Having experienced the joy of Gav's body the previous evening, I was very much looking forward to taking our new found sexuality a stage further.

Please note: This is a true story, although I haven’t used real names. Being English, I use English words such as wank, which means masturbation. I hope I have made it sound as enjoyable as it really was. This part of my series includes a proper awakening of my sexuality. If you do not like or approve of bisexuality, I suggest that you miss this part or leave the entire series alone. I do not wish to offend anyone. There are episodes of heterosexual encounters, but this isn’t one of them.

I awoke with an erection the next morning. Ordinarily, I’d have masturbated, only knowing that I was to meet with Gav, I ignored it and went to the bathroom for a pee, urging my hardness to subside, which it finally did. God, it was frustrating not being able to relieve myself by inducing an orgasm.

Gav lived on the other side of town, and the weather was good so I decided to cycle over to him. I’d had a shower that morning, wishing to be as clean and fresh as possible for my new friend. I just hoped that I didn’t sweat too much while cycling. I didn’t wish to arrive all sweaty. I tried thinking of anything but Gav as I cycled. In addition to mot wishing to arrive sweaty, I didn’t want to arrive excited and blow my top too soon.

It transpired that Gav lived in a large house with a pretty garden. His parents were obviously keen gardeners. Gazing around, I could see that few people were around. Gav was looking out of the window when I arrived, racing to the side gate in order to let me in, and locking the gate behind us.

“You okay?” Gav said to me. He was wearing a pair of shorts and a baggy T-shirt, and had bare feet.
“Yeah. You?”
“Yeah. I wasn’t sure you’d come.”
“Why?” I said. “Last night was brill.”
“Good,” Gav smiled. “I didn’t want to spend the day wanking on my own. It’s more fun with someone else.”

We entered the house and got ourselves some drinks before going into the spacious, well decorated sitting room, where Gav had more porn mags than I’d ever seen in my life, scattered about the floor, with the pages open.

Astounded, I said, “Fuck, Gav. Where did you get this lot?”

“They’re my brother’s.” Gav walked across the room and pulled the curtains across. “No one can see us now, and we’ve got all day.” Without speaking, Gav pulled his shirt off and moved towards me, removing mine. “You nervous?”

“Sort of,” I said, looking at his chest and his brown nipples. I hadn’t really noticed them the previous evening, but then I’d been more interested in his beautiful penis.

Gav reached down and undid my jeans, allowing them to drop to the floor before slipping his shorts off. Looking into my eyes he softly said, “Don’t be.” The previous evening I hadn’t noticed, but he had the most incredible blue eyes. He really was a good looking lad.

I looked down at his tight white briefs to see that his penis had begun to rise, as had mine. Nervously, I reached down and touched his young manhood, which was semi erect. “No, you’re right. It’s good.”

Gav reciprocated my action by placing his hand inside my pale blue briefs, making me jump with delight. He then began to slip them down, my semi-erect penis springing out. Desperate to see him in all his glory, I wasted no time in pulling his briefs down, and he stepped out of them, gesturing to the floor.

“Let’s just lay down and look at the mags together,” Gav suggested. “We’ve got all day, so let’s take it slow. Tell you what, we’ll not touch our cocks yet. Let’s get really turned on by looking at these and each other. We’ll lick our own juice first, and not touch each other. Then, we’ll cum really fast and can carry on. I wanna be hard all fucking day!”

“Okay,” I said, quickly removing my socks and kicking my briefs out of the way.

We lay side by side, looking at pictures of every description, Gav finally showing me a magazine that contained men in a variety of sexual positions. Looking at them, my erection seemed to grow yet larger. I continually looked down at Gav’s cock, feeling mesmerised by the precum that dribbled when he pulled his foreskin back a little. I too had constant dribbles coming from my end, which I greedily slurped from my fingers, enjoying the taste.

After half an hour or so, we were both so turned on. We’d stopped looking at the magazines. We just watched each other touch our own penises. Gav spent a good deal of the time massaging his testicles, occasionally pulling back the long foreskin to reveal the wetness within, whereas I smeared some precum over my glans, hoping that it would look as shiny as Gav’s, which of course it didn’t because circumcised guys don’t get the natural lubrication that creates this. I often think that I was short changed.

