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First attempt at incest, hope you like it.
I awoke with pounding headache, shouldn’t have had so much last night I thought. I got out of bed and looked in the mirror, besides the 5 o clock shadow I was sporting, I wasn’t looking to bad. I walked to the bathroom without putting my pants or shirt back on. Just as I was walking up to the bathroom door, it was pushed outwards and my sister, only wearing a towel stumbled into me causing us to both crash to the floor. As if by magic the towel fell to the side and there I was, my now naked sister sitting on top of my chess.

My sister was a very pretty girl, she took after our Mom, who was at the age of 42, down right defied the laws of gravity, but I’ll get back to that later, for now I want to explain more about my sister. She was a petite girl, only about 5 feet tall, I often joked about her height to her. She was in very good shape as she was a cheerleader, and often went to the gym. She has very pretty blue eyes, blond hair, and a lightly tanned skin. Her body caused more than just a few jaws to drop, she weighed at what I guess was just under a 100 pounds, very nice legs which led up to my favorite part, her gorgeous ass, very shapely and toned from the years of athletic activity. She had C cup breast that were very perky, she was by far the prettiest girl in our school. I got a lot of shit for not only her being so damn pretty, but also the fact that my Mom was in very simple terms, a MILF.

My Mom looked a lot like my sister, she was 5’4 and very pretty. My sister and my Mom attended the same gym, and often went together, my Mom often joked about how all the guys at the gym walked up to them and asked if they were sisters. She had long flowing blond hair, with a few gray strands that she often complained that I gave her. She had big breasts, DD at least, not as tight of ass as my sister had, but much bigger, which I liked. My sister and my Mom were often the subjects of my late night jerk off sessions.

Lying on the ground with my drop dead gorgeous sister on top of me did nothing but excite me, my dick was growing quickly as she got off of me. She quickly yelled at me saying how it was all my fault, she got off me and wrapped the towel around her naked body, and started walking to her room, she took one long look at me while I was still on the ground, my 8 inch dick was now standing at full attention, she looked me up and down and said, “Gosh you are such a perv Kyle” she then slammed the door behind her and I went to the bathroom to get ready for the day. I got in the shower and quickly lathered up my dick and started jerking off, images of my beautiful sister implanted into my memory. I finished quickly shooting my cum on the side of the shower, I took the removable shower head and washed it off, soaped up and got out of the shower and started dry off and took a look in the full length mirror we had on the back of the door. I wasn’t the best looking guy in the world, but was good looking enough to be considered good looking. I am about 6 feet tall, in good shape because of athletics, brown hair and blue eyes.

I wrapped the towel around my body and walked out the door stumbling onto yet another waiting person, thinking it was my sister, I said, “We gotta stop meeting like this.” The reply was, “what are you talking about.” It wasn’t my sister, it was my Mom, and it was my turn for the towel falling on to the ground and me being on top of my gorgeous Mother. I was horrified, my sister and I were often very open with each other, however my Mom was a very conservative woman. I had no clue what to do, so I did what any other 18 year old guy would do. I pushed off of her, my hands landing on her huge breasts, and scurried to my room but naked. My hands had just grabbed my Mother’s breasts.

I had no clue where all of this sexual prowess had come from, but my dick was now hard again. This time not because of my sister, but because of my Mom, I jumped into my bed and quickly jerking off, I was just about to cum when I heard a knock and the creaking of the door as it opened, “Hey, can I borrow your,” she didn’t finish. My sister stood at the door shocked, looking on me as the first stream of my cum spurting from my cock onto the awaiting towel. She quickly turned around and slammed the door shut.

I had no clue what to do. I cleaned myself off and decided to act as if nothing had happened. I walked downstairs to an awaiting family and dining room table, it was Sunday, and we always ate brunch on Sundays, so I sat down and started chowing down, hoping that the food would help subdue the effects of my pounding headache. Conversation was normal, the simple how is work and school, blah blah blah, I quickly finished and excused myself from the table. I went upstairs getting on Facebook hoping to find something to do on this summer night. I chatted up a few girls and my friend got online, I messaged him and asked if he was having anything tonight, he told me no, as it was Sunday and no alcohol could be bought, damn I thought, well looks like I’ll be hanging out at the crib tonight. I heard a loud splash outside coming from our pool, I looked out my window seeing my beautiful sister coming up from beneath the water.

