Whilst paying a visit to a friend, I discovered that he was out, and had something of a surprise in store . . .

This is the story of how my friend’s younger sister and I got together and discovered each other. I was almost thirteen at the time, and she – Jane – had just turned twelve, but was mature for her age. I had experienced a sexual encounter with a girl a couple of years previous, and with a boy (who I was still seeing) a year before the encounters with Jane. She, however, had never experienced anything with a boy other than a few quick kisses. Being English, I use English words such as “wank”, which means masturbate. I hope you like this.

I used to be kind of friends with Jane, but only through her brother Sean, who was the same age as me. Jane and I always used to say hello and be pleasant towards one another, and I had never looked at her as anything but my mate’s little sis. Even when she would join us, wearing tight tops and shorts, I never allowed my mind or eyes to wander. That Monday afternoon, though, would change everything. This happened in the mid-seventies, before mobile phones and the internet; therefore all most people of our age knew about sex was what we learned at school, from our friends and siblings, and from magazines.

I arrived on time, as usual, and rang the doorbell of the large house, feeling happy as I stood there in the late morning sun, being surprised when Jane answered the door. She was wearing a baggy green vest top and skimpy white shorts, with no shoes or socks. “Hiyer, Dave. Come on in, but you’ve got a bit of a wait cos Sean’s out with Dad, and won’t be back for at least an hour.” I knew that her parents let them alone in the house for short spells, and thought nothing of it. My folks were the same.

I felt unsure of what to do. Going home again would take twenty minutes, so it wasn’t really worth it. “Okay, then.”

I removed my shoes and followed Jane indoors and her up to her room, which I knew well. Sean and I often used to pay her visits. Jane jumped onto the bed. “So, you want me to put some music on? I nicked some of Sean’s records.”

“Yeah, okay.”

I sat upon the bed as Jane leaped up, switching on the stereo and re-joining me a minute later. As she sat next to me, I caught a glimpse of her breasts, down the front of her baggy vest top. Wow, I thought, Jane’s tits have grown a bit. She isn’t wearing a bra, either.

“Do you want a drink?” she asked.
“Thanks. Coke, if you’ve got some.”
“Be right back.”

I watched her leave the room, having noticed her bottom wiggle as she walked. I liked what I saw, but no! She was my friend’s little sis. Looking around the room I noticed that she hadn’t tidied it as she ordinarily did. Moving my foot, I felt it touch against something soft. I looked down to see a pair of white panties. Intrigued, I picked them up, noticing a pale yellow stain on the gusset, just where her pussy would be. I bent down and picked them up, examining the area that had grabbed my attention. Curious, I put them to my nose, detecting the aroma of her pussy. Holding them up I noticed little pink bows on the sides. Not being able to resist it, I put them to my nose again, and sniffed. I loved the scent.

“Want to take them home with you?” Jane said from the doorway, looking at me with a curious expression. I hadn’t heard her coming up the stairs due to the music. I cursed it.

“Sorry . . . er . . . I just found them. I was going to give them to you.”

Straight faced, Jane entered the room and placed the drinks on her bedside table. “I see. So, why were you smelling them?”

Oh no, I thought. I hope she doesn’t tell Sean, or worse still, her parents, who knew mine. “Er . . . I don’t know. I was just curious.” I knew that I was blushing.

Seeing my embarrassment, Jane gave me a cheeky smile. “Want to see some more of my knickers?” She went over to a drawer and pulled out a bundle, placing them on the bed, beside me. “Go on, have a good look. Maybe you can show me your briefs.”

“But I’m wearing them.”

“Too bad. I’ve shown you mine – now you can show me yours . . . or my Mum and Dad might get to hear about it.”

“That’s not fair!”
Jane smirked. “It is for me. Come on, show me your briefs. I’ve never seen a boy in his undies.”

I didn’t know what to do for the best. Jane was my friend’s little sis, and was off limits, but she had just moved the boundary. If she told her parents and brother . . . it didn’t bear thinking about. I knew that she was strong willed, but I never thought that she would be so forward about this kind of thing. “All right.” I stood up and undid the button on my jeans, then my zip, looking at Jane, whose gaze was on my crotch. I pulled my jeans down to my knees, quickly pulling them back up.

