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A regular day ends in an unexpected manner for John while he is going home after school with Jenny...
The school bell rang. Another day had come and gone. As John packed his stuff, he noticed his friend Jenny coming to him.
"Hey, John. Ready to go home?", she said.
"Sure, let me just finish packing, I'll be ready in a second."
John had known Jenny for a few years now. They were in the same class and usually went home together, as their houses were in the same direction.
John was an average guy. He had a baby face, so many of the girls he met thought he was cute, but he never had a girlfriend. Maybe the fact they thought he was cute made girls think he was unsuitable for dating, or something, he thought. Jenny wasn't considered to be the most beautiful girl in class by most guys, but she wasn't ugly. The wore glasses, which gave her a sort of sophisticated look, and she wasn't very tall. She was about 5ft tall. Her hair was around breast-length and straight.
John and Jenny were just friends. They had never shared a relationship or anything. However, John wasn't happy with that. For some time now, John had grown feelings for Jenny, but he was unsure of how she would react if she knew. Not knowing what he should do, he didn't make any advances as he was afraid he'd lose her trust. So today he would just walk home with her as normal, not trying to win her or anything, just trying to act decent so they could keep their current relationship.
As they started walking home, they started talking. They talked about school, friends, classmates, tests, parents, neighbours, personal lives, whatever. The contents of their conversation weren't important to John, the conversation was. John loved to just be with her, to be able to live this half hour of his day alone with her. As they walked, he admired her. Her deep, brown eyes, hiding behind her glasses ocasionally made contact with his, making his heart skip a beat. Her sweet, moist lips moved as she continued to talk to John about her life. But John could only think of how delicious they seemed and how he wanted to kiss them.
Then his eyes started to go lower, and he noticed how sensual her breasts looked today. He had always thought she had admirable breasts, not exaggerated but pretty decently sized. She had a perfect proportion, to add to the list of perfect things in her body.
"Watch out!", she shouted.
"Whoa!", he thought, as a car had nearly just ran over him.
"Is something on your mind? You seem awfully distracted today.", she said.
"No, it's nothing, really."
"Make sure you don't hurt yourself...", she said. He blushed.
They kept going. Soon, they reached Jenny's house, and John's happiness soon disappeared. His day was now over, as in a moment he would wave goodbye to Jenny and only see her again in 12 hours.
"Hey, do you have anything to do today?", she asked, unexpectedly.
"Who, me? No, I guess not, why do you ask?"
"So... do you want to come in? My parents won't be home today..."
"What? Jenny is inviting me in? Maybe I really did die when the car nearly hit me...". All these thoughts went through his head, as I noticed this was probably the luckiest day in his life. And to add to his luck, his own parents would also only be home at around midnight, meaning he had enough time to do anything he wanted in Jenny's house.
"...Are you sure? May I come in?", he asked, hesitantly.
"Of course! Come in."
"Thank you..."
He went in. It was the most beautiful house he had ever seen. Maybe that was because of the pictures of Jenny hanging in the walls and on top of all the tables. How beautiful they were!
"So, do you like my house?"
"Yeah, pretty nice".
"Okay, so what do you want to do now? Do you want to watch a movie with me?"
"That would be nice, yes."
His lucky day, indeed! Watching a movie with his crush, alone in her house? Hitting the jackpot was nothing compared to his current situation.
"Let's pick one from over there", she said, pointing to a big shelf filled with DVD cases. They moved near the shelf and started searching for an interesting one, but they couldn't decide on one. So Jenny made a devious smile and said: "Wait here..."
John sat on the couch in front of the television as he waited for Jenny, wondering what she could be searching for. As she returned with a DVD case in her hands, his eyes nearly popped out of his eyeballs. It was a porn movie! Sweet, innocent Jenny never ceased to surprise him. He also noticed she was blushing like a tomato... which, together with the DVD in her hands, made him very excited.
"Huh, okay, we can watch that...", he said, trying to hide his excitement.
As she got the DVD player ready, John noticed a bulge in his pants, which he tried to hide. He didn't have much luck with it, as her ass was staring him straight in the face, making the bulge grow larger. After a while, she sat on the couch near him.
The movie started. For the first time in his life, John wasn't minimally interested in the porn movie playing right in front of him, as all his attention was directed towards Jenny. He would pretend to watch the movie, then look at her. Sometimes she would look at him, too, making him blush and turn his gaze away.
After a while, she dropped her head on his shoulder, and he reacted by wrapping his arm around her body. He felt his heart beating at dangerous speeds, and nearly fainted on several instances. She looked really cute like that.
When he finally paid attention to the movie, the main female was giving a blowjob to the main male. He immediately started thinking about Jenny doing that to him... And his bulge grew again. He tried to hide it desperately, but to no avail.
"I see you like the movie...", she said, with a flirty smile on her lips.
"Huh, yeah...", he replied, nervous.
"Hey, John..."
"Look at me, please", she asked. John complied, and as soon as he did it, he felt something sweet and moist on his lips. Soon he realized what Jenny was doing to him, and started kissing her back.
"...I love you, John. I have loved you for a long time... I... I hope... I hope you don't hate me for this."
"No, I don't hate you, Jenny... In fact, I love you too. I was afraid you'd reject me, so..." He was interrupted by her sudden kissing. He now believed he was in heaven.
"...Really, John?"
And he started kissing her passionately. All this time waiting for this moment built up a lot of energy, which was being released now as their lips and tongues danced furiously, not letting go. They had now forgotten about the porn movie, and were just thinking of each other.
Her hands started rubbing his chest, which made him kiss her harder. He then held her tight in his arms, still kissing her.
