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I typed this in about 21 mins, on the whim so there are errors... I thought it was a good story. Hope you enjoy
Mom Let Me Fuck You

Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Three pairs of eyes ogled the round ass, and the exposed shapely thighs, of the woman busying herself at the stove. Beautiful; she stood at five feet five inches, a hundred and thirty five pounds. A mixture of Caucasian and Indian she had blonde hair reaching almost to the middle of her slender back, golden brown eyes, and a figure any young woman would crave for. At thirty-four, Jacqueline, has the sweet face of a sixteen year old but the slender albeit bountifully develop curves in all the right places, of a woman. Hell! She looked only nineteen. She was so fucking hot she exuded sexual appeal without even trying.

Her three sons continued to silently undress her with their eyes. It was very easy to do. She wore a thin white blouse that hugged her upper body and very short, very tight, black jeans shorts that left little to the imagination of her curves, her ass and the very puff print of her pussy. If she only knew the thoughts going through their heads right now, she would have been more than appalled at her sons. As a triplet they were close. Each knew everything about each other. They were more than best friends. Not that they would put it that way. (Real men no deal with no sissy, {mimicking high pitched girl’s voice},”best friends” round here.) But they loved each other very dearly and have said it once in a while. NOT OFTEN. They all knew they would very much like to ravage their mother. They’d jacked off to fantasies of her many times, but they’ve been careful never to discuss how much they really wanted to fuck her, she’s their mother!, but almost all the time, they’ve openly raped her body with their eyes. She never saw this; of course, she either wasn’t looking or had her back turned to them when they did this, as was happening now.

All three were identical. At seventeen, they stood six feet, one. They were much chiseled and muscular as they were encouraged very early to engage actively in sports and they would work out on weekends. They had black hair, (inherited from their Italian father, who died when they were three) and sparkling blue eyes. ( Sometimes girls would tell them they looked almost like girls, as their eyelashes were really long and their pink lips look absolutely sweet).

As a respected and powerful fashion executive, Jacqueline, had never had the time to really spend with her boys. I mean she was always there, for all the important things when going up but, lately she haven’t been able to, you know watch TV or eat breakfast with them. So it was more than a pleasure for her to cook their breakfast, on this morning.

She presented them each with a steaming plate of 3 fried dumplings, fried ripe plantains, and a small amount of peppered ackee and a good size serving of calaloo with salted fish. Each got a hot cup of blue mountain coffee along with a cool glass of orange juice.
Each watched her bouncing ass as she left the room.
“Is it Adam picking us up or …” Brian started to ask, as he finished his coffee. He was the oldest.
“Said he’d be here at ten” Kevin interrupted. He was the second oldest.
“That’s in fifteen minutes. Did you pack everything?” Brian directed at his younger brother. “Hey. Hey. Kid. Yo Alex!” He demanded, trying to get his brother’s undivided attention. “Hmm”, Alex murmured gazing out the glass window.
“Did you pack everything?” he asked him once again.
“Hmm Mmmh”, they heard him mumble absentmindly. Brian exchange glances with Kevin. What’s up with him? , they thought, for normally he was the one who looked most forward to their trips to Negril.
“I’ll check the bags.” Kevin volunteered, eyeing his brother.

“Why aren’t you dressed yet? Aren’t you coming with us? Kevin questioned, clearly perplexed.
“Why?” Brian asked entering the hallway, bringing his bag with him.
“I feel lazy today.” Alex answered. Kevin eyebrows slowly ascended his forehead and Brian stood a few seconds staring, quickly pondering what Alex might be up to. I feel lazy. What the fuck. It wasn’t like Alex. Brian knew he was definitely up to something, he could feel it. He knew Alex well. While all brothers were mischievous, daring and a badass (Not that they would call it that. For they were brought up to be articulate and act as gentlemen). Alex was the worst of them all. He was witty and mostly used his handsomeness and charm to cunningly seduce even the most levelheaded of women. He’d fuck Bankers, Dentists and a couple CEOs. Hell, they beg him for it once he’d fucked them proper. To top it off the motherfucker wore glasses, Brian laughed in his head. He didn’t look like a nerd; no you could obviously discern that he was hot, as were his brothers. If anything, the glasses added a sweet little touch of sensitivity to his features that women deceivingly fell for and can’t get enough of.
Alex looked at his brothers. He hated to be questioned. “Go on without me” he told them firmly, and at that moment there was a blast of loud music (Vybz Kartel’s, World Boss) and the insistent beeping of the horn of a car. “Then later”, the confused brothers chorused, and they dashed out the front door, and towards the waiting black Evoque.

