her.

Carrie smiled as she replied, “It’s not the size of the ring but the size of your heart that holds the love.” She kissed me then added, “My heart is endless when it comes to you John.”

I had to turn away as I wiped a lone tear from my eye. Carrie had really touched my heart with her letters she had written to me and now in person as well. I knew I had found me a good wife. I paid for the ring and we walked out of the jewelry store.

I walked Carrie over to my car where I spun her around as I dropped to one knee; I opened the ring box as I asked, “Carrie will you marry me?”

“Yes John I will,” Carrie replied as people we did not even know clapped and cheered in the parking lot.

As we drove home, we talked about getting married. I asked Carrie if it was OK if we hold off on getting married after I finished this tour of duty. Carrie told me that she would wait until I got back. I did not want to marry her and possibly make her a widow at the same time.

Carrie and I were inseparable for the next few weeks. I had planned on another two months of being with her. My plans did go as I had planned. I got a phone call March 15, 1972. It was Sam my first sergeant; he told me that there had been a slight change of plans.

“Sgt. J, can you be here in a few days?” he asked into the phone.

I gave no hesitation in my voice as I replied, “I will be there First Sergeant.” “When do we leave for Vietnam?” I asked him on the phone.

Sam told me that I would get all the details when I arrived. I hung up the phone and I turned to see my mom standing behind me. Mom had tears running down her face as her hands trembled. I looked at her for just a second before I went to her wrapping my arms tightly around her holding her close to myself.

“Sorry mom I have to go,” I said to her as she cried into my shoulder.

I told her I would be safe. I promised her I would return home. Mom just cried into my shoulder as I held her. Mom cried as she kept repeating “My baby, my baby.” She cried on my shoulder for some time before she finally pulled back from me wiping at her tears.

“You have better go next door and tell Carrie,” mom said as she started to cry again as she ran for her bedroom.

I slowly walked over next door; Brenda had told me there was no reason for me to knock any more as I was family now. I walked into the living room to find Terri and her mom Brenda watching TV. I had my head down looking toward the floor as I walked over to them.

“JOHN, what is wrong?” Terri asked.

I looked up at her then to Brenda before I asked, “Where is Carrie?”

I no sooner had that out of my mouth than Carrie replied, “I am here John.” “What is it?”

“Carrie, I have to report for duty in three days,” I said to her.

“OH NO,” Brenda cried out before she busted into tears looking to Carrie.

“John, you will miss my wedding,” Terri said as she too started to cry as she looked to Carrie.

Carrie stood there just staring at me for a few seconds before she walked over to me throwing her arms around me as she said, “I will not cry John for if I did my tears would be for myself and not for you,” as she looked up into my eyes.

“Such a brave girl you are,” “I only hope the men I serve with this time are as brave,” I replied before I pressed my lips to hers.

Carrie broke our kiss as she said, “You just remember what I told you about being brave,” giving me a serious look.

Brenda and Terri came over and joined us standing there. Carrie opened one of her arms as I opened one of mine. Brenda and Terri joined us as we had a group hug. The four of us stood there with our heads together.

Brenda said, “Please lord let John be safe.”

Terri and Brenda returned to the sofa as Carrie and I stood there. I took my hand to the side of her face rubbing it as I asked, “Carrie could you go check on my mom?” “I did not see her standing behind me when I got the phone call,” I added.

“I will John,” Carrie replied giving me a kiss before she went out the door.

Terri got up from the sofa and she grabbed my hand as she said, “I am sorry John I was only thinking of myself about you missing my wedding,” as Tears ran down her cheeks.

“You just save me a piece of that weeding cake, you hear,” I replied as I wiped away her tears.

Terri left go of my hand before she ran for her bedroom still in tears. I turned to Brenda who was getting up from the sofa. Brenda came over to me pulling my face down to hers. She kissed me deeply and with passion as my arms went around her.

Brenda broke our kiss as she said, “I will go tend to my daughter.” I saw a lone tear streaming from he eye as she added, “John do come back please for us all,” before she walked toward Terri’s bedroom.

I returned home to find my mom and Carrie sitting together on the sofa holding hands. They both looked at me seriously then a smile came over their face. I walked to them standing over them as they sat on the sofa.

Carrie looked up at me as she said, “Your mom asked me to stay with them while you are away John.” Carrie looked to my mom as she added, “I told her I would,” looking back to me.

