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This is a true account of how I lost my virginity. Although this is the second edition, it differs only from the first in that I have split the paragraphs to make it easier for you, the reader. I’ve added it to other categories as well. Please leave your comments. I appreciate the feedback.

This is the story of my first sexual experience, an experience that would shape my life as a man. It happened whilst I was on holiday with my grandparents, in the seventies, the days before internet. I spent a week in Devon (south England) with them, in addition to a fortnight with my parents. That time with my grandparents, though, was more than just memorable. I was almost eleven, and due to begin at senior school.

We had been at the caravan site for three days when I met Mary, who was a year older than me. She and her parents were staying in a caravan close to ours, and had met when our folks had got talking. She was a pretty girl with long black hair, and was very friendly – the kind of person who could talk about anything and everything.

On the second evening of our friendship, Mary suggested a walk to the beach, which would take us through a wooded area. Being a lad who enjoyed the outdoors I naturally agreed. Slowly ambling towards the trees, Mary began telling me of her friends back home, and of the things they got up to, making me laugh with her take on people she did and didn’t like. We had been walking for ten minutes when she asked me if I had received sex education at school.

“No,” I said, ‘but my mum told me a bit about it.’
Mary grinned at me. “I bet she didn’t tell you what fun it can be.”
“Fun? But I thought it was just for making babies.”

Mary giggled. “There is that, but it feels nice. Haven’t you ever touched yourself?”
“When I have a wee,” I said nervously.
Mary laughed out loud. “I mean, have you ever rubbed yourself?”
I felt embarrassed. “No.”

“Have you ever seen a girl’s tinkle?”
“Not properly, no.”
Mary stopped walking. “Do you want to?”

I had seen small naked girls on the beach, and I knew that they had a slit rather than a penis, but that was all. I felt intrigued, yet simultaneously scared. I didn’t know what to expect. “Yes.”

“You can see mine if you want, but we’ll have to go somewhere quiet. Shall we go down there?” Mary gestured to a footpath that led away from the beach that we were approaching. Seeing me nod, she led me along the path, telling me how many of her classmates just giggled during the sex education class, the boys being the worst.

After five minutes we found a small patch of grass with trees surrounding us, shielding us from view of prying eyes. Mary stood looking at me, her blue eyes twinkling in the evening sunshine. I suddenly felt nervous, wondering what she wished to do. Wearing shorts and a T-shirt, Mary looked so pretty.

“Right, if I’m going to show you mine, you’re going to have to show me yours. Have you ever shown a girl your willy before?”

Feeling worried that she would laugh, I shook my head. I had seen my friends penises, and had always thought them to be bigger than me. “No.”

Mary seemed to sense my angst. “Don’t worry. I won’t laugh. I saw my friend’s brother’s willy, and it looked funny, but I liked it. Look – I’ve never done this. I’ve only talked with my friends. I like you. You’re nice. I want to see one properly, but I can’t do this at home where people know me. Shall we show?”

I looked Mary up and down. I had experienced an interest shown in me by a couple of girls back home, but was too naïve to do anything about it. Mary had ignited something within me. Suddenly, I was overcome with excitement. “Okay.”

Mary glanced around, checking that we were alone. “On three, shall we show?”

Mary looked down at my shorts. I looked down at hers. She raised her shirt a little and undid the top button on her shorts, followed by her zip. I did the same. Mary said, “Shorts first. One . . . two . . . three.”

Watching Mary, I lowered my shorts, revealing my yellow briefs, and feeling stupid. Looking at Mary’s white panties, I felt a new excitement. The curve of her vulva and the groove in the centre excited me. I was looking closely at a real girl. I said, “God.”

Mary giggled girlishly. “I can see the shape of your willy. Briefs and panties now?”

“Okay,” I said, feeling something stirring in my loins. I didn’t know what it was or why, but it felt good. I couldn’t take my eyes off those white panties. I heard Mary count again, and she slowly lowered her panties. I did the same, gasping at the sight of her naked pussy. The feeling in my loins increased in intensity as I stood there with my small cock on view to this girl who had captivated me with her forwardness and friendship.

