What happens in the family stays in the family - or does it?
Ok - before you get started, understand this is Chapter 9 of a story that was originally published as Incest Games, by Jolene Homes. There are those who will say I am plagiarizing, however, this is an exact word for word copy of the originally printed work - which can be found at - search for Jolene Homes. Look it up. It was going to be titled Family Games, however the publishers decided a name change was in order. Enjoy it on it's own. I will be posting the remaining chapters in the upcoming days.

"Give me a shower first," Lorena said. "I want to be naked with you in a shower."

"Anything you say, girl." He put down the suitcase they'd bought first thing. "The clerk didn't even blink when I registered as Mr. J. J. Oliver and daughter."

"That's because you asked for twin beds," she giggled. "Well have to mess up the other one, too."

Laughing with her, her father shucked out of his shirt and she followed suit by peeling off her own. Her young, hard breasts sprang free and her fingers turned anxious at her cutoff tops. She watched her daddy climb from his pants, gone a little bit awkward in quick embarrassment that she also felt.

She told herself not to be icky, just because it was daytime and they were alone in a motel room. The only time she had been in a motel before, she had to share a room with Glynn, while their parents slept next door. And did other things, she amended; like fucking.

Her jeans slid down her legs and she chucked her panties after them. Now she was stripped, and posed proudly for her father's eyes as they roamed over her body. She was glad her tits were high and that she had plenty of honeyblonde pubic hair. It was almost the exact shade as his own, she saw, and was once again amazed and enthralled by the size of his swelling cock.

She skipped into the bathroom, grabbing up and unwrapping a bar of motel soap. When she had the water just right, warm and soothing, she stepped into the enclosure and waited for him. He came slowly, still feeling peculiar about the situation, she saw. He was so big, he filled the stall, but she adored the contact her small body made with his, and especially liked the wet nudging of his distended prick.

Handing him the soap, she waited breathlessly until he began to slide his hands over her trembling body. It felt marvelous, all slippery and foaming, and she wiggled when he washed her tits. Her nipples got so hard they ached, and she took one wrist to move her daddy's hand on down to her belly.

He went between her thighs, manipulating her bubbly pussy, fondling the soft mound with obvious delight. Taking the soap from him, she massaged it over his hairy chest, down to his furry crotch, and played games with his stiff shaft, with his downhanging balls.

"C-careful," he warned. "We'd better rinse off now, baby."

She stood quietly while he toweled her, his fingers moving lovingly over her sensitized skin, then she did the same for him, her hands lingering between his legs, staring directly up into his eyes.

"Damn!" he said. "You're a perfect little bitch. I can read F-U-C-K written plainly in your eyes."

She laughed. "Now you're loosening up, Daddy. And I want to be your bitch, be perfect for you. Come on -- let's go try out that bed."

Playfully, they tumbled together on the bed, laughing and tickling each other, grabbing and tenderly mauling. For a few seconds, they were both children, happy and carefree. But when he rolled on top of her, they both stopped playing, and after a bright moment of knowing silence, his mouth descended upon hers.

Holding him frantically close, Lorena drew her lips across his, forced her tongue between them, then retreated before the rapid, hungry onslaught of his tongue. Her father shoved his long, thick tongue down her throat, and his big body moved upon hers, his hard cock raking across her heaving tummy.

When he broke the long kiss, she panted up at him: "Fuck me this way, on top. I want to get every inch of that gorgeous prick inside me, all the way to the balls."

Lifting her knees and spreading her legs, she hiked her pelvis up for him, making it easy for the searching head of his mammoth cock to find her humid slot. The spongy, but hard core, head probed into her vulva, and her cunt lips stretched to allow it inside them. Carefully, her father pushed the thick, heavy shaft into her writhing body, feeding the pulsing glans inside, forcing her lips to go elastic and make room.

"It's going in!" she cried. "The end of your prick is spreading my pussy and going in -- oh! Daddy, Daddy..."

It was alive, she thought; her father's massive cock was alive, a hot, strong rod that was sliding in and in, until she thought it would never stop. She was packed with the luscious meat, filled to capacity with matchless peter, and her inflamed clit thrummed with joy.

Bracing his knees against the mattress, her daddy rolled her back upon her shoulders. "You can take it better this way," he panted. "You're wide open to me now. But what a tight little pussy you have, baby. What a hot, narrow little snatch; it's grabbing my prick as if it had fingers, squeezing down on me."