“That’s a wonderful idea,” I replied as I hugged them both

I told them I had better go set my bags packed leaving them together on the sofa. I went into my bedroom pulling my bag out from the closet. I tossed it up onto the bed as I pulled the zipper down to open it. My bag was still full just as it was when I had returned home. I had never even unpacked it.

Carrie and I went up to our spot on the lake later that night. It was a cloudy rainy night just my luck I thought as we sat their in my car. I told Carrie I hoped it was not a bad omen of things to come.

“John don’t you even think that,” Carrie said as she grabbed my face with her hands.

Carrie told me to close my eyes, which I did. She told me to listen to the sounds of the night. I told her all I could hear was the rain. Carrie told me to filter the rain out which I did. I started to hear the gentle lapping of the waves against the shoreline.

“Now picture the night sky full of stars with the moon dancing on the water,” Carrie said to me as she rubbed at my face.

My mind filled with the moon dancing above the waters of the lake. There were more stars in the sky than I could count. I smiled sitting there in my car with my eyes closed as Carrie stroked my face. Carrie asked me what I was seeing now.

“You standing by the shoreline with you long blonde hair being blown gentle by the night breeze.” “The moon is over your shoulder as the stars shine all around you.” “The sound of the waves leaves my ears as I look to you,” “I hear I LOVE YOU JOHN,” I replied as I opened my eyes to find that I am looking into those lovely blue sparkling eyes of hers.

“And I do John,” Carrie said to me before her lips press against mine.

We are kissing deeply and passionately in the front seat of my car. I could not remove my lips from her sweet lips. Carrie tried to pull away from me but I will not allow it. Carrie finally removes her lips from mine.

“John, listen,” Carrie said. “Do you hear that?” Carrie added looking at me.

I open my ears to the sounds of the night once more. I heard the gentle lapping of waves against the shoreline. I look out the window of my car to see that it is no longer raining. Carrie got out of the car, as I did. I join her at the front of the car.

The clouds were rolling in the night sky; they seemed to be disappearing as if they just boiled away. A patch of clear sky filled the night sky. I wrapped my arms around her as Carrie wrapped hers around me. We stood there together as first the moon came out dancing above the water. A few seconds later stars were shining brightly all around in the night sky. A big fish jumped from the water not far from us; it fell back into the water with a splash.

Carrie looked up at me as she said, “Now that’s an omen,” smiling at me

I ask Carrie if she would drive me to Fort Knox as with Sam going overseas there will be no one to watch my car. Carrie and I spent the next day with my mom and dad. The night we spent with Brenda, Terri and Paul. The following day Carrie and I pulled from my driveway. I looked back this time as I left home. Mom there with dad, Brenda, Terri and Paul they were standing there waving goodbye as I looked into my rear view mirror.

Carrie scooted over the best she could as my car had bucket seats. She laced her arm through mine as we went down the road. We drove slowly just to give us more time together. We arrived on base where I was ready to choke the guard at the gate, as he was not going to let Carrie onto base.

My First Sergeant cleared it up for us. I drove to his office to see that he and a few other men were outside. I pulled up and Carrie and I got out. I saw that all their eyes were on us. Well not on us but on Carrie as she stood by my car as I got my bag from the trunk.

Carrie had on a hot pink mini skirt. It showed those lovely legs as well as some thigh as it was short. Carrie’s big lovely breasts were flowing over the low cut in her mini skirt. I smiled to myself as I seen them all looking at her checking her out. I got my bag and I walked back to Carrie. I dropped my bag to the ground beside us.

Carrie threw her arms around my neck as I wrapped mine around her. Our lips met in a deep long passionate kiss. Her tongue filled my mouth as mine did hers. I broke our kiss as I licked at her lips, as I wanted to remember just how sweet they were.

“Carrie I love you,” I said to her as I cupped her face with my hands.

“John I love you,” Carrie replied cupping her hand around my face.

I gave her a final kiss before I walked away with my bag. I had only managed a few steps away from her. I turned to see her standing there looking at me, I dropped my bag to the ground before I returned to her.

“Here you may need these,” I said as I handed her the keys to my car. I gave her one more quick kiss adding, “Now you treat my car just as I treat my girl,” as I walked away.

I picked up my bag and as I started to walk away, I heard my car come to life. The engine roared and the tires squealed as Carrie blew the horn as she drove away. I stood there looking at her wondering if she was looking at me in the rear view mirror. I mouthed the words “I LOVE YOU” as she drove from my sight.

I walked up to Sam and the other men as Sam asked, “Son, Why in the hell would you want to leave that to go back to that stinking jungle.”

