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The continuing story of Tiffany's first experience with Chris. It's not quite "in your face" or "graphic" in nature, but if you take the time to read it all, I think you'll be surprised. Please read Ch. 1 and Ch. 2 to get to where we're at, now.
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I woke a little after 9 am, enjoying the fact that I could sleep in. As I sat up and stretched, remembering what I was wearing, I was pleasantly made aware of the fact that I was still feeling very sexy, and was already turned on.

I couldn't stop smiling as I had constant thoughts of Chris running through my naughty little mind all morning. I couldn't wait until 2, when he was supposed to pick me up. I usually don't let guys come to my house on the first date, chosing to meet them somewhere safe in case they turned out to be a jack-ass, or worse. But Chris was different, and since I had access to some of his personal information at work, I felt comfortable it would be okay.

I was actually ready and waiting for him by 1:00. I was wearing a tee shirt that hug my curves pretty well and actually had kind of a low neck line to show off my cleavage (which looked VERY nice today, considering I was wearing one of my special bras that enhanced my bust). I was wearing shorts that weren't overly-short, but fit well enough to hug my ass and loose enough to where I was comfortable running whatever errands we had to do, thong and all.

Again, feeling like a giggling school-girl, I was peeking out the window, watching him as he hopped out of his Jeep and came to the door. Gawd, he’s so hot! He was wearing a white tee shirt with some kind of music logo on the front, blue jeans that looked like they were tailored to fit him in ALL the right places, and the same “biker boots” he wore when we first met. I noticed his arms, which I really didn’t pay attention to when we met. They were muscular, but not like a body-builder; you could see the veins running down his forearms into his hands, which were strong-looking as well. He was definitely a “man’s man”.

I had a quick thought of how nimble and “talented” his hands and fingers must be, as a guitar player. That thought quickly shot its way between my legs as I had a second quick thought about how he could work those fingers all over my body, touching me like nobody else could. Mmmmm….!

It was exactly 2:00 when he knocked on the door. Yes, I made him wait so he wouldn’t think I was too anxious and waiting right at the door for him. The butterflies in my stomach were on over-drive which did nothing to quell the excitement and tingles I was feeling.

I could smell him, when I opened the door – that sexy and undescribeable scent. Or maybe it was the way he smiled…or the subtle expressions on his face as he undressed me with those gorgeous eyes of his. Whatever it was, my heart fluttered, and my kitty twitched.

His Jeep already had the top down. It was a little higher than I expected, and climbing in wasn't what I was used to. Once I was situated, however, I put my seatbelt on which rested right between my boobs and pulled my white tee shirt tight across my tits, making my nipples readily visible. Smiling uncontrollably, we took off and headed down the street.

We chit-chatted idly about non-sense kinds of stuff like the weather and work as we headed to our first stop, the record store. He was being very chivalrous, as he told me to wait for him so he could open my door and help me out. He was being silly, but it was charming at the same time. As I swung my legs to get out, I realized that he would have a nice opportunity to look between my legs or along the inside of my thighs, perhaps high enough to see my panties. I tried to ignore it, but I actually got really turned on. As we walked inside, I wondered what he would do if I was wearing a skirt and no panties. Hmmm... I thought to myself with a naughty grin on my face.

We looked at all kinds of music and he began pointing out different albums that he had recorded on, and famous people he had worked with. I learned we had a very similar taste in music, and his band was considered a "rock and roll" band, which I absolutely love. He picked out a few CD's that he wanted, and I picked out a few that he had recorded on, just to have another piece of him whenever I wanted, and we headed back out to the car.

This time, as he held the door open for me, I turned to face him (staring right in his eyes, watching how he glanced down to watch what I was doing) and hopped in to the seat, butt-first. With Chris still holding the door open with a coy grin on his face, I carefully swung my left leg in, deliberately spreading my legs right in front of him. He looked exactly where I wanted him to, and I shot a quick glance at the beautiful bulge in his pants, which, I swear, twitched ever so slightly. I had an even bigger grin on my own face as he shut the door, walked a bit more “stiff” around the front of the car, and climbed in on the driver’s side.

“All set?” He said, starting the engine.