"F-fuck me," she gasped. "Pour the prick to me, my sweet daddy! Screw your daughter..."

He stroked her, backing out his cock until her cunt lips fought to keep a grip on the flanged head, then thrusting his pole so deep that she thought it was going to tear up into her belly. But she could take it all, and moaned deliriously when his balls swung into the uplifted crack of her ass.

Lorena couldn't get her legs around him, so she worked her heels down and dug them into the hollows behind his knees, taking a strong hold there so she could pound her crotch up at him and meet his every surging, churning stroke. Her father seesawed his huge cock into her stretched pussy, hitting bottom with every grinding lurch and making her jerk.

She came suddenly, without warning, because there was no way she could keep him from massaging her clitoris. Great, rolling waves of her climax broke in her vagina, and she shook her ass violently in response, gritting her teeth and moaning through them.

"Hold on, baby," he said. "I'm not far behind you -- so tight and boiling in your little pussy -- fucking my sweet daughter, fucking my beautiful kid -- here it comes!"

His discharge thundered hissing into her vagina, sending a deluge of wonderful semen splashing inside her. Her womb tightened, and her asshole snapped shut as the beautiful, greasy stuff rinsed her cunt walls. Her daddy was pumping her full of his come, releasing the physical proof of his love for her, flooding her with his man juice. Lorena worshipped him for it, and sank into a blissful state of drowsiness.

She was hardly conscious of his gently taking his weight from her supine body, but she murmured a protest when her father backed his shaft out of her pussy. "Please -- don't take it away. I love it so."

He kissed her tits, one at a time, and his hand was soft upon the seeping tenderness of her mound. "I worry that I'm too much for you, baby."

"Never," she whispered. "Never too much of fucking you, Dad."

He lay beside her and she turned to put her face against his hairy chest. Through her numbed mind swam the plan, the need to keep this wild family together. Glynn was swinging with Mom now, catching up for lost time, and she somehow had to bring her daddy to the idea that they should all share each other's love, as well as each other's bodies.

Jean, she thought; Jean Marks, the torrid little redhead who practically lived to screw. Would her father be interested in her? He should be; she was attractive enough. It was strange that she didn't feel a twinge of jealousy then, but her main idea was to carry through the plan -- and make her daddy happy as she could. It was so much fun, in a triangle.

It was silly to be jealous of someone she loved, she decided; to love was to give, and if she could give him more happiness and more excitement by sharing his body with another girl, so be it. She would be happy for the chance, and feel within herself the same stimulating thrills she had known when her brother was fucking both her and Jean Marks.

Her father said softly, "It's really hard to believe, baby. I never thought I'd be the kind of guy who'd actually lay his own daughter. But I've never been so stirred up by any woman. It's like I'm a teenager again, always horny and ready to screw."

"That's good," she said, and made up her mind to take the plunge. "Dad -- how would you feel about screwing someone else? I mean, with me around and sharing."

He stroked her back, his big hand warm and comforting. "I never thought about it. You mean, you and me and another woman? Like an orgy?"

Lorena kissed his throat and cuddled his softened prick with a worshipful hand. "A mini-orgy, you might say. I can promise you that it will be farout kicks."

He was silent for awhile, then said, "I fantasize like everyone else, I suppose. Like I did about you, dreaming that someday, somehow, I might be blessed with the opportunity of getting into your pants. Now that I have, I guess anything else can come true."

She came up on one elbow so that she could look down into his beloved face, seem again how strong and handsome it was, how romantically Nordic. "It can, Dad; believe me, it can."

He looked up at her. "Did you have anything special in mind?"

"My best friend, Jean Marks."

"The saucy little redhead, the one who babysat your brother?"

She smiled. "I see you noticed her."

"What man could help noticing? She's a little doll, but too sexy for kids to play with. You mean she'd get into an orgy with you and me, just like that?"

Lorena said, "She's a real swinger. I think she lives for nothing but sex, which isn't a bad idea, at that. All I have to do is ask her and she'll freak out at the idea."

"Well," he murmured, "that's something else. I guess I'm not ready for the discard yet, anyhow. But we'll have to be very careful about it -- and about just you and me, too. Your mother would flip out, if she even suspected, and in the present circumstances, she wouldn't be beyond calling the cops. That way, she could no doubt get the whole package in the settlement -- the house, cars, the business, everything."

