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Melissa blackmails her roommate to get what she wants...

The cold air from the cracked window woke her from her sleep. The slightest disturbance of noise or light would often wake Fiona from her sleep. This was particularly annoying because it always took her so long to fall asleep in the first place. She went to reach for the window and gave it a firm yank to try and shut it but it was no use, she would have to sit up to close it. She sighed and slung herself towards the window, slamming it down hard. She clenched her teeth and lowered her head nervously when she realized the level of noise she just created. I hope that didn’t wake Melissa she thought, slipping back into her cocoon of blankets. She reached over and squeezed her cell phone. 6:40, what’s the point of going back to sleep, twenty minutes before her alarm would resonate Green Day loudly across her room. This was a very deliberate reminder that it was time to get up for class. She wished she been smart like Lissa and scheduled her first class at ten thirty. It’ll be great to be out by two thirty she thought, not thinking of waking up tired and cranky every morning.

She tossed her covers off the bed onto the pile of clothes, both dirty and clean, and grabbed something from the top of her dresser. She left her room, slinking past Melissa’s and she reached the bathroom and slowly stripped out of her striped pajamas. She knew a lot of other girls in college slept in just their panties and a t-shirt but she loved the feeling of wearing pajamas. She had been doing it since she was a little girl and it reminded her of home. It was sort of a thing between her and her dad, he gave her pajamas every year for Christmas. She brushed the curtain aside and climbed into the shower. As she soaped up her sides and ran her hands down her body she thought of her boyfriend back home. They had been together since high school and even though she had to give a lot of the casualness of meeting guys and the hookups that her friends all enjoyed, she loved Grady and she thought it was worth it.

She squeezed her tits together, looking down at herself while biting her lip. She always thought her tits were on the smaller side, certainly not tiny but average. But that’s ok she reminded herself smiling and turning her head over her shoulder. What Grady and the other guys really loved about her was her ass. Even if the ones that weren’t ass men, couldn’t help but shudder at the thought of seeing her bare backside. She turned and soaked her long blond hair down her back. She put her face right under the hot showerhead. She was tall for a girl, standing five ten, almost six feet when she wore her heels. Fiona turned off the water and dried her hair, sliding on her sky blue boy short panties and putting on a pair of sweatpants. Her Gore State hoodie hid her figure quite well but she never saw the point of dressing up on class days, she had a boyfriend after all.

Her classes dragged on as usual, it was sophomore year, mostly general education classes. The only class that held her attention was her intro to drawing class. She always felt like when she was drawing she was being appreciated for something she was good at. When she got back to the apartment, her roommate was using the TV in their living again, to watch football. She was always watching the goddamn Giants replay or Sportscenter or something, I guess that was her way of dealing with homesickness. Although she never outright said that, it was obvious, she would always call her dad when they won or talk about her family all gets together on Sundays. Lissa definitely compromised more when they were living in the dorms and new friends then now that they were more comfortable around each other and living in an apartment together. It wasn’t that they didn’t get along, they just had their moments of disagreement but it was relatively civil. The trick was staying away from each other long enough to cool off. Fiona didn’t care about the living room TV at the moment anyways; she was way more concerned with an immediate nap. She dropped her backpack at the front door, said hi to Melissa and then fell straight onto her bed, kicking off her boots. She was asleep with minutes.

She turned at the sound of her door opening. Melissa was coming in, and Fiona gave her a puzzled, sleepy look.
“What time is it?” She asked her roommate at the doorway. Melissa was dressed in her extremely tight, practically strangling her thighs. She also wore her charcoal gray beanie and her plaid shirt. Her shoulder length hair stuck out of the hair in a mess underneath her hat and as usual she had on her sexy thick dark eyeliner.
“Almost five thirty,” She laughed “get up I got us pizza.”
She followed Lissa into the kitchen and grabbed some Pizza; they sat down on the couch. The girls talked and watch MTV for hours before finally seeing it was almost ten.
“Let’s get ready to go out.” Melissa said
It was funny, Fiona thought, even though it was never discussed or suggested that they were going out partying at the bar, Melissa just assumed that she would go along with it. When they got to the bar it was packed as usual and they had to resort to standing against the back wall. It seemed to be the spot in the bar that was always left open to the latecomers; it was right next to the side door where the smokers went outside to toss lung darts with each other. Fiona handed Melissa a twenty and watched her friend saunter towards the bar. Melissa had the technique down. The low cut shirt leaning forward, the money folded in half lengthwise between her fingers. Bartenders of both genders responded well to it. Guys loved serving girls drinks and all bartenders love getting tips. Melissa came back with their drinks, a Malibu Bay breeze for Fiona and a Jack and Coke for herself.