He made sure to lock the front door. He wasn’t sure what he’d do, but he knew he was going hunting, he knew he had to have his mother, today. The only woman he wasn’t supposed to fuck and he wanted her like crazy.
Still sporting only his very comfortable, blue sweats shorts, he made his way towards the kitchen. There she was, leaning over a lower bottom drawer of the refrigerator. He leans silently at the doorway, seriously appreciating the view she presented. His cock began to stir. I really have to fuck her, he thought frustratingly but how to go about it, he hasn’t figured yet.
She must have found whatever she was roaming for, all of a sudden she was standing straight, closing the door of the refrigerator. She turned and their eyes made four. For two long seconds brown stared into blue and blue stared right back. His expression was impassive but with his eyes he was trying tell her, how desperately he wanted to fuck her.
Her East Indian mango and Jamaican apple in hand she turned away and walked towards the sink. She saw it. She saw his appreciation and his wanting; his lust. It was one of the many glances men would give her. Yes she was very aware of her beauty.
Alex watched as his mother dice the apple into small pieces. So she’s going to ignore that little message, he thought to himself. He ventured further into the kitchen positioning himself exactly behind his mother. He could smell her perfume. A Chanel no. 5 maybe, it’s sexy and mysterious just like her. He leaned over her shoulder, reaching a bottle opener. He brought his semi erect cock closely against his mother’s ass, making sure she felt the pressure of it there. “Hmm”, he moaned, he had nearly exploded his seed. She was so fucking sexy!
She felt the heat of his cock against her ass but didn’t react she just stared out the window and started to eat her apple. She never had sexual thoughts about her son before but she was very aware of his youth and his masculinity. It exited her but she could, she thought, how could she possibly fuck her own son. No way! She had her man of course but he’d been away in Peru for two months now and her pussy felt like it was starving. He continued to press his cock harder between her ass cheeks. She could hear his uneven breathing, until “Mom ----“he said weakly. “Mmmh” she replied reveling in the warmth of his cock. A few long seconds pass. Then he bent his head, slowly he kisses her neck and whispered, “I love you.” She silently released a sigh, “And I love you” she told him. He reluctantly moved away. Grabbed a Smirnoff Black Ice from the fridge and walked out in the direction of the stairs.
It was overcast now and it started to rain heavily, this created an even cozier atmosphere in the house. Following her son up the stairs she decided she would take a nap.