“Oooh, I like your willy,” I heard Mary say. “It’s different to the ones I’ve seen. The top’s purple. The others were pink and wrinkly. It’s getting hard as well.”

I took my eyes away from Mary’s body and looked down at my cock. Mary was right. It had gone hard and had increased in length. I vaguely recalled something like this happening once before, and I had been confused by it. I touched my small hairless cock. It felt good. I then looked back to Mary’s pussy, which had some soft looking black hairs growing around the little crack. I said, “You’ve got hairs.”

Mary chuckled and sat down on the warm grass. “I know. My boobs are growing as well. Want to see?” I nodded, and Mary lifted her shirt to reveal two small lumps, on which she had puffy areolars that were dark pink. She rubbed them and took the ends between her fingers and thumbs, twiddling them as if they were dials on a radio. I sat transfixed as the nipples in the middle grew, standing proud of the puffy areas. “Mmmmmmm. That feels nice.” Seeing me holding my cock, she said, “Can I touch your willy?”

I didn’t know what to say. Should I let her do that? Was it dirty? The feeling I got when I touched it was nice; therefore someone else touching it should be as well. “Go on, then.”

Mary, who had removed her shirt completely, knelt down, leaned forward and placed her hand beneath my small appendage. She then wrapped her hand around it and moved it up and down the shaft. I took a deep breath, astounded at how good it felt. “I like the squidgy bit on the end.”

Looking as fascinated by my cock as I was with her pussy and boobs, Mary squeezed my glans several times. “That’s fun.” With her other hand she felt my scrotum, which had a few wispy hairs on it, but nothing more. I felt her move one of my testicles.

Although it felt great with Mary touching, holding and rubbing me, I wanted to see more of her. I didn’t know what to say. “Er . . . can I see your . . . baby hole?”

Mary let go of my cock, which by now was rock hard and feeling unlike anything I had ever experienced. With her eyes firmly fixed on my erection she let go of me and lay down, placing her hand on the mound of her mons, gently pulling the skin upwards and letting it go. “My hole is in here.” Mary proceeded to open her legs, revealing the most incredible sight I had ever seen. I knelt there, transfixed by all the different shapes of skin. Placing her fingers on the large outer lips, she pulled them apart to reveal smaller bright pink lips that looked like pink petals. I gasped. With her pussy wide open she moved a finger down to the bottom, where the lips joined. “This is my hole. Your willy goes in there.” To my amazement she slid her finger into the hole, which looked wet, glistening in the sun. “Mmmmmmm. That always feels nice.”

Still holding my erection, I said, “Can I touch it?”

As I knelt down, Mary took hold of my free hand and guided it towards her soft looking pussy. Sitting up and looking down at herself she placed my hand on her vulva. “Put a finger in a bit, and then I’ll show you my favourite bit.”

“It feels funny,” I said in a state of wonderment. The tips of my fingers came into contact with the warm moistness where Mary’s finger had been.

“Do it gentle,” Mary said, her facial expression having transformed to one of excitement. “My friend Sally and me sneaked a look at her Dad’s dirty books. They show pictures of fingers and willies in the hole, and men spurting their sperm over them.”

“What’s sperm?”

“That’s what comes out of your willy. It mixes with the egg and makes the baby. You might not make sperm yet. I don’t make eggs yet. My periods have to start first.”

It was like Mary was talking in a foreign language. “Periods?”

“My tinkle will bleed every month. It doesn’t do it yet. Go on – put your finger in.”

I did as instructed, advancing my index finger into the wetness. I couldn’t believe how warm and soft it felt. I waggled my finger. Mary gasped slightly. Happy that I seemed to be doing it right, I continued. “Is that right?”

Mary’s eyes were closed. “Yeah, it is.” She opened her eyes. “Here – I’ll show you my best bit. This always feels so good and makes me jerk.” Looking down at her pussy, Mary removed my hand and put her own finger into that incredible wet little hole. She then removed it and ran her fingers along the lips that looked like crinkly pink petals, stopping when she reached the top, where they came together. There was a small light pink knob beneath a hood that she peeled back. “Put your finger on here, but be soft.”

