Whilst fishing with my friend Gav, we had something of a surprise

This is a true tale. It involves homosexuality, so if you’re offended by this, please find another story. This happened in England, so I use words native to me, such as “wank”, which means masturbation. I hope you like this.

A couple of weeks after our initial encounters, Gav and I were more at ease with our newly discovered sexuality. Although we adored one another and couldn’t get enough of each other’s young bodies, we both said that girls were on our agenda’s, and should we acquire a girlfriend, we would continue to meet.

Now completely relaxed with one another, we would kiss and fondle whenever we could, and we even measured our penises. Gav, being just fourteen, transpired to have a five and a quarter incher, while I, being just twelve, was just four and three quarter inches. We were both of average size for our ages. Gav, who had a nineteen year old brother, informed me that he was six and a half inches. I wanted to see his brother’s cock, but didn’t say anything.

One afternoon, we were out in the country fishing at a quiet spot that Gav knew. I’d never been there. Gav had told me that in addition to the good fishing, the river was also excellent for swimming in, and knowing the place to be as quiet as it was, he suggested skinny dipping, which was something I had done before and had enjoyed.

We’d both caught a decent sized trout each, and were happy with our endeavours, laughing and joking, sharing the occasional kiss, although throughout the early part of our day we hadn’t touched one another’s privates. In a short space of time we’d learned that there was more to our friendship than merely wanking, sucking and fucking.

“Want a swim?” Gav asked as we reached a spot surrounded by trees and bushes.
“Yeah. I need a pee, anyway.”
Gav laughed. “You can pee in front of me, you know.”

“I know,” I said, pulling my shirt off and looking into his beautiful blue eyes, his dark curly hair waving in the slight breeze. “You sure there’ll not be anyone around?”

Gav quickly stripped off, standing before me naked, in all his glory. “I see someone now and again, but not often. Anyway, so what if someone sees us. I don’t care.”

Removing my briefs, I shrugged. “Me neither.”

Now completely naked, Gav sniggered. “You said you wanted a piss. Watch this.” He looked down at his penis and pinched the end of his foreskin, which suddenly began to grow, blowing up like a balloon. With a grin, he let go, and urine sprayed around, some landing on me.

Astounded by Gav’s action, and turned on by his warm urine touching my flesh, I said, “Can I do that?” With my penis being circumcised, it was something I couldn’t do. Gav had mentioned it previously, but I’d thought nothing more on the matter.

Gav’s cock had begun to grow. “Yeah, sure. I’ll hold yours when you have one.’ Standing in front of him, I eagerly moved my hand to his penis and gently pinched the end of his long foreskin, my cock instantly becoming erect when I felt his end fill with pee. “Now let go.”

I did as instructed, and let go, feeling his warm water spray over my hand and body. I’d never thought of peeing being sensual, but I was incredibly turned on. “Spray the rest over me.”

Gav moved forward and kissed me. “Okay.” Looking down at his now almost erect penis, he pulled his foreskin back and aimed at me, moving closer. After a few seconds he began to jet a stream at me, which hit my belly, pattering onto me as I stood there feeling so aroused it was untrue. When his stream hit my genitals I gasped, watching as the feeling in my loins intensified by the second, and I felt only disappointment when his bladder ran dry. “That looked so cool.”

“It was. I liked that. You want mine?”
“You bet.”

“I never thought that being pissed on would be nice,” I said, looking down at my erection, wondering if I’d be able to pee. Gav took hold of me. After a little concentration I slowly began; the initial flow being but a dribble, though it soon gained momentum and spattered against Gav’s belly and genitals. I looked up to see an expression of wonderment on his pretty features. Pleased that he seemed to be enjoying the sensation, I took hold of his hand, and aimed a little higher, hitting his chest before moving back down, watching his pubes becoming yet wetter, his cock twitching. When my bladder was finally empty we looked at each other, moved closer and kissed, our mouths opening and tongues entwining.

“Shall we have that swim?” Gav said, smiling.

I agreed and we made our way into the water, which after the hot midday summer sun, was incredibly refreshing. We used the time to talk and generally mess around as teenage young lads do. I continually looked around, worried that someone would come along and see us. A year previous to this I had skinny dipped with a group of eight boys; therefore I knew that this kind of thing wasn’t out of the ordinary, although back then I hadn’t wished to suck a cock. I had been intrigued by them, but did nothing about it for obvious reasons.

After ten minutes we got out and dried off, our erections having subsided during our swim. Whilst drying our smooth bodies, though, we began to feel aroused once again and our penises began to rise. I looked down at Gav’s erection, instantly wanting it. Looking around, I felt confident that nobody would be able to see us and reached down to Gav’s now fully hard cock, moving my hand back and forth. Gav smiled and lay back onto the warm grass.