Entering her dark room she contently lounges towards the soft sheets, but before she could get there however she heard her door slam with an unusual BANG! She turned just in time to see her son locking the door with the key. There was an evil glint in his eyes as he walked towards her.
“What are you doing Alex” she asked trying to force a calm demeanor but she could hear heart drumming in her chest. “I want to fuck you” he calmly told her. She glared at him fiercely. “Give me the keys. Give it to me. Now!” she commanded. He continued to walk towards his mother, ignoring her demands. He grabbed the front of her white blouse and easily tore it from her body. She gasped out. “What are you -----, we can’t do this. I’m your mother” she trembled. She was really a small thing, he thought as he gripped her strongly around the throat. She immediately could hardly breathe and her hands shot out on impulse to pry away the vise like hold he had on her. He steadily walked his mother backwards towards the bed. He released her and she landed in it with a soft thud. He was on her before she could even sit up. “No”, she tried to fight him, but he was too strong. Using his left hand he securely held her slim arms above her head while using his much bigger and heavier body to keep hers down. With his right hand, he places it between their heated bodies, managing to pull the button and ease down the zipper on the very tight jeans. Pulling and pulling until eventually he got them over her hips and big backside; down her thighs, her legs and he flung it across the room. Only her underwear left. How sexy they are too. Is that a navel piercing? , he asked himself. It definitely was and his cock strained even more against his sweats, his hard dick was leaking pre cum profusely. In no time at all he easily removes her bra and rips off her sexy panties, delightfully discovering another piercing on her now exposed clitoris.
She fought harder; kicking, clawing, pushing, trying to shove his muscled chest away from her but there was no escaping it. She was trap and utterly powerless against his massive strength. Using his free hand he roamed it over her body. Fondling her lovely round breasts, going down her tummy, her hips, squeezing that round ass. She was so soft, he thought, her skin so smooth she was just so tiny and feminine. He tried to kiss her but she resisted so he push further using his tongue to gently open then plunging it into her mouth. “Aaah!” He sounded out a muffled screamed. She bit his tongue, “Bombocloth bitch!” he screeched angrily as he slapped her hard across the face. “Oh God!” she cried, holding the rapidly swelling cheek. “Shit! Mom, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” “Let me up”, she managed to whisper. “No.” he held her more tightly now.
She started to cry. He’d never seen her like that before. “Don’t cry baby girl”, he gently kissed his mother’s cheeks. He gently ran a trail of kisses from her ear, down to her neck, trailing further, to the soft creamy globes of her perfect breasts. He felt her start to tremble. She knew she liked it, that she wanted it, so very much. He gently licked one small nipple. “Mmmh” a soft moan escaped her lips. He continued down further kissing her navel and going further kissing the top of her pussy. He spread her legs wide. She was so beautiful he thought. Her pussy was fat, but so sweet and pink. He started with her clitoris, gently licking around it, bringing his tongue down, and delving deep into her sweet small hole. She was so sweet he decided to do something he had never done. He went back and forth sucking and licking from her pussy to her ass and back again. He could hear her breathing heavily; he could tell she was trying not to moan, but she was so wet. He knew she wanted it. He could tell she was more than ready for his big hood.
He brought himself backup. Positioning his member at her entrance, trying to widen her legs as he went. “Open your legs”, he told her. “Wider”, he commanded. She didn’t comply. “Stop fucking playing….” And he plunged himself into her opening. The sensation of his hard, thick dick filling the wet, tight pussy sent waves of pleasure just in that one stroke. “Oww!” she cried out. “Easy baby, I know you want it mon. Relax sweetheart.” He told her softly.