“Last time you are allowed to check your phone for the night. Grady will be there tomorrow morning. Tonight is our night to spend together, let’s have it.” Melissa held her hand out
“Okay but give me yours in case we get separated.” Fiona laughed, passing her phone to her friend.
“I will but don’t use in unless you have to, okay?” Melissa said sternly
“Uh...Okay.” Fiona agreed giving her best friend a concerning and confused glance and tucking her phone into her purse. She’d be lying if she said she wasn’t curious as to what was in her phone. The girls sipped their drinks quietly for a long while, chatting about their week and their classes. It must have been their third or fourth drink when they were feeling a buzz when Melissa sprouted up out of nowhere and said,
“Let’s play some pool!” She scooted over towards the table and Fiona followed. There was a pretty substantial line but Melissa put her quarters down at the end of the line. While they were waited, Fiona noticed that Melissa had been talking to these two guys for quite a while. Fiona was more of the shy type and didn’t feel comfortable talking to people she didn’t know that well. She sipped her drink quietly, glancing at her friend once in a while. She went to the bathroom and before she could even sit down, her purse started vibrating. She reached inside instinctively and remembered that she had her friend’s phone.

“New Message from Manny”, she hit view and it simply said “I like what I’m seeing, is there more?”
This intrigued Fiona very much because Melissa had just met Manny at the beginning of the semester and had only been talking to him for a few weeks. She scrolled down to the last few messages Melissa sent him and her eyes went wide when she saw her roommates naked boobs and another shot of the backside of her, down to her ass. She quickly closed them and dropped the phone into the purse. She came out of the bathroom and saw Melissa dashing towards her.
“I need to talk to you” She blurted out, slurring her words a bit as she did
“Okay…” Fiona agreed and they moved towards the wall. The pub seemed a lot emptier now and the two of them spoke with some semblance of privacy.
“So Fi, I never ask you for anything and you know you are my best friend in the whole world.” Oh no, thought Fiona, she knew where this was going.

“I really like that guy out there Brad but he came here with his friend Richard. I want him to come back to our place but he won’t leave his friend who came for the weekend to stay with him. I know you are with Grady but I need you to entertain his friend, just for tonight.”
“What exactly are you asking me to do?” Fiona asked her directly
“You don’t have to fuck him, just keep him busy, make out, I don’t know” Melissa pleaded
“I can think I can do that Lyssa, I’m sorry”
“Fi, I saw something while I was out having a cigarette. It’s your phone, I got curious and I couldn’t help it.”
“Okay what does that have to do wi-…” Fiona suddenly realized what her friend was getting at and her face went flush with terror.
“Daddy was just checking in with his little girl” Melissa grinned deviously “He misses you a LOT it seems.”
“Lyssa you can’t say anything to anyone.” Fiona pleaded “Please!”
“I’m gonna make this as simple as I can, you help me with my current problem and I’ll help you make sure you don’t have a problem.”
“You can’t be serious, are you blackmailing me?” Fiona said shocked
“Well I don’t want to but I really like this guy Fi, and I need to see him tonight.”
“I’m not going to fuck some stranger Melissa, I’m not you.” She shot back
“No need to be cruel darling” Let’s just have fun tonight, pretend you are single
“I saw your dirty pictures you know, on your phone.”
“Yes, I figured you’d see those, it’s a good thing I don’t have a boyfriend I’m hiding them from then, isn’t it?”

“Let’s go then” Fiona said. The girls headed back towards the pool area of the pub where the boys were attentively watching the flat screen on the wall.
“Yeah if only he could catch up to the break on the splitter, his batting average has been shit ever since his knee gave out.” Fiona heard the taller one saying when they approached the two guys standing together.
“Boys, this is Fiona, my best friend in the whole wide world. She’s an angel, be nice.
“This is Brad,” she said holding on to the shorter one’s arm tightly “and Richard.” Fiona thought it was ridiculous how Melissa squeezed his arm possessively as if Fiona wanted to be with either of these two guys or was going to try and steal her guy from her.
“Call me Dick” The taller one said, extending his hand for her to shake. Fiona stared at him awkwardly for a long while, judging him where he stood before finally shaking his hand. He was probably about six feet two inches, and she liked that he didn’t dress in baggy clothes like all those kids trying to look like rappers. He wore jeans and a sweater that had the sleeves rolled midway up his rather hairy arms. He wasn’t the most attractive guy but he certainly would have been someone she’d be attracted to under normal circumstances. He had wavy brown hair and dark eyes that looked black in the dim lighting of a bar.
“I was just telling Fi here that we should all head back to our apartment, we had some beers in the fridge we could certainly use some help finishing.” Melissa told the guys
“Fine with me” Brad nodded, and wrapped his arm around Melissa’s waist. Fiona looked to Richard and flashed a shy smile before scooting behind her friend and out to the street. When they reached the apartment, Melissa went to the fridge and came back with the Yuenglings.