I then watched as my Mom jumped into the pool landing close to my sister and started splashing her. I quickly threw my trunks on and walked downstairs to get in the pool. My Dad appeared as I was getting to the sliding glass door, he was dressed in a suit and had his suitcase and briefcase with him. “Hey bud, I gotta go out of town for business.” He told me, oh yeah I forgot about his trip. He was a hot shot lawyer who was going to his college roommates to help get him out of trouble. I made a point not to bring up why, because my Mom told me 2 nights ago what had happened and new it was a touchy subject as it was his best friend. “I’ll see you later”, he said as I said my goodbye and walked outside. Much to my pleasure, my sister and Mom were laying out now, trying to get a tan, wouldn’t be to hard I thought, it was a 100 degrees out and the sun was blazing.

“Hey hun, can you come rub some lotion on my back, I feel like I’m burning.” She asked.

“Anything for you Mom”, I said annoyingly, hoping to hide the pleasure I was about to get by rubbing my hands all over my Mom’s body.

“Hey! Mine too loser.” My sister told me instead of asking.

“Ask nicely and I’ll think about it.” I told her.

My mom was now on her back unbeknownst to what my sister would do next. She put her finger to her mouth seductively, and said “Please.” Elongating the word.

“I will.” I said with a smile. My Mom was first, I quickly grabbed the lotion and poured some of it onto my hands, inhaling the coconut smell, thinking how nice it smelt. I rubbed into my hands and started at my Mom’s shoulders rubbing the lotion in while giving her a massage at the same time. My Dad came out walked over and said goodbye and kissed my Mom on the cheek while I was rubbing the lotion on her skin, my Dad then left and it was just the three of us. I continued rubbing the lotion slowly running out of real estate, as I was now nearing her nice ass.

“Your legs too?” I asked.

“Yeah but first untie my strap, I don’t want any lines.” I quickly obliged untying it quickly, “oh and do my sides too.” I smiled. I rubbed more lotion onto my hands and rubbed her the spot where the strings were tied together, I then moved to her side, starting at her waist, waiting to see if it was ok to rub some into the side of her now bare boobs. When my hands moved up to her boobs, I waited for her to say stop, but instead she just sighed as my hands found the sides of her boobs, I rubbed and rubbed, enjoying each second of it. I got bolder and slid my hands under her boobs, and began to rub her breasts. My hands were completely enveloped in her breasts, I gently rubbed my fingers against her nipples causing her to sigh and say, “That’s enough, now do your sister.” Damn I thought, I didn’t even get to do her legs.

“Yeah and hurry!” my sister said. I squeezed more lotion into my hand and untied the strap of my sisters top without even asking, thinking nothing of it. “Hey I never said to do that, but now its untied you might as well.” She told me. I rubbed lotion all over her back, my hands then found the side of her stomach, I quickly put my hands on the sides of her perky breasts and began to massage them with my hands. She moaned slightly as if she was trying to repress it, I continued rubbing and pulled the same move that I had on my Mother and rubber her nipples. “Hey can you do my legs now?” my sister asked. I disappointedly obliged and moved down to her legs, starting near her tiny feet. I moved slowly up to her ass. I rubbed around the cleavage between wear her ass and legs met, causing her to moan a little bit louder now. I turned and looked at my Mom, she had her head facing the other, “You know son, you’re a very good boy for doing this.” My mom said. I told her thank you as I continued to rub lotion onto my sister. I got bolder and snaked my hands in to my sister’s blue bottoms. Instead of rubbing, I grabbed the two cheeks firmly into my hands and squeezed causing my sister to squirm, she turned her head and smiled, “Yeah thanks bro.” I continued to massage her ass, my right hand slowly creeping towards her pussy. I rubbed my finger up and down her slit, my sister squirmed and moaned. My finger now made its way into her pussy, causing her to moan loud enough for my mom to ignore it for being loud breathing. I looked to my Mom just as she turned and looked at me, I froze, keeping my hands down my sister’s bottoms.

