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A story of humiliation, revenge and love based upon an actual event.
It’s best to be truthful. After several weeks of expressed anger and disappoint emanating from my wife for my not disclosing to her a financial decision that I made, events occurred that will forever remain in my memory.

Right after my wife discovered that I had made a financial decision without discussing the matter with her, tensions between us were great. All my attempts to find a way to show sincere regret and remorse and every attempt to apologize was met with distain and contempt. I stopped trying.

Then, a few, silent, tense and agonizing weeks later my wife laid out a set of written instructions to be followed to the letter or else! My first order was to shower, dry off and remain naked in the bedroom. After some little thought, I just had the sense that this was the beginning of her acceptance of my apology and I knew I had better do what she said I was to do.

When I left the shower and entered the bedroom, my wife was there and ordered me to stand, naked, in the corner.
“I know someone who needs some naked corner time!” she remarked. “You are not to speak a word unless you are spoken to. You will also call me Master.”
After a quarter of an hour, with all manner of thoughts running through my head, my wife handed me my wooden hairbrush and commanded that I spank my own ass! A few light smacks were not going to do it!
“You’re not leaving that corner until your ass is red and burning.”
I continued to hit my butt cheeks constantly being guided by her, “Harder! Harder!”

Finally, after the visual signs of weak knees and reddened ass were apparent, my wife whispered in my ear, “Now, how many times do I need to smack that ass of yours?”
“None,” I whimpered.
“None what?” I was asked.
“None, Master.”
“Well,” said she, “that’s not going to happened.”
“Two master?” I asked.
“Two oh,” she replied. “Twenty on each ass cheek might help me feel better.”
All attempts to protest were met with the words, “Tonight is not negotiable!” I felt in that tone the need to comply.

So there I was, nude in the corner, red ass in view and my wife feeling the need to make it worse; or brighter, as she put it.

So after forty additional smacks to my already bright red ass, with my knees so weak I almost collapsed, my wife, in such a loving manner says, “Now, stay there!”

After a few minutes, she returned. Then I felt small, deliberately placed marks upon my body. “Liar!” she whispered and wrote. “Bitch”, she whispered and wrote. “Cock sucking whore”, she wrote. A bulls-eye covering both butt cheeks was drawn and a large arrow pointed to the center, with the words, “Fuck this pussy!” And, as if that wasn’t enough, I caught the flash of the digital camera. “For my record and just in case I need to send it to your family and friends.” The words struck terror within me.

At that point I was ordered to turn around and get dressed in what my wife had placed on the bed. There was a black thong, a print camisole with matching panties, along with my jeans and sweatshirt.

“We’re heading for a shopping trip,” she spoke. “Let’s go. Now!”

Once at our nearby department store, I had to follow her into the departments she chose. She picked up a pleated, lacy white skirt, a satiny, spaghetti strapped top, a bra, size 36C (not her size), matching panties, thigh highs, black high heels and a Britney Spears type hat.

I began to feel a sense of what was to come added to my already uncomfortable state of humiliation.

When we were checking out, my wife whispered into my ear, “Won’t my bitch look good?” When I didn’t respond, the question was asked a bit louder. “Yes,” I whispered back. “What did you say” she asked? “Yes Master!” I managed to say loud enough to satisfy her and perhaps stir the curiosity of the checkout girl.

Admittedly, my cock was half way between being hard with excitement and flaccid with terror. Here I was wearing her underwear underneath my clothes and checking out of the cashier line with more of the same and only imagining what the night was going to bring.

Once at home, again I was commanded to strip and redress. This time I was to dress in the newly purchased items.

Again, I was ordered to stand in the corner. There I was, in black four-inch heels, thigh highs, white skirt, panties, bra and blouse. What could be worse or more embarrassing? I was soon to learn. Again and again the flash of a camera could be seen out of the corner of my eye.
“Lift that blouse, bitch, I need to see your bra!” Flash. “
“Turn around, pussy! I need to see that bulge in your panties!” Flash, flash.
“Face to the wall, cock sucking whore, lift up that skirt. I need to see that panty covered ass!” Flash, flash, flash.
“Get over to the bed, pussy licking, cock sucking slave and bend over!”
“Yeah, that’s it! Stick that ass out!” Flash, flash, flash!