They stayed like this for a long time, never letting go of each other. The movie eventually ended, and when it did, Jenny stood up, powered everything off and went back to hide the DVD again. She then came to the living room again, and said:
"So, do you want to go to my room?"
"Of course, let's go."
And they went to Jenny's room. She told him to sit on the bed, and so he did, while she took off her glasses and put them in a table nearby. Then she sat on his lap, and they kissed again."
"Oh, Jenny...", he moaned. After this, she started moving her hands around his body, and he did the same, keeping away from her more private areas. After a while, she reached for his shirt and took it off.
"Surprised?", she said.
"Well, yeah... Huh, do you want me to..."
"Yes, take mine off, too, please...", she said, in a horny voice. He complied. They kissed some more, and then she stood up and took her pants off.
"You take them off, too.", she asked, with a naughty smile. He took his pants off, and admired her body. How gorgeous she looked with nothing but her underwear and bra!
He stood up as well, and held her in his arms. Her skin felt really good touching his... So they just held each other for some time. After a while, she kissed him, and laid down on her bed. He laid down besides her, and held her body in his arms. He kissed her again, and rubbed her back, pulling her in.
"Oh, John...", she moaned. John couldn't handle it anymore. He needed more. So he reached for her bra, untied it, and threw it to the floor. Her breasts were as perfect as he had imagined, round and perfectly sized.
"Hmm... naughty boy!", she teased him.
"So I'm the naughty one?" he said between kisses.
"Oh, shut up and go down there, I know you want to.", she said as she pushed his head to her boobs. He lost control and started licking and sucking on them. With one hand, he felt her back, and with the other one, he held the boob his tongue wasn't touching. He just wanted this moment to last forever... but Jenny wouldn't allow her. Instead, she got up and kneeled in front of the bed. John sat near her.
"Remember the movie we saw?", she asked.
"Yeah, what about it?"
She didn't bother answering. Instead, she quickly took his underwear off and held his cock in her hands.
"Not a bad size, actually..."
"Yeah, it's--", he said before being shocked into silence by the sight of Jenny putting the head of his cock inside her mouth. She slowly started sucking on it, making John feel the most wonderful sensations he had ever felt.
"...That feels really good, Jenny...", he said, as she slowly increased the speed at which she sucked, as well as the amount of cock she took in her mouth. After a few seconds, she was already sucking on his whole cock, and then using also her hands to please him.
"Oh, Jenny... I love that.", he moaned, as he pushed her head against his cock.
"Oh, Jenny... Jenny..."
He felt the familiar tingling building up on his cock. He didn't want her to stop, but he was about to cum, so he had to stop her.
"Jenny, I'm about to cum...", he said, but she ignored him. "Jenny?", he repeated, but she just kept going.
"Jenny, I'm cumming!", he shouted, finally releasing his load inside her mouth, with some coming out. She then showed him her empty mouth, telling him she had swallowed it.
"Your turn to get some!", he said, and he laid her down on the bed.
"What?", she said, as he took away her dripping wet panties, revealing her hairy pussy. He then started rubbing her genital area, wanting to make her feel as good as he felt before.
He rubbed for a while, and then inserted a finger, feeling her wet vulva. Then, John located her clitoris, and started circling it, starting to lick it shortly after.
As John licked her clitoris and explored her body with his hands, Jenny felt the most pleasure she had ever felt. She soon started to rub her breasts with her hand, using another hand to push John in deeper. He took this as a cue to continue, so he kept going, gradually increasing his speed.
"Oh, John...", she moaned. He just kept going.
"Oh, John! I love this..."
"Oh, John!"
"Oh, yes! Keep going!"
"This feels so good! Yes!"
"OH, JOHN!", she shouted, as her back arched, with her having the most intense orgasm John had ever seen, even after watching all that porn at home. He took all of her juices in, and laid down next to her.
"Oh, this was so goooood...", she said, extending the word "good" in pleasure.
She held him, and they kissed for a while.
"So, do you want to do it?", she asked.
"Do what?"
"You know..."
"Oh... but we don't have a..."
"Don't worry", she said, as she grabbed a condom from a nearby closed."We have everything we need", she said, grabbing my now hard again cock.
She put the condom on his cock, and he climbed on top of her.
"As soon as you're ready.", she said.
He lost no time, slowly inserting his cock inside her pussy.
"Slowly now...", she warned.
He inserted his cock deeper into her pussy. As he pierced her hymen, she cringed a bit from the pain.
"Are you alright?", he asked.
"...Yes. Keep going."
And so he did. The ignored the blood, and he started pumping his cock in and out of her pussy again, slowly at first, but as she got wetter, he started to speed up. Soon, she felt only pleasure, no pain, and he could adjust his speed to his own liking.
As they were making love, they ran their hands across each other's body, feeling each other. He ran his hands across her back, her neck, and her breasts, sometimes resting on her ass, while she usually held his back. Sometimes they would kiss, but they would often break away the kiss because of a moan.
"Oh, fuck, John!", she whispered, forgetting all about manners in her delight.
"Jenny!", he moaned, as they kept fucking each other. "I'm almost cumming!"
"John! Yes, yes!", she screamed, as her body built up an orgasm.
In almost no time, the two came together, sharing an intense orgasm. Her body arched as she held on to John, and his cock spurt out loads of cum as he pumped in and out of her.
"Ah, that was great", she said, gasping for air.
"Yeah...", he replied, as he got off her and laid down on her side.
"...I love you, John."
"And I love you, Jenny."
After this, they laid down next to each other for a long time, their naked bodies embracing each other.
Afterwards, they started dating. They would use every chance they had to be alone, and fuck whenever they could. Their friends and parents never knew, but they were living the best time of their lives.

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probably the storie iv`e read on this site good job keep on writing please :)

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