“Oh, yeah.” I replied with a giggle, as I again tightened the strap of the seatbelt snugly between my breasts. I could actually feel them sway and bounce as we were driving, and I purposely ignored his “casual” glances at my legs and my chest.

Our next stop was the music store. I was clueless as to what most of the stuff was, but we walked over to the big wall that had all sorts of guitars hanging all over it and showed me some really neat looking ones along with some of the ones that he owned and played. He said he was looking for a new acoustic guitar, so we walked into a small room that was enclosed in sliding glass doors with acoustic guitars everywhere. There were a couple big chairs, which is where I plopped myself while he started examing the different instruments. I was keeping quiet, just watching and admiring his body, trying my hardest not to get caught undressing him with my eyes. Every now and then, he would play a few notes or chords, and I even recognized a few songs he was playing, to my amazement.

It was so incredibly sexy, to see him in his own element. It wasn’t like he was trying to show-off or “woo” me off my feet – he was simply doing what he does, and I was loving every second of it! I could feel my pussy tingle as I sat there. I was really enjoying his company, aside from the fact that I wanted him so bad.

He put everything away and said he didn't quite find one he liked. He bought a few odds and ends at the counter (strings, picks, and a few other small items I didn't recognize), and we got back in the Jeep. Again, he was being very chivalrous and held the door open for me each time. Guys rarely do that anymore, and it was quite charming although I could tell he was enjoying the chance to look up my shorts almost as much as I was!

We were constantly poking fun at each other, having a wonderful time all afternoon. He was teasing me mercilessly - mostly about being blonde, and I was throwing it right back at him - mostly about being a musician. It was like we were school kids again, but the sexual tension was really getting to me. It was like he knew EXACTLY what buttons to push, without pushing any of them. Even his outright flirting was so subtle, I almost couldn't tell if he was actually flirting with me or not! All of these "mixed signals" were doing a real number between my legs, making me want him even more. It was amazing!

We stopped at an ice-cream shop and being silly, he flat-out told the kid behind the counter that we were newlyweds and got married yesterday in Las Vegas and were here in Miami for a few days before our honeymoon cruise. He said he didn't even know what my favorite ice-cream was.

Playing along, and totally embarassed, I told him what I wanted as he put his arms around me suggestively and called me all kinds of silly pet-names. I was having so much fun, I played right along which I think caught him a bit off-guard. We ate our ice cream and took a small walk, windowshopping and people watching. Every time I mentioned something I liked, like a particular outfit that someone was wearing, or a certain hair-style and what-not, he would make fun of me in the most playful way. It was hard to "keep up" with his sense of humor, but it was so different from what I was used to, I couldn't help but wonder why he wasn't snatched up and married a long time ago. As if he had perfectly orchestrated my reactions, the tension continued to build - as well as the wetness in my panties. We were laughing so hard by the time we got back in the car, I almost started to feel like we WERE newlyweds and about to go on our honeymoon!

A few hours had passed and the sun was getting lower on the horizon. We started talking about what to do for dinner. I suggested a few places but he said he actually wanted to make dinner for me, at home.

"You cook?" I asked, a bit surprised.
"Yeah, actually. I like to cook, but I don't really have anyone to cook for, aside from me, so I don't get the chance too often to actually cook a nice dinner for someone else."
"Wow! A guy who knows how to cook! This'll be a nice change!" I said, mocking my own failure at finding a decent guy.
"It's settled, then! Time for the grocery store!" he said, and we whizzed off.

I had a smile that I just couldn't get rid of, and even though I had become horny as hell, I behaved as "lady like" and innocent as I could. I took every chance I could to sneak a peek at him, and I caught him - several times - checking me out. I played it off and pretended I didn't notice, but the unmistakable and growing bulge in his pants told me the effect I was having on him. I was in heaven, and I certainly "let" him undress me with his eyes as much as he wanted.

He picked up a bunch of supplies that I knew I didn't have at home, including a couple bottles of nice wine (that I paid for). Plus, I couldn't believe that instead of going out to a bar and getting drunk, this guy actually wanted to spend time getting to know me, and have a nice home-cooked dinner at my house. Is this guy too good to be true? I wondered...

