Young girl seduces older brother
A Little Girl and Her Best Time Brother
by AnimeAnn

A little girl, I used to be.
My name was ‘Ann’,
Or ‘I’ or sometimes just ‘me’.

I wanted a boy a boy to touch my pussy and say,
“Ah, that feels good, my dear.
Can your nice little pussy come out and play?”

And then one day, it happened to be.
My panties parted and he touched my pussy.
OMG, it felt so good it almost made me pee!

“Annie, damnit,” Mama yelled. “Get your hands out of your panties! I swear, for a ten-year-old girl, you play with yourself more than any kid I’ve ever known!”

Oh no! Mama had caught me soooo many times playing with myself. Too bad it was that instead of a boy touching my split little crack, it was my own hand playing with it. Stupid damn boys didn’t know what they were missing! I was soooo smooth and soft down there. I thought that’s what ‘they’ liked. Yet, nobody did. So one more night I went ahead and pulled my covers up to my head and tried to sleep. I guess Mama went back to bed.

No matter how hard I tried, sleep eluded me. I tossed and turned. The sheet beneath me was warm, yet on the other side of my big-girl bed, it was cool to my touch. I decided to try something new. I pulled my panties down and scooted over to let my mound feel the coolness there. Oh my, the momentary sensations made me tingle so! These feeling didn’t last long. I guess my hot little pussy warmed the sheet a bit too much.

Just then a light shone bright through my window curtains. I knew it was the headlight beams from my brother’s car. Jamie was sixteen and worked after school from 6 to 10 at Mr. Donald’s Cock a Doodle Chicken Diner. It must now be after 10 at night.

Jamie was just so yummy handsome he made me extra horny whenever he was near. I saw him once when he was naked. OMG, he was beautiful! Oh my, I sure had naughty thoughts after that. Just like I am doing now. My pussy was tingling in expectation or anticipation of god knows what.

The car lights went out, the back door slammed, and then footsteps sounded on the stairs leading up to our two bedrooms. All of a sudden I jumped out of my cozy bed. My top was so short my bellybutton was exposed. The only other thing I had on was my panties. I opened my bedroom door and laid in wait.

Jamie came into view just down a short hall. The hall light cast a dim glow. My gorgeous brother came near. “Hi, Jamie,” I softly said.

“Oh, hi Sis,” he said in a weary tone.

Sympathetically, I asked, “Hard day?”

He stopped near me. “I guess so a bit,” he said.

“Mom caught me again,” I unexpectedly admitted.

“Doing what?” Jamie asked surprised.

I guess my brother didn’t know just how horny I could be. “I had my hand in my panties again,” I explained. “I was pretending a boy was playing with my pussy.”

I think I blushed a little when the word ‘pussy’ came out of my mouth. I don’t think I had ever said it aloud in front of anyone before.

“Who is the bastard boy you are pretending about?” Jamie angrily answered. “I’ll kick the shithead’s ass if he touches you!”

Oh, I didn’t expect that response. I was taken off guard so I didn’t speak.

“Well?” Jamie insisted. “Who is the guy you’ve got the hots for?”

Most of all in this world, I didn’t want to make Jamie mad. “It’s you,” I whispered hoping upon hope for I don’t know what.

Jamie’s eyes darkened and he seemed to scowl. “You want ‘my’ hands in your panties?” he skeptically questioned. “You’re my sis!”

“SO!” I blurted out.

I guess it was Jamie’s turn to not speak. The manly boy stood so proud and erect before me that I believed he was someone who could conquer the world.

“Don’t you like pussies, Jamie?” I burst out and said.

My brother took a look towards my panties. God, he kinda blushed. “I don’t know,” he said. “I’ve never had one!”

Oh my. I thought he had for sure. “Want mine?” I blurted brazenly.

Uncertainty blanketed my brother face. He then decided. “I guess so,” was what he said. One hand he took and reached out. I led it to my panty hem. Down behind the stretchy hem his hand went.

Jamie cupped my pussy so gently I almost peed! He then squeezed and played. He fondled my pussy with such tenderness. It was so much more than my own playtime perversions. “You can be a little rougher if you want, Jamie,” I pleaded.

I think he said “okay” but I’m not sure. He took my hand just like a lover in the movies and led me to my bed. I pulled my top over my head showing my small titties. If Jamie wanted to play with them, he could, but I wanted him to concentrate mainly on my pussy.

Inexperienced this boy might be, yet he knew more than I what would pleasure me. He pulled my panties down to my feet and had me step out. I was now completely nude without a clue as to what I should do to participate here. I did grab Jamie’s polo shirt and pull it up over his head.

Something musta clicked in that boy’s head because he removed all of his clothing, too. Jamie sat me down upon my bed, leaned me back, and then between my legs went his head. I don’t think he knew exactly what to do, but he kissed my pussy right on its puffy lips. It swelled with racing blood. Excited sensations made my lusts and love soar.

My brother’s mouth kissed my pussy’s swollen lips over and over and over again. He kissed the sensitive valleys between each thigh and pussy fold. His tongue came out and he licked me. He licked every inch of pussy he could see. Oh his kissing mouth and his licking tongue, they soooo thrilled me!

After several more minutes of wonderful kisses and licks, I realized my inexperienced pussy lover didn’t even know that my vagina lips could be spread apart. It was now time for me to show and tell. Reaching down, I spread my puffy pussy halves apart and offered my vagina up for a sacrificial sexual treat. “Kiss and lick that, Jamie,” I begged.

No sooner had the words left my mouth than I felt Jamie’s tongue tip touch the tip of my clit. He tasted it, he teased it, and then when he found out that it was safe to do so, he began eating on my pussy’s clit. My brother’s tongue flicked back and forth across my tenderized flesh tickling it and licking it energetically. Aww, ooohhh, oh brother dear, that feels a thousand times better than my own hands do when they play!