Feeling myself shaking, I did as she said, my finger making contact with the small clitoris, though neither of us knew it was called that. “My button feels so good,” Mary gasped as I gently rubbed it with my finger. I noticed more fluid building up around her pussy opening. “In those mags, the men lick it. Do you want to lick it?”

I felt uncertain. I knew that girls wee came out from down there. “Won’t I be covered in wee?”

“No. My wee hole is further in. I’ll show you that later. That wet is me being excited, just like your willy going all hard. Go on – I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like. Lick my button.”

Uncertain of what to do I got down on all fours and placed my head between Mary’s legs, feeling their softness. Mary was holding her pussy open for me. Slowly I gathered up the courage and moved my face closer, smelling the natural aroma of her musty, yet sweet pussy. It was odd but nice. With Mary urging me on, I poked my tongue out and placed it on her button. She made a small squeal of delight. Sensing that I must be doing it correctly I wiggled my tongue across it, mesmerised by the way her little lips moved.

“Oooh, that’s nice,” Mary whispered. “Put your tongue where your finger was, and then back to my button.”

Once again I did as instructed. My tongue ran down the pink lips, coming into contact with the hole where my finger had been. Looking at the hole I could see juices bubbling. I touched them with my tongue. They tasted sweet. I was amazed. I thought it would be horrid. Invigorated by the flavour of her pussy juice I poked my tongue into the wet hole, causing Mary to whimper.

“Oooh, that’s nice. It feels good. It feels better than when I do it.” I looked up to see Mary squeezing her nipples. Her eyes were closed. “Put your finger in and do my button with your tongue.”

“Okay.” I carefully inserted my finger into the hole, moving it around as I moved my tongue along her lips and onto her button. Mary began moving her hips and thrusting her pussy into my face. The more I did the more she moved. She softly moaned, with louder gasps in between. I continued moving my finger in and out of her wetness, with my tongue circling the button.

Mary finally bucked her hips off the ground, her young body tensing up. “Aaaaaaaaaaah, Aaaaaaaaaaah, Aaaaaaaaaaah,” she went, causing me to wonder if I had done something wrong. With a final thrust of her hips she let out a small scream and closed her legs, rolling onto her side, leaving me looking at her and beginning to worry.

“Are you alright?” I said nervously.

Mary lifted her head and smiled, her face displaying enjoyment. “I am now. That was amazing. It never felt like that when I did myself. I thought my tinkle was going to explode.”

“I like your tinkle,” I said, watching Mary sit up.
“I like your willy.”

I looked down at my erect penis, which felt so good. I gripped it with my finger and thumb. “It feels really funny.”

“I want to play with it,” Mary said excitedly. “Can I?”

Aware of the exquisite sensation I felt when I touched it, and how good it had felt when Mary had squeezed it previously, I said, “Yes.”

Mary raised herself up, still kneeling. With one hand she rubbed the hair on her outer lips, while feeling her nipple with the other. “Lay down and I’ll make it feel nice. The women in the mags put the willies in their mouths. Can I try that?”

I lay down, nodding for her to do so. Mary positioned herself between my legs and put a hand on my cock, causing me to jump with pleasure. She then touched my scrotum with her other hand and began moving the first hand up and down, using her finger and thumb to encircle the hard penis. I watched as she moved her head closer, opening her mouth, which she placed on the tip of my cock, and slowly engulfed the glans. I felt myself tense up with sheer delight. The feeling of her warm, wet mouth on my penis was so intense. I watched in awe as Mary took more of it into her mouth and moved her head up and down. The feeling in my groin was increasing all the time. My hips moved involuntarily as the pleasure overwhelmed me. After about a minute, Mary removed her mouth and began rubbing the wet shaft with her hand. I could feel something within me beginning to happen. I laid there trembling as Mary alternated between her mouth and hand. Finally, the feeling became so intense that I felt a kind of a surge. My loins felt like they were on fire. I let out a loud moan and saw fluid jetting out of my pee hole. It happened several times as Mary continued stroking my erection, and I bucked my hips around. The hot juice had landed on my belly. I looked up at Mary.

“How did that feel?” Mary said, still holding my cock, which was beginning to go soft.
“Amazing. Brill. It was sort of . . . funny.”