As time moved on, I could feel that was going to cum. “I don’t think I can hold on much longer, Gav.”
“Me neither,” Gav said, removing his hand from his scrotum. “Want me to suck you?”
“Yeah, but you’ll get it as soon as you touch it.”
Gav smiled at me. “Don’t worry, because so will you. We’ve had hard-ons for three quarters of an hour. I’m gonna fucking explode if I don’t cum soon.”

Gav moved between my open legs and gently picked my cock up, moving his mouth onto my dribbling glans, engulfing it, whilst caressing my balls, which had retreated in readiness for ejaculation. He then moved his mouth further down the shaft, taking most of me into his warm and wet mouth. Feeling the sensation of his touch, I just couldn’t hold on and gasped as the semen jetted from me, into my friend’s eager mouth. “Aaaaaaaaaaaah,” I groaned. I felt myself shoot again and again as I bucked my hips and writhed around, the intense orgasm almost causing me to pass out. Gav didn’t stop, and the sensation sent me wild. Finally, he swallowed my juice and moved his mouth away, allowing my cock to flop onto my naval. He kissed my belly and stroked my hairless thighs.

“Fuck, Dave,” Gav said. “You almost choked me. I know the longer I leave it the more I cum, but you came buckets.”
Slowly recovering, I sat up. “You were brill.”
Gav sniggered. “I didn’t have to do much. That’s what happens when you leave it a long time before cumming. I take it you haven’t done that before.”
“Not really, no. Ten, fifteen minutes. I will do from now on.” I looked down at Gav’s spectacularly beautiful penis. “Can I do you now?”
“Fuck, yeah. My balls are going to explode. I won’t take long either, so get ready.”

I moved myself between Gav’s legs and licked his scrotum before taking his cock in my hand as Gav groaned. Pulling his foreskin back I marvelled at the sight of his wet and shiny glans, unable to resist the temptation, and placing my lips around it, gently sucking and running along the warm shaft. Cupping his balls I felt them retract. I increased the speed of my strokes with my mouth. Gav’s hips lurched up at me, his cock meeting the back of my throat, but I didn’t gag. I moved my mouth back and placed my lips around the crown of his glans. A second later, Gav cried out and I could feel his sperm hit the back of my throat with such a violent force. Gav wriggled and writhed as another jet entered my mouth, followed by another, and another. My mouth was rapidly filling, yet he just kept going. I could feel his wonderful juice running down my chin as Gav slowly came to rest, his lurching gradually ceasing. I removed my mouth and looked down at the beautiful teen penis, and swallowed his hot juice down. Unlike the previous evening, it was more watery, due to the amount of time we’d spent teasing ourselves.

“How was that?” I said, wiping a dribble from my chin and scooping it into my mouth. I was addicted to the taste of his semen.

Gav was still panting. “I never knew it could be that good. Fuck, that was brill.”

Rather than carry on, we went to the kitchen and picked up a bag of crisps each, taking them back to our sex paradise. After washing them down with a drink we touched one another’s cocks from time to time, just to tease, and it wasn’t long before we were both hard again. We’d forgotten about the magazines. The real thing was infinitely better. Rather than concentrate on each other’s cocks, we stroked one another’s bodies. When Gav played with my nipples I let out a moan, which seemed to encourage him. He licked and sucked my nipples as I stroked his silky inner thighs. I laid him face down and kissed his arse cheeks while running my hands over him as softly as I could. Gav then returned the gesture. That day we discovered that there was more to life than merely sucking each other’s cocks.

“Let’s wank each other,” Gav suggested, “and after that we can do the real thing.”

“Okay,” I said, gently taking his cock in my hand. I moved closer and kissed his neck, causing him to gasp. I looked down at his cock, wondering if I’d be able to make him cum without pulling his foreskin back. Still fascinated by the mechanism, I moved between his legs, licking and kissing him from his feet up to his genitals. I then took hold of his penis and gently pinched the bobble of skin on the end, whilst using my finger and thumb to encircle his glans, and massaged it, pulling it back and forth.