Jamie figured things out on his own now. Not only did he flick and lick my clit, he now began to enthusiastically suckle the tiny girl-sickle. His sucking lips were so wet and warm they gave me goosebumps on my arms and vaginal tremors between my legs. The boy’s tongue tip tasted my hole but gave up when I whined because it hurt.

“Jamie, you don’t have to stop because it hurts,” I said. “If you want to, you can hurt it with something else.”

I guess my brother was still a little dense. I was practically begging him to put his penis in me and bust me. But, I suppose that Jamie wouldn’t even consider doing that to me. Even though I really wanted him to do it!

Okay I should have guessed that boys liked tits and that my brother would be no exception. Jamie’s hands found my girls and began fondling them. He was gentle at first but then got a bit rougher. Then he started in on sucking my nipples and kissing my itty bitty tittie mounds. “I guess you’ve played with girl’s boobs before, haven’t you, Jamie?” I questioned.

“Nope, this is my first time,” he answered. “Annie, you’re my first-time girl for lots of these kinds of things. You didn’t mean to imply that I could hurt your pussy with my dick, did you?”

If I answered truthfully, then my brother would think I was some kind of slut. Oh well, just to test the waters, I asked “Would you want to?”

“Yeah, I would,” he hesitantly responded. “Would you really, really let me? God sis, would you let me fuck you?”

I knew now that he wanted to yet I didn’t want to get too excited and come on too strong. “Jamie, I wouldn’t let any other boy do it,” I demurely lied. “But, I think that I would let you fuc…k me it you did it easy.”

“Oh Annie, I would fuck you gently, just as gently as I possibly could!” Jamie declared. “Can I do it right now, sis? Can I?”

I had him just where I wanted him now. Oh never in my wildest dreams did I think Jamie would even put his hands in my panties! Now he wants to fuck my pussy! Oh what a naughty word ‘fuck’ was. I had looked it up and I knew that it meant a guy puts his dick in a pussy and pushed in and out. It is supposed to feel really good.

“Yes you can,” I answered shyly. “But Jamie, I know from trying to put my fingers inside me that my pussy is too dry. I put spit on my fingers when I play with myself. If you want to fuck me, I would have to put spit on the end of your dick and you would have to put spit in my pussy hole. Okay?”

Jamie jumped up and impatiently answered, “Yes, yes, okay! Here take my dick in your hands and spit on it. You know, you could probably get it wetter by sucking on it. You could get all kinds of spit on it then!”

I had never even thought of that. So I took Jamie’s big dick in my hands and gazed at its amazing beauty. The nasty thing made my pussy spasm, my heart race, and my breathing weaken. I opened wide and took him in. My mouth was watering so much that I was slobbering all over his skin. My brother had been right; I could really get him wet by sucking on his dick!

I sucked and dribbled spit on Jamie’s erection for several minutes. “Stop sis before you make me cum!” he suddenly yelled. Had I done something wrong? I loved playing with my brother’s dick even more than playing with my own pussy!

Jamie dropped back on his knees between my legs. Just as I had asked him to, he started to put his own spit in my pussy hole. His tongue darted in and out of his mouth getting wetter and wetter and making my pussy sopping wet. My clit was getting coated with spitty wetness, too. Oh, it was quivering like crazy and begging for me to say…to say, “Okay Jamie, that’s enough. You can fuck me now!”

My brother, the most wondrous of boys, held his dick in his hand and guided it directly towards my center. It was so slippery it spread my pussy halves apart and then it pushed aside the inner lips guarding my hole. Oh my, it touched the tender barrier there and didn’t even stop! It hurt, it hurt with no doubt, but god help me, I didn’t scream. My big brother’s dick was fucking my pussy and I was soooo happy!

Jamie had said he had never had a pussy, so I guess he was a virgin just like me. Yet even so, he seemed to know a lot more than me about what he was doing. His wet dick slipped into and out of my soaking hole in quick effortless strokes which felt like a magic wand sprinkling joy wherever it touched.

We hadn’t been fucking for very long when Jamie’s dick stiffened to its longest length and most swollen size. And then he stood still for a second. I felt hot liquid squirting into and filling my vagina. His dick spurted so much into me that it started gushing out from my hole.

Jamie then began thrusting into me again. I could feel most of the length of his dick stretch my tight little cunt and slide along a pleasure making path. I knew girls could have good feelings called ‘orgasms’ although I had never been able to make myself have one. My brother was making me have one now! No, not one but two, no not two but three. No, not three but more than I cared to keep count of. Mama, I’m a bad girl but your boy is an orgasm making machine!

And so he was. Jamie didn’t fuck me very much longer, yet by the time we were done we both were limp and exhausted from sexual delight.

I eventually decided that I could no longer lump my brother into that category of ‘stupid damn boys’. Before breakfast the very next morning he came to my room and again fucked my tight young pussy with his marvelous dick. Before we left home for school, he fucked me again.

I know all my 5th grade classmates were wondering why I was having trouble in gym class. But heck, my little cunt was so sore I could hardly walk let alone stretch my legs. Besides I was leaking so much cum from my pussy I could hardly keep it contained with the tissues I had stuffed into my panties.

After finding out what delightful joys fucking could produce, my brother and I became regular fuck buddies. His dick and my pussy slapped against each other anytime we could sneak away to a place to do it.

And, that’s not all. Jamie started kissing me one day and I started kissing him back. We did love each other and our kisses just naturally occurred. Our loving kisses made the wickedness that came from fucking each other all pass away.

I’m eighteen now. Jamie and I still fuck to this day. If I have my way, I guess we always will.

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