Lorena's smile faded and she frowned. "Oh, Mom isn't that bad. I wish you guys..."

Her father closed his eyes. "Right now, your mother would not only knife me, but she'd stand there and twist the blade. Let's not talk about her, kid. I'm too damned happy to chance having that happiness destroyed."

"Okay, Dad. If that's the way it has to be. We'll talk about something else."

"Like you," he said. "You weren't a virgin, and I'm glad of that, the way I'm hung. Have you been laying some kid I know?"

She shook her head. "I lost my cherry to Don, and you never met him. It was kind of messy at first, since he didn't really know what he was doing, either. But later on, it got to be the fun I thought it should be. Then I laid Jerry, and he'd been around some. We balled for several months, but he got too serious about me. Then, well, there was somebody else, but I won't tell you his name. He really turned me on, and I learned how to go down from him."

Her father squirmed a little. "This is fantastic, lying here with my beautiful, naked and freshly fucked daughter in my arms, talking about how many guys she's screwed, and about you giving a blow job. According to all the mores of this country, I should be outraged, but I'm not. I'm turned on, and beginning to see what you mean about orgies. With my eyes closed, smelling your freshness so near, I think I might enjoy seeing you take a dick. I might get a kick out of watching my passionate little girl twist and hump on another man's driving prick."

"Seeing it is great, Dad, but being a part of it all is even better. I want to watch you shove this glorious meat into Jean's bright little pussy, and I just know she'll go out of her head, loving it. She won't be able to help herself. I don't see how Mom can pass it up, after having you screw her so many times. Oh -- I'm sorry; that just slipped out."

"You're curious about her, aren't you? Okay, I'll say that your mother is one hell of a lay, but there were times I felt she wasn't letting herself go all the way, that she was holding back."

Lorena thought about that, about hang-ups the older generation might have. But her mom looked so sensual, and moved as if she was always on her way to a bed, and not to sleep. Could she be withdrawing, going into kind of a sexual shell because of the impending split-up? If so, then Glynn had run into trouble. But there had been no sign of that this morning at home. In fact, both her brother and her mom had seemed very anxious to have the house to themselves.

"Maybe she needs something different," Lorena suggested. "Did she ever eat you, the way I did?" That picture made new life stir within her vagina, the image of her mother with those soft, red lips spread over the massive head of her father's cock.

He sighed. "She kissed it a few times, in the beginning, but I never felt quite right about it, with her. There had been a whore or two who gave me a trip around the world, as we called it then, but with your mother..."

"Then you never ate her, either?"

"Only twice," he answered. "And both times, she turned away from me afterward, as if she had merely put up with a deviation that was strictly mine, and not hers."

Lorena persisted. "There are other things, you know, other ways. Of course, I haven't tried them all yet, but I mean to. And Jean says they're really groovy. I think if you and Mom could get your sex lives straightened out, then everything else would go back to where it used to be, and we would all be happy."

He took his arm from around her and turned his head. She said quickly, "Okay; I won't push it any more. Not that way, anyhow. But it does turn me on, thinking and talking of you two together; I wish I had had the nerve to sneak into your bedroom and hide in the closet, so I could have seen you slip your wonderful big prick into Mom's pussy. You said she was a hell of a lay, and I'll bet she wraps those long legs around you, doesn't she?"

"She does," he said. "She likes it on top, on the side, dog fashion, any way except maybe oral. Some lucky guy will get a fine piece of ass after the divorce, when she starts looking around for another man. It's a wonder she isn't out screwing around now, as hot as she is. But she's like me in that respect, I imagine; since we've been at each other's throats, we haven't been interested in fucking anyone else. For me, that's until now, that is. Now, my sweet and lusty daughter, tell me if you've ever had a boy go down on that enticing little cunt?"

Lorena said, "No; not yet."

"Do you want it? I'd like to be the first man to eat you, baby."

"Of course, I want it," she said, and thought that her father would be getting himself a cherry of sorts from her. She also though she had made a lot of progress, learning much about the problems between her parents. If Glynn was doing his job as well, the plan was coming closer to completion. First she had to bring in Jean Marks, and -- in a flash of inspiration -- she thought of setting up a scene where her daddy would accidentally be exposed to the sight of his son fucking his wife. "Here I am, Daddy," she said. "Eat me."

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