I helped him carry the groceries inside, and he was genuinely impressed with my modest home. Even with all the teasing and flirting, he was being absolutely genuine towards me - even being interested in hearing about my life and my job, which nobody ever really cared to hear about and was just used as an excuse to get in my pants. It almost seemed like that was the furthest thing from his mind, except when he'd say something totally unexpected and a bit naughty or off-hand. This honestly embarassed me, causing me to blush more than I usually do, and was so exciting and new, I was hooked!

Once the groceries were laid out for him to start cooking, he asked if he could use the bathroom. Not wanting to miss a chance at another jab, I said: "No. You have to hold it or go outside." The look on his face was priceless, and I couldn't keep a straight face. Laughing hysterically I led him to the master bath attached to my bedroom. He was already through my bedroom and in the bathroom when I noticed that I hadn't picked up my dirty clothes which were still in a pile on the bathroom floor. I'm usually a very tidy person, but in my excitement that morning, I must have forgotten to pick up my work clothes and underwear from where I kicked them off last night. I quickly scanned around my bedroom as I could hear what sounded like a horse taking a piss in my toilet. "I hope that's an indication of how incredible his dick is!" I thought to myself. Satisfied that my bedroom was in order (at least I remembered to make my bed before I left!), I returned to the kitchen to wait, silently kicking myself for not trying to get a peek at his manhood in the bathroom. He had left the door slightly open, but I was too shy to be that bold around him - at least not yet.

Several minutes went by and he returned with a big smile and started preparing dinner. He looked at me a little differently, but didn't say anything out of the ordinary. I told him I was going to change in to something more comfortable and quickly went into the bathroom to see what else I had missed. Fortunately, it was just my clothes that were still on the floor, but I could tell he looked at them because my thong was sitting on the top of the pile. I picked them up and felt the crotch - yup, they were still damp. I wondered if he smelled me when he picked them up. I brought them to my nose and I could certainly make out the faint and sweet aroma of my pussy. That seemed to open a small faucet between my legs as I could feel myself getting pretty wet (again).

I tidied up a bit more and decided I was going to keep the same white tee shirt on, but I got rid of the bra (it was starting to get uncomfortable anyway) and switched to a pair of shorts made out of sweatpants. I had cut the legs off years ago, and even though they weren't "sexy", I felt so comfortable in them, they were my favorite pair of shorts to lounge around in, and they were easy to take off which I hoped Chris would be doing soon. I also set a few candles around, ready to light if we ended up in bed, later. A quick check of my backside in the mirror confirmed how the shorts hugged my little "bubble" of a butt, and I made sure the waist was low enough to just barely reveal the straps on my thong as they reached over my hips.

Back in the kitchen, Chris was busy doing his thing, so I opened a bottle of wine and poured a glass for each of us. With a little wiggle of my nose and a 'flirty' smile, I turned to sit at one of the big kitchen stools at the little island in the middle of the kitchen. As I did, I watched Chris's eyes check out my legs and my butt, so I gave him a little wiggle and sat down with a big smile and a quick wink. He started to blush and quickly turned around to get back to what he was doing. I was hoping my charms were working on him, as well as his charms were working on me!

We just talked while he cooked, but I took every opportunity to undress him with my eyes, even harder than I did before, especially when he'd have his back towards me. He was gorgeous as hell! His butt was nice and firm, and even though he wasn't muscular, you could tell he was fit, and his well-fitting jeans weren't doing well to hide his growing "interest". I was getting more and more turned on, and the wine was threatening to tear down any remaining inhibitions. I had to play it cool, because I wanted more than just a one-night romp with him.

Dinner was fantastic. He was right - he DEFINITELY knew how to cook! I had put a CD in the stereo to give some background noise and even set a couple tall candles on the island where we ate, to give a little romantic touch - as if it needed any.

I wanted him to start seducing me so bad, it almost hurt! Usually, guys would be all over me by this point, and I even thought that he wasn't interested in me sexually, but then he'd pop off with something goofy and so unexpected that I would burst into tears from laughing so hard. We'd be talking about baseball, for instance, and he'd look at me all serious and say: "So, do you masturbate often?" Naturally, I would blush and be totally embarassed, knowing the only "right" answer was to admit my obsession with my body, and open myself up to more of his teasing. I'd say, "No, not really. You?" And then he'd totally make fun of me by telling me to get my mind out of the gutter! I mean, he was so 'off-the-wall', and kept me on the verge of laughing so hard, it sometimes hurt to breathe! I could go on and on, but let's just say that it was the best 'date' I'd ever had, and it wasn't even close to being done!