“Because someone has to be with an old man like you,” I replied with a smile.

We went into his office and I asked him why the rush I thought I had another 60 days or so. Sam told me that the Viet Cong were up to something. However, they were not sure of what. That is where we come in Sam told me. I knew that meant I was back doing LRRP long-range recon patrols. Sam told me that there were going to be 15 of us going over to Vietnam. We would hook up with another group of soldiers over there. I looked at him long and hard.

“What do you mean another group?” I asked.

Sam informed me that some person at the pentagon or somewhere had a brain fart. He thought that by pairing an experience tracker/recon man with a squad of men twelve strong they could get the intelligence that they needed. I shook my head as Sam told me that. Some bozo sitting behind a desk did not realize just how much noise 12 men make when going through the jungle I thought to myself.

I was soon on my way to Vietnam once more. I arrived and yep it was fucking raining again. I jumped into a helicopter that took me to my base. We flew over a section of jungle before landing. I peered into the jungle as we flew above it. It was as if eyes were looking back at me from the jungle as we flew over it.

I found my home away from home and stashed my gear. I walked outside my shack just as all hell broke lose. We were under attack by the Viet Cong. It was a cluster fuck men running in many directions as rocket powered grenades and mortars rained down onto our fire-base.

I made my way to the nearest hole in the ground. The aerial attack seemed to last for ever when in reality it was over in minutes. We all regrouped and a soldier came up to me asking if I was Sgt. J; he told me I was to report to the CQ. I meet with some Capt. and a lieutenant. They informed me to take my men and find out just where in the hell that damn attack had came from.

“Sir I believe it might be better if I go by myself,” I replied.

The lieutenant snapped back at me, “Sgt. He just gave you an order,” looking harshly at me.

I should have pulled my 45 out and put one between his fucking eyes. However, I did not, the lieutenant told me where to find my men and that he would be along in a minute. I gave him a yes sir as I was leaving the CQ hut.

I found my men if you could call them that. To me they were just boys fresh out of high school. I asked if any of them had seen any action before. Not one of them replied that they had.

I hung my head down as I whispered, “We all are going to fucking die.”

One of my men asked, “What was that Sgt.?”

“Nothing son nothing at all,” I replied as I shook my head.

The lieutenant came and we went off on patrol. I had told the lieutenant that I would take point, as I was familiar with the jungle. His response was he had trained in the god dam swaps of Louisiana and he knew what he was doing. I shook my head as I got behind him. We had only been walking for about 45 minutes or so.

I grabbed at his collar as I whispered into his ear, “Sir don’t you dare fucking move.”

The lieutenant froze as sweat rolled down his face. I pointed down to his boot which was about to trip a trip wire. I hand signaled my men to back away and get down which they did. I got onto my belly and carefully traced the wire. The wire ran into a Tan Son Nhut. Which was a VC directional mine. This bobby trap contained less than a pound of high explosive; however, it could very easily destroy a vehicle and a man to pieces.

The mine was pressure fired when a heavy weight triggered it. I could see that this one had been set to explode when a large rock rigged to the trip-wire would fall onto the mine. I could also see something I had never seen with one of these before. A grenade had also been booby-trip wired beneath the mine so that both the mine and grenade would instantly explode if carelessly picked up if the rock was removed.

I looked back up to the lieutenant he was white and sweating profoundly. I could see the fear in his eyes as he gave me that please help me look. I knew how to defuse the mine simply by removing the rock from the trigger.

However, that grenade troubled me as there was a trip wire running from it. The wire looked as if it ran up to the rock. I lie there once again sucking at the jungle floor. I am thinking maybe I should just signal my men to fall back and then join them leaving the lieutenant to be on his own.

That thought no sooner entered my mind than Carrie flashed into my mind looking at me with glaring eyes. I knew what I had to do. I grabbed the wire going to the rock taking it between my finger and my thumb. I looked to the lieutenant giving him my I hope this works look.

I pushed the rock away as it fell; I felt the wire tug just a bit between my finger and my thumb. I slipped my other hand down to the grenade where I felt the wire it was spring loaded if I left go of the wire it would release the firing mechanism on the grenade mostly liking send the lieutenant and I to hell.

I turned to the lieutenant and I softly said, “You can move now and I could use another set of hands here.”

I was surprised he came over really, however he did and he did exactly as I told him too. With his help, I was able to get the grenade out and disarmed. We both sat there for a few seconds just looking at each other.