“Hang on, I didn’t see them. Your shirt was in the way. Take your shirt off and do it again.”

“Oh, come on. I did what you asked.”

“No you didn’t because I didn’t tell you to pull your jeans up, so come on, down again.”

Reluctantly I did as instructed, allowing my jeans to fall to the floor, standing there with
my dark blue briefs on display to the manipulative Jane. “Okay?”

“Not yet. I want a good look. I can see the outline of your dick. Touch it.”

“No. That’s enough!”
Jane looked at me with a thoughtful expression. “How about I show you mine?”
“But you’re Sean’s sister.”

“So? I’m a girl, and I’ve always wanted to see a real dick.” She suddenly undid her shorts and allowed them to drop to the floor, revealing a pair of tight pink panties. I’d seen a girl’s panties before, but this was different. Jane was older. She then pulled the gusset to one side. I gasped at the sight of her brown bushy pubes that covered her outer lips. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. “Come on, then. Dick time. I want to see it.”

Having been engrossed by the sight of her semi naked pussy, I’d felt a twitching inside my briefs. She wasn’t going to let this go, so I thought: What the hell? I pulled my briefs down, my semi erect cock springing out, pointing at her. “Okay?”

“Wow, it’s going hard.”

I quickly pulled my briefs up, feeling embarrassed. Some of the boys at school had small bushes around the base of their cocks, whereas I didn’t. I had a very hairy scrotum, and some dark hairs an inch or so above my penis, but they weren’t bushy. Still, some of the boys had no hair at all, so I suppose I was somewhere in the middle. “Right, can we have our drinks?”

“No. I want to see more.” Without warning, Jane pulled her panties down and removed her vest, standing there totally naked.

“Jane, no!” I could feel my erection growing rapidly.

Jane approached me, her firm breasts moving as she walked. She had light brown areolas, although her nipples were soft, until she touched them that is. They became hard, pointing at me as she fiddled with them. “Take them off and strip. I want to see your hard dick.” She pressed her breasts against me and lowered her hands, pulling my clothing down. “It’s got bigger. Wow. It’s bigger than I thought.”

Jane obviously hadn’t seen many penises because I was only of average size. “That’s enough, surely.”

“Do you wank?”
Cagily I said, “Yeah.”
“I’ve heard Sean doing it. Can I see you?”

“I wank as well. It’s fun. My friend Denise showed me how.” Jane reached down with her hand, grabbed my erection and began stroking it.

“Jane, no. what if the others come back?”

“They won’t. They phoned just because you got here, and they’ll be at least two hours.”
“But you said one hour.”

Jane continued rubbing my shaft. “I know. If I said two hours, you would have gone home. Come on, I want to see you cum. Look at this.” Jane moved back and lay on the bed, opening her legs and closing them again. “Like it?”

“I never really saw it.”
“You can see more after I’ve seen you cum. Lay down.”

Realising I had no choice I did as she said, also slipping my socks off. I always feel daft wearing only socks. I lay there looking up at Jane, who at that moment I realised was a very sexy girl. Looking at her pussy, I could see that the hair around her vulva was thick, yet it didn’t extend very far up. Her nipples were now fully erect and looked large for her age. I put my hand onto my cock and began running it up and down the shaft. “How’s that?”

“Mmmmmm. Nice. I want a go. I want to make you cum.”
“But why?”

“Because I’ve wanted to for ages, and I like you. You’re sweet and honest. Oh, come on. Look, some of the girls at school have touched dicks and I haven’t. I don’t want to be the last one. I like it when I play with my pussy, and I want to know what it feels like for a boy to do it. I’m not a little girl!”

I sighed. Jane wasn’t going to let this rest. She’d obviously planned it. I hadn’t noticed any signals that she fancied me, though. “Okay, Jane, but think about this.”

“I have. I want to touch a dick, and yours always looks good.”
“But you’ve not seen it.”

“No, but I could see it in your jeans.” Jane sat upon the bed and placed her hand upon my scrotum, feeling my balls with one hand and replacing my hand with her other. “Have you been circumcised?”

“I thought so. It looks different.” She held my cock up to examine it. “My friend’s sister had a boyfriend, and he wasn’t circumcised. She said it was all smelly under the skin.” Jane moved her head closer and sniffed. “Yours doesn’t smell.”