“That’s good,” Gav murmured. His eyes were closed and he was stretched right out, enjoying the attention. I moved down and began licking his scrotum, moving his testicles around with my tongue, loving the feeling, as was Gav. After five minutes he began to wriggle around, nearing another orgasm. I increased the speed of my strokes on his covered helmet as Gav muttered, “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Finally, he grabbed my shoulder and tensed up. “Aaaaaaaaaaah.” I looked at his cock to see the end of it fill with his semen, ballooning out. Mesmerised, I released the grip on the end, watching with sheer delight as the thick sticky semen dribbled out onto Gav’s belly. I was unable to resist the temptation of retracting his foreskin and lapping his juice up as Gav slowly recovered, raising his head and looking down. “Well, that’s a first. I’ve never thought of doing that. I’ve filled it with piss, but I’ve never filled it with spunk. That was incredible.”

After cleaning the remainder up, I said, “I’ll bet you’ll be giving it a go yourself.”
Gav stood up. “You bet I will. Right, I’m going to get you to cum, and I want do it fast. You ready?”

I laid down on the floor, looking up at my new best friend who had captivated me beyond my wildest dreams. He positioned himself from above, his cock dangling frustratingly out of reach. Placing his mouth upon my glans he spat on it, wrapping his hand around and began vigorously wanking the entire length. The feeling was incredible. I had performed a similar act upon myself, but never had it felt like this. I stroked the backs of his muscular thighs as he continued to pull his hand up and down my shaft, occasionally spitting on it for lubrication. As I neared my orgasm I looked down at the erotic sight of Gav’s hand, finally squirting my jizz as Gav maintained his momentum. I cried out, jerking my hips around, the feeling on my glans sending me into a frenzy, finally subsiding when he let go and began licking the cum from my belly.

“Bloody hell, Gav,” I said, feeling exhausted. “That was good. You really meant that.”
“I did. I wanted it to be as good for you as you’d made it for me.”
“It was, believe me.”

For the next half an hour we sat talking about girls we fancied and things we’d done. Gav, it transpired, had only kissed a girl and hadn’t felt a breast. He was utterly amazed when I told him about a girl I’d met when I was ten, demanding to know all the details, which I gave, making us both hard again. The memory of Mary was still fresh in my mind.

Gav moved closer to me and put his hand on my thigh, looking me in the eye. “Want to try a dick in you?”
I grinned at him. “I thought you’d never ask. What do I do?”
“Lay back on the floor and open your legs,” Gav said, picking up a tub of petroleum jelly. “This’ll make it easier.”

I did as instructed, using my hands to hold my legs in the air as Gav scooped the jelly up and placed it upon my virgin arsehole. He gently prodded at the sphincter with his finger, inserting it a little way. I jumped. It had stung slightly, but once in, it began to feel really good. Gav began wiggling his finger around, advancing it further in, pushing in and out. Once all the way up to his knuckle, he withdrew and tried a second finger, which once again was initially sore, although Gav took his time and was tender. The uncomfortable feeling soon subsided and I felt waves of pleasure such as I’d never known. Very soon, both fingers were freely moving up and down inside my hole, which was becoming looser by the second.

“Go on,” I said, desperate to feel his wonderful cock inside me. “Fuck me.”

Gav moved so he was over me, and removed his fingers, which made a squelching sound as they exited. He then placed his hard cock on the edge of my hole and gently pushed. Once again, it was sore, but eased again as he loomed over me, gently pushing and pulling, just half an inch or so at a time. His member slowly advanced into me, the pleasure increasing dramatically as each second passed. Finally, he was all the way up and I could feel his balls slapping against my arse cheeks. He lowered down and kissed my neck, which drove me yet wilder.

“This feels so good,” Gav whispered into my ear.
“Fuck me, Gav. Please fuck me,’ I said, pulling him closer and returning the kisses, by putting my lips to the side of his face. Gav just seemed so big as he pounded into me. I looked down at my cock, which was soft and flopping around.

“I’m gonna cum, Dave,” Gav said, gently biting my neck, his breath hot on my skin.
I moved my head, planting a kiss upon his lips. “Go on – fill me with spunk.”

Gav’s strokes quickened in pace and he reared up, groaning as he withdrew three quarters of the way, and with one almighty push, he went all the way up. “Aaaaaaaaaah, yeah!” I felt his hot sperm filling my bowel, which caused my cock to twitch as I held his arse cheeks. Jet after jet of hot thick spunk entered me as I lay there, loving every second, with Gav’s hips going into spasm as he pushed into me. Finally, he stopped and collapsed on top of me as I wrapped my legs around him, not wanting him to move. I squeezed the cheeks of his arse and kissed his neck.