The lieutenant placed his hand onto my shoulder as he said, “Thanks Sgt. J I believe that maybe you should take point."

We went on with our patrol where we found some signs of the enemy. However, the tracks were only of a small group of Viet Cong. I told the lieutenant that they were probably just a small rocket group that attacked the base. I tracked them then suddenly all signs of them vanished. I looked around for another 15 minutes but found nothing.

We went back through the jungle to return to our base. I was trying to figure out how I had lost their tracks. It was as if they had disappeared into thin air. I thought at first maybe my skills were rusty and I had misread the tracks. I hoped it was not because I just did not what to find them and engage in a firefight. We returned to base just as night fell.

I had just got back into my shack when all hell broke loose again. Another round of rockets and mortars fell onto our fire-base. Once again, it was all over in mere minutes. However, in those mere minutes we lost three brave men.

I had a rough time falling asleep that first night especially in the fact I felt to blame for not finding the group who had attacked us. When I did finally fall asleep that first night in Vietnam, my dreams were of Carrie not this dam war. I awoke in the early morning thinking how wonderful it would be to have her in my arms.

At around 9 o’clock in the morning another attack happened thank god we did not lose any one this. At high noon, they attacked again this time we had some wounded. At 5 pm another attack came and went, they wanted me at the CQ hut. The Capt. wanted to know just what the hell we could do about stopping these attacks.

“Sir there is one way,” I replied.

I told him to let me go out into the jungle alone. I told him that we are just sending to many personnel out into the jungle. The Capt. shook his head as he told me to forget it son that is not going to fucking happen.

“Sir if I was you, I would let Sgt. J try,” the first lieutenant said to the Capt. “Believe me he knows what he is doing,” he added as he looked to me.

The Capt. glared harshly at me as he said, “GOD damn it son you better know what the hell you are doing,” “I don’t need another dead soldier on my mind.”

I returned to my shack to get ready to go into the jungle. The lieutenant followed me into my shack. He watched me going through my little ritual as I prepared myself for the jungle. I check that my weapons were clean. For tonight’s mission I had chosen the M16 m203; as a grenade launcher might come in handy. Black and green camo makeup; war paint as I called it went on me until I no longer had any white skin showing. I checked my ammo pouches where I added a few extra rounds just in case.

The lieutenant was talking the whole time I was getting ready. It was mostly small talk as he was just trying to keep me at ease. The night was starting to close in as the lieutenant picked up my picture of Carrie from my cot.

“That your girl,” he asked holding up Carrie‘s picture.

I shook my head yes, as I looked at her picture. The lieutenant told me that she was one hot fucking woman as he smiled at me. He looked at her picture again then back to me.

“Why in the hell would you leave that to come back here?” he asked.

I had no answer to give as I replied, “It’s time sir; I have to get going.” I walked out of my shack with him behind me I turned back to him as I added, “Sir if anything should happen you will tell her that I love her.”

The lieutenant told me yes, as he shook my hand and told me good hunting. I slipped off our base without any one even seeing me. I thought if no could see me leaving how in the hell could they see anyone coming. I dashed into the jungle shaking my head.

I made my way through the jungle heading back to where we had run into that Tan Son Nhut. I knew from past mission the Viet Cong liked to check on their traps sometimes. I settled myself down not far from where it had been. I had about a 5-hour wait until the next attack on our base.

I sat there getting my eyes accustomed to the dark as well as my ears. I sat there listening until I knew every sound that I was hearing. That way when I heard a strange sound my ears would pick it up and I would know I was not alone in the jungle anymore.

I waited and waited with my mind occasionally drifting to Carrie. I was thinking of her when my ears picked up a sound that did not belong here. I hugged the ground as I peered from the jungle floor. I saw a Viet Cong soldier checking his trap.

He looked around but never toward me. He started back through the jungle. I matched him step for step, move to move. I do not remember how long I followed him until he came to a stop in a small clearing. The Viet Cong soldier just stood there very still. At first, I thought maybe he had heard me.

However, he just stood there looking ahead into the thick dark jungle. I saw him rather stomp his foot. The dam jungle bush beside him started to rise up and fall back. If I had not seen, where the entrance to that tunnel was I never would have found it. I made a mental note to myself to request some trackers with dogs, as they were good at finding those tunnels.

I lie there still as I could be, as I became part of the jungle around me. I watched as four other Viet Cong climbed from the ground. They were the creatures of the night I had been looking for. The creatures of the night soon got busy.