“They don’t smell if you wash them,” I said.

“I like yours. The end’s all squidgy.” Jane seemed mesmerised by my cock, and began increasing the pace of her hand, her eyes widening when a dribble of precum emerged. To my utter amazement, she lowered her head and licked the fluid from the end. “Mmmmmm, it’s sweet.” She then opened her mouth and took the glans in, gently sucking.

“Oh, fuck!” I looked down, feeling excited at seeing this shapely naked girl with her mouth on my penis. Jane pushed down a little further, taking more of the shaft into her mouth. I gasped. The feeling in my loins was intensifying with each bob of her head.

Jane removed her mouth and began stroking the wet shaft with one hand, while rubbing my balls with her other. “Is that good?”

“Fuck, yeah.” I was getting ready to cum. It hadn’t taken long.

“Are you going to shoot your cum?” She had left my scrotum and one hand was now wanking the shaft, while the other massaged my wet helmet.

“Yeah,” I managed.
“Good. I want to see it.” Jane rubbed faster, engrossed by the sight of my throbbing cock that oozed juice from the end.

Feeling myself about to cum, I looked down at my hard penis. “Aaaaaaaaaaah, fuck.” As I spoke, semen jetted from the end, landing on my stomach, much to the amazement of Jane, who said something, although I don’t remember what. The next ejaculation landed upon my chest, covering one of my nipples. Several more spurts emerged, landing on my stomach, and some dribbles on Jane’s hand. I just groaned.

Jane continued holding my member. “That’s amazing. I didn’t know there was so much. What’s it taste like?”

“See for yourself.” I watched as Jane licked the sperm from her fingers, telling me that it was salty but sort of sweet. She then began scooping up the dollops on my chest and stomach, greedily feeding herself, finally licking me clean. “Like it?”

“Mmmmmmm,” Jane said, looking at my subsiding erection. “My friend at school told me to eat it. Right, I want to cum now.” She lay beside me, opening her legs. “Have a look.”

Unable to believe how brazen she was, I slid down the bed, settling between her open legs, astounded at the shape of her pussy. She had small outer lips, and large brown crinkly inner ones. As she opened her labia, I saw her large clit, which was only partially covered by the hood. The entrance to her pussy was bubbling with juice. Jane slipped a finger inside, pushing it all the way, adding a second. She obviously masturbates a lot, I thought.

I’d now forgotten all about how reluctant I’d been initially, and said, “Want me to do that for you?”

Inserting a second finger, Jane groaned. “Fucking right I do! Make me cum. I love it when I make myself cum.”

I reached out, placing a finger on her slippery clitoris and gently rubbing. Jane let out a loud moan. As she removed her fingers from her pussy, I replaced them with my tongue, which I put into her hole as far as I could. Astounded by her enormous labia, I moved my mouth up and began sucking on one of her lips, whilst inserting a finger into her warm, wet, tight little hole, pushing it in and out. Arriving at her clit, I circled my tongue around it, feeling her writhing around, softly groaning. I added a second finger, feeling Jane’s pelvis lurch as I continued stimulating her clitty, which had grown and felt enormous. I had touched a clit before, but that had been of average size.

I carried on, aware that she was close to climaxing. I increased the speed of my fingers, licking and gently sucking on her love button, Jane finally bucking her hips into the air. “Aaaaaaaaaaah, oooooooooooh, shit!” Juice flowed from her hole as the orgasm took over, her legs moving in all directions, finally closing as she flipped onto her side.

“Did you cum?” I said, well aware that she had.
Jane turned to face me. “God, yeah.” She sat up cupping her pert breasts. “You ever fucked a girl?”

“You have? Who?”
“No one from around here. It was on holdiday.”
“Lucky girl. Will you fuck me?”
I shook my head. “I don’t want you getting pregnant.”

Jane stood up and walked across to her bedside table, turning to face me, cupping a breast with one hand and opening her pussy with the other, teasing me. “I’ve got some rubber Jonnies, so you can.”

Looking at her beautiful body, I couldn’t resist. “Okay, then. Anyway, where did you get them?”

“My friend’s sister got them. She got a big pack because her boyfriend fucks her all the time. She’s fifteen.”