I said nothing as I leaned over and took his length into my mouth, pulling back his foreskin and feeling his shiny glans upon my tongue, cupping his balls with my other hand as I pumped with my mouth, listening to his moans of pleasure. Within minutes he shot his hot semen into my mouth, holding my head, gasping.

“God, you’re good,” he said, smiling at me. “I want you now.” He was about to return the favour when he suddenly looked across to the bushes upstream, whispering, “Someone’s there.” He quickly pulled his shorts on, covering his now subsiding erection, and raced across, leaving me to cover my boner. I watched him approach the bushes, where he stopped and demanded, “How long have you been there?”

Having finally pulled my shorts on, I went across to join him, to see a young looking boy, who, looking frightened, said, “Only a few minutes, honest.” I figured the boy to be around the same age as me. He looked very embarrassed.

“Well,” Gav said, looking down at his groin, which had a small lump protruding, “you look like you enjoyed the show.”

The boy blushed heavily. “No . . . er . . . I just . . . saw you, that’s all.”

Gav looked to me. I shrugged. Gav turned to the new arrival and said, “If you wanna watch, come on over. You’ve seen most of it, so you might as well.”

“I ain’t a bender.”

Gav laughed. “Neither are we. We like girls as well, but we ain’t got girlfriends so we have fun together. I’m Gav and this is Dave. Come on, you might as well join us.”

“I’m Barry,” said the boy
“So,” Gav said, “if you’re not a bender, why have you got a hard on?”
“Well, I was going to make Dave cum, so if you wanna watch, you can.”
Sheepishly, Barry said, “Okay.”

We walked across to our spot and sat down, Gav pulling a bottle of drink from his bag and offering it around. “Come on, then, Barry, we’re all mates, so tell us why you were hard when you were watching us.”

“I don’t know. I suppose it’s because I’ve never seen other boys with hard dicks.”
“How old are you?” I asked.
Barry blushed again. “Thirteen.”

“I’m fourteen and Dave’s twelve,” said Gav, who wantonly pulled his shorts off, showing Barry his cock. He nodded for me to do the same, which I did, watching Barry’s expression, which was one of embarrassment. “Come on, get it out.”

“No, it’s okay,” Barry said, covering his crotch.
Gav reached across and grabbed my cock. “Look, we’re all boys, so there’s no problem.”

“No,’ Barry said, looking away. “I’m not very big.”
“So what?” I said. “Neither am I.”
Barry looked at my semi erect cock. “Yes you are.”

Gav shrugged. “Okay. If you don’t want to, don’t. I’m going to make Dave cum, so you can watch if you want.”

I lay down, and Gav moved his hand lovingly up and down my shaft, leaning across and placing his lips upon the end and taking it in his mouth, making me exhale loudly. I glanced across at Barry, who sat watching us, wide eyed. Gav began playing with my scrotum as his warm mouth fucked my erection, the feeling sending shivers through me. Gav removed his mouth and began stroking my wet shaft with his hand, and flicking the end with his tongue. I looked across to Barry again, who had his hand on his crotch and seemed to be rubbing it ever so slightly. The sight of the lad enjoying looking at my cock did something to me, and I could feel myself beginning to cum. Sensing I was nearing orgasm (he knew me well), Gav began wanking me faster, and seconds later I lurched my hips up and shot my first rope onto my belly, with the second shot reaching my hairless chest. Several more eruptions followed, before my cock began to dribble the remnants of my balls onto Gav’s hand.

“Blimey,” said Barry, who couldn’t take his eyes off the sight of my sperm, which Gav began to lick off me. “I don’t cum as much as that.”

“It doesn’t matter,” said Gav, who suddenly noticed Barry’s hand, which was still moving a little. “Why don’t you show us?”

“No. The boys at school laugh at my dick. I’m not as mature as you two.”

“So what?” I said. “We all grow differently. It doesn’t matter what you look like. It’s having fun with it that matters. I thought I was small till I met Gav. He told me I wasn’t.”

“Yeah, I’d like to see it,” Gav said genuinely. “We won’t touch you if you don’t want. You’ve obviously got a boner, so just let it all out. Look, my brother’s mate has a smallish cock, but his girlfriend loves it. She says sucking a big one is hard work.”

Barry looked at both of us in turn, seemingly realising that we were genuine. “Okay.” He then pulled his shorts down to reveal a pair of white Y-fronts, his erection clear to see. Biting his lip, he slid them down to reveal his penis, which was smaller than my own, although not by much. He had a short foreskin, because half is glans was visible. His glans, though, was large, looking too big for his narrow shaft. There were some wiry hairs on his scrotum, yet he was otherwise bald.

“I don’t know what you’re worried about,” said Gav. “I like it. Nice helmet.”
“Yes,” I concurred. “You’ve got hair as well.”

“Yeah,” Gav said, with his eyes fixed upon Barry’s erection, “we’ve got boys in my class, and they’re completely bald, and smaller than you.”