She looked at me and smiled, and motioned for me to continue, taking her top and flinging it to the side of the deck. I was stunned, but continued to finger my sister, her head facing the opposite side of my Mom, not knowing my Mom was now watching. I continued on, working two fingers now into my sisters sopping wet pussy. My Mom stuck her hand down her bottoms and began to finger herself not taking her eyes off of us. Holy shit I thought. I began to pump my fingers in an out of my sister’s pussy. She moaned very loudly and turned around causing my hand to twist now into the front her bottom. She looked at my Mom and said, “Well looks like were busted.”

My Mom simply said, “Don’t stop.” And continued to finger fuck herself.

“Fine by me.” I said. My sister replied, “Well if you’re okay with it.” I continued to finger her, with more intensity, I brought my mouth up to hers and began to kiss her, one hand in her pussy and the other on her breasts fondling them. My Mom turned and said, “Eat your sisters pussy.” I quickly obliged putting my mouth onto my sister’s awaiting cunt. I licked around her lips, and slowly pushed my tongue into her pussy. It tasted amazing! I continued to lick her pussy and began to finger her, she squirmed with each movement of either my tongue or fingers. “I’m gonna cummmmm, brooooo.” She told me loudly. I ate her pussy with more tenacity and began to finger her faster. She gasped and her pussy started flooding with her juices. I lapped up all that I could, nearly drinking her juices, it was coming out that fast. She put her hands onto the back of my head, pulled my hair, and pushed my face harder into her pussy, still not breathing from her orgasm. It finally subsided, and she laid back, my Mom looked and said, “Now what a good boy, you deserve a treat.”

She got down onto her knees, and motioned for me to stand up. I did so, and her fingers grabbed the sides of my trunks, yanking them down, she gasped and said, “Damn, you have such a nice big dick, if I would’ve known sooner, this would have happened much sooner.” And with that she plunged down onto my dick taking it all down in one gulp, causing my dick to hit the back of her throat with little resistance and slid down. She deepthroated my cock with one plunge, holy shit dad must be a lucky guy. I put my hands onto her head, grabbed her hair, and started to face fuck my Mom. She put her hands on my ass and let me fuck her face. I pumped in and out of her mouth, then felt a tingling on my balls, my sister was now underneath me and licking my balls. I didn’t last much longer and pulled my dick out of my Mom’s mouth, “I’m gonna cum.” I said.

“I want you to shoot it into your Mommy’s mouth.” She begged. She grabbed my ass and shoved her mouth onto my awaiting dick just as I began to cum, shooting streams into her mouth. I had the most amazing orgasm of my life. My Mom pulled off my dick, and turned to my sister, motioned for her to lay on her back, and slowly opened her mouth letting my cum fall from her mouth into my sisters. She then began to make out with my sister as they swapped my cum. I was in heaven. Two gorgeous ladies making out with my cum.

After they finished, my Mom turned and said, “How about we finish this inside.” I followed those two gorgeous asses into the house. Just as I slid the door shut I was shoved against the wall by Mom as she began to make out with me, we were all now naked. My Mom stuck her ass out seductively, and said to my sister, “Hey hun, you mine helping Mommy out.” She replied, “I’d love too.” And got down on her knees and began to eat my Mom out from behind. My Mom moaned openly into my mouth, grabbing my hair in lust, making out with me hard, forcing her tongue into my mouth. Given little time to recover, I was surprised I was hard yet again. “I want you to fuck me.” My mom moaned into my mouth. We made out the entire way to the couch, expecting to be on top of my Mom, I waited for her to lay on the couch, instead she pushed me onto the couch, and began to straddle my dick, hovering just above it as she began to rub her pussy. “You make your Mom so hot, I had always dreamed of this, but had no opportunity to.” And with that she dropped onto my dick, taking it all in. She was incredibly tight. She moaned as my dick hit the back of her pussy. She then began to bounce up and down on my dick, bracing herself on my shoulders, I saw my sister on the opposite facing loveseat, fingering herself while watching her Mom and brother fuck.