Fiona cupped hers nervously on the couch between her shivering hands. Dick settled down beside her and casually slung an arm over her shoulder. She flinched instinctively but remembered that she had to play nice. It’s okay Fi, she told herself, just flirting and maybe a little kissing. She could live with that. After only fifteen or twenty minutes of chatting Melissa suddenly turned to Brad, who was already working his fingers along the inner seam of her jeans, and blurted out.
“I forgot I have to show you that video that we talked about. I have it up on my computer from before.” she grabbed Brad’s hand and pulled him towards her bedroom door. Fiona’s heart sank when she heard the door swing gently closed. That sound that the knob makes when the inside latch connects with the mount in the frame. She never knew it could be so terrifying. She was left all alone by her best friend with a man she barely knew and somehow nothing about that surprised her.
“You seem tense,” he spoke to her softly, gently tracing her right shoulder with his fingertips. “What’s wrong?” She knew she couldn’t be honest so that only left lying, something she felt she would have to become very good at.

“I’m fine, just haven’t drank in a while.” She looked at him, attempting to seem reassured
“Well, I think I can help put you at ease.” He leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. She rather enjoyed the kiss itself but felt a gnawing pain in her stomach which she could only imagine was guilt. She kissed him back as best she could but her hands wrapped tightly around her drink while his pulled her close. After a moment, he put his beer down on the end table on his left and took hers from her hands gently setting it down beside his. She turned into him trying to enjoy the kissing for what it was, desperately trying to pretend she was single and make the most of this.
“Which room is yours?” he whispered into her ear
“Uh what’s wrong with out here?” she asked him
“Nothing be more alone with you” He stood and motioned for her to follow him towards the open bedroom door beside Melissa. She stepped behind him and followed him into the room, leaving the door open before he reached back and shut it.
“Well this is it” Fiona told him, waving her arms to her sides and showing off the room and trying to slow down the excitement.
“Come here,” he told her and she did.
“He immediately pulled her down to the bed and they began kissing intensely.

This went on for quite a while and Fiona was just starting to relax when she felt his hand tugging at her shirt. She pushed his hand down and he simply maneuvered himself towards her jeans. She decided to flip the tables on him and decided she would rather have control. She climbed on top of him and kissed him softly for a while. His hands held her hips firmly and he tried to grind her pussy onto his cock. She kissed his neck and took her time working down to his jeans. His hands had begun kneading her ass through her pants and when she finally reached his crotch she kissed up and down the bulge at the front of his jeans. Nothing about this could reduce the amount of guilt she was feeling but she felt it was a good time to be realistic. He’s drunk, he’s in college and he’s not going to sit there with a girl he came back from a bar with and play her Playstation or watch television. If she refused he’d get his friend, the party would be over for both of them and Melissa would flip. Logically it was a more reasonable choice for her to give him a blowjob, get it over with and then he would settle down. Men were always much calmer after they got off. She was drunk after all, and sucking a stranger’s cock wouldn’t be as bad with a strong buzz.

She unzipped his jeans and slid them down to his thighs; she licked his entire cock up and down before taking the head into her warm, and unhappy but waiting mouth. Her mouth slid up and down while her fingers tickled his balls. She moved her hand up to the bottom of his shaft and stroked him quickly. She did this as best she could trying to elicit some kind of reaction from him, a moan, arching his back, anything but he lay there motionless. It was as if he was simply waiting for it to get better or accepting this as a pre-fucking ritual. She worked harder and felt him begin to thrust a little bit, he felt as hard as a two by four in her mouth. This gave her a desperate sort of need to do better despite the fact that in reality she didn’t want to do this at all. Grady loved when she sucked his cock, or at least she thought, he certainly seemed to appreciate it when she was willing. Why was this guy acting like he wasn’t even alive?

Suddenly he surprised her by gently touching her face, which made her stop. He leaned forward and suggested that they continue this in her shower, which she thought was a strange request.
“I already took a shower today.” Fiona joked
“Come on babe, it’ll be fun.” He stroked her leg
“I don’t think that would be a good idea.” Fiona insisted trying to create some kind of artificial boundary
“What’s wrong, you don’t seem that into this or maybe not that into me? Are you a virgin?” Dick asked her
“No!” She huffed back as if offended by the implication “I know what comes with a trip to the shower and I just don’t relish the idea of having sex with someone I don’t know too well.” She was surprised to have admitted that to him so openly
“So you don’t like to give up that sweet little pussy to a guy you just met, huh? That’s only for when you are seeing someone regularly.”
“Yeah, something like that. I just wouldn’t feel right, can’t I suck your cock instead?”
“That sounds good, I promise I won’t try and stick in your tight pussy once we get in there.” He reassured her