Mary moved her hand off my wilting cock and laid beside me. “That was fun. I’ve wanted to do that for some time. It was fun holding a willy and having it in my mouth. I wonder what your juice tastes like.” Without another word she lowered herself down and began licking it. “It’s sort of salty and sweet. They are your sperm, but it’s watery. The pictures I’ve seen, it’s thick and white.” Once she’d finished licking the cum from me she said, “Tell you what, why don’t you kiss me, you know, like on the telly.”

Looking at her sweet lips I wanted to, but something was holding me back. “What, on the lips?”

“Yeah, like this.” Mary moved her head towards me and pressed her lips against mine. We stayed like that for a short while, with Mary moving her head slightly, the feeling on my lips being strange yet nice. I could feel my cock moving again, which Mary noticed and grabbed. It felt so good, with our lips touching and her hand where it was. Mary turned onto her back. “Lay on top of me and put your willy in my hole.”

“Yes, really. I wanna know what it feels like. Watch.” I moved back and watched Mary insert a finger, adding a second a minute later, groaning as she did so. “Go on, put it in, and then move in and out.”

I positioned myself between Mary’s legs and pressed my lips onto hers. My hard cock touched the soft hairs on her outer lips, the feeling sending a wave of excitement through me as I moved my hips slightly, feeling for her wet little hole, which I found and put my helmet against. Mary squeezed the cheeks of my bum and pushed her pelvis at me, my erection entering the warm, wet pussy. I gasped at the feeling, which was yet more intense than when she had sucked me. With the feeling becoming more powerful I began moving more vigorously, pushing all the way in as we kissed and moved together.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaah,” Mary said, pushing hard against me. “Keeeeeeeeeep going.”

I carried on moving in and out, beginning to get the feeling that I was about to cum again. “Yeaaaaaaaaaah,” I said.

“Uuuuuuuuuugh, uuuuuuuuuugh, yes,” from Mary.

I suddenly felt myself lose control and my loins exploded again. With a cry I pushed hard into her, pressing against her pussy as she cried out, wrapping her legs around me, laying there, panting and thrusting, her face screwed up with the intensity of our activity. We then lay there, recovering. Mary kissed me.

“That was more than brill,” I said, looking into those pretty eyes.
“It was. I love your willy.”
“I love your tinkle.”
‘Can we do this again tomorrow?’

“Yeah. Are we going?” I said, rolling off her and looking down at her engorged pussy and the juice that was running out of it. I scooped up the mixture of our juices and put my fingers into my mouth, Mary following suit.

“Yes, we’ll have to. We can do this again tomorrow, and maybe you can try putting your willy in my hole right at the start.”

“Yeah,” I said, pulling my briefs on, my cock still hard and poking out in front of me.
“I need a wee. Want to see my wee hole?”

I had always wondered how girls wee and where it came from. Excitedly, I said, “Yeah.”

Mary pulled her shirt on while I stepped into my shorts. Standing, she then moved her legs apart, and opened her pussy lips, pulling them up and pointing to the inside of her little hole. “Watch.” Mary’s face contorted as she stood there. A moment later a stream of fluid shot from the tiny hole she had pointed at. It streamed onto the grass, making that familiar pattering sound that I made whenever I peed outdoors, finally slowing and finishing with a couple of small squirts. She shook herself. ‘That’s better.’

“Cor,” I said, watching Mary step into her panties. “That was good.”
Mary beamed at me. “It was, all of it was. I can’t wait till tomorrow.”
“Me too. My willy felt good.”

“So did my tinkle. That was the best. Come on, we’ll walk to the beach and then straight back.”

Touching my still hard cock, I said, “Yeah, okay.”

So, that was the first time I experienced the wonders of a girl. For the next three evenings we continued to experiment, and I was disappointed when I had to go home. I never saw Mary again, but there were more adventures to come, some that I never would have thought of in my wildest dreams.

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2016-12-29 14:27:06
It was an exciting story. In my experience kids 2-3 years younger than those in this story know more and have done more than described here. These kids are unrealistically innocent for their age. Still a good story.


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2016-08-27 23:57:25
something like that happened to me. I was just a bit older

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Excellent story. Wish I had had a girlfriend like that at that age. I hade to cope with myself !

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Easy to read AND believable. More please.

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