I helped clean everything up after dinner, even playfully swatting his ass after he'd purposefully bump in to me and other silly stuff, keeping the mood very playful and driving me wild with lust. I even intentionally brushed my tits lightly against him as I moved past him while carrying dishes to the sink, sending a subtle wave of pleasure right were I wanted him to be touching me. I wanted him, bad, but he stayed just out of reach and I was getting flustered as my panties got more and more wet.

We were sitting on the floor in front of my stereo going through my CD collection and I kept noticing that he would wince every now and then. I asked if he was okay, and he said that he was in a car accident several years ago and would occasionally get a pinched nerve in his neck. With all the playing he had been doing with the band lately, he said it had been acting up. So, I did what any girl would do and offered a neck-rub.

"Oh my God, that would be fantastic!" he said, with wide eyes.

I laughed to myself at how cliche it was, but I somehow knew it was going to be anything but. He layed flat on the floor, face down, as I stratled the back of his legs, sitting just below his butt. I couldn't believe that I was about to get free reign over his back, getting to explore him just like I had been fantasizing about all day.

I started with his neck and shoulders, very gently. Man, they were tense! I noticed, however, that as I leaned forward, my pussy was rubbing against him. Soon enough, my clit was humming and I made it a point to gently rock back and forth at the same time my hands were going up and down his back so he (hopefully) wouldn't notice what I was doing. My God, it felt good! I said I would have better access if he took off his shirt, and to my pleasant surprise, he leaned up and pulled it right off! His back was actually pretty muscular, considering he never really worked out, aside from running around on stage and playing a guitar. The feel of his skin beneath my hands was really getting me going as I continued caressing his bare skin. I could feel my pussy getting nice and wet and hoped that it wouldn't give me away. I was probably grinding my pussy a bit too much, but it felt so good, it went from being a "hum" to a definite "buzz" between my legs.

I let my hands drift lower and lower each pass, until I was actually rubbing his butt muscles. He didn't resist, so I took that as a sign that he was enjoying the feel of my hands groping him. Being silly, he flexed his ass a few times, pushing me up and down and making me giggle even more. I was actually biting my lower lip, glad that he couldn't see me, and sat up a little more. Feeling his butt with my hands, the slow grinding I was giving my clit, and the sight of Chris half-naked underneath me was all it took. I sat up straight, nearly in the same position I would be in if I was fucking him 'on top' (which is my favorite, by the way!), and I couldn't hold back any longer. I bit my lip even harder to keep him from hearing anything as I came. I tried so hard to hold it back, which I think made it happen even more. Fully clothed and without even touching myself, I came. What a rush!

I couldn't tell if he noticed or not, but I just couldn't believe that he didn't. If he did, he didn't say a word and just kept perfectly still and quiet as a mouse for me. I'm sure that if the stereo wasn't on, he would have heard the few whimpers that came out of my mouth. As for the slight quivers, well, if he noticed, he just didn't say anything. I couldn't believe what had just happened, and I was almost ashamed of myself. I'm VERY glad he didn't turn around and see how flushed I was, and to keep him from doing just that, I gently leaned all the way down so my boobs were pressed into his back and whispered in his ear, "Was it good for you?" I was only half-joking, considering all the teasing we had done all night, but it was his reply that convinced me I had found the Knight in Shining Armor that I had been looking for.

"Mmmm! I love how it feels when you touch me..." He said. It wasn't even the way he said it - it was just that he said it with the utmost, heart-felt sincerity that just made me melt inside. I laid on his back for several minutes, letting my breathing return to normal and (hopefully) letting my face return to its normal color before I gave him a quick peck on the cheek and rolled off to let him up. He just laid there with a smile on his face and, I think, a "knowing" grin on his face. This was that uncomfortable moment of silence, and I knew that any second he would say something like "kiss me" or "let's get out of these clothes and fuck", as most guys do. Instead, he just looked in my eyes without saying a word, and it was me that broke the silence.

"I have to pee, I'll be right back." I said, as I shakily got to my knees, not really sure what else to do.