She still thought it was rather strange that he asked to take a shower but he seemed warm and sincere so she thought it would at the very least take up a good deal of time. She stripped down to her thong and watched as he smiled a devious grin when he finally got to see her ass parted by the lacy black string. He stripped to his boxers and followed her out into the living room across the apartment. They reached the bathroom and Fiona slid her panties down and stepped in, flashing him a sultry look over her shoulder. He quickly tossed his boxer shorts to the ground and stepped over the porcelain barrier into the shower with her. They embraced immediately before he cupped the bare cheeks of her ass under the hot water. She continued to kiss her until she felt his hands draping lower and lower. She took the signal and immediately dropped to her knees to continue what she started before. She devoured his cock and felt his hands hold her head in place. This made her feel uncomfortable and restricted which she didn’t like at all but she preferred it to the alternative of getting fucked so she kept sucking and using her hands to trying and squeeze his cum right out of his cock. He was thrusting much more powerfully than before now and she got excited thinking he might actually be close to cumming before he stopped.
“Stand up” her told her more firmly than he had been speaking to her before. She did, unsure what he wanted before he moved his hand towards her sweltering pussy. She backed away into the wall before he spoke.
“I’m just touching it, I told you I won’t try and stuff my cock into your pussy, no matter how pretty and tight it is.” She blushed slightly in the mist of the hot steam. She made sure to shave every day; she didn’t like the feeling of hair anywhere on her body except her head, smooth as baby. She liked it that way.

His fingers felt good as her rubbed the outside of her pussy lips and paid special attention to her throbbing clit. She felt her knees buckle at his hands, it felt so good but even in the wane of her drunkenness she told herself she would not let him fuck her. He continued fondling her bare pussy which had the hot water flowing off of it. Eventually he stopped and spun her with her tits pressed against the shower wall. She stood there with his left hand on her lower back, keeping her firmly pressed against the wall. She felt his hand exploring her pussy between her legs as he had before and she relaxed slightly. Then something happened that she really wasn’t ready for. His fingers slinked backward towards her ass cheeks before discovering their way into her ass crack. She felt uneasy but let him continue hoping it was just an accident or a momentary thing. When she felt him parting her cheeks and his finger pressing at her asshole she clenched and became frightened.
“What are you doing” she warned

“Relax babe, this could be fun” he pointed out. She kept quiet but remained clench until he pressed his way into her back door. It was an uncomfortable feeling; one she never even imagined would be sexual. The further he pushed his finger in, the more she felt like she needed him out. It felt like she had to go and it was very uncomfortable. He started working his finger in and out slowly at first but with more of vigor than before. She grunted softly meeting each one of his thrusts. Until all at once he stopped. And she heard a bottle and a squirting noise. She tried to turned but his hand pushed at the back of her head to keep her facing forward. The very next moment what felt like someone trying to force a tree into her backside took her by complete surprise. She lay there slumped against the wall, stunned and just felt what she imagined was his prick pumping in and out of her asshole, which she was worried would never close. She felt his passion and his desire as he was fucking the guilt right out of her insides. His cock was forcing itself so far inside her bowels that she had no energy to protest. He wasn’t even trying to be gentle now; she just hoped it would be over quickly. She could feel the surge of warmth from his cock swelling and stretching out her asshole. He slipped his hands around her sides over her tits squeezing harshly as he continued to violate and sodomize her insides. This continued for a moment longer before he grabbed her hair and pulled rather violently. She felt a tear running down her cheek and just stood there, her face slamming into the vinyl wall in rhythm. She heard him groan and felt his pace slow before his legs tightened and he forced his dick all the way up her tight little ass. The feeling of another man besides her boyfriend coating the inside of her ass with cum made her feel like a true slut. She was glad that it wasn’t her pussy and there was no risk of being pregnant but still she had never even let Grady stick a finger in her ass and this stranger had just brutally sodomized her. He turned the shower off, got dressed and gave her a quick kiss.

When they left the shower, Brad was already waiting in the living room. They left without a word.
She walked by Lissa’s room and saw her passed out on her stomach with her bare ass sticking up from the sheets. This is all her fault she thought, she felt like rushing in there and tearing her short hairs right from her head but she knew she couldn’t. The first time she ever took a dick in her ass.

Instead she just walked back into her room angry, ashamed and alone, hoping her boyfriend wouldn't text her goodnight...or her father.

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I'm never fond of rape, or near rape, as depicted in this story. sorry but thsi one is shit, IMHO.

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