Jane walked across and lay on the bed, next to me, smiling as she kissed me. I melted. We opened our mouths and our tongues made contact. Jane obviously hadn’t French kissed anyone before, because she was a little too forceful with her tongue, although it was still pleasant. I felt her soft yet firm breasts, teasing her nipples, gently squeezing them as Jane ran her hands up and down my back. I moved a hand down to her bushy pussy, which was incredibly wet, and stroked her clit. Jane softly moaned and opened her legs yet wider.

Having never used a condom before, I felt uncertain of the timing. We’ll have to stop what we’re doing, I thought. I moved my lips away from Jane’s and whispered in her ear, “Want me to put the condom on?”

Jane turned away and picked up the packet, handing it to me. I opened the wrapper and removed the item. Having bought some of my own to practise with, I knew just what to do. My penis wasn’t yet fully grown, and the condoms I had tried had been a little loose, but it was better than nothing. Jane watched as I rolled it down the shaft of my erection, laying back and smiling at me.

I positioned myself on top of her, kissing her softly. “You sure you want to do this?”

Jane kissed my neck. “Yeah, I am, and I’m glad it’s with you.” She kissed me again. ‘Let’s do it.”

I positioned myself, feeling for her pussy hole with my finger and guiding my cock towards it. Feeling the wetness of her sex, I gently pushed the end of my cock in. Jane let out a soft gasp and tensed up. I advanced a little further before withdrawing and pushing back in, as Jane’s hands grabbed my arse cheeks, pulling me into her. Our mouths met again as I pushed a little further in with each stroke, our tongues battling. Jane pushed her pelvis up at me as I thrust forward, both of us gasping. I was now fully inside her, and in ecstasy.

We moved rhythmically, pressing our bodies together. I kissed and nibbled her neck, and Jane ran a hand up and down my back. Her pussy continued to leak juice, which I could feel on my scrotum, and I could hear the squelching as my penis went in and out. We were both breathing heavily as we bucked around, thrusting at one another.

Feeling myself nearing orgasm, I whispered, “I’m going to cum.”
Jane pushed at me with her hips. “Me too. Keep going.”
“How long?” I whispered.
“Not long,” Jane said, pushing yet harder against me.

Not wishing to cum before Jane and leave her wanting and frustrated, I awkwardly moved my hand between us and touched her clit. Jane moaned loudly. Almost there, I tried holding back, but couldn’t. I felt myself explode into the condom, pushing firmly into Jane’s pussy as she wriggled, grasping my arse cheeks and flailing her legs around. I pushed in and out, the sensation almost overwhelming me, but I was determined for her to climax, which she did, seconds later, gently moaning and pressing herself firmly against me, her face screwed up as her orgasm hit home. Finally, I collapsed onto her, kissing her neck, moving down to her perfect breasts and licking them all over.

“God,” Jane panted. “That was better than any wank I’ve had.”
“Me too.”
“Can we do it again?”

Ensuring I kept hold of the condom, I rolled off her, my cock making a squelching sound as it emerged from her sopping hole. I laughed. “Give me a while to recover.”

Jane gave me a cheeky grin. “Okay, you can tell me what you’ve done before and who you’ve done it with.”

Jane was amazed when I told her I’d had sex when I was ten, and almost choked when I said that I’d been with a guy. “You don’t mind, do you?”

Jane played with her nipples. “No. It’s sort of sexy. Anyway, it was my friend who showed me how to wank. Actually, she wanked me and I wanked her. It was okay but I prefer boys. I like a cock, and I love yours.”

We made love again a while later, and made plans to meet another time. We would never be boyfriend and girlfriend because of Sean. It was to be a delicious secret and we would have many sexy times together, exploring all areas of our sexuality. I had awakened a sleeping giant, a sleeping giant who would astound me in many ways. From that sweet girl who was my friend’s little sis, she transformed into an adventurous young woman who seemed to know no boundaries.

Please leave your comments; I would be interested to hear them. I have more tales to come, and will publish them as and when I can. If you wish to ask me anything, please do. I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Many thanks for reading.

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A marvelous tale of sexual initiation. Here and there I had twinges of recognition of my own early adventures into the wonderful world of wanking and full blown hetro (and homo) sexual sex.
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