I darted into the bathroom and shut the door. I didn't really have to pee, but I needed a moment to collect my thoughts. "I just came in my shorts while grinding my pussy against his butt and giving him a backrub. He's the sexiest guy I've ever been with and I don't want this night to end! He even made me cum without me taking my clothes off! What the hell!?" This had me in such a tail-spin, and the only things that were clear to me, were my "naughty" thoughts and fantasies, now becoming more and more vivid. This, naturally, did nothing to "help" me out in my current situation: The hottest guy on the planet (to me, anyway) was in my living room with his shirt off. He teases me relentlessly, keeping me on edge, and my kitty was purring like mad as a result! I swear, that if I wasn't wearing panties, my girl-juice would be running down my legs like a faucett. What's a girl to do!?

I finally convinced myself to see just how far this would go. The worst that would happen, is that he would think I was a slut and leave. At the very least, I already had a good orgasm and he made a really great dinner. Or, we could fuck, and when he got real famous, I could tell all my girlfriends that I fucked him BEFORE he was famous - not that they would believe me, but who the hell cares. But, if I played my cards right, however, this could be something a lot bigger than just a one-night stand.

I knew that he loved looking at me and undressing me with his eyes, so I figured I would really give him something to look at, turning the "heat" up even higher. I couldn't believe I was about to do this...

I looked in the mirror and checked my boobs: my nipples were nice and hard, easily visible poking underneath the white cotten of my tee shirt, and tingling like crazy. I pulled on the front hem of the shirt and tucked it all they way around into my shorts, effectively pulling the neck down so that almost the entire top of both boobs were visible. I barely had any tan lines, until you got real close to my aerola, so they looked nice and well-tanned. I knew that if I leaned forward, he'd get a clear shot of my tits and (hopefully) my nipples, which were unrestrained by the bra I took off earlier. I also knew they were more 'free' to jiggle around as I walked or moved. I reached in my shorts and adjusted my wet panties so they perfectly hugged my pussy lips. Even though they were pale blue, they were very sheer and you could almost see through them - especially since there was a big wet spot that spread all up and down where my slit was. I then pulled my shorts a bit tighter than they were, so that if anyone looked, it wouldn't leave much to the imagination. Like I said, I'm not an exhibitionist, but having Chris look at me with that hunger was going to drive me wild, and I hope it would have the same effect on him!

I walked back to the living room with a little extra bounce in my step that caused my boobs to bounce and have a slight sway with every step. I immediately saw his eyes lock on to my chest, and then quickly get a peek between my legs before I turned away from him towards the kitchen. I grabbed my purse and keys and said, nervously, "I think we need another bottle of wine. Can you drive to the store?" (I knew that when I batted my eyes just right, guys would do anything I asked).

"Sure, hon." He said, standing up and putting his shirt on.

I smiled when he called me 'hon', partly because it was nice, but partly because it actually felt good to think that I was HIS 'hon', at least for the evening. I stared in awe as he pulled his shirt back on, fully admiring his chest and flat tummy.

"What was that tattoo I saw on your back?" I asked, remembering the artwork on his shoulder blade.
"Oh, that was just something I did a while ago. I drew it myself and had the tattoo artist transfered it into an actual tattoo. It's a guitar with flames coming off it." He explained.
"That's really cool - I've never seen anything like it. It's sexy!" I added, hoping he'd get the hint.

He didn’t seem phased in the least, but I could already feel the tensions rising even further than before – especially between my legs. We stepped out in the cooler nighttime air, reminding me that I was wearing fewer clothes than before. I was so incredibly nervous, it was making me more and more turned on with each step - I guess my thighs were rubbing my pussy lips which, in turn, were caressing my engorged clit from both sides. Additionally, I'm sure, my thong was helping this out by being pressed so snug against my lips and my slightly protruding clit. I felt that if I had to walk any sort of distance, it would be a problem, for sure!

I changed my tactic a little bit as I climbed in to his Jeep, stepping up with both feet and sticking my butt out before sitting down. I KNEW he was staring at my ass; I could feel his eyes all over me. He hopped in, started it up, and we again headed down the street towards the 24-hour super-store. It was already past closing time for the grocery store, so the giant retail mega-store would have to do, and would serve my purpose VERY well.

