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A story about a sex encounter in a Middle School Football Locker Room.
*This is my first story that I have posted. This story is made up and hasn’t happened it my life. I hope you all like my first story that I have published on here.”
It was a raining day and I did not want to get up for school. The alarm clock sounded and I just laid there for a moment day dreaming before I turned off the alarm. I got up and went into my bathroom to take a shower and get ready for school.
As I was getting ready, I remembered that we had a football game that night. Now, I didn’t really wanting to go. It was a going to be a muddy mess tonight. I only played football because I wanted to look at the hot guys on the team while they were getting dressed.
My mom yelled, “Hurry up! You are going to be late.” I went into my room butt-naked and got my clothes on. I went back into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and hair before I went downstairs to get my book bag.
Once I got downstairs, my mom was waiting in the car for me. I made sure the door was locked and off we went to school. It felt forever before we got to my school. I have in the eighth grade.
When we finally got there, I went into my class room and sat down in my seat. Great, it was math for first period today. Not a great way to start off the day. As I was sitting in Math class trying to get my mind off math, I was thinking about Tommy’s hot body and how I would love to get my hands on him.
(Tommy was a football player and was in the eighth grade as well. He was a tall guy, with blond surfer hair, and a body that would knock you out. I would say that Tommy was about six feet tall or more.)
Tommy was sitting right behind me and he noticed that I was day dreaming about something so he placed his hand on my shoulder and shook me to wake me up. I woke up instantly by looking back at him and said “Thanks! That was a close call.” (At my school, if you get caught sleeping, you would be sent to In School Suspension for the whole day and I would have been kicked off the football team.
Once Math was over, I went to the lunch room and sat right next to Tommy. Tommy was not eating and his hands were not on the table. But they were on his cock. He was rubbing his cock up and down. I pretended not to notice when he looked at me.
Then, I dropped a roll off my tray and it landed under the table. I waited for a minute and Tommy said, “Aren’t you going to pick it up?” I responded and said “Yes.” I crawled under the table. The roll was in front of Tommy’s cock. I seen the whole outline of it in his basketball shorts.
It appeared that his cock had been cut just like mine. He was huge just like I had dreamed about! I waited for a minute just admiring this beautiful outline of his cock before I came back up above the table.
When I came up, lunch was over and we all left to go to our class rooms. Again, Tommy was in the same class as I was going to, but this time, he was right beside of me. I should see everything that he did under the table. He looked at me and I was looking at him when the bell rung. He turned around and I noticed that he was getting a boner. I wished that he was gay and I was his boyfriend. I would have sucked that nice looking cock all night long. But, I knew that would be just a dream. A dream that wouldn’t come true.
He was trying to hide his big cock from students looking at it. He was so hot and sexy. I just started day dreaming again about how it would be like sucking a guy’s cock that was so big and so hot. The bell rung to go home. Well for other students, but the football players when to the football locker room to get dressed for the game that was in an hour.
As we got dressed, Tommy was texting someone on his phone. He had to sit out for this game since he was in In School because he cussed out another student because he was picking on another student. He went out to the field and met the coach and told him he would be sitting out today.
We all headed out in our uniforms and the game begun. In the first 3 minutes, I was injured. There was something major wrong with my foot. The coach told Tommy to take me to the old locker room and get my stuff and take me to the new locker room. He told him to help me get undressed and get my school clothes on and for us to stay there until my parents came. Tommy lived near the school, so he could walk to his house when my parents came.
Tommy agreed to help me and get me dressed. He helped me get up from the ground. He told me to wrap my arm round his back neck and for me to hop on the foot that wasn’t hurt. It took forever to get to the new locker room. When we arrived, the door was locked that way no students from the other school could get in and try to mess our new stuff up. Tommy unlocked the door and walked me in to the locker room and sat me down on a bench. He said, “Stay here while I run and get our bags and I’ll help you.” I responded and said “Thanks.”
It took him a while to make it back to the new locker room. Tommy came in the door and turned around and locked it like the coach had told him to do in case someone came in on us while he was helping me get dressed.
Tommy started taking off my shoulder pads. Once he got them off, he removed my shirt slowly. It was like he was surprised to see me without a shirt or something. Once I was shirtless, he unbuckled my belt and my pants and took them off. I was sitting their without anything on but my boxers.
Tommy told me to stand up and he said, “I’m going to take off your boxers and we are going to go shower.” I responded and said, “Okay.” (By this time, I had the biggest boner that I believe I have ever had. Tommy was getting ready to take my boxers off and see everything I had.)
He took off my boxers and was surprised at the size of my cock. “That’s a big cock you have there,” he said. I responded and said, “I bet yours is bigger.”
I was standing there butt-naked and he stood up and started undressing himself. When he removed his boxers, I was really surprised to see his cock! It was a good 6 ½ inches. Mine was only about 6 inches so his was way bigger. “See, you have a bigger cock.” I said. He was laughing and said, “So, you still have a big one. Now let’s get a shower.”
He helped me into the shower. He was behind me helping me walk. Where he was behind me, his cock was so long, it was touching my ass. I didn’t say anything because I was enjoying it.
When we got into the shower, Tommy turned on the shower and got a bar of soap and told me to come stand in front of him that he was helping me clean up. He started at my neck and worked his way down with the soap. My dick was throbbing when we was getting close. He went around it and down on my legs. Then when he was finished with my legs, it put soap on his hands and then grabbed my cock. He was jerking me off with the soap for about two times before he stopped. The water wiped off all the soap and Tommy was still sitting on the ground. He told me to turn off the water. I moved my hand toward the turn off switch and I felt a warm mouth on my cock. I returned and my cock came out of Tommy’s mouth.
“I’m so sorry Tommy. I didn’t mean for my cock to go in your mouth.” He responded and said, “I liked it.” He told me to stop talking. Then, after a moment, he took my cock all the way in his mouth. Bobbing his head up and down. He did that for about five minutes, and then he moved down to my balls. He licked and pulled my balls for a few minutes and worked his way up to my face.
We was making out butt-naked. Our cocks touching each other. Our tongues were going in each other mouths as far as we could get them. After we made out for a few minutes, I moved down to suck his cock. His cock was so amazing. I took it all in and sucked it for a long time. I then worked by way to his balls just as he had done. But, after a few minutes, I told him to turn around.
When he turned around, his ass was so amazing. I started to lick his ass. You could hear him moaning as I stuck my tongue into his ass. I licked all around it and licked inside his asshole. After about five minutes, I stood up.
He turned around and said, “Fuck me and fuck me hard.” I then begun to spit on my cock and then I started to stick it in his ass. I moved in slowly, pausing after every half inch for a minute until his ass could get use to it. He ass was so tight. When I finally got my whole cock into his ass, I started to fuck him hard.
“Fuck me. Oh, fuck me harder.” Tommy repeated over and over. I started fucking him harder until I was about ready to cum. I told him “I’m going to cum.” He responded in a sexy voice, “Cum inside me.” About the second right after he said that, I filled his ass full of my hot cum. He cummed as soon as I cummed in his ass. Once we were finished, we turned around and we both said at the same time, “That was so amazing.”
We got cleaned up and Tommy helped me put on my clothes. After he put my clothes on and his clothes, my parents arrived to get me and take me to the hospital because of my foot. I told Tommy bye and he said bye.” That was the only time we ever did anything.

*If you liked my story, send me a message at I’m fourteen years old. If you would like to trade pictures or chat, only ages 13-18 please. Thanks

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