I watched two of them as they place two-mortar launcher up as the other two got rocket powered grenade launchers from the tunnel. The other one must have been in charge, as he did nothing but watch them. I lie there thinking how I was going to take all five of them out.

I did not have to think long as I watched them stack all their ammo for both the grenade launchers and the mortar rounds together between them. I crawled back slowly away finding a slightly elevated spot not far from them but also not real close. I watched as they all sat down except for the one in charge.

I slipped a shell of high explosives into the M203. I arose from the darkness of the jungle as I fired the M203 off and sighted the one standing with my M16. My finger pulled the trigger giving a burst of fire before I rolled back over the elevated spot where I was.

The dark jungle lit up as if it was July 4. I do not think any of them knew what had hit them. I waited to start receiving gunfire back. However, there was none. I went over to check; it was hard to know what jungle was and what men were once.

I knew I had to get away in case there happened to have been more of them. However I had to do one more thing before I left. I went over to that jungle bush where those creatures of the night had crawled out. I left them a little surprise from me to them.

I made my way back to my base that night. I even ran into a dam booby trap on my way back, which I took care of before moving on. The Capt. and the lieutenant were waiting for me. As I approached them, I pulled out one of the cigars my dad had given me firing it up then taking a big draw from it.

“Damn Sgt. J you woke the whole fucking neighborhood,” The Capt. said as he stuck out his hand smiling.

“Yes sir, it’s the only way I know how to rid the neighborhood from creatures of the night,” I replied as I shook his hand. I looked to the lieutenant as I added, “You may want to tell the morning guards they may hear an bit of noise coming from the jungle that does not belong,” as I smiled at him at I told them of the surprise I had left at the tunnel.

I walked back to the CQ hut where I informed them about those tunnels and that there may be more. Damn fine job the Capt. told me once more, then he asked me you think you could maybe train an few other men on how to rid the neighborhood. I told him I could as long as it was only two or three of us at a time going into the jungle.

I started the very next night I told the lieutenant come on let me show you how to listen to the night. My days turned to weeks as weeks turned to months. I was feeling good about this tour as except for those first few days it had been rather quiet. Especially in that from other reports we were receiving, many of our units were under attack for days or weeks during this time in Vietnam. The only thing we really had to worry about was those dam booby traps. The dam jungle was full of them.

It was June or maybe July I cannot truly remember. I was out on another patrol at night this time. In addition, there were only four of us out searching that dark night in the jungle. We split up in two’s as we entered that dark stinky jungle. We had been out for a few hours and it was the same as always we saw nothing but jungle. We regrouped and decided to call it the end of our shift so to speak.

We were only maybe a quarter of a klick from our base, which was about 1.5 miles. I blame myself for what was about to take place. The four of us had left ourselves bunch up. We were walking side by side instead of single file with space between us. It was if we were just four guys walking up the boardwalk.

We were walking as I thought just how noisy of a night in the jungle it has been. I tuned my ears to listen for any sounds that should not be there in the jungle. I believe it was a click snap I heard, as the jungle fell silent in my ears.

I closed my eyes as I felt something hit me in the side of my chest. It felt hot as it buried itself deep into my chest. I remember falling; it felt as if I was in slow motion as I fell to the jungle floor. As I fell, I heard the gentle lapping of water against the shoreline. I saw the moon dancing across the water with to many stars to count behind it. I remember seeing Carrie standing there with her long blonde hair blowing in the night’s gentle breeze.

Carrie was standing there with her arms folded in front of her. I called and yelled for her however, she just stood there looking out over the water. Carrie never looked to me as I called her name.

I remember hitting the ground as my body bounced in slow motion. I lie there trying to suck in air to breathe. However, my lungs felt as if they were on fire. Suddenly and quickly, the dark jungle seemed to close in on me.

Everything went black and silent. I heard no water lapping at the shoreline. I saw no moon or stars just blackness. It felt as if I was walking but I could not tell for sure. The worst feeling was the loneliness I felt being all alone in the blackness. No sounds, no Carrie just a blackness that I could not see out of.

Until I felt someone grabbing my hand telling me, “Hang on Sgt. J, were almost there,” I tried to open my eyes but they would not stay open long enough to focus on anything.

My eyes closed as my ears once again listened. My ears filled with a loud thunderous wopping and popping sound, as I lie there. I had heard this sound often in the jungles of Vietnam. Whenever I heard it, I would always look up and say a little prayer. For that sound was the sound of a helicopter as its blades beat against the air.