Every thrust was slow, long, deep and very wet. Her moans alone could make him come, but he was holding out, making sure she was pleasured. So far her moans were soft and she licked her pretty little pink lips a few times but she wasn’t reacting the way he had hope. He wanted to go faster but he was trying so hard to resist hurting her, surely speeding up a bit wont hurt her. “Ouch, more” she whispered. “Yeah”, he groaned out, so this is how she likes it. And he increased his pace some more. “Uh, Uh, Oh yes, harder, harder” her hands were groping his muscled back and her legs squeezing down his backside. Bloodclought! He thought, she’s a fucking pain slut. He started slamming his big, pulsating thick cock into his mother’s very wet, glove like, heated pussy. “Yeahhh! She started to cry out, “yes” she moan. “Fuck it! Fuck it!”
All of a sudden he pulled out and got of the bed. “Mmmh, what, why did you stop, she ask frustratingly. He stood there stroking his cock. He looked at her. She was his now. “You want this cock”, “What!” “Me seh, if you want this hood here”, he demanded. “Yes”, she said just as angrily. “Well, I don’t think you want it.” “What!” his mother shouted. “Hey gal, who you shouting at. Bitch you better beg me for the fuck, else you’re not getting it”, he was horny as fuck, but he was damn making sure she knew who was in charge now. Besides, he loved to have powerful women weak and under his control. “Come on, tell me how much you want it” he said slapping her hard between her legs. Oh my, was this my son, the motherfucker! She thought. But what he’s doing is fucking turning me on more. She felt she needed his dick, quick and now. “Please come and fuck me” she whispered spreading her legs and fondling her wet pussy. “No”, he said. “Huh” she was really getting frustrated now and the ache between her legs was becoming more persistent. “Come and fuck me now!” she shouted. “You know what, I can find another pussy, fuck it yourself” he stated, as he headed towards the door. “What! Wait”, in all her life this has never happened to her before and here was her own son treating her like this. “Wait, please wait”, she jumped of the bed and ran towards him, blocking his exit. He paused looking down into her eyes. “What did I just tell you to do” he calmly demanded slapping her juicy ass. “You said I needed to beg for it” she answered meekly. She reached up on tiptoes putting her arms around his neck. “Please baby, I need you. Please, please fuck me.” She whispered, trailing kisses along his chin. He still wasn’t budging. His face was serious and he looked very upset. She tried pulling him. She knelt down and started to lick the tip of his still very much hard dick. It wasn’t working. She felt like she lost something precious. She stood up gently pulling him towards the bed.
They were standing at the edge of the bed now. She gently kissed his lips. He didn’t say anything. She crawled onto the bed on all fours, placing her head, down on a pillow. She spread her legs. Her ass was so perfect, positioned so sexy. Her very wet, very swollen pussy was positioned so wickedly in up in the air. He was thinking he couldn’t hold out much longer. “I’m sorry” she moaned softly, fingering her pussy from behind. “Please Alex, I’m longing for you to shove your big cock in my dirty little pussy, please. I’ll never ever shout at you again Honey, I’ll behave myself. Will you fuck my pussy, pleeease baby”, she pleaded. Oh no, he was gonna refuse her! Then, slap. Never do that again, he spanked her.” When I tell you to do something, you do it. Do you hear me!” he said slapping her pussy. “Oh, yes. Yes I hear you.” she cried. “Good girl. Do you want me to fuck this pussy.” He said teasingly, fingering her warm hole. “Yes, baby please” she pleaded.
He positioned himself behind her knowing he was close. He thrust himself all the way into that sweet pussy and started slamming hard, his balls slapping against her .clitoris.
“Mmmh, Oh yes! Yes! Huh! Uhh!” “Fuck it! Fuck me!” she screamed. He was really going fucking hard now. Her head started to slam into the headboard but, he kept pounding her slippery pussy. “Oh God! Help me Jesus” she kept screaming. “Whose fucking pussy is this, whose pussy is this!”, “It’s yours, baby, Oww! Uhh. Mmmh, it’s your pussy!” Their hearts were racing, they were really sweating, it was running freely down his back, his sexy chest, his abs, going down into that sweet spot that was giving her so much pleasure. He was pounding really hard again her cervix “Ouch! Oww, Oh my pussy! I’m coming! I’m coming!” she screamed out, “Humph, yeah” he groaned, as he was coming too. She could feel him swelling in her pussy. It was so good she really started to cry. She was fucking along with him, bouncing her ass down as his cock pounded up. And he felt it, her orgasm; she was cumming, milking his dick. That sent him over the edge. He gave one big thrust and he exploded hard his love juice into her battered pussy. He didn’t stop he slowed his pace but her pussy kept squeezing his cock. Oh damn. “Are you ok”, he ask gently. “Yes’ she answered. He took his time pulling out, then he slowly turned her, having her lay on her back. He lay between her legs. He gently placed kisses all along her face whispering, “You’re so beautiful, you’re so beautiful”.
Then all of a sudden they heard.” Mom, mom, yo Alex, Alex! Where are you guys

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Erotical, this is a pretty decent dark fantasy type of story you have written here. I like that you were pretty deive in this one, especially about the characters.


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