It was only a fifteen minute drive, but it was a LONG fifteen minutes! Even in the darkness inside the car, with my hair blowing in the wind, I kept seeing him out of the corner of my eye, checking me out and staring at either my thighs or my tits as they moved while we drove. (the top on the Jeep was still down, to which he again teased me by asking if I like "going topless", and again we both turned red and laughed like nervous school kids on their first date).

We pulled in to the parking lot and I waited for him to open my door. My heart was racing, knowing what I had planned and anticipating the effects on him. Again, I took my time swinging my legs apart in order to step out. His face was slightly red as he knew I caught him looking, right between my legs. I kept a big smile when I finally stood up, facing him. I knew I was flush as well, being so extremely turned on. I bit my lower lip (gently and a bit suggestively) as he returned my smile with a little raise of his eyebrows. I knew I was having an effect on him, and it turned me on beyond belief!

When we got inside, the Greeter handed him a hand-held shopping basket, and I led our way to the toy aisle where all the games were. The aisle was empty, so I took my first opportunity to test my plan.

I stopped, pretending to be interested in an item on the bottom shelf. “Ooooh, look! I remember playing this as a little girl!” I said, bending over and aiming my butt right at his face. I wish I could have seen his expression, because I could feel his eyes burning a hole on my ass. I stayed like that for just a few moments longer than necessary, to make sure he was looking right where I wanted him to.

When I finally stood up and looked at him, he eyes were as big as saucers and he had to quickly pick his jaw up off the floor. He smile sheepishly, looking like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. It was so cute! I just smiled as innocently as I could, pretending that nothing had happened, except that I was as horny as I’ve ever been in my life.

I turned and walked the last few feet to where all the decks of playing cards were displayed, with an extra little bounce in my step. I was on a different plane of existence, one of pure pleasure and sex. Everywhere I looked, I saw something sexual or intimate. It was like I now had a heightened sexual awareness that I never felt before. Leading me into this incredible playground of forbidden pleasures, was Chris. I grabbed a deck of cards, dropped it in the basket, and with a smile I walked away so he could look at my ass some more.

Stepping out of the toy aisle, we had to snake our way to the opposite side of the mega-store to the grocery area, so we could get another bottle of wine. We hadn’t had that much to drink to begin with, but we were both a bit more uninhibited than we had been, earlier in the day.

I could still feel his eyes on my butt and those cotton shorts that were really showing off my cute little ass. I saw my next opportunity to give Chris a tease just as I started to see some of the looks that other customers were giving me. They were subtle, of course, but I could see the guys staring at my tits as they moved and swayed as I walked, and even caught a few girls looking as well. I ignored them, as my “show” wasn’t for anyone but Chris. I had to remind myself to be careful, as I didn’t want to give anyone else what I was giving to my Beaux.

I had led us into the area that sells women’s underwear. I quickly scanned through all the “boring” stuff that I would never consider wearing, all the “granny-panties” and 2-year-old sleepwear until I came to a small rack that had several different thongs and “subtly-naughty” under-things (after all, this WAS a family-oriented store, so they didn’t sell anything too risqué).

I stopped, and Chris was right next to me, shifting his weight back and forth, obviously out of his element. I picked a pair of panties that weren’t quite a thong, but weren’t a ‘brief’, either. They were light pink and had a cartoon-ish looking pussycat right on the crotch. Above the pussycat were the words: “Hello, Kitty!” – an obvious reference to the popular children’s products. I held them up to Chris and said, “These are cute! What do you think? Would they look good on me?” As I said that, I held them in front of me against my hips, as if to see how they would fit. I could tell he was nervous, and his face was bright red with a wide-eyed and nervous smile that made me giggle.

“Uhm…er…uh…yeah! I think you’d look alright in them. But, it depends on whatever else you aren’t wearing at the time.”

He added that last part with a serious look on his face, as if was genuinely concerned. But then again, he referenced what I “wasn’t” wearing, and his emphasis on “alright” was said, I know, as yet another way for him to tease me. It took me a second to realize he was kidding, which was confirmed by an obvious twitch in his groin.