“That felt amazing,” I whispered, and kissed him on the lips, looking deeply into his eyes.

I gave Gav a few minutes to recover, kissing him on the neck, cheek and lips. It then occurred to me that I was kissing a boy, but it felt so right. I was kissing the boy who had opened up an entire new world to me; therefore it was right! Gav was my friend and lover, who I was very fond of. Judging by the way he kissed me, I reasoned that he felt the same.

Gav gave me one more kiss before he lay on the floor with his legs in the air, his hole marginally open. I took some jelly and smeared it around before inserting my finger. It felt tight, yet it yielded as I circumspectly advanced my finger into his soft rectum. Pushing it in and out I could feel Gav moving, consumed with pleasure. I was very careful when adding a second finger, yet I needn’t have been. Gav had finger fucked himself before and was used to it.

“Put it in,” Gav breathed.

I positioned myself over him, with my hardness next to my fingers, which I removed and manoeuvred my cock into the entrance. I softly pushed, feeling my helmet enter his anus. The feeling blew my mind. Having a mouth on my cock was one thing, but being inside of Gav was just incredible. I pushed in a little further before withdrawing and advancing up again, slowly but surely as Gav gasped and groaned, gripping my arse cheeks. I made slow, steady strokes, feeling my way into the depths of his warm bowels, enjoying every second, finally pushing all the way up, feeling my balls on his cheeks whilst kissing his lips. Our mouths opened and we joined tongues, gently entwining them.

Within minutes I could feel myself nearing a climax, and increased my pace as Gav gripped onto me, kissing my neck as I neared the moment. “Go on, Dave, give me your load. I want it all.”

Seconds later I exploded into him, his arsehole gripping my cock and sending me into orbit as I jetted my semen into the depths of his bowel. I kept on pumping into him, not wanting the orgasm to end, which sadly it did and I rested upon my lover, exhausted.

“Fuck, Dave – that was fucking brill.”
“It was,” I panted.

Our lips met and we kissed passionately, holding each other tightly. Feeling my erection beginning to subside I pulled out of him, maintaining lip contact. We ran our hands up and down each other’s smooth, hairless bodies. It was at that point I realised that we had moved on from boyish lust, and were now lovers. Not only did I love his genitals, I loved everything about him.

We remained together for another couple of hours before I left. We discussed places to go and things to do, arranging to meet the following evening. As it transpired, we remained close for a couple of years, during which time we gained experience as lovers and met whenever we could. That afternoon with Gav reinforced my interest in the male form, and I never looked back.

The end of part 3

Please, I would welcome any feedback. These are true stories. They happened. In many ways I was fortunate in that I had a rampant sex life in my young days. I only hope it comes across well. The names of people I have changed, though. Many thanks for reading.

n.b. I do have other stories I heard about through friends, and will fictionalise them in due course.


2017-05-24 10:12:30
Awesome story it reminds me of the day that I lost my anal cherry and the euphoria of that first anal orgasm there's nothing like it in the world!!!! How I long to feel that feeling once again although it was at different times.. The one whom took my cherry was kind and thoughtful but I have a special love for the guy who was responsible for the best orgasm of all of my life and I miss him so very very much so Travis if you are out there and reading this I miss you and I love you!!!! This story is very well written and with all the details of the encounters I have to believe no other way than that these are without a doubt true stories and I enjoyed reading them thanks for sharing your experiences with us and please do not hesitate to write more you are a talented writer and I enjoy reading your posts thank you

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2016-09-24 04:10:08
made me want some peter with a friend.. I like the writing and you have made me want to continue finding suck buddies...


2016-05-20 14:25:16
remind of me and my cousin, missed those days back in the early 60's, his cock was not round like our, it as flat oval, but it work getting hard and cumming good.

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2015-11-29 18:26:33
Thanks for sharing your pcosers (via the podcast) and your results. These truly are beautiful family portraits that I'm sure the family will cherish. I can see that your planning paid off. The composition looks really nice formal and structured but still more interesting than a line up, and well balanced. From a lighting perspective it looks extremely natural with just the right amount of fill to overcome the sun but not so much it looks artificial. Great work and thanks for sharing! I learned a lot from hearing and seeing.Chris

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2015-01-24 05:22:35
Good story, thankyou for sharing the experience. I enjoyed reading it.

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