When you heard that sound, it meant someone was arriving to this hellhole or someone was leaving. However, my prayer was not for them but for a fallen soldier whose life lies in the hands of those blades as they wop-wop through the night sky.

“Hush, Hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you,” I kept hearing as I drifted in and out, as I lie there in the black empty darkness.

I awoke to find myself surrounded by Asian people. My eyes began to focus, I was thinking great I have fallen into the hands of the Viet Cong. My eyes went shut again as the darkness surrounded me once again. However, this time I heard Carrie’s sweet voice calling to me in the darkness.

“John, John, John,” Carrie said as it kept echoing into my ears.

I searched the darkness for her voice but I never found it. The darkness seemed to swirl then open up showing me shadows as a cold chill swept across my body. My eyes opened this time and they stayed open.

I was lying in a bed and there was a nurse standing there with her back to me. She turned as I saw that she was Asian. My heart raced, my chest hurt as I tried to sit up in the bed.

The nurse came rushing to me as she said, “Sgt. J you must not get up,” in unbroken English as she pushed my shoulders back down keeping her hands on me.

I moved my arm to my side; I felt tubes running from my body. I tried to take a deep breathe but I could not. God it hurt so bad to just breathe I thought as I lie there. I knew not where I was but at least they speak American I thought. I relax back onto the bed as the nurse smiled at me.

“Someone is here to see you Sgt. J,” the nurse said as she walked out of the room.

My eyes followed her out of the room. I turned my head looking around the room. There were machines all around me. I looked at my body to make sure I had both my legs and both my arms. I had tubes going into my chest as well as into my arms. I rose up a bit as I took my hand placing it at the tube at my chest as I was going to pull the dam thing out.

“JOHN, don’t you dare,” Carrie screamed as I saw her walk into the room.

I fell back down into my bed as I silently said, “Thank you lord.”

Carrie walked to me as I held open my arms from the bed. She leaned down into my arms as I managed to give her a hug. I also gave her a light kiss. It fucking hurt like hell; however, it was worth the pain just to feel her in my arms again and to taste her sweet lips. I grimaced in pain as I just stared at Carrie as she rubbed at my face her sparkling blue eyes looking into mine.

“John, do you remember what happened?” Carrie asked as she rubbed at my face.

Her hand rubbing at my face was hypnotic as I looked into her blue eyes. I told her I remember hearing the click snap. I told her that probably meant one of us stepped onto a land mine. I asked Carrie about the men with me, she rubbed at my face as she said, “Not now John you need your rest.”

I knew that probably meant they had not survived. I looked to Carrie as I asked, “Who found me in the jungle?”

Carrie looked blankly at me as she replied, “John you walked back to your base.” Carrie added, “Your lieutenant told me in his letter that you were saying something about the moon dancing on the water with stars shining bright before you passed out,” as she smiled down at me.

I closed my eyes as I heard the gentle lapping of the waves against the shoreline. I opened my eyes again just to make sure that Carrie was still there and not all this had been another nightmare. I asked Carrie where I was.

“You’re in a hospital in Japan,” Carrie replied. “You have been here for almost three months now John,” Carrie added.

“THREE months,” I screamed out; as my chest left me know not to do that again.

“Yes three months you have been in a coma partly you’re own and the other drug introduced to keep you still,” Carrie said rubbing her hand on my face.

“How did you get here?” I asked taking a hold of her hand.

“Your uncle paid for me to come over here right after I got the letter from your lieutenant,” Carrie replied. “The hospital left me stay in the room next to you so I could be here when you awoke,” She added.

“Carrie I am sorry I put you through all of this,” I said as tears rolled down my face. “I cry not for me but for you and the hell you must have went through for the last three months because of me,” I added.

“It could never have been worst than the hell you faced over there not once but twice,” Carrie replied. “Your lieutenant told me what you did for him and all the men on that base.” “John I am so proud of you,” Carrie added.

I squeezed her hand as I said, “Carrie I love you,” coughing a little as one of my tubes filled with some blood.

“I love you John but you rest now we will talk later,” Carrie replied.

I closed my eyes as I heard Carrie, “Hush, Hush my love you have nothing to fear. For the creatures of the night will never be near not as long as I am here.”

This will end this chapter. As hard, as this was to write it was not as hard as the others that are to follow. I will be back with another chapter soon. Thanks for listening to an old soldier and let me know if you enjoyed it.
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