This time, it was me that started blushing. I opened my mouth to say something, but it was like he called my bluff. I was embarrassed, and another wave of pleasure washed over me, giving me wonderful tingles in my pussy!

As I hung the panties back on the peg, I noticed another young and very good looking girl looking over at Chris. She had “that” look in her eyes, much the same way I did when I first saw him. I knew what she was thinking. I don’t think Chris saw her, as he was a bit…preoccupied. I’ll admit that I do get jealous and a bit possessive with my boyfriends, but watching her and knowing that she wanted his cock inside her, really – really – excited me!

Grinning from ear to ear, I gave Chris another wiggle of my nose and a wink, and we headed off towards the wine aisle. The redhead that was checking Chris out looked at me for a moment, I guess to see if I caught her and was getting pissed. I winked at her and kept walking. I felt like such a slut, even though we hadn’t done anything! I was so horny, I don’t think my feet were actually touching the ground.

Everywhere I looked, there was sex… the bins filled with new pillows made me think of jumping on the pile, naked, with Chris. The other racks of clothes made me think of hiding inside of them and sucking Chris’s dick while he pretended to look at the clothes on the hangars. Even the shoe aisle made me think of wearing “fuck me” pumps WHILE Chris fucked me. Getting close to the grocery aisle, there was a reach-in cooler stacked with eggs and other perishables, which made me imagine Chris bending me over the cooler in front of everyone, and fucking me senseless. Good GAWD I needed to be fucked!

I stopped to “innocently” look at a bottle of wine on the bottom shelf. I squatted down so my butt was resting on the back of my ankles and let my knees naturally open up so Chris could look right at my crotch. I kept my eyes on the label so Chris could look without me catching him. My shorts, already a size too small, rode right up tight against my lips. I knew my pussy was soaking wet, and I had no idea if it was showing through my shorts or not. The rush I felt, however, was intense! I was being so naughty, right in front of Chris’ eyes, and I could actually feel his eyes on me. I let my right hand slowly and innocently caress my inner thigh, pushing the hem of my shorts just a little higher. I knew he was watching every move I made – almost like he was hypnotized. I cracked a smile, thinking of the power I actually had over him, but remembered HE was the one with the power over me – otherwise, I’d never be doing this to begin with!

I stood up after a moment, not bothering to pull my shorts out of my twat and, I’m sure, sporting quite a camel toe. I twirled back around and we finally settled on two more bottles. I didn’t dare try anything else, so as not to let him think I was doing it intentionally (which I actually was). After all, I still really didn’t know what he was like, sexually.

We made it to the front of the store where all the cashiers were busy doing their thing, but not without noticing the subtle looks and glances either at me, or Chris. It was…magical. I mean, guys (and girls) look at me all the time, and I’m sure that Chris knows that he gets gawked at as well, but in my heightened state of awareness, It was like it was EVERYWHERE, just like how everything was reminding me about sex. I can’t explain it, but the humming I felt earlier on my clit was now buzzing, and it was getting harder and harder to walk.

Standing in the checkout line, however, we were a bit more shielded from view which gave me a few more opportunities to tease. The cashier was a young girl, possibly in her late teens or early twenties. She saw us standing in her line and flashed a brief smile while continuing to scan the mountain of items on the belt from the person in front of us. I noticed her look a few times, and I really didn’t mind if she was looking at me or Chris. Oh, I knew that Chris saw her and took a moment to check her out, and that was just fine by me.

Since I was standing behind and slightly to Chris’s side, I “accidentally” brushed my tit against his arm. I can’t tell if he noticed the touch or not, although he did crack a slight smile without saying anything. My nipples were just as sensitive as ever, and the combination of pleasure from the wave of eroticism that washed over me and the fact that I was doing this for the first time in public where I could get caught, was such an incredible thrill that I cannot describe it in words! My knees were weak with how much fun I was having.

I pressed my boobs against him and whispered in his ear: “She’s kinda cute, huh?” It was funny, how he reacted…

“Wha? Her? Oh, yeah, I guess so. I bit young for you though, don’t you think?” He said.

Damn! He did it to me again! I wanted to get him to stammer or blush, or something, but I couldn’t do it! I had no idea what to say or do, so I took a breath and laughed it off while turning six shades of red that I’m POSITIVE the girl behind the counter saw.