Next, my wife stretched out upon the bed, spread her legs and commanded me to get between them. Through the material of her pants I felt a bulge where a slight, soft mound should have been. I was ordered to unzip her zipper. As I pulled the zipper down, I could hardly believe my eyes. There, attached to a black leather harness, was a caramel colored Cyberskin penis. I felt her hand grab the back of my neck and force my mouth to her cock.
“Suck on this, bitch! Oh, what a great cock sucker you are.”

Next, I found my mouth full of dick, my nose plugged, a gagging sensation in my throat and a desperate need for air. Finally she relinquished the hold on my neck and let me breathe again. She reached down between my legs and felt the tip of my cock. She squeezed the tip of my cock into her fingers. The next thing I knew, my mouth was being finger fucked with fingers dripping with my own pre cum. “Eat this you fucking slut!” I sucked and swallowed as my master commanded.

I was then commanded to lay face down and ass up on the bed. She removed my heels, and pulled off my panties. Besides the bites I was feeling on my ass, I felt the warmth of a liquid on my asshole. Then a finger was rammed into me. Then two. My moans and whimpers were ignored. Then I felt the full length of a dildo jammed into my by now gapping asshole.
“Slut likes to be fucked in her ass, doesn’t she?” “Doesn’t she?” “DOESN’T SHE?” “Yes, Master,” I wailed. “That’s a good little bitch,” she replied.

Then more Camera flashes. “I just may need these someday,” she said. “For family and friends, remember”?

“Now, turn over, bitch!”

Next thing I knew she was straddling my face. “You’ve proven yourself a cock sucker, now let’s see how you lick pussy.”

I moved her penis out of my way and began to lick her cunt. “That’s it, my nasty ass bitch, eat that pussy!”

Her moans grew louder the longer my mouth and tongue were on her clit. I could tell she was enjoying getting serviced. Soon, her body tensed. I could feel the muscles around her pussy contract and then the string of spasms that signaled she had reached a climax.

“You’re not done yet!” she whispered. “I need to ride that cock of yours!” She slid down and guided my cock into her waiting and wanting pussy. “That’s it”, she cried as she moved her hips to the rhythm she needed to cum again, “There, oh, oh….oh!” As my hand reached back and squeezed her ass, her convulsing, moaning and grip upon my body signaled yet another climax.

After a few seconds, as she slowly came down from her sexual high, she whispered, “I know my slave for tonight and from this day forward wants, maybe even needs, to get there!”
“Yes, Master!” I begged.
“Only if you agree, that from this day forward, you will submit to me on demand!”
“Yes, Master, I will submit!”
“Then get on your knees. That’s it. Now put that head on the bed with that ass sticking high.”
I did as I was ordered.
From behind I felt the cool, soft wetness of her tongue on my ass. Slowly she ran the tip down the small of my back, further down to the crack of my ass, then further still to my balls. Slowly, back up her tongue went. I could feel the grip she had on my ass as she spread my butt cheeks apart. Like a dart her tongue probed and prodded at my asshole. Then with her face buried in my ass, her hand reached under me and grabbed hold of my erection.
It wasn’t long before my explosive climax shot its load into her hand. But before I knew it, my mouth, lips and face were being smeared with my hot, sticky cum. “Eat this, you little, fucking, cock sucker and don’t you ever try to hide the truth from me again!”

When my breathing returned to nearly normal, she softly spoke into my ear, “Do you have words to say to me that will put an end to the matter that led us to what has just happened?”

“I am truly sorry for all of my actions and I promise never to make important decisions without your approval and agreement.”

“I am truly sorry for all of my actions and I promise never to make important decisions without your approval and agreement WHAT?”

“I am truly sorry for all of my actions and I promise never to make important decisions without your approval and agreement Master.”

“That’s better! I love you.”

“I love you, too, Master.”
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