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My Uncle and his friend
my parents wouldn't be there but they said that they came round to say hello to me, they had a bottle of wine with them which i thought was a bit strange but i invited them in and Rodger opened the wine a poured us all a drink and we got comfortable on the sofa infront of the open fire.
I was sat inbetween them on the sofa and we talked for ages about all sorts, Clive asked me why my legs were shaved, "to be honest i really don't know" i replied. "They're very nice" Clive then said and i thanked him.
"Clive gives a good leg massage" Rodger said, "why don't you let him do yours". "Umm yeah i guess so i said.
So clive went on his knees and started at my ankles rubbing very firmly but gently before working his way up my legs to my thighs, Rodger was watching the whole time, then i noticed Rodger had a hard on and to be honest mine was growing too as Clive stroked away, i closed my eyes, it felt so nice, it was giving me butteflies as he carressed all over. Then he stopped and sat back beside me and asked me if i liked it, "did i like it? i loved it! i replied. Then i couldn't believe what happened next but Clive began to kiss me really passionately, his tongue massaging mine, while we kissed Rodger stroked my face and hair and started to nibble on my ears and kiss them as me and Clive continued to kiss then we stopped and i turned my head to Rodger and kissed him, massaging tongues with him and kissing in a very sexy way. Clive unbuttoned my shirt, undoing them one my one as me and Rodger kissed then we stooped kissing just as Clive was taking off my shirt and threw it on the floor, me and Clive kissed again while Rodger unlaced my shorts and began to pull them down, i lifted my legs up so he could pull them off, i was now completely naked which i didn't think was fair so i tugged at Clives belt, they got the message and soon they stripped and had their big cocks out.
Clive went back on his knees and carried on with my legs, but this time kissing them all over, he kissed from my feet right up to my thighs, i was murmering as he kissed and licked them, Rodger sat by me during this kissing me, and kissing my ears, whispering in my ear that they were going to fuck me. "lets go upstairs" Clive said, so he picked me up off the floor, i wrapped my legs around him and he carried me upstairs and Rodger followed, we got into the spare bedroom and they put me on the bed, "who's gona fuck him first then?" clive said and him saying that made me drip precum already. "be my guest" rodger said, i don't mind watching for a while. So clive came and knelt between my legs, lifted them in the air and rested them on his shoulders, he used a lot of my precum to grease me up and then he slowly eased his cock up my arsehole, it was quite tight and painful at first but then it got a lot better, as he began to pump in and out and boy it felt good, my dick was rock hard. "Oh Clive fuck me please" i moaned " i want you sooo bad". He really went for it now, fucking me hard and fast, holding onto my ankles as my legs rested on his shoulders, i was moaning like mad, fuck me fuck me i shouted, he was doing me so hard now, "wrap your sexy legs around my back" he said, and i didn't hesitate in wrapping my thighs around his waist, Rodger was just layng beside us wanking off to us fucking and making himself cum again and again, Rodger was then kneeling beside us stroking and kissing my legs as they were locked around clives back. Clive gave out a loud moan and shouted he was gonna cum, "me too" I'm cumming, make me cum" i moaned. Then clive spurted all his hot creamy spunk into my arsehole and that sent me over the edge, i came so much all over clives stomach.
We rested for a couple of minutes. "your turn mate" Clive said to Rodger, and i went on all fours, "why don't you lick your cum off me then sink your lips around my cock" clive said, ok i said so i licked him clean then i sank my lips around his bel end and began to suck him hard whilst Rodger slipped his cock inside me from behind and started fucking me, i found it hard to concentrate on sucking clive as Rodger was pounding me so hard and his balls slapping against me, Rodger didn't last as long as clive though after the wanking he had done, Rodger was able to reach around under me and wank me off as he shafted me, clive was stroking my hair as i sucked him then rodger sped up which caused me to go faster too and without warning he shot his load right up my crack and clive's cum shot down my throat, "thats it swallow it all you gorgeous lad" clive said to me. After we recovered it was then our last fuck which ended with me sat on rodgers dick facing the same way as him and Clive on top of me pounding away at me, my eyes were closed and my legs were hanging down his back, and the three of us fucked really hard for about 15 minutes then we all came together, cum was absolutely everywhere, we all collapsed together and after a while they got up and kissed me and left, it was the most sexiest night of my life and now let's just say they call round everytime my parents go out now!


2012-02-24 22:55:18
because some gay men refer to themselves as females.

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2012-02-24 17:47:49
How can this story be true when the author's gender is female and the storyteller is male?

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