Just then, knowing I only had one shot at it, the couple ahead of us in line finished paying for their stuff and started walking away with their cart. Chris stood facing the counter and the girl, making some kind of friendly and idle chit-chat. I standing on his left and leaned against him, with my right hand on his left shoulder, leaving my left hand free. I stared right in the girl’s eyes and just below the level of the counter and out of eyesight, I reached down and squeezed his cock while he was in mid-sentence.

Holy cow, he was a handful! I immediately felt his body tense up, and the look of surprise on his face was priceless! It took a moment for the cashier to notice, which made her eyes open up in a bit of shock as she tried to ignore what she was sure I was doing right in front of her. Chris swallowed, but continued his conversation like nothing was different, although we could both see the cashier a bit red in the face.

I kept my hand there – I couldn’t pull away. The heat coming off his “package” was almost as sexy as the feel of his meat beneath my hands. I gripped it, slightly, to try and get a feel for its heft. I think I was salivating like one of Pavlov’s dogs, but instead of a bell, I was anticipating what it would feel like to wrap my lips around his cock as he filled my throat and shot his load into my waiting stomach!

It only took a few moments for all our stuff to be scanned, so with a gentle squeeze and a kiss on his neck, I released my hand. Chris paid for our purchases and with my arm in his, we headed back to the car with a bit of urgency in our step. I could tell that my antics had affected him, and hoped we were heading back home to finally release the incredible amount of pressure that was building between my legs.

Climbing back in the Jeep, I again made it a point to take my time and open my legs to give him a good look at my “sweet spot”. By this time, I was certain he had figured out my game. He didn’t bother to hide the fact that he was staring at my pussy, and I did nothing to stop him! As he walked around to the driver’s door, I quickly adjusted my shorts to pull them tighter against my soaking lips and buzzing clit, letting the already-short hem of my shorts rise about as high as I could get them. Again, I positioned the seat-belt between my tits and admired just how easily you could see my nipples, which seemed to have been hard for well over an hour now.

The ride back to my house was more quiet, although the radio was on. I picked up my left leg and tucked it underneath my right, effectively keeping my legs apart. I had also managed to turn in my seat slightly to the left, so I was leaning more on the doorframe. This allowed my left leg to be very close to his hand that he “conveniently” left on the shit-lever on the floor. I was also able to keep looking at the now-large bulge in his pants.

With all my teasing and the rush of being more “naughty” than I’ve ever been before, it was all I could do to keep myself from jumping him right there in the parking lot. I was more turned on and certainly more horny than I’ve ever been in my life! My pussy was not just buzzing, it was throbbing – begging me for a release, even from just my own hand if necessary.

I didn’t care if he caught be undressing him with my eyes or not. All I wanted was that hard cock deep inside of me, filling me up. I wanted to look in his eyes as he came. I wanted to feel his cum pouring down my throat, dribbling out of my mouth and all over my face, neck, and tits. I wanted to see his face buried between my legs and glisten from my own cum-juice.

Smiling, I gently grabbed his hand and put it on my leg. I positioned his hand so that his fingers reached down along the inside of my thigh. Every bump in the road, I would “encourage” his hand higher on my thigh and before long, he was right at the top of my legs and actually touching my pussy. I’m sure he could feel the heat, if not the growing wetness! He was smiling, and I was sure that he knew exactly what I was doing and what I wanted! I was just hoping that he wanted me as much as I wanted him, and when we got home, to let the real fun begin!

The sexual tension was so high between us, you could almost feel it. I could see the outline of his cock in his pants now, resting along the inside of his thigh – the thick meat clearly visible. I think I even saw it twitch a few times, although I couldn’t be sure in the dim light of the car. I turned away and looked out the window as I fantasized about taking a road trip with him and sucking his cock while he was driving for the entire trip, even letting the passing truckers watch.

The drive home was the longest fifteen minutes in my life. My plan, once we got home, was to push this to the next level. I was already doing things that I never thought I’d do, but I have never been so incredibly hot and turned on before! I couldn’t wait to get home and jump him, but I didn’t want these feelings….this high… to ever end.

As much as I could predict what was about to happen, I really had no idea what was in store for me.

I almost held my breath as we turned down my street and into my driveway…
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