“Thanks,” Barry said, looking down at himself. He removed his shirt, to reveal a smooth chest with small nipples.

“Wank away,” said Gav, whose eyes were fixed upon the small yet beautiful penis. “I’d love to see you cum.”

Barry smiled, his embarrassment having waned. “Okay.” He wrapped his hand around his cock, and stroked the shaft, a dribble of precum appearing on the end and running down the shaft, becoming engulfed in his foreskin that moved with his hand. I so wanted to do it for him, but Barry clearly didn’t wish to be touched by another boy, so I left him to it and watched as he worked on himself. Watching him, I became hard again, as had Gav. Barry seemed to be enjoying himself, and varied the speed and length of his strokes, his cock continually oozing precum, which he used as a lubricant, rather than licking it from his fingers.

Minutes later his breathing became heavier, and he was looking at the cocks of Gav and I as he stroked his pretty penis. His foreskin was now fully retracted and he was nearing orgasm, wanking faster. Finally, he shot his cum onto his belly, looking at his cock with his mouth open, softly moaning. He launched a couple more shots of semi clear fluid before allowing his cock to fall onto his naval. He let out a satisfied sigh.

“Hey, that looked good,” Gav said. “I reckon you enjoyed that.”
“Yeah, I did. I’ve never wanked with anyone before, but it was alright.”
“It looked it,” I added.

Gav stood up, stroking his shaft. “Watching Barry’s made me horny. I wanna cum.”
I grinned and opened my mouth. “Wank it in here.”

Gav, who had been stroking his cock furiously whilst watching Barry, moved towards me and pulled his foreskin back and forth as Barry watched. I licked the precum off his smooth and shiny helmet and readied myself for a tasty mouthful, holding his balls, which had retracted, and seconds later he shot his thick sperm onto my tongue. Several spurts later he’d finished and I placed my lips upon the end, swallowing his wonderful seed.

I, meanwhile was wanking myself as Barry gazed on. I spit on my hand for lubrication. Barry seemed engrossed in our actions, so I decided to put on a show for him, standing up and looking at Gaz, who’d sat beside Barry, both of whom were watching my hand move back and forth, massaging my testicles with the other hand. Seeing that I was becoming dry, Gav moved closer, dripping his saliva onto my cock, which was becoming close to shooting its load. The feeling built up and I moved closer to Gav, who cupped my balls and opened his mouth in readiness for the imminent explosion, which came seconds later. I groaned out loud as I came, watching the pearly fluid enter my lover’s mouth, Gav wrapping his lips around the end and tickling the underside of my rod with his tongue.

Satisfied, I pulled my penis from his mouth and watched him swallow my produce. I then sat down opposite them, still holding my now subsiding erection. Barry, too, had hold of his cock, sliding his foreskin back and forth, his organ erect again.

“If you want us to do you,” Gav said to Barry, “just say.”
“Nah. I don’t mind wanking with you, but I don’t want to do what you do.”
“Fair enough,” I said. “It’s a shame, though. I like your cock.”
“Thanks. You two have made me feel better about it. I just wish it would grow a bit more.”
Gav smiled. “It will. Anyway, you’re hard, so make yourself cum again.”

Barry, having seen what I’d done with my saliva, spat onto his hand, pulled his foreskin right back, and began stroking as Gav and I both watched lustfully, enjoying the show. Barry massaged his small balls, moving them around, adding more saliva. He went, “Aaaaah,” as he wanked furiously on his large glans, occasionally glancing at the flaccid cocks of Gav and I, finally ejaculating and filling his bellybutton with the semi-translucent fluid, which he scooped out and rubbed into the grass. “Cor, that was good.”

“It looked good, Barry,” I said.
“Yeah,” said Gav. “I reckon your cock’s a winner.”
Barry pulled his foreskin back into its natural position. “Thanks. You two are cool.”

Barry stayed with us for the remainder of the day, during which time Gav and I sucked each other again, and Barry had a very long wank, stopping and starting, finally experiencing a gargantuan orgasm as Gav and I watched, both amazed by the size of his glans in relation to the rest of his cute cock. We finally went our separate ways, and we never saw Barry again. I’m sure that he developed into a fine man with an average sized cock. I sincerely hope he did.

If you have any comments, please let me know. I will reply to any messages, unless you’re a homophobic type who just likes to write abuse. Thanks for reading.

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2014-08-31 02:44:54
I love your straightforward writing style and what certainly appears to me to be the honesty of your stories. I can well remember many similar experiments in my young sexuality.

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my buddy had his cock so deep in my throat,when finish peeing in me, my stomach was very full. than he did it again after 2 cups of coffee,he fill me up again. i could hardly move. love it

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love sucking my buddies cock,lots of cum

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I'm 13, and I've got a larger cock than most people my age.

I've done alot of that stuff, but never pissing on one another...

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