“Wanna join?” I asked motioning for to come join. My Mom’s big ass bounced up and down my dick, because of cumming earlier, I felt that I would be able to last quite awhile, I announced this fact by saying, “You guys are gonna have plenty of fun before I cum.” My sister walked over to us, I motioned for to come sit on my face. “Eat your sister out you dirty boy.” My sister then straddled my face, and I began to eat my sisters gorgeous pussy out, she had small landing patch of hair on her pussy which I failed to notice earlier, god damn she was hot. My Mom placed her hands onto my sisters back in order to gain leverage, unknowingly pushing my sisters pussy harder into my face. “Ohhhhh, that feels so good, gosh you are so good, eat my naughty pussy.” She said. “Mhmmm, your dick feels so good in your Mom’s pussy, it’s fills my tight pussy so much.” I continued to eat my sister out. I pulled my mouth off her pussy as soon as my mom asked, “Enough fun for me, you want him to fuck you?”

“Of course I do.” Was her smiling reply. My mom got off of my dick, my sister got off of my face, and put her hands on the side of her couch. “take me from behind bro, fuck me until I scream, I want you so bad.” She said clearly out of lust. She stuck her juicy ass out, I got up and pulled my hand back and slapped her ass hard, causing it just barely to move. Damn it was firm, she moaned with delight as I spanked her again. “Spank your sister’s ass, she enjoys it.” I looked at her questioningly, but ignored it and lined my dick up with her awaiting pussy. I met much much more resistance with her pussy than I had my Mom’s. I grabbed her hips and pulled her back hard onto my dick, forcing my way in. She screamed in pleasure, “It’s so big.” Was her only reply, I began to fuck her hard, sliding nearly all the way out and slamming my dick all the way down into her pussy.

My Mom positioned herself on the ledge of the couch and pulled my sister’s face into her pussy. “That’s a good girl, eat your Mom’s pussy.” She said. My sister moaned with delight as she was sexually fulfilled. My sister then began to wiggle her ass back and forth on my dick, possibly the most erotic thing I have ever seen. It jiggled slightly as it moved up and down my dig. She shook her ass from side to side now as she moved up and down it. I sat back and enjoyed the show. I felt an orgasm beginning to form as my balls began to tighten. I took charge and grabbed my sister’s hips and began to jackhammer as fast as I could. I said, “I’mmmmmm about to cummmmmm.” The only reply was, “Don’t pull out.” I obliged and continued to fuck her as my first wave of my orgasm hit me. I quit moving, keeping my dick buried into my sister’s hot pussy. My Mom began her orgasm screaming in pleasure, pulling my sisters face harder into her pussy, I then began to felt her pussy tighten on my dick and felt her shutter as her very own orgasm hit her. She began to wiggle her ass up and down my cock, causing my orgasm to lengthen. My cum shooting deep into her pussy. As I finished I grabbed her hips and held her still on my dick, and waiting there, we all stayed put in utter exhaustion.

To be continued?

Positive critique is nice, please don't bash, it's my first attempt at this kind of story.

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2013-05-31 17:47:15
Amazing! It was so erotic I had to stop and finger myself!

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2013-02-27 22:12:20
needs editing a lot of screwups that made the sex seem strange and unreal. there were a lot of times you had them doing things that were impossible like the mother putting her tongue in his mouth while he ate her pussy. delete and rewrite and use a good editor then write chapter two and soon you left a lot of plot holes in this story time to fill them properly.

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2012-03-04 05:21:55
Anonymous reader
2012-02-25 18:57:06
-It's spelled "favor" not "favour" if you're gonna critique a writer, make sure you can spell first otherwise you just come off as an uneducated ass!-

If you're in the UK or Australia, favour IS spelt with a who looks like an 'uneducated ass'?

Story-wise the premise was good....but you went from the mom being very conservative to basically telling her kids to fuck...there's gotta be a progression that's a bit longer than applying some lotion

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2012-03-03 01:29:33
Good Job. Part 2 Please.

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2012-02-26 23:29:56
Good story but take more your time and explain why they want to fuck

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